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Incest confession of women

Night crawling of son

Son of college students were returning home after a long time in the New Year, the night my husband be agony to caress of a long time to come to the room in which to me but it was my husband who slept in drunk own room evening drink also willing in large joy midnight sleeping Being, out lick my 〇 down ● Among uncommon 69, there is a 〇 down 〇 of husband became hard in front of my face which is also to include in your mouth after a long time,? ? ? was. I wonder was so harder I 〇 down 〇 of husband in my mind! Warp angle is also odd no, there is no answer I'd called the name of ... and my husband just maybe, this is and has continued licking while wondered son Once you Hiyotto, since has been put in the vagina change the system It was also his son and to see the face in the dark. Or entangled the tongue from the self is in the head with guilt and woman of sex that is that ridiculous deprived of the lips that I was also moving according to the movement of but 〇 down 〇 fell into a state of panic Positions were also accepted the son of semen I have anus also Sarakedashi in Doggy style or become the top. Ejaculated son went out of the room Ategai the tissue to 〇 down 〇, certainly had the pleasure, but was remaining guilt against my husband. We arrived at sleep while I think that I wonder if I should Re contact with any face in the morning son.


I am a housewife of 55 years old. My husband and was bedridden state in the fallen body is paralyzed by a year ago Noh infarction, was comforted in his day and night increased libido after the menopause. And witnessed the treatment you are a son masturbation night to 27-year-old, had been rubbing the勃Tsu penis arouses in the lower body naked. Pounding to have and son and eyes peek while fit opened the door close while saying, "Do someone have to." Look at me you are sitting a penis that was warped "I me e This mouth wonder had seen" has been pressed against the lips. Mouth enigmatic, may make mistakes will go until the end if you get mouth, but I was conflict and the like had been caressed by example sucking the penis lost the sexual desire. The son of semen was swallowed received by your mouth. Young men of semen is delicious and rich, I was put in a Chitsuana a healthy penis after a long time even if ejaculation.

I was taught to the father-in-law's

38-year-old housewife, I have two children. Father-in-law's is sure to allow time for the children to attend elementary school students come back, you come to my house, but mother-in-law's also there is also a time together, recently became a lot father-in-law's one person. The other day also came to the house and you are back home by yourself grandson, while I do not want to come too only when I alone, that Ikazu also not the repel a father-in-law's, entered children come back in, tea the in or out had been asked to stay in the living room.I, father-in-law's when I was like Atokatazuke is, (Anta and son, husband and wife relationship, or? Doing well), and has been talking in abrupt words, suddenly the words I say (well you'll, so, you have two children?) Te, has returned, then father-in-law Mr., (different from you but I, Mr. son Teruko the, I mean to say that you are doing firmly be satisfied as a woman?) If, blush and (father-in-law's to the father-in-law's way of speaking that would, be such a story suddenly, it is not the answer is, it It's time to come home also soon two children, it is a strange story in front of the children I do not is, was Yari in trouble because) and retorted, and I when I give out the coffee grabbed the arm to the father-in-law's, sucked the mouth is pushed down in the living room of the floor, suddenly finger from between the underwear I came by pushing, I, father-in-law's And dispels the mouth and tried to pull even hip, the power of the father-in-law is strong, my hips are drawn Guitto, has been entered in the underwear, and (such a thing, I told her to husband , stop it please, because coming soon children back home, father-in-law's, also to resist and stop Once you go), grabbed firmly waist force is not necessarily loose, reluctant from the side of the underwear contained two fingers Masaguri me Shirime did not, could you stop using, and so as not to be that the inner father-in-law grabbed the arm of more of its, among the resistance, and have patience would me quit When you have a little bit, a little hot something lower body ringing will come getting better feeling, grabbing remove your hand (father-in-law's, please stop in about it, more is bad, please stop to put finger, the children, do not want to be seen a place like this from the other, press Idesu, joke, give me away, be sure to end anymore, even talk back and Once Tsu father-in-law's), my genital area is not got hot, take this hot flashes father-in-law's responsibility was hot in contrast to the word I have, there was a myself that is a feeling that you want to say, whether the father-in-law know enough results could be, skirt and the like turning, and underwear again two fingers are taken off a quick has been entered in the pussy, the father-in-law tongue was crawl out of the entrance, righteousness open a foot from the other his While remember my embarrassment that you are willing to accept the father, underwear had floated the ass to be easy to take off, resulting in leaked involuntarily gasp voice to the movement of the righteousness of the fingers and tongue, and even father-in-law is attack me, for, to boil up pleasure from the lower body, clinging to the father-in-law divert the body, pressing tremble not unbearable pleasure (father-in-law's, Awaー Ikuu) in the pussy served with both hands on the head of the father-in-law while issued a word nor hail and was, father-in-law is (Iro wait, now, penetrate to the head, Do not because the real taste of the vagina tell it in my Timbo, waiting Iro in) becomes the lower body naked and stand up and hunched over to me, in the pussy came, as soon as the entered the movement of violent hip, the second time of the pleasure came in the pussy, also clung panting, it comes to me many times, more appropriately hardness of the master that is hard erection Also there is more of a father-in-law Mr. poked fullest of, the feeling was good in the true meaning without any pain, (many times, passed away, or the other say? I was also out to the other limit) and whip at the top of the pussy the body away from me, sat down in a chair established a dressed finish out the father-in-law, when I got up, tried to fucoxanthin a dirty body, the front door of Chiyaimu children will came back, nick of time, I lowered the whip only skirt without wearing even underwear, greeted the children, laugh father-in-law's to see that I am, I was embarrassed a little care if there is a face , immediately rushed to the toilet, while wipe off the dirt of the father-in-law was likely to fall to the bottom with a tissue, bites down the afterglow of pleasure. You may leave sorry.

Happy from sadness

I became 65 years old. My husband has passed is six months gone with cancer. Found cancer of the husband, eldest daughter family is now to take over the agriculture in the family meeting from being told that life expectancy three months. But there is also that of children of school, son-in-law came home early. Illness of my husband now also about half a year, but it has died. We worked hard the agriculture that does not get used son-in-law. Finally it became one year. 1 year to live with son-in-law it was so fast. Then one night, when I was drinking a son-in-law and sake, and no way to miss the son-in-law, told the Porri. What I also at that time was too little to drink, strangely is son-in-law I have thought Alas. For, it has said that it accept the like me Aunt. Son-in-law, which was referred to as the moment eh I thank you, and say. I used to say even in the mouth, I have no longer say that joke is there too late. Go to bed remains to be invited to the son-in-law, came to feel imperceptibly after a long time of sexual intercourse while being kissed. Hard, thick penis of the son-in-law is when you came into my, somehow, has been holding back the voice is coming out. The only live under one roof, then they are immersed in sex every day. Sorry to my daughter, but I am grateful to have me got a good son-in-law. Grandchildren to get out of the house and enjoy the nearly 10 years after the son-in-law.


Was brought up in the previous start-Re one the son of a high school student to master, after me sad to talk with crying son is said that must be a little and take off my breast cancer is found breast treatment to say, clean before you cut out exposure of the breast in front of his son take off your So door clothes are said to Leave to photograph the two a breast. And I had taken a few sheets Pashapasha become happy and I also react in the breast of these aunt noticed that suddenly the groin is swollen , "as seen in the mother of the breast are Takashi erection" "Su's right." " was Once I'll want to touch. " " really! " " Yeah, " gently touched the outstretched hand breast, it would be hundreds of years are the others mentioned, gently massaging, really feel good every time you touch the nipples, Takashi and was just like a respectable penis to her late husband and to feel like crotch seen penis larger hard and I'll stroking of pulling down the zipper, it has included in with the mouth. I remembered the old days rubbing the Sao while licking the glans. Hardness and accelerate the further increase speed "mom eradication another go likely" was shot in the mouth and signaling and I'll go with upward glance so say, it was also poured a large amount of semen, Oh the old days it was the smell that smell.

Woman of the public toilet that gave birth to a child of the father-in-law in cold blood

Although I talk a little old, not go arrived in love sex daughter-in-law were married in Tokoname City, Aichi Prefecture, do not live at home the couple had, husband is I got out of the house, but there are three children in this couple, Actually third person of girls molecular species is husband of the father, in other words in the rumor of it's father-in-law, you know anyone who 's in the region. While only one day. We do not live together. Husband, the neighborhood of housewives will have a circular notice, without putting the key because it is old-fashioned house, I was able to out anyone, and I the lady circulation plate, but multiplied by the voice since the answer was no, when you go home and put in place I think the absence, because the voice from the room to, but so was surprised to look into the medium from gap to just open a little bit, on the will that or father-in-law of the body that allo Toka daughter-in-law was during sex will be horseback riding so hunched over, this woman, the heart was talking seemed jump out, but so had to move the crazy at the tail in the Nacala lower body naked straddling the waist of the father-in-law, lady and ended up with something unpleasant a strange mood, place and the circulars did not Nozoke more's right came out of the house, Well, I do not mean do not speak to someone that you've seen, suddenly, talk in the neighborhood region Widespread, of course, such a story is in the ear of husband and daughter-in-law and father-in-law not come in, stop the front door, but daughter-in-law gave birth to a girl in the third person, the calculations do not have sex with the husband leaving the house do not fit the birth of full of contradictions, molecular species became Chikiri even talk of it's father-in-law.Death is father-in-law in a few years, he moved to the next town to sell was asked to transfer the homestead to the daughter-in-law in his lifetime, perhaps, the relationship between the father-in-law to daughter-in-law of the ear and has become the reputation of the region All right I would, then daughter-in-law from that of the husband divorced but began working for a company of Tokoname, will be seen in a colleague where you are Man Standing hidden in the shadow of the tree of the boss and the dim field of the company, the boss is cooperation skipped to the company, daughter-in-law was also dismissed, what is around and want to have sex becomes invisible, Do it should be said that the area of ​​public toilets, now, has become the age of as good as Magogai, acquaintance seems to be cleaning of men and moderately hole of pension living come to karaoke.

Cock of the dad

The nightmare began I did from the time of elementary school three years. Pee Upon entering the father and the bath had been or licked or touched the place that comes out. When I was a primary school six years had put a finger into the hole in the bottom. And was scary and uniform change into uniforms is said wearing Show me and reaches the face of the junior high school is cock of dad made taking off pants was put in me. When the sleep from that day had been put in every night so they sleep together in Dad's bed. Every day was a pain. Come menarche around the end of junior high school one year so as to put covered with a rubber cock of the father, had the body from the time the physiological began become occurs a little and be put comfortably penis accident. Feel comfortably and put put or licking want become actively cock of the dad at the earliest now reminds in. Sonaruto had become a captive of the perfect sex I was also riding on top. I violently Dad because obtained was rambling is survived becomes a cerebral infarction, but now the night to dispense with masturbation will not be erection cock paralyzed the body. While example sucking the penis, which withered father sleeping next to you during masturbation. Oh I want a healthy penis ~! (^^)!


I 45 years old, is the son of KotobukiAkatsuki 21-year-old. Last year I master supposed to travel Kyoto in three people in the birth celebration of the twenty-year-old KotobukiAkatsuki had been prepared to make a reservation, suddenly my husband made a week ago has ended up with overseas business trip it is tan, because I was much trouble decided, because me to say that I Come enjoy the two of us, we decided to go with two people. Or was the open-air bath with your room, I was surprised the dishes or in the ultra-luxurious. Or entered on the top floor of the outlook bath, it was a great satisfaction and enjoy karaoke with two people. When I was thinking of Kyumo soon, KotobukiAkatsuki is "Mom is, I'm one looks good trying to enter the individual open-air bath, by attempting to enter together" do not even think too much "or attempting to enter Yeah, I wonder what years," Shou-chan There went ahead, and I also have been hesitant to become suddenly embarrassed and start off your yukata, is urgently as "Mom I do not go fast", I went while holding in the bath towel in front from "Mother bus towel'm useless, I bath'm go in naked, "" because embarrassing, you'll're children of the other to it an adult do. "and then," What are you saying, I think "so I'm so when it is said so mom" I do not see, I have seen even embarrassed mon, "" you're'm clean really beautiful mom, want a little touch "has seen the son of the man in the clean and swaying hot water is larger want Beneath the, my coming next I touch your breast with one hand, turn the hand to the shoulder, "it soft, which I'm I had smoked, even smoked good, I do not remember, had smoked "the first is to have smoked like a baby, gradually, biting lightly or round and round in the tongue, is the adult of the act. A strange something is the center of my woman, I'm hip would move naturally, not unbearable, voice, I have noticed in my son.

Woman of the father-in-law

I am 35 years old. 2 years from the husband of civil servants seconded to the local prefectural government. Old and I live in a one child and the father-in-law in a large wooden house. Children on the second floor of the children's room, I slept in the 10-mat room in the most front as seen from the living room, father-in-law is between 8 tatami mat of the innermost is the bedroom. There is the day there was a bazaar of PTA. I also tired, that on the last beer was tipsy out a little. The came home was 9:30 at night. Father-in-law slept quite early, but instead the morning, have occurred by the time 4:30. It would have been if that night. I was taking a shower as soon as the come back. Bathroom of the big voice of the father-in-law through the door is referred to as the "What came back", I just say "Yes", no one in the living room that does not have drank the juice in one piece bath towel remember. It is always of it was wearing a bra and shorts. It seems fell asleep in the bedroom in a single-seat summer. I dream Nante housewife I do not see. Because I always tired busy. Whole body Kedaruku only on that day, I saw a sweet dream. Have been softly man of Racing is overlaying, breast sucked, crawl the crotch friendly palm, I felt overflowing those hot embarrassing. Shame you see this kind of dream, it somehow freedom does not work even if I try to hit the rolling over think so. But I try to close I think ... to expand the so leg, but rather the spread increases. When did I wonder if her husband came home, and extend the hand while I think so, I certainly was a man of nudity. I've had the ass of the man stroked the nude.Was it is or reality was a dream I say "come". Man's chest was wrapped me. I grab the things that I of the left hand was Takedakeshiku erection. There is no sense of touch in a dream, as I noticed is that time. Was the voice of "nice to do" father-in-law. I have already underwear is stripped, I was hugging the father-in-law wide open the waist naked. Heat Tour of came in from the whole body, dripping was things down the valley, the fingers of the father-in-law was taken rake there. Lips of the father-in-law is closing the I of the mouth, pushed it with a thick heat tongue, it has also been drawn up as soon as I of the tongue. I of hip rose Seri craving a stunning phallic father-in-law, father-in-law was pierced at me without hesitation at once along with a hand on it. Hit a strong pleasure systemic only woman who slips on the road is felt, I was Yojiri only shout "Oh, your father-in-law's." Father-in-law, slammed the crotch to me, I I of the clitoris had been covered in a clear liquid was ever firmly erection. I left hand around the back of the father-in-law, right hand was holding the ass of the father-in-law to move around. "Ah! Go! Acme Chau! " I did not fully answered. I while bruxism from the tension with a systemic cut heat, "go! I shouted ". Rising almost at the same time father-in-law is moaned as "Mumu !!", splashes hot on top of me in the face has been poured. Half a year since then. Father-in-law is hugging from behind me even during cooking, then you kissed by tilting the I of the face, such as when I have been talking of the Board of Directors of the PTA on the phone while standing, looking up at the inside of the skirt face it has raised.I will also give or open the thigh in half a joke. Crawling through the wet tongue of the father-in-law is the thigh, you or become likely to raise the voice in a little more. When you are kissing in response to the entrance in the caress of the father-in-law of the park, you may have been strict attention to the "so as not to be in a place like this because it is dangerous" to Sutsu approached the patrol car. I do not think is still Kanzuka to anyone, but I have completely become a woman of the father-in-law.


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I 40 years old, father of 68-year-old, died the mother two years, was only one month finished a three-death anniversary. I divorced in the affair of her husband two years ago, was living in the place of a daughter 15 years old and parents. This two years, it was only in the middle without being chased by life. It favorite father recently are no longer the way in the mood. At night, now why the body recruit is loneliness hotels. Now the delusion that is tied with love father. I I have invited his father to noon, and Do not drink dad supposed to spend his father and the rest overlap house in happened on weekdays. His father even after a long time, say be nice, then I came back cheerfully buy the knob of the snow wine in supermarkets. At that time, I drank bought a pill decided to get hugging his father today. I drank slowly with his father, but was just getting around the 1:30. I, Chikakki to his father, there is a dad ask. said. My father said suddenly, everything either, and suspicious likely, came to hear that's what a. I am with breath, dad, I said please hugging me. My father suddenly said to me hugging his daughter, I came to hear that you whether they know what're saying. I was drinking with'd like to see that it is no longer believed the other man, his wife in love with Dad. My father still, said he'll's parent and child. I said that there is no way anxious lonely night. My father me to listen to my story, if good, a dad, and I said.Then snow in his father's bed, my father did a gentle kiss, me to caress carefully even in bed, I had become soaked in love juice anymore just it. My father came also repeatedly heard many times how good even without contraception. I say that is not to worry because drinking the pill, was reassured. It had become so big hard things of the age. You can see clearly the father comes in. It was involuntarily going out voice. When you say that want to be on the father I am on the way, my father at first looks like this is was surprised, now on his back. I, straddles the father, the things of my father went sat down slowly addressed to my honey hole. And put all the things of my father, as current flows from the bottom, is pleasure to the core of the head has been running. With a loud voice, Oh Oh, I was up and down is not the waist while saying good good. My father whether too the feeling was good, we've had out likely, can not be put up. And if you say, I came to ejaculation with Dokundokun in me. I also down as much as possible the waist had received the semen. When my father release the body, semen which was a large amount of muddy was spilled on top of the father of the stomach.