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Incest confession of women


I am 72 years old. After I lost my husband a husband five years ago, it is living alone. People next door also lost his wife, I once in a while, have a home cooking, had been raised. This before, when I bought the rice, came from a car, is said to bring carrying, saved, that night, called to my room, when I was a meal in two people, it contains also drink Te, upon entering the toilet, will be seen, that night, we have for the first time of the etch by two people. Then, the twice a month, sleeping together.

Dream and reality

I am 32 years old, her husband 34-year-old, is living with his father-in-law mother. Last month was a 29 Saturday, father-in-law mother athletic meet of the brother-in-law of the children (grandchildren) went out early in support of. I am, by, for example, clean up the kitchen, which is washing and cleaning and mother-in-law made a lot of dishes for the cute grandson, and ate while watching TV the lunch a little early. I I was watching you is I and a dream fell asleep in the living room sofa, father-in-law when I was cooking in the kitchen along with the mother-in-law this morning to think now is not the wrapped a bath towel to the waist shaving , that I bath towel has fallen, because it was the place to come in here just walking, I had a look at the crotch of my decent father-in-law, but I was down, it, long and thick ... maybe it dream I had come out in. Husband, we do not go back only about once in three months at the bachelor. 29 days is approaching typhoon No. 24 there is, I was suspicious weather in the athletic meet. Athletic meet is so was canceled in the middle, mother-in-law is so he was returned or only father-in-law to say that the stay so came much trouble. I do not know well have mix of dream and reality from here, but I've taken all the video camera of the father-in-law. Finger pushing the fingers of my hand went into a skirt, a vertical streak in shorts over finger tracing up and down, and in the recess of the place, I have also taken clear of course that voice. That things like fire exits from the eye really embarrassed after this "I want that the father is asking dad, quickly please I can not stand me anymore" is a dream, but the penis of the father-in-law that feeling has become harder in hand, is the hand my guided to the bottom, this is I reality.When you are taking off the shorts, I'm in Seguin to raise the waist. Is Ategawa the vaginal opening glowing wet, slowly, it came to involve the folds.

Family ties

Incest does not understand why taboo of. In fact my family has been connected with incest. I have earned my son is tied with his brother. But his brother is the father of my real. My mother also heard that was the same with me. So I, is also tied to the son, it was also fathered a daughter. Also now tied such a son and daughter. It is said I can offspring with disabilities, but it seems there is no such a thing.


Teacher (mother-in-law) is the teacher of calligraphy classroom. I is small since I was, my father have written every year with a brush greeting cards, saw it was writing to mimic the newspaper, my father would no longer write sick I also I was no longer to have a brush. And there is a bulletin board in front of the neighborhood association of large apartment at the age of 23, I was there is a guide of calligraphy classroom in there. I was immediately call out I think the kid. Mansion of Culture room twice a month, from three o'clock on Wednesday, was that of the Friday of half past five, because that day was a Wednesday, because the teaser and Do not you like to come over to our tour was there, To Come requested. Children six people. Good smell of ink had been, I love. Teacher, today took the brush after a long time since told us Do you want to write in my brush. Teacher from behind me, I will hold their own in my hand, horizontal line, wrote vertical line. Do not forget even now, but soft and teacher of hand, I warm chest was Kyun. I decided to attend only Friday night. Just I heard invited your meal to your room teacher when I was has passed one year, in a very beautiful room, I was a nice scent. Teacher I had a preparation of dishes stood in the kitchen.Have skirt zipper open, pink shorts I can see, I "teacher fastener of that skirt is open," said I was over the voice, "is it a little hand please sorry I ask Ran-chan is not tied up," Why I do not know what happens, pounding and chest of the teacher even opened I had to put a hand in the place was "would be like before more'm useless to put Ran-chan" you studying to or touched my shoulder or, I have been together for some reason the teacher I was aware of the "I knew, Welcome na" teacher side by side with lips attracted me and hang on the sofa, is the first woman and the kiss, is very soft Rouge scent of It was very nice. Only in underwear each other undress while each other kiss. That very embarrassing, Korikori in sucked the clitoris licked by the tongue opened the place of made taking off shorts muscle finger, seen ...... such a shameful act to the children's 24-year-old teacher it only in the ass jumped and it had, is that person my husband. One night, I noticed that there are no master next to the bed in the middle of the night, because although I thought toilet kana not return easily, and out into the hallway worrisome, faint voice is in your room per the back of the mother-in-law I, I heard voices and approaches Innovation saw, what she ate at the mother-in-law's voice "chants orchid-chan that, Oh will scar stick is useless I smoked so much, Oh I say Mmm another come early not Stop playing cat and mouse give me hope, more more strongly - "I say - Aa I opened the little door, I see clearly violently husband's penis is the mother-in-law of the vagina, nailed slowly gently and early hip, mother-in-law I breast is shaking up and down. Gone to see the silliness of me and teacher, it is so relationship could not be able to put up with Racing of his mother. It has also drown in three people now.


Summer vacation, from the high school sophomore son, was Kudoka relentlessly and want to enter into a bath together. In spoiled for a long time, for you it will either did not go that had been bathing together to a small 5. There is no there was no guilt and immoral thoughts, but anxiety and Once it got grade because that does not respond prior, was bathing and "I because only once" eventually lost the enthusiasm. Sexual curiosity is to bathe the son of robust 17-year-old, I did not think not occur nothing happened. Sure enough, the son staring Shigeshigeto my naked, it has eventually show the color of excitement, and hug. Once But and be a fait accompli, depending once, I could only enjoy in response to the repeated request of. Son final request is ejaculation act of using my body. And according to it, it is to teach the adults of finesse to his son's excitement and tremendous stimulus. In trading company working husband work human beings, do not try to Kaerimiyo home. From the relationship with the son, of such a husband state it was convenient. To love sex I was fed up to Fugaina of the husband of about once every six months, I was hooked in sex with strong son cheerful. During the summer holidays, until late at night to go home from the attendance husband, other than housework and shopping time, he had continued to pile a son and skin. Even so, because even if ejaculation 5, 6 degrees I have an erection the next morning, is really nice I young.

Wife of the father-in-law

30s woman 2016 10 May to marriage / 2016 December husband overseas bachelor / during pregnancy the child of 2018 July father-in-law (father of the husband). It has been taught a woman of joy to the father-in-law, as a result, even three times of pregnancy, including this time is his father all is the father-in-law. I think that it is the devil After the socially seen. But the end was dominated part of his ♀, to pleasure.


I am a housewife of 28 years old. With you the other day things. Husband 40-year-old company executive has not come back. Not me hugging me and because they too tired to come occasionally back. Smartphone in the line of my husband was left behind in the living room glanced see and to come is the woman the name of. "Thank you for yesterday. I am to you is happy being held. Your flesh rod seems to be still in the inside of me. I please fill your semen in my dick." I head becomes white directly below. Nante me to cum to another woman without leaving! can not forgive! Fool seems, I also'll cheating! I was consulted on Kazuma's 35-year-old brother of the husband who live in the neighborhood. I told the Araizarai of things got to come to my house. "Big brother is On'naguse Do not because it was bad since I was young." "What I do what I do?" "It's easy, - that Jan I once an affair also Atsuko" "But do not know other than my husband, dating is scary, Reality also ... " " Ja Come on, would flirt with me? " " well it probably will "bad will" Atsuko and I's a stranger, say even bad would also be no "to the affair said he let me some time thinking. One week after Kazuma-san came to visit. "What was decided?" "Hmmm, if you try ..."

And brother ...

Write summon up the courage. I 27 years old, loving brother 30-year-old, married with two people. We husband and wife, and brother, sister-in-law is I'm back ten days place every year in the home of the three-year-old daughter and sister-in-law. My parents I had moved to a place a little away last year, so hard and take from now on year to up under squirrel the hill, I bought a small apartment and want to live under in one of the now.  August 13, the parents of the apartment in three people, Dari asked the sushi, I have made the fried chicken and salad, had a good time a very busy, sorry seems husband is fit to talk to father I have had Tsu, but I went back reluctantly busy place to give up summer vacation at this year's heat wave, I did you in 13 days because I knew that not able to stay her husband. I got permission to stay I only two nights, the mother, is today the home of the above went back in with my brother stated otherwise because Thomas, brother and hand after a long time together the, walked in the exhilarated the mood, the way left and there is a dark alley to enter, was suddenly attracted kiss to his brother, is the first time in a year. Entered the front door, electricity without adding hug turn the hands on the neck of his brother from me, asked to kiss, to his brother's tongue loincloth licking my mouth, not be stood another sucking violently entwined, I cling, mouth the remains embrace is suffering as tailored, in the room I was using, and I fell dramatically in bed. Please sorry, later write more.

Father of Soshisoai

Mother in high school two years died. My sister had, but because it was a living alone out of the house, became two people living with the father (45). Sometimes, when the women of the company so that the phone is turned on, come out is jealousy, has sprung a feeling that ... you do not want to pass to anyone ... my father never felt until now. One day, from his father, no longer go back on the job tonight. Let rest closed properly key. Phone with has entered. If you ... imagine I think that together What ... a woman, has become not sleep. In the morning, I came back, my father, neat beard is not shaved for, was with women, was clear. And interrogate the father, he confided to me that you are thinking about marriage. I, all of the thoughts, screaming, and confide that I love the father ... father also, in reality, I progressively, becoming similar to the mother, that he had come to a strange feeling. When I in this state, I think that becomes a dangerous relationship, that it was an effort to become like the other women, who confided. When the feelings of each other are known, we hugged, signed a hot kiss. I ... was not the first time my father, that was experienced, because I did not know, a little angry was but ... reverse, intensified, insert the tongue, has been entwined. Tobacco smelled, but the father of the familiar smell was Kokochiyoka'.As will be hug his father sitting on the living room sofa, sitting face-to-face to the father, had been dressed in uniform, from the top of the blouse, my father has been as soon as rubbing the chest, it seems to have become impatient, skirt pull the shirt from, and I'll shear bra, was uncovered, a look at the chest, similar to a mom, and say big Do ... and happily, violently, rubbing, has been Mushaburitsui. Then, I was next, while licking the nipple, under the skirt, pledged to hand, from shorts, unplug the foot, in the bushes, ... have to crawl the finger I, panting, the body When the cause and twisting, "Dad, man, naughty'll! do not you hate ... mystery ... might be hurt?" and has been heard ... I am, "say I ..." and say, take off the suit was wearing, pants take off, Y shirt but was wearing, lower body, which was erection, had Sosorita'. My father, my, and Uzumeru the face in the skirt, at first gently, but me licked along the crack, little by little, the movement of the tongue becomes violently, to open my feet, and pressed, tongue the Togarase, relentlessly sensitive part, came at the very least. I am, but you try to close the foot recoil, father of force, is pressed, the body every time you react with Bikun Bikun, father of the caress became violently. And "Dad, come in a cocoon ..." refers to stare as ... as "cute eyebrows ... ... I thing of the father", slowly, came in me. Sex with the father, not the parent-child, completely, has been a man and a woman. Once, but had the ends ... I, and begging, and including those of the father in the mouth, he told me to immediately resurrected. That day, father, rest of the company, I am absent from school, one day, was spent as of the beast.Then, although four years have passed, even now, Seikatsu of the Father is continuing.


I am a housewife of 29 years old. My husband is 33 years old. Married three years child does not have. Because some personal belongings of the care of the father-in-law lost her mother-in-law two years ago (57 years) we will be live from last summer. This year's spring, now on a business trip of my husband for three days. It was like there was trouble at the local branch. When are the preparation of dinner , "How about Yukino's tonight in sushi?" Father-in-law I "looks good," I ate the sushi while fleas beer. Weak to drink I ended up sleeping on the sofa. Notice When the father-in-law had me rub my back sitting next to. "Your father-in-law-sama, I'm sorry I gone to sleep," lying on the chest of the father-in-law and dizzy when you stand up we will. I have a father-in-law and the kiss was silence for a moment. "I'm sorry I," "father-in-law has been the kiss hug me in silence I was totally entwined from me in the tongue of the father-in-law. " Your father-in-law-sama, here 's hate " father-in-law is the bedroom of his father-in-law suffer embrace me It was brought to go to. Father-in-law had come to kiss Nugashi my clothes. Electricity as I ran into the body and been groped the breast is picked nipples I have felt. It had become hard to the touch the crotch of the father-in-law. It is caressed by being made to take off panties finger "your father-in-law clients, not lick from dirty, please let me take a shower.""I delicious Yukino's pussy. Gonna man juice comes out full of" father-in-law I come licking while making a spiteful rather than splashing sound sound. I would put a woman's voice in the caress of the father-in-law. I was totally squeezed sniff the smell of the penis from the top of the pants of the father-in-law. Nugasu the pants and extremely large penis came out. There is about twice the husband, Cali had stretched really. I ended up licking Hobari the dirty penis. My husband and is sniffing the smell of after a long time of man-less half a year that has pussy is wet I found myself. It has been squid many times in the gentle caress of the father-in-law. "Aan - your father-in-law clients, please already put ..." "I'm good, Yukino-san" I nodded. Penis of the father-in-law has come slowly. I will feel comfortably at several times of the piston but the beginning was painful year. Caress also I several times pleasant of my husband. Me and my father-in-law was mutually devour become the male and female seems to hate. "Haahaa, Yukino's here I come," "your father-in-law sama ... Yukino and call, come come, my please put in" "the crust, Yukino Ikuzo, XXX" I back entwined legs to the waist of the father-in-law greeted cum clinging to the hot sperm was received in the cervix. We received hugging every night during the business trip of the master. That drank the sperm of the husband does not have, but will drink the sperm of the father-in-law directly below.The relationship of the body of the father-in-law stealing the eyes of one year and three months my husband since then has continued.


When the throat in the middle of the night go down for a drink of water on the first floor of the kitchen thirst, it was marked with lights on the first floor of the father of the room. Sliding doors of the room was a little empty. My father had been masturbating in the nude If you look casually. Book has there put several books on the bedside. I, I have returned to the second floor of the room to not drink and surprised even water. Night after several days were marked with lights of the father of the room. Strange voice has been heard from the room. Bran are you hold the father is also masturbation If you look to open a little so did not have vacant I saw. I went back ran to the room. Father masturbation. Mother father, it was found that loneliness is gone. One day, my father. I have asked the paddle is not secret to Yoko dad. Apart it is not anything. "With a lie. I would have been except for during this time father of the room." I have not seen. "With a lie. Dad is gonna I know. Yoko lie being bad." I'm sorry. I was looking through the father of the room. "Look. Say what you saw was the" Dad, I saw a place that is masturbation. "Yoko is how I thought." Mom, I thought that loneliness is dead. "Dad, it's. I'm the other party is not Anna thing if put'm the processing in the lonely and alone because the young." "Dad Poor Datoro. Yoko help me come." What are you doing. "The Re此dad, Hoshinda. To us paddle in the manner father had been."I was Hazuki Kokkuri頷. My father was out of the penis from the pants. It had made already large. Father, was out ironing while held a genital grabbed my hand. Warm and it was a little harder. "Oooo, I feel good." I was moving absorbed in hand. "Yoko, I have good feelings. Dad, I felt like a Yoko." "Yoko, paddle not let sex because good at once." I, father becomes poor, had involuntarily nodded. My father was Nugashi my skirt and underwear. My father was like that trembling that one little hand are excited. "Yoko here sounds beautiful species and." I have touched the genitals. I touched my father, was like a little wet. I have heard that "put may paddles also.". My father see that coming slowly. There was no so much pain. My father, we are moving slowly in me. I also was not unpleasant. Something strange feeling. 此Re was I think I say sex. Time does not know was how much later, my father, the male genitalia to say that leaving was out on top of the stomach to disconnect from me. Sperm It was warm. then···