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Incest confession of women


I such fine before that, but then the H story and I met nurse. Leaving the contents such that S on the bulletin board, where, who was waiting patiently felt see the reaction, was that there was a whether access would be after a few days.

After that, we proceed to the phones and teach my phone of living alone in exchange telephone SEX. Woman coming over to when it want to be repeated several times such a thing even came out.

One of them is Keiko (nurse of rural hospital). 4 to 5 times, what was the telephone SEX? I came to say that you want moved to Tokyo in Toka One day holidays can be taken.

Of course, I was invited to the Let doing proceed to come because there is nor take money. It began to arrive early to prepare a business hotel of rest for the day as soon as you put the luggage to go to the hotel.

When the twit in words as "I wonder came all the way to be done from the countryside? Dirty Little!", The other Keiko is the M mode.

And did the Buchikon to ports keep your head and say so, "I'm sorry".

It seems began to feel while saying and I'll digs dick was erection held down his head while saying so "sweat Do not I who feel smell?" Until the throat back Hihi.

And while thrust from the back hear, "Do so Do? A bad woman in that there boyfriend this is good?" Says that the cute and "aan, over .F's the case for good. Do not say such a thing."

Appearance tits are strapping ass is also Deca buttocks There is only but is Debs under the under Pocha.

While hitting the ass "properly reported to him Shiroyo! I'm Nasty Dobbs woman who came to see from the countryside of the countryside and want this cock. Forgive me of not feeling'm his cock!" While Yari let's say the I Yari attached.

So suck while applying a carefully time from the toes up to Anal "You,? The is such a thing in boyfriend," say say "not", "How Do I not even Nasty pussy woman trying to?" you come wearing Nirame as "disgusting !! not that kind of woman!".

Also took many pieces of the photo appearing is up and the whole body and face of the binding moiety let's say, "Please take place that pussy!".

Last as was taught from the time of the phone sex "pussy cum, pussy cum, pussy cum" to scream and three times in a loud voice, was Yari full of dumped semen in the face.

Of course, "Please pussy also met with. Keiko is a woman who does not feel other than the pussy is a slave .F's cock's F. At any time, please call" in front of the finish was teasing let's say a.

Man of Tokyo is looking good and I tend to rural woman is likely to drop.

Satisfied with much less desire ugly nurse if ... every time was to sex toys and then call several times this female pig nurse my sadistic play of dissatisfaction, it may be me to burden all hotel bill nor Dating bill It was pussy woman.

Is being or trouble catch more cute female pig in the married woman Raburabun. I do not say luxury but it was a no to say if a little Kawaikere.


I punishment one 37-year-old, and the son of 17-year-old high school two years, will stay daughter of 15-year-old junior high school three years.
My son, to high school, than ordinary high school students, do you say that the early sexual awakening, even in life, sometimes you have to sometimes eyes and obscene things of the high school girls,
Yomoya, daughter and brother and sister, Nante obscene is that, I did not dream I think.
For many years was from before, but I did not notice at all, was to the eyes, it was three days before Saturday.
I, but it was work, even the menstrual pain is severe and the headache is said to go to There is also a hospital, the first time the leave early, go to the hospital, he went back to his apartment before noon.
Since not everyone stay also in the living room, sons of whether the still sleeping because Saturday I think I'll make a lunch, and I went to the cause, also opened the first daughter of the room, not stay daughter, strange but I thought that it, still at that time, son and Nantes think is not also, the son of the room, and put a hand on the knob, such as when that from within, is gasping voice, hear my daughter's voice Te, in surprise and shock, to not open the door, in the living room, back, eat lunch alone, sons, if I do not stay, I think, to the position after one hour, daughter, in one panty , breasts became larger to come to the living son is soft-shelled turtle Pont in the appearance of the whole look, both of them, though I'm, surprised, I will not be able to keep quiet,
you guys, from the time, strange When asked me are you thing, daughter, in about two years ago, since it was your brother, Zoo Taken, so say, to the son, brother and sister are close relatives
, so, sex is gonna useless, it much, and say you to know, I gonna of why useless, it is said, I am, to be strange children and pregnant Toka, and say, Nante children, at Toka excuse not made, did not become a story.
My daughter, but I was scolded and I please stop the other, so as not to your brother, you say to say.
There was a lot of various posting site in the search and whether there is such a environment on the Internet. In consultation can likely this site in the post, I tried to post.
Toka Push the son of the room on Sunday, and clean to clean, I lost shorts and is coming out some photos, I was surprised.
Something mother of shorts, I Will do?
I, also in this two days longer at work, in the head by that, if you do try to, is the day-to-day suffering.


But I've been divorced a year ago, has a brother-in-law and relationships from six months ago. And can not children between the husband, have been referred to as "I can not have children in what" the mother-in-law, brother-in-law had me out of the lifeboat. After the divorce in a month I had came to see my situation, but, How can've got a relationship there is also gently in which they were and loneliness, attitude and tone been a while that when the brother-in-law is sudden change worse, I've got to impose various things. To walk the neighborhood alone in Toka high attire of exposure of Toka crotch 0cm to or made me greeted with naked, chest or added to the brother-in-law of things in the mouth of the top and bottom in the street in the middle of the night is open very clothes when the brother-in-law comes to the room are in, we have to or allowed to leave is said When you are invited to someone. At first, I had no choice really disgusting, so much has surprised me what was my I like this transformation myself, I wonder following are allowed to anything? Brother-in-law come to look forward to come and
, if talk to want to come more, "because can not be come one or two once a month, without permission do it so much by one person if pussy is aching!", "Clothes prepared by Come become a public toilet to walk because I'll "and embarrassing clothes bought me a lot.


Son began living alone and enrolled in the University of last spring Tokyo, Yutaka If you also said to feel bad rich in the mother and the rich relationship is too good from her daughter until now also have to care, in this time Tokyo University also have decided you want to place the mother and the distance, I like the mom was talking to'm also agreed to say that is not good'm in this state,
rich every day like my own Yutaka could gap in my heart from no longer stay is There was no day to not assume that I wonder if that if you, I was one day just a good opportunity both for the mother for the rich this time because the rich daughter had to say that can not have interested in other girls love the mother, and said is why daughter seemed Nikuku.
Yutaka is told again and likes of me, I went to Tokyo to say a lie and go to the family home to think my husband and daughter and you really want to see you to the rich. When you enter the son of the room asked to open to the janitor, my photo was is put on the desk.
I did not stop trembling of why it is or body to look at it. If the pillow sitting on the son of the bed is pressed against the face old son of smell was, as soon as they smell, I found the vagina comes wet.
Son was about an hour came back, it tears soon as I saw the son of the face came with son Nishigami overflowing. In place spoiled voice that surprised myself, because I was Samishika' mom, I say and son, I also'm was thinking of Yeah every night mom, and was Yuki brought to bed hugged me saying,
when the son of finger made taking off clothes to his son in the awkward hand movements is when you came into the vagina was instinctively raised voice, Chin Chin son came into the body, I love rich! And I have raised a voice,
we love one too many times to go home the next day, the first time I asked my son is so regretted that came out to Tokyo, and comfort yourself looking at my photos which was yes,
My son told me that it was good because he was accustomed to result in such a relationship with the mother, we believe only that of his son from home to home, and then when the phone even family is not,
in the phone and each other is referred to in the Toshiko rich and name to each other. Son and you come wet with only're talking about, we're going When you have a few days also to Tokyo.


I am a company employee with a single mother of 42-year-old.
Former husband was divorced three years ago to make a woman out.
Daughter and son I had sex when you come home after work last week.
The What are you doing you guys opened the door, and please quit did not say.
Daughter Aki son Eiichi in the 18-year-old college student is a high-1 of the 16-year-old.
Rounded tissue to Kuchakucha There were also five Looking at the trash room of the daughter sent out two people the next morning. Spread try and Eiichi of sperm
had arrived Bettori.
I one to came brought up the two people, why two people is what ran in incest
can not understand me.
Tissue mass of the next day there were also three.
After that I went to bed, it seems to be in the evening.
State in which the contraceptive does not have
I do not know how good Once contact.
Please someone give me some advice.


Well, it is about another two decades before the story. That summer, I, in high school, it was hard work in the university entrance exam. Brother on the two-year-old, the day bytes of rest, had me look at my study. In the distance, the sound of thunder was heard. Outside becomes dark mortar, it seems to thunder have had not a close. At the same time and became bright and Pikatsu, another window, much of the roar rattling sound is, I threw her arms around his brother to the moment, I was afraid, Anna thunder was the first time, while hugging and pounding, and looked up at his brother, face I have been forthcoming, something I've been naturally overlaying on my face, mouth and mouth is engaged, kiss me Akkore?
The first kiss, was a brother, very soft, gentle, the tongue is in my nature, to have tasted the kiss, and came in hand in a tee shirt, so as to grab the bra each breast I began rubbing in, such a thing for the first time, something strange feeling, hand is wound on the back, you remove the bra hook. Taken are allowed to tee shirt cheers, bra is caught at the neck, very embarrassed dressed "I'm MakotoYukari beautiful, I became so adult, wonderful I MakotoYukari" is also taken off the skirt, only in shorts, embarrassed , was covered there by hand "brother, not seen'm embarrassed! Hated "or known by the me, I went out of the room, but I came immediately back, with something like a small box, I have come to the upper body naked Tara Ani'" MakotoYukari, good since gently I think, "Okay finally insensitive even me, I was to want to embrace me. Around five grade, when he entered the mother and bath, mother "I girl, or Nio' and do not wash well here, I from itchy,'m wash properly" out thought that the was told that, if you try , I wonder if all right. Took off his pants, crotch brother, they become very large, your navel was facing the, it was taken out from a small box that brought little while ago, opened the package "MakotoYukari, it is not picked this earlier, here from covered in, I'm falling within the MakotoYukari, I think first a little sore, I from entering slowly, I opened a little, Waa beautiful, amazing I MakotoYukari, but Un'ii smell, the smell of MakotoYukari but I, "said the did not do the unpleasant smell, peace of mind, such a place, lick Nante something weird feeling But, although there was no such a thing, change in to was not aware of a brother Mmm" Oh the increased my "brother of the Do not is, is Ategawa at the physiological, pushed little by little, a little sore," brother hurts, but try to come weird more "," okay? MakotoYukari by entering a total of a little more, went I'm looking hit was, are tight really, the crust - great When that has been Shii MakotoYukari MakotoYukari "first entered, I was hurt, surpasses the feeling different than pain, come out is a natural voice, clinging to the back of his brother, swaying in unison, per the waist nerve paralysis to have, languor, is fast movement of the brother, then of it, I have become not know. My brother gave me laid under the distant "It is MakotoYukari Look virgin of proof" waist, a red stain on the bath towel.


Out of the junior college, when I was the chairman of the secretary at a trading company specializing cognate system, but I talk of matchmaking parents it was brought from the president at the time of the 23 that had been in an affair with the bottom of the managing director, partner of the managing director son's
father also Gataku stated otherwise have taken care of the trading company, will proceed to talk in between that Areyoareyo, has led to the marriage with the son of the managing director was finally affair partner
become a full-time housewife married, the first two years half was born and children living in rental apartments
that time, mother-in-law died of disease, since the father-in-law (managing director) has become a living alone widow, renovated a house in 2 family houses, along with the father-in-law we moved I was supposed to live in the
father-in-law (managing director) of the original my affair partner, you know up to the number of folds of each other's penis and dick
but layers of premonition had to Bing, after all the old relationship is resurrected put away I was
father-in-law (managing director) husband Ri because attendance is slow, you embraced is called immediately the room when the husband leaves
after penis is long but softer than the husband, my pot will be immediately squid If you are familiar with the
sex of the craftsmanship, the husband not not compare, I I'll be squid many times
also, her husband is often a business trip than father-in-law of the accountant in the sales representative, because the father-in-law knows the schedule, along with the father-in-law every time the husband is a business trip take a bath in, we've been greeted in the morning together in bed
now, but I am of the stomach There are second child, perhaps children do you think of the father-in-law
, but was the husband with an alibi Sex, ovulation date Considering the I think that it is the child's father-in-law
anymore, now I'm going Yuku raising a child defiant attitude

Grandson s "Wuu -

I am old woman that is clerk of the 58-year-old. (Laughs)
My husband is a crippled life in the cerebral infarction from about 10 years ago, and the other couple of life does not have more than 10 years.
Now while I was nursing the son couple and their grandson two people and my husband,
just a daily cleaning and work every day, without even that has changed, but I was living, if there is little change in the last month, say it is given, this year's grandson became a one-year high school, wide-chan is in your Bachankko, is that of wide-chan. Among me, still with a sense of the infant, but had entered into from time to time together Toka bath,
was that Saturday night last month.
I try to enter the bath and wide-chan, without even knocking on the room, and opened a wide-chan bath jailing and the room, wide-chan are you watching TV is covered with a futon in the lower half of the body sitting. I have erased the TV at the same time entered the room, but I did not know what had seen anything at that time, and I wide-chan go bath to go to the toilet, and so went out the room, why panic TV will care what was put out, and kicking TV point, surprise surprise, grandson had been thought that young wide-chan, are you watching TV tangle of horny men and women. I also lower body becomes hot to see it,
go to the bath, wide properly, but entered together, and until now, have changed an eye for my wide-chan,
to have any chance, was now not masturbation whether,?
In the bath, but it was difficult to listen to a wide-chan,
wide-chan, hear I was watching naughty TV,
Yeah, I'm classmates are looking at everyone, look, and listen to me there that you have a girl and etched, to say that I never was, but I was doing it like to wash the body always, always, dick is Although I have to wash your own, at that time, incidentally, when I begin to wash holding dick, dick and becomes progressively larger firm, wide-chan, there'm good, and I wash yourself, you Shirizokeyo the hand but was made to, gonna good, I'll wash the grandmother, there is also a fun touch, and carefully are washed, and say Ugh, dick is, I got out with the pulsing and Pikuppiku'. Like when raised in Blow to previous husband, I was pounding after a long time.

And father deceived the customs

Nice to meet you, it is the first of the post.
I am 32-year-old divorced pseudonym with the current two children, left as an Yoshiko.
I, and after his hometown at the age of 18, with a job in Kansai, but got married at 24 years old, and my husband last year, because the two people go away is too personality, we divorce decision.
Then, there is also anxiety in life went back to the northeast of his hometown.
Rented a small apartment in the vicinity of the home, parents of assistance and babysitting also will help, but was calm also finally life, came out also another worry is the husband divorced.
Is my hometown of customs, but now but I have been quite faded, my young age, seems to have been very popular.
It is a night doubled.
Mother, etc., any person so there was experience at double the night, I fortunately or unfortunately, the sad thing, I at that time was at all not, in the region, the sweep door is key is not to apply customs, mother from, because may be refused if absolutely disgusting, forcibly is a not likely, the key is the case should not apply, I also came back, and said to my mother, I did so.
Then divorced woman There is also doubled once the night in two days, there will come people, many young people, I and the other before in the early days dark refuse to see the face, is Dakitsuka, 5 of the month not refuse to 6 people had been involved.
It is fun. I enjoyed in the freshness of excitement and sex to wait and Na do not come Na or come today.
But, come back, it is passed was there the night about two months.
Like a masked face, man wrapped wrapping cloth is, to come riding to the top, I'd say show face, without wearing underwear and say in the post in Henkoe,, pussy the beginning licking, and I Well good, now shaped like a cunnilingus, each other, reached one by one times Acme, is not to drink the man, and are wiped with Chisshu, men in pussy, dick, in pushing in, long, long, hip pretend different from the young men, I, and men When I reached the acme about two times, from Iku and pussy, and pull out, out to the stomach, showing Then, promise I face say, when to take wrapping cloth, I was surprised father.
My father does not know lie or true in excuse, in this region, bye night his father to daughter, to many, it is to say that he is everyone.
Then also, is once a week but I have relationship with my father,
but I heard a friend of a classmate of the girl, the father is to say that I never heard.
The father of the things I was talking to the mother, but the mother is in a calm face, I also and grandfather, I have been to his father, and I should refuse if unpleasant, you say.

Stick is to embrace the nephew

It is a housewife of 46 years old. My husband half of Shigotogara month is a business trip. Son also has self-supporting. Nephew of 19-year-old has come close to the company housing in a transfer this year. Since eating out, such as we sometimes come to a meal called to the house. Nephew also If I be you because alcohol is like to drink with two people at the dinner "was able her" not paying no attention I think that it is a joke "Actually like people like a Aunt", will be kissing tired embrace suddenly directly below. Leave it to drunkenness and "of are saying joke. Stop by," "I like Aunt to really" without having to bother bad been confessed to his nephew younger than the son "Really, thank you. But I only kiss" we have combined lips. That day gave me back it just while receiving a violent kiss of young nephew.

You may go to the meal there is a phone call from his nephew in 2-3 days! Was answered with "I'll good" because say. Though I thought the only meal the beginning, nephew was drinking in because what has been brought to the souvenir beer saying, "Well a little bit," two people. When you have as much as 30 minutes, "Aunt, like" Nante has been holding me from behind spoiled nephew. "Dameyo. It kind because relatives that you are." I was trying to Tashinameyo to say that, but the nephew is let me look back from behind, we have to match the lips. Not something kiss for more than another five years with the master. I wonder if the good be something young child and kiss! I also I have combined lips in response to the kiss of nephew while I think. It is good at kissing habit quite young. Tongue also been entwined. Both hands are massaged the tits. My long kiss was also excited. "Show me Aunt tits" nephew I remove the dexterity to bra rolled up my shirt. Another embarrassing. The breasts that have been hanging is bare. Nephew has been with sucking nipples. I was also asked embrace the nephew would feel. An attempt was made to Nugaso the panty down to "Aunt want" my skirt. A nephew, "because I'll be the Yuji Aunt" is to stand in front of me, and. Remove the pants Remove the chuck Remove the belt of trousers, it had already pants raised. I would it even. Remove, has been facing up is amazing erect dick. Was covered with lips involuntarily hold it. And hard and gushing have so young. Large thick Unlike my husband. Once you have five minutes or sucking licking and "would come out Aunt", I have to out who does not let the mouth, full semen was blowout in my mouth and face. It is amazing the amount. It was the smell, such as the young male chestnut. "I'm sorry, because pleasant your mouth aunt, got came out" has been raised to wipe the "Hehehe, great amount full gone out" nephew cock of After wiping his face. But it's a still remain large. But "Today Now you put away," it was to go home to say.

Son and mother I

Son is a college student, I am a housewife (43 years old).
Husband in the spring of this year, in the absence of current in the bachelor, he lives in a son and two people.
But, a few days after leaving a house husband at the bachelor, is Kudoka from his son,
the beginning but was surprised the next day, also in the same Kudoka is finally Persuasion of I also son
, I had fallen.
But, college student son was a virgin. For this reason, my mother is a virgin son
was raised robbing.
My husband is up to 16 days from 11 days, you come back to the house.
The alibi work ,,, and son have sex with her husband in the meantime
son of the students, and was a prime want to do with me every day, I also son and
I want to do every day.