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Incest confession of women


3 months ago, is pushed down in the living room to the son came home drunk the next morning, because the son had awakened naked have apologized to prostrate think extent to which "has been bitten by a dog" and much would out dick from the opening shock was an effort to forget the pleasure test agent collapses physical condition I thought forgotten at last is positive or is this is a good idea to consult with his son? Or do you better to fallen filtered by one person? Complexion it has me bad me is my husband Ro' but we in trouble because the cause is a son of mistakes

Father-in-law has come in without knocking

Only one month to the home of husband during the re-home I was supposed to care but was seen like a gun I was surprised that I have seen open suddenly door When I was secretly in the room Naku' can stand the Onani was doing every day Mom paralyzed? I I exhibitionist that I also did not think trying to hide but I was embarrassed or when I was also a little but I was surprised fantasy? I no matter Yaba me it in the 40s


finally become jk1, there was progress and dad. Rest of the day, Dad was sitting in a chair saying, "tired. Feet feel heavy." When I hear "Do I'll massage?", Always I come declined "I say", the day was unusually said, "I should try to ask". I think Chansu, knelt in front of the father sitting in a chair. And Momimomi the foot. From the beginning feet, and has massaged the base of around your crotch little by little, it has gradually inflated over there. Silence to each other. I am a Terekakushi, I sat on Dad's knee like a child. But not the same as those days. At the bottom of the ass, hard things .... Dad hugged me from behind, we rock the body to soothe. Ass and is rubbing over there in those hard of father, now very strange feeling. Dad even if gradually breath becomes rough .... And, over there fairly dust dad has been wet. It was me ejaculate in my body. Dad and down at me from the knee, he said "that's it today." Today, that is, also do you say I think that there is a continuation? I'm masturbation while I think the father alone.

Virginity loss experience 2

College student's, Hello. It's showed me open over there to mom and night, just between the two of us. It's showed me to open the leg take off your underwear also lost the appeal of Mr. college students saying to do to see such a thing. It's clitoris is too large college student's mother also impressive. I'm sorry not served with the expectations of Mr. college students. There was a contact and got to the nearest station from the master. Also I would like to write when I got to organize feelings.


I am 41 years old, is stepchildren 25-year-old husband. Was married to the husband, but went out of the house can be a woman. Now I'm living in only Satoshi-kun and two stepchildren. On the night of one day, I have and in Satoshi kun crying bet I have become to me of the relationship between the man and woman came into the inside of the bet lonely. At first, there was a strong sense of guilt, will fade also gradually and its consciousness, when you etch and Satoshi kun, you become like a beast to each other. Waiting for Satoshi-kun of return dressed every day in negligee of Invisibility. When I was etched from the morning to the other day Sunday, the it'll landlord did not know also that brought the circulation plate to the front door, I had forgotten to tighten the key, my landlord because groan to and we came into our room, I would have seen to pat the appearance that crazy scream, was very embarrassing.

Every day that playing with favorite brother

I had been licking comfortably brother of cock and sucked the nipple touched the sixth grade at the time could have, favorite brother tits or your crotch began to bulge been naked in elementary school. Always the cock of the brother and severe pain is seen running playing has a to your crotch as had been pierced. And the brother of juice while you are in and out many times has been overflowing full after removing the cock out. It was still out in the many times I did not menarche.

The other day ,,

Father-in-law (63 years old), mother-in-law (65 years old), master in long-term business trip (38 years old), 5 people family and the son of the elementary school I (41 years old). The other day, father-in-law become strained back had carried out with the hospital is always me son It was a little spot I'm now because I only with caution to beware, ,, I was not Onani little more over in Mou Dame and I work hard without even ,, feel I father-in-law in the place of was the door remains open When the suddenly popular and is! It is solidified embarrassing even jump over to the other panic go-between! And then father-in-law is I'm seen since I also a there is a grandmother? ? ? You have and hold And cock of seeing cancer? ? ? Huh? It is larger! ! ! ,,, and gone involuntarily eyes came closer is And then father-in-law! Huh? Huh? My feet ,, while I I Coming to out I would be another good more than this happens each other because I from old times have I seen the R-chan as a woman! Because it is secret! ,,, I have got is suddenly turned upside down! It was still one say was waiting for the other Gin Gin or ,,, say not that I have had in my ne because it is active it is was great father-in-law! Not lose still more! (Who ???) said had ,, ,, You went not be taken out of my laundry before the underwear thanks? This week is still even once Fake symbol ,, do not use trying to do it it looks like a high school student who started dating just a real father-in-law ,,

In the future, what to do for

I 29 years old, came back to the home in the divorce with my husband three years ago. Cause in just one year marriage was a female relation of husband. I had to lay on the married woman to the child There are married woman had been dating from before to marry me. In my home I brother had a mother died father and brother live in close-up the marriage. Such I also become the relationship of father and incest as referred to in the world does not leak to the exception, I have a relationship with his brother is now.

It comes in front of the physiological

It is a 30-divorced of. Of 2-year-old children will have one person. There is a home from the apartment living in the place of about 10 minutes, you will want to go to there and made in front of the physiology. A cousin of the high school students who are in the home the first time I have sex is about six months ago. First I was a H story as teasing the middle, but I got his for the first time soon as'll tell from the better of me. Recently, you have more of me in the reverse is in search of that child. While I was preparing lunch in the kitchen without nobody to home today, that child came back in one person there. When he got to the house, stand in the kitchen you will be pressed against the crotch from behind on my ass. "My sister, you want to ..." in docile is to that child straight, I was also growing at a stretch at that word. "Because skin is? Aunt comes back, and quickly." "Yeah," hastily that child also beat the pants, and give it a contraceptive device that was removed from the wallet. I also put a hand in a long skirt, was down underwear. "Oh, wait a minute." That child, a sudden increase roll up my skirt to the waist, you have to fill the face to the crack of ass. So as to spread the "no good, clean although not wash" ass crack has been pledged tongue. Because taught the position of the clitoris, tongue will hit exactly."... N'n' ..." I have projects to divert the waist to expand the legs. It will made it easier licked. Tongue is penetration to the vaginal opening. "Soon!" Already came at once things just Hachikiren of high school students in plenty of wet dick. Glans was hit immediately at the cervix. You spread throughout the waist numb such pleasure is deflecting. And the sound of Kuchukuchu from over there, the waist of that child will be the sound of hit me in the ass. Before long, that child has changed in the movement, such as pressing the hips slowly, "my sister, this is good that? ... feels good?" Is what "Yeah, yeah, ... A'... back is ..." became quite good. Without knowing where six months ago to put, though he was raised put in a cowgirl. Now more of the I no longer let go of the things of that child. So, it is hard, long cock .... "Ha, Ha, I anymore ... no good, then go ahead." I Noboritsume at once while convulsions the waist to the rapidly surging waves. Shortly later that child also seems to have ejaculation. I also became so can wait to go. When the notice, it has a rough breath become naked only the lower body to each other.  "I'm home. Sana, is coming?" The front door of a hurry to the voice of the mother raised the ankle of underwear, was made a skirt. That child was also dive suffer from the pants to his room.

Mother-to-child incest reserve army

Had written to Sachiko's threads, it launched a new. For now, I copy and paste a comment at that time. I am also incest reserve forces to become a 52-year-old. I also or me going out to shopping He used to take me to drive from my son to become a 29-year-old to take a license, sometimes was reluctant envy from your neighborhood wife have a son's one difference. I was also held the hand when I went to see the same as in romance movie exactly Sachiko. Men and women in the intensely embrace scene returned squeezing the son of the hand from me. That was clasped a hand to men I have pounding seems to have become a lover in a few years. It has been the forced kiss in the car of return. Initially refused by have them force also of missing son tongue of those is I have entwined nature and tongue and come by dividing the lips. Seems not body in a dozen years of the kiss has become hot. Or it would have been how many minutes. It was confessed from the son and finally finish the kiss. It was silent with Futari until you reach the home. The day since now be asked to kiss from son on a daily basis, now unawares respond with nature. Was upset to myself that gets wet and is a kiss, but it was not so aggressively entangled the tongue from the direction of me. Because the thing that my son was hard, or hit the stomach while kiss, my son has been to realize that seeking SEX with me. Was that of One day. In the middle of entwined vigorously tongue, When the son of the body I thought it was stiff for a moment, was shaking and trembling and I think I gave a high voice like a girl.Has been floating around is that smell of men after a while. Son went to panic in the washroom bent over away from me. To smell that smell in what years were chasing dizzy and son so that the switch has entered. Just son opened the door was the place you are going Arao take off your pants. I said because pants'll wash my son to take a shower. Son but was puzzled what to do for the pants, I was passing the pants and apologize to the apologetic and hold out a hand. Weight was heavily was not telling the youth. When we spread the pants as white it was angrily had adhered to the Bettori. Had Sosorita' to still crotch thing of son to gave so much. I was bold of the day that the switch has entered. Son go into the bathroom to chase, it was to crawl a finger to solve if you ○ Nchin waving of the shy son. Hot and you have hard ... is now since the time of the so rugged and ... junior high school students shows the presence as a man of himself rather than vestiges of that time. That it is trembling and scared by simply crawl gently finger seemed downright cute. Thick blood vessel has run the most comprehensive hard stem. We sat on the tub edge I wanted to better look. Those of the son great looking ... up close was compelling. When viewed from an oblique lateral it was found that is quite warped. Such the was was I your ○ Nchin? & # 12436; Tsu! It was the next moment. There, Kasan'! Son was trembling body and cry less. The pants that came with trying to Arao reflexively was put on your ○ Nchin. Ejaculation in the feeling that Jukujuku began. White liquid that has not been received by the pants went accumulated as drool puddle on the floor to pull the thread.Then but a few days spent the day-to-day passing too conscious of each other, had been returned to the lovers to each other seeking a kiss as in after one week earlier.


The wedding of my daughter, and brother couple of his wife than Tohoku, came the wife of the mother, mother-in-law to become a 85-year-old. Until the morning to return the next day of the formula, but had been lost in hesitation, also "From now on your mother-in-law's to brother-in-law to take the plunge, when do not know come to here, do not let the recreation here about a week, car send and we will "said. OK is the evening has been embraced by the mother-in-law for the first time in 30 years out. Wife from around the 20s, the relationship between mother-in-law and I knew. Mother-in-law's body had waned indeed, but are yearning from a young age, because it is mother-in-law that was in love, was embraced by crazy. Speaking of "your mother-in-law's" and "good" was call me a name. I had even remember how to kiss taught long ago. I was sucking Masaguri a completely shriveled breasts. When Nugasu the Zurosu also, mother-in-law was also remembered the same as the old days looking that up a little waist. Without getting wet no matter how much licking pussy of mother-in-law, like a wonder to put the finger, went to retrieve the lotion in the couple's bedroom, he was told his wife say "I all right?". My wife seems to be the real mother is considered to be filial to meet with her husband. Between dead husband of 20 years, the mother-in-law was the lone 30 several years young son-in-law and is again tied ,, kept calling the actively my name, too inspiring, will be unsatisfying I uterus of the mother-in-law ejaculation directly below. Mother-in-law seems to be felt, but there was not said was feeling. I was raised to wipe bring a towel wet pussy of mother-in-law. My semen was thrilled to come out and have seen in the light in the light. Zurosu Ategai the tissue does not Jaca, Yari together in front of the sleepwear, slept with two people. When the next morning also wake up, even while worrying about the time to go to work, I enjoyed the pussy of mother-in-law. Out to see off the mother-in-law to the door to go to work, "said I come back Have a nice day, fast and" was completely increasing number of wrinkles, he said while dyed the cheek to cherry color. Even old are you doing Tokimei to my son-in-law. Cute is also love a mother-in-law. One also.