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Incest confession of women


I am a housewife of 29 years old. My husband is 33 years old. Married three years child does not have. Because some personal belongings of the care of the father-in-law lost her mother-in-law two years ago (57 years) we will be live from last summer. This year's spring, now on a business trip of my husband for three days. It was like there was trouble at the local branch. When are the preparation of dinner , "How about Yukino's tonight in sushi?" Father-in-law I "looks good," I ate the sushi while fleas beer. Weak to drink I ended up sleeping on the sofa. Notice When the father-in-law had me rub my back sitting next to. "Your father-in-law-sama, I'm sorry I gone to sleep," lying on the chest of the father-in-law and dizzy when you stand up we will. I have a father-in-law and the kiss was silence for a moment. "I'm sorry I," "father-in-law has been the kiss hug me in silence I was totally entwined from me in the tongue of the father-in-law. " Your father-in-law-sama, here 's hate " father-in-law is the bedroom of his father-in-law suffer embrace me It was brought to go to. Father-in-law had come to kiss Nugashi my clothes. Electricity as I ran into the body and been groped the breast is picked nipples I have felt. It had become hard to the touch the crotch of the father-in-law. It is caressed by being made to take off panties finger "your father-in-law clients, not lick from dirty, please let me take a shower.""I delicious Yukino's pussy. Gonna man juice comes out full of" father-in-law I come licking while making a spiteful rather than splashing sound sound. I would put a woman's voice in the caress of the father-in-law. I was totally squeezed sniff the smell of the penis from the top of the pants of the father-in-law. Nugasu the pants and extremely large penis came out. There is about twice the husband, Cali had stretched really. I ended up licking Hobari the dirty penis. My husband and is sniffing the smell of after a long time of man-less half a year that has pussy is wet I found myself. It has been squid many times in the gentle caress of the father-in-law. "Aan - your father-in-law clients, please already put ..." "I'm good, Yukino-san" I nodded. Penis of the father-in-law has come slowly. I will feel comfortably at several times of the piston but the beginning was painful year. Caress also I several times pleasant of my husband. Me and my father-in-law was mutually devour become the male and female seems to hate. "Haahaa, Yukino's here I come," "your father-in-law sama ... Yukino and call, come come, my please put in" "the crust, Yukino Ikuzo, XXX" I back entwined legs to the waist of the father-in-law greeted cum clinging to the hot sperm was received in the cervix. We received hugging every night during the business trip of the master. That drank the sperm of the husband does not have, but will drink the sperm of the father-in-law directly below.The relationship of the body of the father-in-law stealing the eyes of one year and three months my husband since then has continued.


I was totally related to the husband's sister. I am 40 years old, (Mr. husband of the sister) Mr. Kazuma is 35 years old. GW thing of. Sister went to travel with a friend, my husband even during the bachelor was invited to dinner Kazuma's been asked from my sister. A glass of wine with a meal I have drunk open the two. I notice when I was lying on the sofa in one piece panties had received the caress of Mr. Kazuma. Weak to drink I will Kazuma's will to sleep ... I was totally accept the Kazuma-san-less husband and 3 years. Kazuma's Hobari a strong penis was also me licking my pussy. "No longer can endure, put" from me in feeling too will say directly below. Kazuma-san is the word seems to hate poked violently put slowly is like had to mouth. I recall the woman of pleasure in Kazuma's penis was will. It was to drink the saliva will in Seguin a kiss from me. "It's Ikumi's alive likely" "I also pass away, ah, in-out in" Kazuma's has released a large amount of sperm in me. We did a kiss without a break. It came out overflow from the vagina interior and muddy when he leaves. I was raised a cup of the remaining juice licking his dirty penis. Kazuma-san came asking me again and again. Those compatibility of the body I know Aisugi. 3 years of a man's skin, immature sperm ... Kazuma's also a less half a year and the sister's right.Stealing the eyes of two months younger sister from there continues to tryst. My bedroom, love hotel, also where car SEX will be excited and exciting. I am taking the pill recently. Because we want to avoid just pregnancy.


Housewife is of 44-year-old home anymore, anyhow become not is the state I have a son of my husband and 22-year-old 47-year-old was a mediocre home everywhere will become of it last summer, I do not believe that beneath opportunity was the son of behavior we have come to an unnatural act with an awareness of apparently of me I can or come to the dressing room during bathing, so as to walk in naked house or ... and it was the end of the summer my son I've been hanging attacked me , but I resisted desperately I did not come true is the son of power to his son eventually I was fucked since then, son I it continued to embrace the but was desperately resistance of course each time I also, last but was lost or trying to talk to ... my husband as it is his son, was a situation that does not dare the very thing like that in harsh conditions at work as it is the number Time the month has passed, finally came the day which is known to the husband I son has been holding me in the living room to deliberately master of time to return home and nightmare took place I came home the husband that when I in Doggy Style my husband was a situation that has been put increases the yelling, the son were also returned shouting to suspend SEX with me now is to each other hit was bad two of the original compromise and, we brought down the master was son to see the master of no longer resistance, also, began SEX with me since my husband is brought down to his son, my home of the initiative was moved to sonOriginally workaholic husband has come to immerse themselves in more and more work, and the son now sleep with my son and I am also the bedroom of the couple that no longer face to face , as is my husband sleep in evicted another room now, our conversation is no longer the SEX of the son repeated times by now, come to be a variety of skills, and I was also allowed to a lot of service begins immediately blowjob happening in the morning, living and SEX has become a commonplace in the kitchen that behavior does not change his master even when at home, my husband is Arimasa go out alone in another room anymore, it can not be how to, or with the respectability lord say divorce to mind other, it seems not ... it feels that Aradata if this situation is exactly how long following, how can I, I to not come up with the idea is simply just, saturated son to me Te I just hope that us feel like it to other women


It is a housewife of 48 years old. My husband is now died two years ago is the son and two people living in the 26-year-old. What neither can I would not live After all gone a son in the left son. Tanaka of the friends I've heard that sex with mom from my son the other day. The first seems to have made a forced mother Tanaka, but recently is the case come obtained from the mother. Tanaka is also so parents are taking a once vacation to do so a month's three people living with sister's divorce have sex at home. Saturdays and Sundays It is said that sex parked the car in a love hotel or mountain. Recently or even sister is home to blowjob mom in the next room, the underwear only Nugashi by sitting Tanaka ordinary conversation so that it is not convicted in sister's remains were inserted in so as to extend over the top of Mr. It is unlikely to. Since the mother when the sex danger day of the mother was trying to stand up so as not to be to it during the last, where Tanaka was middle-out pressing the mother of the shoulder, later mom, seems to have been said to do when can baby. Son will see that to increase the penis while talking. I also will wet over there with excitement while listening to the story. It attaches to the bed while a worrying endlessly to each other. While imagine is that it has been inserted into a son while stirring the medium by inserting a finger while caressing the clitoris can not put up with a finger last night, also has put away Itte many times to say that to happen if can baby not to it in stop It was.


Last night, we showed off the fashion of your favorite father-in-law. Navy blue jacket, white mini tight skirt, blouse, the thin inner fabric has been transparent, black enamel of pumps, heel seventy centimeters, stockings seems to be the bare feet that there is no very thin seam in the back seam. It is my bedroom. Double bed, a large full-length mirror and today is the video camera on a tripod, have led to television. Father-in-law has been holding a single-lens-less camera, is anything seems camera bought at three hundred thousand yen. Instruction from his father-in-law comes out. We reflected on the "I take off the jacket, I hope so'm nice, Look Look, I bra and slip looks good" full-length mirror and a TV, is embarrassing me is gradually take off, "it 's now skirt de you sound is Gouyo I Oh I'll say good "shutter sound, the TV has mini slip up of about half ass, is the middle of sheer, garter belt of white, pale pink of the same pattern as the bra on it really small shorts, T-back. We Tsu seemed to forget to turn off the shutter, it is very embarrassing. Stockings, which are fastened to the garter belt by operating the remote control, it's out there shorts likely to see a thing a little black is reflected in the full screen. The sound of continuous shooting, you will hear much erase the embarrassment "are the best I Mika-chan, I amazing or Let's take off the panties kana say this time, I get excited out there leaving the garter are visible, one foot to'm beautiful but I Mika-chan highest likely raised bed "TV in my secret part is the hair I have reflected to fill the screen you can see clearly one by one, even where the glowing wet.Such a thing was the will become, my husband about two years ago is that many life of me one person increasingly your job overseas, I became a daily lonely to not even someone to talk to. Such me father-in-law is, meals and movies, or, were invited me like to drive. I went to, such as travel or a reservation on the net, two rooms taken I had, but can not be reserved only one room at a certain time fully occupied, I was me to say that I may speak to the father-in-law. To or received a delicious lunch or around the scenic area to rent a car in front of the station was checked into the hot spring hotel around four o'clock, go to the open-air bath in the "previous guidance, such as time Yara open-air bath of the meal and the room got to After Mika's change of clothes entered from "was me out of the room with the care, went into the change of clothes outlook open-air bath in yukata, a view also the highest, was a very nice spa in the bath also over flowing. Would have tired slowly went to the room was back not your father-in-law's is not back watching TV to "your father-in-law's today, driving a car is also to have a lot and since seems to have stretched a little I" happy Would you like rubbing shoulders , Oh I feel good, thank you this time came in from I'll rub "was easier Thank" Thank me be construed slowly my shoulder around behind "upper hand at that time father-in-law of yukata it is tan, but did not come out even voice in the moment, the nipple is sandwiched between the finger, it was rubbed your milk, massaging I were together the mouth knocked down on the cushion while, a band of yukata while kissing solved I was exposed to his underwear in front of the father-in-law opened the front. It is I took both hands of the father-in-law in shorts, I'm a bad ish face and think I now was that embarrassing about turn red, I had easily take off the shorts floated the waist "You any good, Mr. Mika" my deep large became man of the father-in-law in place ... I know the future.


The beginning of things, it was in July last year, there is a phone call from the sister-in-law, and want to come because it is there that you want to talk, because good in Barthelemy's one person. Was delayed ", I 29 years old, is Toshiyuki husband is 30 years old. Both of them is a pseudonym. Visit and brother can have, my brother was drinking beer. What to drink? Because it was asked I received put the ice coffee. Story gave me almost sister-in-law. Contents, and came last week Toshiyuki's, consultation'll I have to say you that there is, not cut out to talk very much, in the state hard to talk about, is it the first thing guests the beer does not smoke, "your sister-in-law's it does, throat is gone thirsty, "at once drank seems the beer. It was the content of surprised. "I'm actually not a Barthelemy happy as a man, and can not do more than another year at night, in the Poor to Barthelemy young, to have received counseling by two people, sometimes I drank medicine, still a useless, I've heard during this time, that the Barthelemy in the bathroom is comfort in one person, so I decided, what the people of the work destination, but now the company is to do not seem a man, a man who does not know do not go to inspire, often was well thought out, is the hope in the aware of the fool's your brother-in-law What about, or will not stay got doing in the happy Barthelemy, thank you in Shinobun a shame "and asked rubbed his head on the table That's right. Brother is "I found is Toshiyuki Kimihanashi,'m me and Barthelemy are brother and sister, I'm bad, the first beloved wife Aiko'm is present, do not I can", "That's right, do you no good" is that when the sister-in-law "I'm okay, I Poor to Barthelemy's still young, but conditions are ne, outside in the sneak meet is useless, here or I a house of Toshiyuki's, Well OK it" brother even is a sister Na "But good Barthelemy's is not what say or do not know to is the "sister-in-law Mr. think," and you're Poor, or are you Barthelemy's hate, have I'm beautiful sister "," known, became a'll try to talk. "So today Barthelemy It is tan.Let's go to the room of Barthelemy, I think it's beautiful because Aiko is sometimes put the wind. The rooms are not changed from the previous marriage, beds chest of drawers also remains unchanged. But "what about you hung side by side in bed with two people, yeah idea of ​​Barthelemy is", Toshiyuki's also not worried really, of telmisartan is'll say at any time if I want you to know, it was Tsu Well period that was saying crap, Poor by such positions. I, because I love that the brother, I love you I want you to, "the brother I liked Barthelemy from the time my holding your hand" small I have also walked with the man of my classmates I was a junior high school students in fade the look and really I was frustrated, "I palm, Bettori, are attracted to take his hand, was combined mouth, is the kiss of the first brother" waiting sister-in-law Mr., "" Yeah, of a little while ago I'm today, it's a promise to Aiko, I do not is sneaking, are wearing now is Barthelemy today, panties do not you want, I put up with it to meet again this time, I think there is a place, "because I have longer , also written You.


The first time you post. In 43-year-old widow, the name is called Yuko. In my case, because the relationship between the son-in-law, I do not say that incest with the biological child .... When you get married at 28 years old, son was 5 years old. It was me Drops from a previous marriage, it because I was a dutiful good child, we have spent without any problems. The husband died suddenly of a heart disease is the early spring of last year. Because I was too be sudden, I, of course, also surprised the son of two-year college, also was grief. Son of Prefectural college students of neighboring prefecture is, but had been living in a student apartment until then, now to attend from home to machine the death of her husband. Since then, two people living began. Last year in mid-September, the son of the initiative, before the summer vacation ends was a trip night to Higashiizu. That night, drinking a son and a drink at the hotel, we have considerably drunk both of them. And, while you are talking to Arekore, it was forced to son. It was refused, of course, but was also telling, touched the body, and ridden on the body, which was overthrown in brute force, not become another helpless .... Honestly, It had also had sexual frustration, although the son, then you have also positive that the there is no connection of blood, it has become a crazy strong Takeri to son.But, to you I will have to end sometime, for I am so sad when I think of it.


Husband becomes to diabetes, sexual desire is no longer happening, How can long, there is no marital relationship with her husband since. Because I will already be in the 41-year-old, is the old As far as the old. However, every night, my libido as a woman is not being met in the body, so thirsty from time to time get up fierce desire, does not say to her husband that the lower abdomen is starting to throb. Husband go out to the company, cleaning in the house, washing also end, for the rest of the time one, while watching TV on the couch in the reception, he had been napping. It was a nap, but seems to have been quite deep sleep. I always meet and go to the PTA of the son of junior high school, to the husband of father and son at home parents of the same class, we have a very favor. However, we always had a rational response. For some reason, that day, I would look at the dream at the time of the nap. The dream of the son of junior high school PTA, it was a dream that the male and deep sex. Got up was, since was around the end of the TV-wide program, or would have been passed also three o'clock, my son around 6 o'clock in his still early club to come back, and my husband is only 7:00 not return. My crotch in a sex dream with too vivid The man was wet with Gusshori. Downright, Yarusenaku, I carelessly, while sleeping on the couch, down shear attract their panty, imperceptibly for the again of sex with the man, he began to masturbate. Since its time Mushoni men wanted, turn off the thick of cucumber in the form of genital went to the kitchen, now no longer used, a condom during sex with her husband is fitted to the cucumber, of their own, wet deeply to plug in Sobo' the genitals, while the rough breathing, was raised rubbing.Pubic hair is we remember the hurt biting into the genitals. As sad, because it was immediately after the dream of sexual behavior that was the feeling, and think now, it was quite masturbate also real. Genital of cucumber with yourself, it gave me a violent climax to me. When I was the best period of masturbation, while called violently the name of the man, it reached the acme by sluggish throughout the body. When is its, I of overhanging the Vasari and someone on, while kneading my clitoris with a finger, you son as "mom, mom" has been hug. I will not even afford to resistance, I have to insert the bloated son of genitals while say there. No IKE in mind, while feeling that there is no pond, while we in the son of genital became too respectable thick, also I say honestly it was gone again and again. Son intently, to Gamushara, while licking my genitals, "I like the mom, I love mom" I say that, of his lips with a little bit of smell licking the genital area is smoked strongly my lips is. Inserted into the hot breath son of the tongue of was the tongue with a young force as gritty. I also lack the calm, was raised in rock out suck his tongue. Son earlier, despite only just put on my dark semen that was gushing, came by pushing a Guigui is inserted into a large genitals, which peeled up again in my mouth. Sexual intercourse of many days will be said and my son, was wonderful. Three times and also got a son and sex in quick succession I was refers to him that with a breath tired and beside me. I try to secret the "father and say so, son nodded and down, I suck my milk.After all, also, is the son of genital became big again I feel the strength of sexual desire while we in myself that example mouth. Since then, son finished the club of the school as soon as possible, but we are engaged in the afternoon of sex, poor tone of so much recent body, so you, such as nausea, went to the hospital. It was found to be whopping're pregnant. Does not have the course at all involved is the master. Again this child from the son of semen that I was pregnant There is no mistake. Now, it can not be said to the doctor, not be said to my son, I'm troubled.


 Loving son is too much affection distorted that I was allowed. Son 19 years old, I husband at 52 years of age after retirement in the 62-year-old also served in the continued short-term contracts is the third family. A year ago, my husband is that of a business trip to the guidance of the Vietnam factory. We went to the cherry blossoms are now also serves as the son of aspiring university successful celebration. That day was the cold wind of the more disturbed is when the hair down from the car in a cold day. Pass each other young couples, Fufuzure hand the & # 32363; walked technique, I am also a son to snuggle up in decided to windbreak. Cold wings, it was the cherry blossoms of about an hour and I get back to the early car. Warm coffee cans in the vending machine of the parking lot were Mashi two purchase. The son began to drink immediately, but I drank been handed to the son because the driver. Drinking one of the canned coffee alternately, I was told I'm an indirect kiss to his son. Where ran about 30 minutes, I got off the handle because I found a son like eel shop signs. Eel shop is 30 minutes to wait in a full house, it was also Aiseki of the elderly couple. Or son is there also that you are a little dandruff, it has been multiplied by the voice and I am married couple from the direction of grief. Husband is it 's your young, you sister wife, we also had to be unilaterally remarks and I do so. And during the meal is to return the word to the old woman had been son and husband and wife. Eel At that time I'm the energy was told gonna come from time to time so get was left to the son of the head. Home Vehicle, son laugh whether us husband and wife, are you horny Place the hand was felt in my knee. That night, when I'm trying gonna to wear the underwear up dressing room from the bath, I hug came in with mom. I, we here in the moment were shouting and bad. Nari Back Beddohe, opened your crotch as attacked by a son. Son also was a respectable man. It did about once in 10 days and the husband, after retirement is also that it has entered the retirement, now also a woman play serious husband. After I noticed it I contrary to the body and the mind was the first time in two years since it has refused it had to react.


My mother remarried I was when the fourth grade elementary school. Father-in-law was like a gentle real father to me. Mother, when it comes late at work, was said to be about to enter a bath together because parents and children to the father-in-law. There was also embarrassment, but he is also the stepchildren of the mother, has entered is said that because parents and children. He spoke of the school of story and friends. Enter together, my mother, was the only when it becomes a two slower at work. But the time to become a junior high school student, there was still care embarrassment. Chest also to have been put also increased and bra had been out grows even pubic hair. I did not have the implicitly Listen and dad and Hairuko in about the third grade of elementary school friends in school. It Implicitly refused to father-in-law only that, but does not matter. Still, he said he wants to enter in the other person when they become third year. Well then, he told me to try today to last. That day, and as usual I enter, to have me flown always back only, we have also wash chest. I was embarrassed, I was put up I think is again today. Been growing hands later, hands in pubic hair has been placed in the finger. I was put up, but not completely put up, I had to raise the voice. It pulled after, genital of the father-in-law is ... to slide in my stomach now that for the first time experience. It was gently, but there was a feeling that was father-in-law and sex there is bleeding. Imperceptibly, the orientation is changed, I had become dressed like ride on top of the father-in-law. In pleasure and pain, I was Noboritsume.


It was a miracle itself. Husband, Takayuki is the "28 days That's final Sunday, I think it 's coming out with brother conference, occasionally Hasa, I want to eat dinner together, you can see on the phone, always I'm hotel, got staying within once in a while also to meet the pupil to and Te is the is to drink sake, "the next day to call my brother was also pleased very much" after a long time, at around Saturday evening 5 of fun but by "27 days demon-chan" from when I small, say that your brother rather, the demon-chan, I was telling you in properly, now the whole family has, I'm calling properly to your "husband at rest, was looking forward to the demon-chan will come. Can also preparation of food, when you are saying that if you will 's it, sounds a mobile of her husband, was from the company, is so factory line has emergency stop out suddenly error signal from going from this that "know, for the time being me in advance to prepare the parts, "It seems serious failure. "The older brother is bad I have no longer shall not go, do not have even maybe tonight is go home so, or to wash the line and replace the parts, is likely to be test run, I had great pains come though, I'm sorry "demon-chan it's hard not you go now," Noriyuki Mr. worried face, because here I do not need worry about is doing sipped, I be careful, "her husband went out in the car because it does not drink alcohol beneath "the often Noriyuki kun thing" night I think that it was not in the rest of the day. Only the time the phone is there about 40 minutes, I have to say that not go back again. Though I thought I can not do anything today, pounding of the chest you can see. Facing naturally and sit on the side of the demon-chan, in and close their eyes demon-chan of mouth my lips, the tongue is in me, entwined tongue from the side of me, the intense kiss after a long time.I'm flowing tears should such to happy, "That's true, Well wonder if crying also the eyes of the lower, let's see" me wipe the tears I noticed was demon-chan "and crying for what was" finger very glad I cried. While Let's see and say I'm touching the hit that from the top of the skirt, and in the skirt, I refused my firm hand to close the leg. The hands of the demon-chan I has stopped. I unplug the power of the foot. Touch the demon-chan fingers shorts, "I'm crying Oh really, I'm slimy me here of tears, here wonder if I'll wipe the tears in the mouth" from the side of the crotch I knew myself , that is wet much embarrassed. Both of them and look in the children's bedroom before entering the parlor has been fast asleep. Such a contented happiness, feel the thickness of satisfaction still demon-chan is left in me is, to comfortably place to shudder.