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Incest with sisters


I am 50 years old.
Sister will be 41 years old.
While another person sister were in between, he died at an early age, because the parents have made and another one the year of the brother and sister has been away.

My sister lived with my parents at home in the single all the way while a high school teacher, mother to 7 years ago, had become the father died living alone five years ago.
However, this time four years ago since lost his wife, now living in three people and high 2 daughter sister back to home Hikiharai an apartment.
My daughter, like a mother daughter of a friend feeling rather than aunt and niece, we had a life like family.

Daughter is a college student currently in Tokyo, daughter soon as it comes to two people and sister out of the house, looking at the field, which sister is the housework,
"It's like my wife,"
and say, sister,
"childhood, Kkena ... that wanted to be a brother of the bride,"
so say,
"Well, how? become my wife,"
Why do not you hug from behind and,
"Yeah ... "
because he said, overlapping the lips, I love one brother and 39-year-old sister of 48-year-old.

Sister of pussy was beautiful unbelievably and 39 years old.
Wet in my cunnilingus sister felt, was shown to the brother of the obscene figure that has not been demonstrated until now.
"Brother, dick put ... I'm since graduating from university to sex ... A'... Oh Oh ... brother ..."
But is an abnormal act of sex brother and sister, I love my sister as a woman, because my sister had started to love me as a man, there is not a perverted contraindications world, the men and women of love definitely was.

Do you have siblings, or siblings who correlation began after becoming middle-aged?
Was it what kind of opportunity?

Sister of pussy Yuteiri Tay

Divorced woman 32-year-old sister, my sister got a virgin in love hotel at the age of 20
is I was still a one-year high school, of course, is in the cum in pussy
got me, I was allowed done sometimes hidden in the parent from it
 sister of pussy tightened well in tight at the perfect size to me
is I was married well love hotel followed by a still relationship with my sister
to use. Contraception is not but seems hesitation constitution was pregnant, but the
fine thing is good to put out live in the pussy that do not know, my sister
's right feel and receive raw.


Ladies and gentlemen of the meeting

love ... of adults

forget the tedious day-to-day just a little bit
and enjoy the encounter of the secret.

○ ○ Kyu Roku San Ichi Ni Roku Ichi Kyu Ni

please by all means be married you.

Minors is prohibited 20s also please refrain.
The Association is a circle to enjoy the ladies and gentlemen ... That exchange of adults with each other.
We look forward to your participation in the direction of "adult" or more of Arasa.

My girlfriend is my sister

School homecoming to home from Tokyo after a long time to enter the rest.
I was also promised to play with local friends, the real purpose is ....
I "Tadaima"
mother "Welcome back. Also You're coming back to steep in. In advance Say! To go to travel with the father of your friends from mothers today!"
I "I'm sorry I'm sorry! But from there for a while. It seems and my sister is? "
I'll have to mother," the second floor. Yumiー, I best regards because I! mothers already out I came back Kei-chan. "
sister came down with pretending to calm facial expression.
But the eye is in honor of smile that only we two people can be seen ....
In fact, parents of is going on a trip from today knew there is a phone call from my sister.
So we came back suddenly to accelerate the schedule.
Sister "Welcome back Kei-chan."
I "I'm home my sister"
mother "I'll Well come to go."
Sister I "is hoo"
closes the door, the moment I heard the sound that came out the car,
I'm a big chest of sister It was hugged from behind.
Sister "Ankkei-chan! Useless ...."
So good with my sister in the right hand
was Masagu' to Itoshi likely my crotch.
I "Let 's go room sister. I I can not take it anymore."
Sister "still bright for? Such can not be a strange thing"
couscous sister tantalize with a laugh ....
I in while entrusts the body
Nante to lust to the sister of the sister "real you do not know well metamorphosis Is? Sister!
An'nani cute was Nante Kei-chan is it like this to me, "
It is I" I ~! My sister's what also Thats agreed! So also promise kept! "
I sister" I have kept promise. Do not you make her over there? really? "
I" really !! sister also I I! I do not have to make!? "
sister" Why? "
I" would have promised me me my sister my become her! !! because only my sister, "
I'm a high school since the sexual prank sister and curiosity at the time of,
I devoted to my sister.
It was no longer able to have an interest in since the other women.
Sister "Fu-N. Kei-chan'm my boyfriend."
I "useless that?"
"I do not'm no good, I? Going out with you? Brother not say in Hey's a siblings. People" sister
so good while, sister is looking into my face.
Sister "Kei-chan is a just want to etch with me. You only want etch can partner?
Say to everyone? Say I have to have sex with? Real sister brother I are going out with my sister?"
I really like my sister I.
But the thought of parents and respectability,
I and I think we will be damage the favorite sister I hope
will suffer honest.
I "I like things really sister even ... I do not want to spend worry to mother us!"
Sister "I called in Hmm. So name. Will do a boyfriend?"
I "... Yumi"
sister "is nice, Kei. I'll become her. yo to cherish .... "
emotion overflowing is pushed down the stretch sister uncontrollably, committed intensely live ....
I might be incest,
but I'm siblings, was love each other intensely and sister who become lovers.
Sister "Kei, What transfer in Tokyo from me next month."
I "Seriously!?"
Sister "I because live Anta of Toko because it is very rent. I please introduce your friends?"
I "It's what! Sister and me wonder associate!? "
sister" stupid. that I my white introduce me her! "
a moment I was Pokan,
hugged the sister is happy.
I "Hey Chan!"
"Do not call in the example of Ma!" Sister
's it

Incest discourse

I is the time of junior high school students were interested in married woman. Thought to the married woman as sexual desire is around the growing had just become stronger. But shy I have to say hello in the neighborhood of the married woman barely. But I do not think is so no man has COOL enough to somehow with neighbors of the married woman at the time of the Well junior and senior high schools.

Then recruited a thought to married woman, and while the vent is always watched the AV of the married system Ona. But if Re something that Ona as woven want a married woman and sex. No, such Takanozomi will not say. Just say just become friends with a married woman. that's what I thought.

I was recruited to such a thought was a college student. It began to make its own way in bytes, it is no longer the shy boy as long ago come to play with girls. And I decided to movement to meet married awaited.

That I did first in order to meet a married woman

and get to know 1 married woman
story is that no Shiriawa First a married woman does not proceed. The other the vicinity can not walk Once you've even failed talking in the neighborhood of the married woman even said that. So here is to get to know the net.

Defining the 2-aim
male experience and seeing the number of people is aimed at less married woman. Married woman if you do not know only husband. Then seems to think always and as I said married woman is at a certain moment as "Do you accept it to Aunt not know this while the other guy?". And it seems aggressive and erotic as such a married woman.

Experienced Bull without showing a 3-ulterior motives
married woman targeting is a married woman you want to know a lot of the world. So experienced, I know a lot of sex and play, to appeal to out interest that. And ulterior motives is suppressed as much as possible in order to give a sense of security above all to the married woman.

Wait for an invitation from the married woman 4-rush not
This is what gives the feeling that experienced man of the room. Among them wants to see enough to scrounge from more of the married woman. ... should.

Immediately built this kind of plan, contact with the married woman in the mistress Sofusefu. While using for the first time this kind of thing I thought married woman is often want unexpectedly encounter. Immediately to interact with several people. Married woman is probably the one who aimed planned. Plan execution aimed at the married woman.

And after one week the start of the exchange. I was told from the married woman want to meet during the day on weekdays. Two people the married woman is man experience, including the husband at 28 years old. Will still of about married woman I do not have a man play simple.

And on Monday of next week I will come fulfill the dream of for a long time met with a married woman. The results also at that time.

And in the two-sister

When I have a masturbation, and came in 2 sister in open suddenly door
"there! The older brother What are you doing?"
"Idiot, go'm out."
"I it's a good one show in"
"to people Show mon by "no 's
" What people? Jan sister "
" it's because my sister "
" Why, Why, "
" I Get out because good "
" Yadamon I ~ "
" was Once is I go out. "
" I to! it ~ "
" so another yan Bae ~ "
~ I have to do with your out you were" serious - "
" Do not, is! "
" so out of saying I'll be. "
" why are you! "
" interested there Thats "
" interesting What? "
" boy by the Nani "
or to cock me," Nani "
" Yeah, Toka place are Tsu "
" Yes "
" Well conditions there are "
" What what? conditions "
" I also be thy body touch "
" only if good but "chest
the cock that I" beauty " It was not held to.
"Wow ~ great! It's surprisingly hard"
"chest also Ya ey directly touch, not from the top of the clothes,"
"I, and the other -"
too pleasant when touched by others.
"Hey, I have come out something brother destination Ppokara"
"Oh do it, I'm coming out to become comfortably by"
"Fu Mmm"
"You nipples, or also the feel good but has become hard?"
"Well - so I mon's sensitive Toko I nipples "
" Then smoked I do "even if
- I would feel When the" sucked "
" it's a good one, "my sister with smoke appeared good breast of clean form take off the upper body
" a - down feelings Ii' ~ "
" brother of the cock even by me licking "
" Ee'! "even while saying so told me to put a cock in the mouth,
" I also want to lick you pussy, "
" another monohydric "
each other naked overlap is in the in was mutually determined as of the beast.
The last was signed to put my alter ego in the sister.

And sister of high school two years

Sister of high school two years
"hot from take me to drive in the big brother of the car."
"I want to go to where I say,"
"I want to cool off in anywhere good cooler"
ran the time being car.
"Which is good or sea or mountain"
"Hmmm, I want to go to the sea beyond the mountain"
ran with the aim of time being mountainous areas by me.
When the mountain a break in the summit of the drive-in running the downlink sea because there was a little wide parking there parked the car to able to walk the coast,
"It feels good sea breeze"
sitting on a big rock litter As it, jumped into the sea becomes a turtle pop and began to take off suddenly sister.
"Your brother is also - I feel good ~ Come on,"
I also jumped become a turtle pop because as anyone not stay even looked around.
Match Jarre go to the sister beside play emergency and is resting in the rocks from the sea until the body is dry even in there is no state towel up
"I'm became a brother of the body and adults"
"You also seems to adult body with and Thats "become
" Ufu' chest also probably Daikkii "
it's," Oh beautiful na "
" This only've got self-confidence, "
" I see "
," your brother it also Jan respectable "
" well Do "
" Hey, of children not Sawarikko like a time? "
" good but I wish'm here. "
Let's go even to the" Well somewhere in the hotel, beautiful I want wash "
" I do! "
ran the car to look for hotels to return to the car .
Continued on next time


My sister passed three years passed away 65 years old, sister of the husband.
Because I in expatriates who returned after a long time to go to the house of his sister, was praying to the altar with a memorial tablet of the brother-in-law.
My sister told me to treat willing to say go staying absolutely tonight. Talk drinking in two people was not luck.
Tonight saying sister trying to go to bed as a kid with two people, they slept side by side in the only two people mattress because it is summer.
I have an erection to the body of his sister, which is in close contact with the middle of the night there were.
My sister has been爆睡. Gently put over there to finger Masaguri the chest.
My sister is sleeping. There have been wet and running the finger.
It was inserted into the vagina to spread the legs and the sister of the pants gently Nugashi. My sister screamed awake. But, I was as it continued to move the hips, which has been not be another stop.
It became quiet and give up my sister who was resistance rampage.
It warped the chest out gasping sister to them. Waist with Piku.
"Oh, A, Oh, Hi, suddenly over over, A"
sister threw her arms around me violently spasm to. I was also ejaculation not accumulate.


Sister and I had sex in the play when I was a primary school in each other.
Because it was previously not or each other licking each other around with genital from, feeling that I say to that there is no pond when sex was not.
Came to sex every day addicted to pleasant to each other.
What Toka risk of pregnancy was also earnestly Pies without thinking.
Sister anal sex was also challenge from become a junior high school student.
It was extended over time because it was impossible'm suddenly.
From so can anal sex, or not to cum in either of the hole began to sister issues an instruction.
At the same time as the high school began sister and two people living.
Incest continued boyfriend but she was in each other.
Sister is married to a boyfriend in the opportunity of pregnancy.
Born child (man) What also look similar to me than my husband.
It was my child I checked.
It is the husband has a secret, do not realize even my husband.
Interesting because the second person was also made.
After all, my child (woman) was born.
My marriage because she was also pregnant.
Between the daughter-in-law only one child (woman).
Economically 2 people because it is impossible.
My sister was also in Uchidome say a third person 's earnings of the husband is that it is impossible.
Husband even though it seems gave up the third person and is convinced, the two people is my child ....
It was saved by the stupid husband.
Have sex met frequently but were married to each other.
In my house when you are going out is my daughter-in-law, sex in my sister's house when you're going out the husband of the sister.
The hotel is not used only occasionally.
But also for me save money, because the excitement is better to at each other's house.
What sex in a situation where each other of the partners do not know when to come back, I because there is like a thrill when I'll hiding in the parent.
All told, the meeting in the evening to say I come to drink and be friends sister also I yesterday.
Meet and enter the ready-to-love hotel, after the toast with brought in liquor was loving mess.
I had to cum inadvertently result because I be happy sister alright.

I tried concise because writing ability not.
It might be boring because not a conversation format, this is my utmost.
I do not remember Nante old conversation ....

every night

Quite a long time ago

when I is a junior high school, it was the same room as the sister

sister of the time high school first-year students

would lump of libido Speaking of junior high school boys?

Yet can not be in the same room 's Masturbation is also satisfied with my sister

I had been too horny was directed to the sister of the outlet of the desire

sister because siblings are Nante wary of my

nothingness even when you go to bed to be wandering around the house in a defenseless appearance vigilance

Ide kissed Dari rub the chest; the sister of futon & # 21,085 in the middle of the night of one day

put a hand touched also pussy in the pants

had been masturbation while mischief on the body of my sister

was every night have repeatedly every night

ejaculation the tissue is normally have been discarded in the trash of the room

is sister summer sleep in shorts in T-shirt

(? to say tunic) or one-piece type of Nemaki

wonder if time has passed one month so as to mischief?

That day my sister was sleeping in Nemaki of dress

was not wearing pants When you try to put a hand in the pants like a usual

I'm not usually to forget to wear pants?

So this is I thought that invited me

licked pussy feverishly flipping through a one-piece

was almost ejaculate just by licking

sorry When the result in cunnilingus to have been invited, even

I'm in the hands trembling with excitement It took off pants

he abandon Buchikon the erection cock in pussy of Bitchobicho

whether such blame is incest?

Whether such because of the first time of sex?

I had ejaculate the moment you put too excited ...

shook his waist while ejaculation I wanted to taste the more pussy

sperm from the pussy every time you poke overflowing

cock nor pussy It was muddy in the sperm continue against the anyway was

also was ejaculation in

became a hip jerky because it was the first time that was truly ejaculation twice in succession

was tired and cover overlaying on top of the sister

and then my sister is open your eyes I "I ended up doing finally" ...

"no way did not think that until the middle out to did not think and put in earnest,"

"What what Nante lust think sister of the real? "

" You're that did not "think that it is such a transformation

sister was cursed me while Kakaekomi my waist with both feet

care ends Te saying only" I So in the end? Was told "

I hip was threatened me," I say to the parent if not you skein Lee, "I say Datte another jerky

would be disinherited been branded as devil who raped my sister ...

it was disgusting It shook or waist yell because I

is my sister not move to satisfy even I would do with Iran

was ridden to the top been replaced suddenly preparations

were allowed to ejaculate for the third time to come waving their sister hip

sister even the not stop moving

really sister until sex then I hip was missing microphone

... to be allowed to ejaculation to not appear anything was hell

is me from that eventually the day became a sister of toys


It is 55 years old. What is done with the sister of 60-year-old.
Brother-in-law stayed went to the three death anniversary memorial service of (sister husband). Talk drinking siblings after a long time has become the drunk both of whom not run out.
Tonight was supposed to say that you go to bed as a kid with two people.
Eyes were sleeping in close contact with the same futon with my sister When you wake up in the middle of the night.
And erection as horny sister of the body of the half-naked state.
Smoked nipple Masaguri the breast of her sister. Nipples became hard.
My sister had been suffering in the half asleep state, but also slept immediately.
If you are working to put over there on the finger of the sister also seemed to have felt the sister there've been Junn. But I do not wake up.
Was inserted push the legs and Nugashi the sister of pants to take the plunge.
Sister indeed screamed awake.
"What for, idiot, please stop,"
no more unstoppable. It continued the rhythm. Sister was also no longer resistance or give up.
Perhaps because you are drunk even if the ejaculation likely, whether the reason that remains slightly is Isame incest, not quite ejaculation.
Sister while you are moving a long time Ha was out Atoaegi.
And had to undulating hips was gone at last raised a small voice. Was ejaculation I also To gushing look at it.