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Incest with daughter

only daughter

In or I came from after the time of the bath from an early age, is not hidden junior high school show not hide the naked, high school, even if the college students naked in front of me, as much as amazed wife, attention wife etc. are ignored us and I bath had been the norm. Back story when I was a junior high school. Guess I was watching every day How can thin had been growing the hair under. Tits Will was still developing the way, I was watching the tits that becomes larger bulge gradually. Wife of the word <than me, young body would drinking>
out during menstruation a little bleeding from the bottom, tub without entering me in every day to wash gently the daughter of the body, massaging or the tits from when I was as to it I had to wash
"Yes dad,"
the nipple sitting on my knee was massaged Sucking included devoted to my mouth. Out a cute voice, there is also bad for When asked his wife had been hugging to the nature and daughter and kiss.
"Dad, the mother to raise When you become a 20-year-old secret I"
entered between the legs to stand the daughter Upon completion of physiology, was adapted to the inhaling or raised licking tongue open a crack.
 Holiday invite me to daughter go out shopping, in the lingerie corner not chosen me, I was also embarrassed.
My wife is a holiday also work, there is also had in the rest weekday,
"Dad, the want that told Dad I love hotel? "
It was sudden.
"For example !!"
"is there a bath? Of Families with dad useless? "
After all I had entered with her daughter. Of course I clear distinction is put up with no more than, massaged sucking tits and kissing in bed, let me cross the face now on his back, the bottom daughter also inhaling licking let devoted to my mouth, 69 also tell me tell me to suck my erection, daughter was a surprise drank the semen.
 Wife becomes a relationship that does not go with the not known daughter, even tits is a high school student development, I think that I was supposed to stimulate rub Sucking, had become gradually woman's body develop into a good tits of the form It was, but the virgin is still as promised without penetrating, had been in the woman's body in a sexual person formula of 20-year-old.
 Daughter became a good woman, my small company Yes in the but tentatively officer, recently will burst into flame also spent when the love in the love hotel.


Daughter and two people living. Eagle does not accumulate and dear daughter, but I.
Always bad insects wary as grabbed last days. Growth condition of daughter does not always Chetsuku and Akangana. Wash daughter of underwear causes eagle of important housework De'. You have to put up with far Blow, "Otochan to be had When you are ready to enter to me?" I asked "to get you in the virgin eagle and the very first man Ya De" to his daughter was amazed to daughter It has been face. Yaro made to enter palm uniform from next year, cry you but you Wameko but poked the vagina last days. Well Therefore in a cartoon spread to put a finger in the vagina, yet I'm easy to wet Chinese easy to feel daughter, I love juice comes out use. Breast even over bulge still Nanya nipple becomes immediately Korikori in the caress of sensitive Dewashi last days. Was developed to the body also cause sluggish while recently issued a pant voice and lick the Hamanko. Daughter I was De' soon, painful than Ya just the beginning, every mouth drool hanging voice Ya do so as to increase the delighted to be poked across Otochan.

Date on which it was found that feelings of writers

It was dubious and wonder are you really in the parent-child Te read the writing, when I entered the daughter and bath of just the other day a small 5, daughter say that you want to pee
, "please in front of the drainage ditch,"
he says It began squatting. To see the treatment that pee girls Although the child was carefully wash the pussy after you have finished the first time a strangely excited.
I've been clean wash in the bathroom from the usual, but had chestnut and internal also toying with not wash to caress with the male of at the time now. Then my daughter
"- has become cock Daikkiku dad"
cock that was erection was not looked up to heaven Sosoritachi.
"Yumi also try to touch cock of dad"
small hand the mouth of the daughter that you are involuntarily hugged and would blank look in appearance to grab the color black cock was closed with lips. I tried to put a finger into the small hole was ejaculation rubbing yourself while touching because it is not so much accept the cock.
After leaving the bathroom, I thought whether Oh Ako say that.
Real incest would be after a few years.

And the daughter of a year and a half swing

I'm sorry, post since the first time that it could not work, is a continuation, if hospitalized daughter-in-law has three weeks to enter in August, when it entered the daughter and the bath after a long time, my daughter is looking at the shed in the shower to wash the body , I did not wash properly the crotch institutions, I say and I get sick and do not wash properly, a little and see show so called because tingling, is next allowed to use as M-leg look the place, red and swollen in like did not wash again properly, because the shame plaque was also marked with white, gently whisk the body soap in hand, from the pussy, gently wash so as not to want pain and bleeding until the small clitoris, your but after leaving the bath is of that day was over painted the ointment paint in delicate place, my Gusoku had become larger if you notice, from the daughter from the next day, wash M-shaped open it on his back and in Come the to, I had been embarrassed, also get redness in about Fortunately four days, but no longer the pain and smarting that, and then also as invites from daughter, to want to wash in the M-leg and is rare, even me that this happens came out mischief heart, I came healed song-chan, and I wash the more beautiful today, even hair closer to face in the crotch function of the daughter that is M-leg grows standing muscle and only has a Yochitsu carefully observed no Te, what to in the likely daughter anxiety face? Does not it hurt? Because he comes with, I do not is that painful'm fine, and to crawl to the vagina is closed and perfect the so smiled a smile whether I was relieved and say be a bit ticklish tongue, but wanted also Kusugutta , and ~ I because in the clean'm patience and Cho, and is turning licking carefully the whole 10 minutes position vagina, voice was laughing wants Kusugutta is, becomes silent and the Danda, rough breath with Nuke not started to, or feel even in the 10-year-old child? I think After inserting 3 centimeters slowly tongue to Hi裂, also because I shy little pain to insert the first time of the foreign matter, remove the tongue, the next step is hidden in the foreskin, the clitoris of more rice grains from the top of the foreskin, first to stimulate and morose, the following is a stimulus so as to draw a circle in a little stronger, and has stroked the young vagina with your fingertips, different from my saliva from the inside, warm liquid Since had started coming out, it feels good to my daughter? And ask and do not know, but is in the belly you say to be tighter and tighter! If we carefully blame at the age of 10, it such I shall feel, the day the first time of pleasure also daughter? Because in had become hot flashes Pounds, If you tried to sleep and at the end, my daughter came sunk to my bet, Dad ~, came hug trying to go to bed together, I also hugged her daughter, light-to-mouth After the kiss, since the surprised face, and talk to I've got to the people that I love, Fu Mmm, well then because it has been found, so came together the lips from one more time and the daughter, too excited sleep not, while licking to the extent that does not cause the Hi裂 spread the foot Nugashi the pants of sleeping daughter, Once you have the private power generation, there is ejaculation sense of the extent of the pleasure to be surprised, it was further surprised to the amount of splattered sperm , she hugged her daughter that day, went to bed while immersed in the afterglow & # 10071;
I'm sorry, because the daughter-in-law came happening, if continuation is read and enjoy, you will be soon posted


It became Mika and parent and child is 12 years ago.
Also Mika was a simultaneous 5-year-old, it is already 17 years old.
My wife, in other words remarried each other and the mother of Mika, but unfaithful wife seven years ago was divorced due.
Mika also I was taken back because say that I do not want to go with the mother.
Mika had Drops from the beginning to me, came to or Tsu further base from no longer stay mother.
"I try to enter the bath Dad together"
I think now that's the beginning of the mistakes that have received an invitation from her daughter past the 10-year-old.
I was at that time 42 years old.
"Mika is either? Wash"
"Yeah, mon are washed with soap,"
"order in which the wash is?"
"Uh Innovation"
you ○○ this in the answer is missing.
"It? Omata is? Butt is?"
"I have to wash by hand"
"Damedame, because Papa'll wash clean"
I looked into open and yank the foot of Mika.
As I thought, it ○○ this Mika is sore red, had caked white Mankasu.
"I'm no good, a little patience."
"Because I'll wash is now daddy every day"
and then promised, I was supposed to wash your ○○ this Mika.
Contact ○○ this had been sore red becomes a beautiful red pink, was from when I was lost even smell without Mankasu, the mischievous heart has been seedlings.
"Does it change the way wash because I become beautiful."
Say so, I will go stroked slowly through your ○○ this with a finger that was bubbled with body soap.
"Scan, ticklish"
When I Mika who was making noise and ticklish became quiet, decided to abort the prank.
When you do it repeatedly every day, it has come to Mika Karaonedari.
There has been a change in the movement of the body.
And we'll pressed by the degree do not want pain and swelling of the foreskin, Mika's for the gesture to close by Mozomozo the foot.
It was clearly comfortable feel that testimony.
"Dad today wash Omata also"
"Mika also try Do not wash yourself"
"Yeah - Dad is good."
"Mon I feel good and dad wash"
"No feel good?"
"Yeah, so Dad wash "
first would place I first stage end.
The next thing cause remember masturbation to Mika.

Yochitsu diary?

 During the 3 day holiday period from tomorrow, available to you supposed to go riding in the car for the whole family to the source hook sink Onsen Ryokan of Kyoto suburbs is provided with a family bath of disseminated to each room of the inn to spurt . Of course Emi eldest daughter also second daughter Sara, seems to have me in the great fun. A full-fledged arrangements to finally full nudity and outdoor daughter that is being grows androgenic hair (?) Raw shooting set 〇 scan at the upper end when the vertical stripes of hundred child laid the carbon fiber Video tripod in the family bath plans ringing in your cage, so the Watakushi of competence as a parent, it is proposed that Na if you can demonstrate regrettable without.

And grandson

While it from is not the every day, when you do not stay the wife, rock out with two people, comes to sex,
Yumi also graduated from high school, even after a job, now come actively seeking from their , my feelings become increasingly complex, and whether it is in this state, I started, fortunately or unfortunately, Yumi is absolutely not pregnant. ? ?
Since says Yumi is unbearable is when the pulsing as the Dokundokun hit flying in the back, forget fear of pregnancy, but are you out with always in, it does not pregnant for years. I Will there is no other species? ?
The man I've heard that there are species even if the 70-year-old,
you might're lost me any chance?
Yumi even after the birth, although the wife did not also contraception once until now, after the Yumi, it did not at all pregnancy, but I think that me or because the there, inspection to go to the hospital I think I need not to be, to be his wife, also in Yumi, but doing in the middle out, but as long as a little sad to think that seed in his is gone.

Sex with daughter

Sister and I, now, the end is excited state,
sandwiched between the tissue paper to the secret office naked
to lie sister,
"Hey Shun-chan Is
, and your Misuzu-chan, I guess there is nothing,
what about" is Misuzu, is my daughter,
I have to be silent "E'there's any chance,
you and any person, Ma-chan, Misuzu-chan,
of course Tomoyo Mr. Sasaki is I think I say because it is his wife,
but I, and my daughter,
amazed by large problem was I, "said the daughter, there is a translation,
wife I'm a also know,
my daughter seems to have consulted the first wife,
is the time of the two-year high school student,
and gather in the woman of this to each other,
that girl and the third grade of the handsome of
Toka good so was able to with that person,
I also experienced,
but I was first a little painful,
Toka become increasingly well,
such as do not come I this month yet,
is so talk with the opposite sex comes out well,
my daughter because still there is no such experience,
not placed in the story When I mosquito nets outside of you,
yes I cry in front of his wife,
his wife is "Datte you, I nice,
because'm's a healthy bright and beautiful,
do not have people familiar fond type"
heard such a thing I heard,
seems to have for a while in silence, of which,
"I, the love people like daddy,
It friendly, to-ish man,
hey Racha be entertained Mamapapa useless "
is indeed so I was surprised
" by your father say anything,
would not necessarily be able to "  
" was found down, not something I get married,
when also I may only have near the dad up,
it is Mom would be good, "I am also surprised,
if there whether such a thing many times,
consult carefully with his wife,
on Saturday morning," Misuzu tonight there,
because the mom go out ,
Dad I from going to the room of Misuzu "night
saying was going to work  
and become long also because it is likely to report.

Relationship with his daughter from two years ago

 Is the management of the small company, is the father of 48-year-old.
The beginning of that in the affair of the wife, I realized I also had without it,
is so daughter was aware of the suspicious behavior of his wife.

 One day, is said to go out from the daughter the passenger seat of my driving to the car
daughter sitting on the
"dad car went in there."
Exits the alley, in a location that does not stand out car on the back of a parking lot
parking, daughter when the street and get off from two people car hidden in a location that appear
when had, wife enters from the doorway of another parking lot, parked have been
boarded in the car, my daughter had to check the number remember that car.

Wearing after their car at a distance, and out on the outskirts of the love hotels
not stay away in the direction, from and looking at going into in the hotel
had been confirmed. I also will be entered into the hotel, the car
and daughter find, I Rashiku vacancies back at the bottom of the place, conspicuous
hide the number to put the car in place not, entered the daughter and the room
directly below. Atmosphere There are mutual hug and a daughter and a kiss, each other
in the shower and each other undress in, he had admired the naked daughter.
Love one after another become one and daughter, would blazing violently
beneath. The sheets had made a stain a virgin bleeding.
 After I gave birth wife is a daughter, There is also a pipe cut was the dystocia
also there was not finished, it was divergence in the daughter.
The wife of the other party, there was from what long before the relationship with my brother
is like, but I have had to not notice. Of course, in the divorce
even without a word my parents, I went out two people aligned with the house.
Is currently daughter and two people love each sex life.

Pure white and white to white

Back tanka

appear to be a masturbation to equinoctial week
 passed away daughter of which is not known only father


"pure white and white on white" [daydream]

is there, it is weak is born body.
Will not hold up to adults from the doctor, because was said, Do you wonder knew himself somewhere, and in various ways to live a hurry.
Study, play, travel, none or Kke last had to lonely.

In, or did it was around there is entering a few years before his death of high school, I have began to say that I want you to tell me the man.

"I die without knowing the man regrets leaving" or.

Because what it is such a time in parent and child, or Hikiawasu even in young Mont who each accustomed to the woman of the treatment? And "In this body that contains the female body, man suddenness sputum. Totcha, metazoan's §" is also heard that, is being asked to cry without be helped.

Since the daughter's body was found to take in hand what state, was Yari hugging treated as ordinary Onago committed while Eraku caring.
Look at the Zhu Jaca remaining on the futon finished with two people, I remembered that I was glad smile daughter were seen in a long time.

By the way, my wife is also weak in body, waiting to give birth daughter soon gone, Kedomo had grown daughter in one Otokode, last I wonder ... I wonder I Kiren to do in Anna that.

Daughter became a woman through the deflowering, I I also embrace Well in man.
And I'll embrace many times, the poor were energy of daughter every time is to feel like something return, Tara often "do care", Well, it has Jima' fraught.
Because you he is a doctor that Oroseru be closer to the midwife Whoa in the countryside, we got "flowed" in the big clinic over the mountains of.
Daughter I was crying and "die at birth wanna Kachanmi!", Is said to doctor and daughter of the body would wreck before giving birth in the body is not good to eat barely, somehow Do not be appeased, or I also'm his son Does not it was Yarusenaka' in one's grandchildren, I had to unplug from the belly of the bag.

Well, I was back home in Futari from along.

Or was is badly cooked was down again, my daughter even if it has become often lie down ... was Chima' gone as it is.
Holding hands "Sorry, sorry," I apologized and, I do not know if it had been delivered to the ear.
Without color of chalk at the time of Imawa, but still thin lips but at least also of salvation was a restful as if they were smiling § ....

It is housed in the same tomb from the following Hatsubon celebrated with his wife prefectural land, the Do ... daughter'm Kun that squeezes the Mara Recall daughter before going to bed.

In yukata I was doing clothed corpse in that white face.

Afraid I Somehow, because from Tsu looked looked better than when you are alive.
It but would not be healthy to the ghost, "white daughter" to "white mind was doing".

Under lighthouse living

[Back] tanka
in Ochia' daytime home only two people
 daughter is nestled remains of uniforms


[daydream "under lighthouse living"

This is the story of when I was standing about a month a little before, become the new school year.

"Huh ... Atsu"

(to feel hot for spring sunshine, now wonder if because during the day?)

Sweat in the winter of uniforms cumbersome body, feeding the wind into the jacket crowned Hira the patter and hem.
Looking at the parking lot There is, of my car and take a look at is that the other party from now are already back home.

"... properly also Shiro work"

without even say to anyone, try muttered bad things about the car of the owner.
Go up to the floor with a home in the elevator exits from the entrance.
Take the thin and quiet was early afternoon of the floor, try to put a hand to the home of the door without having to ascertain the key.


entrance of the key is open.
For the time being wary of "mother" quietly take off shoes, entering to the back of Sororisorori and home.
Sign of life in the daytime of home living room and the kitchen is not, it sounds like is also seen in something or when going to the back TV to while still tense.
In the direction of the sound, it was attacked by a ... a stretch weakness when looking into a room that is wide open the entrance.

"Slow was na"

person who was heading to the PC in the study has been called out face up.
That when it comes appearance ... I wonder mother say what you see.

And to stand the Nani was watching the AV naked, my waiting opponent.

At all ... not a like a fool to here had been wary of the mother.

"School, half Don It 's (reduced class) even many things there I"

and prop up against the student bag in the doorway of the room, go side by side in a study of the desk and remove the Yara smartphone Yara watch from uniform.


Still and listen to the person you are relaxing sitting in a chair

, "drew lightly"

because he told me

"not 's! I also have that? Better to bathe"

Ah, such as convinced in the face, from the top see me to the bottom.
I usually, I'm naturally attracted because they were at the hotel, so is today home, very much without permission was asked the difference.
Opponent is rising instead of answering, have been hug shaking Burunburun the firm remains array.
I try sniffing the smell around the Sun and neck hugging each other, there is no odor, such as when was in the car.
After all etiquette, but it's important also to etch.

"... N"

after repeated lips, but I thought it was coming Nugashi, arrived the knee is holding the shoulder to the floor, coming projecting things opponent.
And guess the intention, try to touch the things that were firmly in the AV before I come.

(Gollum ...)

use the fingertips of both hands, and Sawasawa as tickle, funny bounce and jumpy.
When subjected to both ears hanging out because their hair is the way, ahead of ourselves is clenched things that you are Jiwari, Hobaru open the mouth wide so as not to hit the teeth ...