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Incest with daughter

It is a man of 68 years old. My wife is living alone since died of the disease two years ago. Daughter who is in neighboring prefecture (42 years old) us with the sometimes come housework. This year's Obon was Yuki and two nights. I said to my daughter drunk while drinking with two people. "You Do not have been similar to gradually mom also." "Oh, yes, in, Dad, would be lonely after the death of her mother. " Oh yeah, I. I lonely'm one person when you go to bed especially at night lonely. University, tonight, not whether "me to sleep with I'll" good. When I was a child, hey I was sleeping on the character of the river between the father and the mother, " if there is such a conversation, daughter laid the futon side by side next to me Slept. Look at the 42-year-old daughter of the body, which was dressed in thin pajamas has been horny. Time my daughter fell asleep, I hug my daughter went to the daughter of the futon. Appeal to refuse daughter awake surprised S directly below. "Come on. Tonight I did a place of the mother," "not a. Parent and child to say anything. I do not go," "ask. I ask. Only tonight, but a lifetime of hope" massaging the daughter of the breast, smoked a nipple I was laid a hand on thigh Te. Refusal to have the resistance of the daughter becomes weaker and weaker, was finally a daughter in the nude. And over there to put a finger, "there was not wet anymore Gusshori. Daughter When you insert was bending-back aloud. Move when the daughter was panting and Haahaa. Now, it will likely out with excitement with the'd say I'm doing their daughter and sex, was vigorously movement. "Oh, in, not out in" daughter cried.It was Yuki brought to the mouth of the daughter pull out and startled. He was discharged To gushing into the daughter's mouth.


Daughter-in-law is to passed since 15 years passed away, aunt and After remarried was discussed with the daughter of the recommended high school students. Daughter finished the story in opposition to remarry. I have to have entered a bath "a while ago Dad I'm sorry," "I'm good," "I am also good? Well into together." "What did you do?" "I want to to is just now of apology" within the Iowara not so came in, "did you finished another wash?" "it's No yet, but" "I have'll wash" was expected half the end is rough than the crotch come first started to wash from the head to the front wash the back After completion of the head place that I thought how to kana - and the "here also? wash?" since heard that "if possible," "I'll say," and, whipped hand have grabbed the penis. Immediately penis was erect and reaction. "Oh!" "I'm sorry, because the have not seen you for a long time was touched to a person other than yourself." "Dad also ne No want a new wife because it is healthy." "It just is I do not." "I'll say now I have a place of his wife and you'll " Why do not got to me" instead? " " Well! "have been combined lips so as to rub the penis and say so. I also Masagu' stretched out a hand to the secret part of the daughter. Because if stroking the chestnut hand rub to react with wince became fast "I'm likely to father another go" "even out gonna say."Expectorating the semen to say "pass away ~". In the bathroom there was no more progress. Began caressing enters the bet even come two daughters as soon as the return to the bedroom. Was each other licking the genitals of each other. Then, my daughter began to move slowly put deep in the vagina grabbed the penis spans above. In the vagina of the feel of 15 years seems to be willing penis, private to'm feeling is indescribable to state that the real daughter of spans on.


Of 52-year-old company manager. I saw for the first time this site. I to am one person is the daughter of 27-year-old. Daughter-in-law is when the daughter is 5 years old at the disease has passed away. Then the came I grew up. Now the daughter If their time comes in the bath together. Daughter is likely committed to the three men's classmate at the time of the high-3. Come fled the spot. There is contact me. If you go to the opposite button of the shirt in the uniform was the sight that had taken all I have to guide the home of the boy to his daughter. Leaving a daughter in the car. Came out his mother and go to the boys home "What?". Once out of the daughter says to have been committed to the children of your house. Since the mother, it had been left out of the waist in situ surprised. There were 3 people and go to the room up without permission. Room daughter of shirt and would pick up because the button of had fallen. Since the 3 person of've been crime in Do Mai one Author words when he source of agreement I have. I even called the police. When taking out the mobile coming in the mother a situation to hear from the person, et al., ... is in because I to you any compensation police and please come with her three guardians to my house anyway tonight mother It came out to say to. One daughter back to the car and to agree I was saying. It is said that using the exam study together. So I said the only daughter was the reply. As soon as there is a phone call from his father heard from his mother. It was an apology. The shirt and neck of the daughter came off the button in the three parent in disputesIt showed a red bruise that could be. (And photographed) disputes but took several days. Daughter in the evening is. Me and apologize and came into the bath is that you are thinking of daughter daughter was like it was found that my virginity because dedicated to dad to me. When the treat is not to say stupid (I was embarrassed). As desired daughter because it also came in naked up in the futon, I thought at least be a fool in the parent and inserted into the daughter. Daughter and quit because wanted pain put only wants pain Sakitcho a loud der Oh, Aga - in what and put so say put out the word that does not know what to say. Sheets and move slowly pull out in two to three minutes with the blood of my daughter. (Sheets are Yes taking wash) then made to have a two or three times related to the daughter and the moon. It is going to come only when you want to have a daughter now. Daughter at the time of the 20-year-old I was dating three years can boyfriend like a daughter shook Toka reason is because not pinching is H. I now of Kara thought that if Kurere also show in the grandchildren to get married because it followed two years. Last night, my daughter had parted came into the futon. Wake to say that the compatibility of H is bad my Nani Blow insertion across daughter above. Daughter that does not have this ride comfort. Show me the early grandchildren. Good person Locate say when. The time being because to be here is to end without permission to say that I'm sorry is the daughter go. And it will not be put out a hand to the daughter and the other women and H from meDo not you listen to go home and seen like a mouth from.

Anger of daughter

The real, say when the wife is prayer reluctant to sex in more of the protein. Ey do it a fight ... pussy with his wife the night does not mean you are having an affair to say So Nearby wife us and have fun with friends and tennis and table tennis only tea and sometimes a woman and travel friends me with my wife 52 years old is a sister wife in the 41-year-old. Daughter has a daughter at the time of the second year junior high school, I was angry, fight in noisy sex'm not in the house amazing aponeurosis and also does not enter the body studying frustrated wife Kanata is gonna bad wife , daughter when not go out is come to say that such a dad cute likely. Daughter physiological pain, terrible because in the hospital, you are drinking got a low pill. Daughter I went to the hospital to search for cramps in the net. Daughter that also to contraception would like to know. Wife, daughter when not going out is, Dad I've been saying so much sex, I want to do with. Yeah, "you want by daughter ... dad do and I for one us to inspire with it because it is secret in the mother daughter, mother, I have to say that I when its because I have to say that going out to travel in about three people friends. My wife went to go out and travel girl friends. That night, went into the daughter and the bath finish meals. Daughter is I sat in a chair daughter if you have rubbed tits clinging from the back of the daughter has soy in my hand. Chinpoko is now want to put in the pussy of daughter become a Gingin.Daughter in mattes ... futon, ask began six nine on the bed with two people naked from the wash each other body. Juice and licking pussy become the underlying, had swallowed the Yo suck it came out. Daughter are you licking put Chinpoko leaked ... § ~ and voice in the mouth. Do you start soon daughter ... down daughter've built your fingernail into the shoulder out with a voice painful to go advanced into the Chinpoko of pussy while hugging daughter. Paddles painful to her daughter by painful daughter ... Dad what about really feels good by the daughter ... likely and pleasant to daughter comfortably If you are working with hip wiggle while a kiss to say it because you do not want to hurt my daughter I aloud. Daughter had left the body while watching my face frowned as painful. Time, sperm I plus at the height cans as the stand, has come to seem out in the pussy. I put out during'm going out to the daughter daughter was watching my face saying down. Sperm in the pussy saying - that Aaa out - is now flowing. Now we have clung to me while leaked a voice feel daughter I also daughter kept alive to me even my daughter is enjoying the sex of joy.


We daughter and halos. Year is 21-year-old it does not have up to sex to say that halo. There has been NG. It got so touches the body paying the money. The first was not touched until the groin to say that raising pocket money When me touch your feet. I feel that playing with his daughter. I had invited a light feel to the daughter feeling playfully. White and Sucking stick such a skin, an hour hiding the feelings that I want to touch all day. It will excited best. Meanwhile, it remains but the daughter is in Shut eyes as asleep. Full view underwear crotch in is also full view Carrara saliva drink heart is in hot pants is Bakubaku. The best is really. My daughter I still have in how much is pocket money because students. Alone it is not too late bytes. Of course, your pocket money has been put out, but I do not trivial because it is a minimum. Because say things like I should try to compensated dating like a joke was black-and-white "do that if dad because I'll put out a" say the "truth" of the eye. It has been heard immediately follow up as a shrewd and say "that'll ey touch the place foot" "The give me much." Us at that time the heart has been Bakubaku. Since had been itching to always touch in a really beautiful feet is super excitement. I have dabbled willing and say I do 10,000 yen. While passing the money was promised and I an hour.I immediately go up while caressing and above above and to lie down on the sofa and slowly from the feet. Daughter has been pretending to be calm and Shut your eyes turned red to pleasant for the odd parent-child act. Hands went up to the so inner thigh. It has passed also for another 30 minutes. It is early to over time. My palm is as can not be rubbed smooth as another clammy. Head that is touching the daughter of the white skin of the inner thigh've seen in a dream is the place excited state to be stunned. 'm amazing sight Please try to imagine the act of watching looking through the bulge of the crotch of the daughter we will rub both of the inner thigh at the same time is finally Sashikon both hands in the hot pants. Daughter should see pleasant without even flying. Indeed and I'll rub up when touching the pussy "there is from good," he said. When there is to care about the fashion pussy seems to say that Hoshi a break. As if Bring rub the inner thigh while and to open a larger Bakkuri taking one foot slowly and carefully looked at it had been crotch bare by raising fishing hot pants to the base to extend the muscle pussy is opened that is to have can be confirmed. It becomes involuntarily likely over the finger on the pussy. Is the impact you want per gallantry. An hour I have only the blink of an eye. It was the mood you want to extend another ten thousand out, but was to be the next to put up somehow. Then was crazy will not only believed that the daughter and the second time of the halos.You should come to say or Once you have 10,000 yen. Is now All told you have to play in various hotels. Anything is there state except sex. Recently, to the shakuhachi while blame is Sashikon sexual tool to pussy tied up I also naked in the nude. I knew the man daughter. Ejaculation in the vagina put the penis is rubbed the penis in pussy in anything OK if you observe it in the NG is also OK to to is OK put the penis anal. It has been steadily escalating. My favorite is the mouth ejaculation in the shakuhachi is tied up with the anal and tied up. Would you use the other money is more than 2 million, but cheap mon. Is no problem if each other convincing because it is already each other adults.


I am a civil servant of 43-year-old. Stay live in four of his wife and son 16-year-old high one and a daughter 14-year-old junior high school two years, but that of the previous one month? Daughter, I say that the mother and older brother is that strange? ! Since the first do not know what things, and hear in detail, his wife and son I, such as those to have sex with? I will not believe, in the story of the daughter, because hear is go home and a funny voice from the school, seems to have heard in the previous sneak the room? Then, whether they think still not stay back a daughter, voice even violently, hear a fresh voice, daughter, and not be heard, so stayed crushed several times time out, I believe without, so are his wife of the room, because it is next to my room, so I have time to do a son heard that it around four o'clock came back from school, in the office and say pull early and abdominal pain, daughter and in my room, but the first day was stay hidden, nothing without, was quickly pulled in two consecutive days, on the second day, while his son and wife story, see that enters the wife of the room, and do not do today, breath in the killing daughter and two people, and have heard, is the whether or not the first, but I do not know the beginning, and I heard the voice of his wife, net (son the name of) chan, I from the back today and after the voice of the spoiled wife was heard, and wife emits Au'au' and voice, and hear the sound that hits the ass simultaneous , And wife of voice is becoming larger, Aann more strongly, Aann, and to say that good Wow, to think that my son said U', useless yo is by far, and says Mott motto and his wife, also a sound that hits the ass and is heard violently, and at the same time the sound becomes severe, the wife of voice also becomes violently, to say that Jun-chan pass away over pass away over, was like the result, of the after, and Blow Chupa Chupa and son of the mouth ? There could imagine My wife always At the end even when with me, it makes for clean in the mouth the cock.Daughter had heard in the horizontal as well, with pretty excited, they hold strongly throughout my hand, I hand was wet with sweat. Heard the act of his wife and son, but is one that, the day say that tired even asking me to go to the wife of the room night would have a son, you return to your room. Although You are about Sugiyo one month since then, the story of the daughter, I do not know when or from, the daughter heard, so it is before about two months, daughter and wife and son of attitude is also a previous in the house no longer spoken Toka thing wasted is changed, the daughter than before, come to Toka dining out, daughter hate the mother, I have become close, I still have no courage to have relationship with my daughter, what to do, is up to the suffering? Daughter, maybe, but I think that it is felt that not refuse even to have sex, you do not have the courage? Posted to want to hear opinions of everyone. We opinions please.


 I in this spring, there are 20-something young man with the 5th grade of the real daughter, but went flying out the top it off who superimposed the affair was transferred to the custody through the arbitration from my wife divorced for an only child. Since the father and son household on the fact that there are no other brothers and sisters, be enjoying in without any refrain or hesitation "H play in a tete-a-tete" it is made today. Sitting right beside of Kana, which has seen the T.V. remains of underwear on the sofa of the Living, and "?? Na somewhere nipple of Kana-chan", the daughter of the nipple of the camisole appearance of thin for the summer from the side finger only I'll gently stimulate and crunchy from the allowed Sagashiate in one shot to sneak, he kana would be rough breathing up and down a small chest. Then alone I'll quietly slowly turning over in sensitive clitoris glans indeed the clitoris foreskin pledged the right hand from the side of the girls pants of cotton land is exposed to the outside air, and "Aa Tsu", panting issued a Amakoe we put away. If there is less, it will continue! !  

Incest mistress

Saeko "Keiko-like" is to hospitalization. So we have undergone operations, the contents of which have a notebook PC to the hospital room asked from "Keiko-like", is writing content. "Can not be long post, Saeko like you told me that the work visit to the hospital room and various things. We also warm your letter from everybody of all employees, I would like the office happy early, it will come the father in the afternoon every day. Saeko like the business also inherited on behalf of the father, firmly management also efforts, we are counting on Chichimo Saeko like.  It arrived at work from next week. I love one of the Father also, too. "


Daughter hair of the vagina when the small 5 has been growing faint. Vagina of hair is one that from that time! And I will tell you have shaved with a razor blade. When recently come grow even a little, it began to regard the vagina in front of the face and "has grown daddy.". Once along the thin hair, I'll do turn licking licking the vagina to say that "I became slippery.". Gasp as "Aa Tsu" in a small voice and trace the streaks of the vagina.

A deep relationship

School third daughter and has become a close relationship. School one summer, we have lost the reason to the shock of when looking at the base of the inside of the hot pants when the daughter is taking a nap. How thin pink underwear is stuck to the bulge was perfect and the erection was at once upset the head. Slowly and soft to touch a secret meat with trembling fingers. And from the side of the underwear try to put a finger in the crack was enter into the slippery and folds. At that time my daughter was to twist the bad and the body. I was Yari scraping fried Nuchanucha in as stifle daughter in silence towards the inside of the crack to the clitoris. Twist the body to flee, but not aloud. Do not put out a love liquid enough to become and freely'll bombarded Bishabisha since subsided a little and resistance. Every day thing called from it, it was a shady act stealing the mother's eyes. Mother is the tone, such as touching the vagina of the daughter in the meantime go to the bath. One a month now, about twice you enjoy at the hotel. Or use the gender tools, and also make video shooting. And a lot of action and fun from morning to evening when long. It is the best of the daughter me drink not remain always a drop of sperm. For the time being is expected to enjoy as my woman.


In the boardroom of the desk of the notebook PC, to know posted this but also my father has been posted in this column, there also can see a peek, I "Chief Executive Officer Chairman of participation" 22-year-old, father, "Senior Managing Director Representative Director executive officer, "46-year-old, there is a boardroom to 2 Kaioku of the company in the parent and child to love in incest," shower room "" nap room has a double bed "is the equipment, also includes a private restroom in it, if put to the room father and my two people in the world, in the third floor is the President's house, 23-year-old beauty chairman and husband of 16-year-old younger 7-year-old high school students, 5 months pregnant? Such wonder if, is January next year so it will give birth.  I am unaware of was pregnant up to my father, there is experience in the abortion, constitution and is difficult pregnancy is found at that time, but I was thinking that receive the contraceptive surgery, age to still be pregnant the possibility remains, I was the insertion of the ring can not contraception surgery. Is to cherish from his father since, I asked to the father until the replacement of tampons or napkins during menstruation, also father to wash the body in the bath, long hair even wash my father, rinse even if the father, the drying also is father to me of, of not hair of dick, regularly attended also in beauty salons, what the laser so that it does not come grow hair is, it not a visible yourself, so that the hides part of the face, charge of a peace of mind because it is the same woman in charge, the whole body massage is also done in the beauty oil, it drifts good smell from the end and the whole body, is also referred to from his father.  Every morning, my father was wearing shorts, bra also father is me wearing. One Piece also allowed to wear, because the car is a one-box high There is also the front passenger seat placed lift up my, you me down also lift up when you get off.  Getting on and off of the car to the people in the company, but of you have seen, nobody, not people who put it in his mouth, and I is lowered to the entrance of the company, those of male employees greets you open the door .