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Incest with daughter

only daughter

In or I came from after the time of the bath from an early age, is not hidden junior high school show not hide the naked, high school, even if the college students naked in front of me, as much as amazed wife, attention wife etc. are ignored us and I bath had been the norm. Back story when I was a junior high school. Guess I was watching every day How can thin had been growing the hair under. Tits Will was still developing the way, I was watching the tits that becomes larger bulge gradually. Wife of the word <than me, young body would drinking>
out during menstruation a little bleeding from the bottom, tub without entering me in every day to wash gently the daughter of the body, massaging or the tits from when I was as to it I had to wash
"Yes dad,"
the nipple sitting on my knee was massaged Sucking included devoted to my mouth. Out a cute voice, there is also bad for When asked his wife had been hugging to the nature and daughter and kiss.
"Dad, the mother to raise When you become a 20-year-old secret I"
entered between the legs to stand the daughter Upon completion of physiology, was adapted to the inhaling or raised licking tongue open a crack.
 Holiday invite me to daughter go out shopping, in the lingerie corner not chosen me, I was also embarrassed.
My wife is a holiday also work, there is also had in the rest weekday,
"Dad, the want that told Dad I love hotel? "
It was sudden.
"For example !!"
"is there a bath? Of Families with dad useless? "
After all I had entered with her daughter. Of course I clear distinction is put up with no more than, massaged sucking tits and kissing in bed, let me cross the face now on his back, the bottom daughter also inhaling licking let devoted to my mouth, 69 also tell me tell me to suck my erection, daughter was a surprise drank the semen.
 Wife becomes a relationship that does not go with the not known daughter, even tits is a high school student development, I think that I was supposed to stimulate rub Sucking, had become gradually woman's body develop into a good tits of the form It was, but the virgin is still as promised without penetrating, had been in the woman's body in a sexual person formula of 20-year-old.
 Daughter became a good woman, my small company Yes in the but tentatively officer, recently will burst into flame also spent when the love in the love hotel.

I want to conceived the Atsuko daughter part4

Outfield noisy it!
Mr. Takkun, please doing silenced everyone of other support person!
These guys, it may be how can he even excitement!
I to not Toka sexual consent, but things in leaps and bounds is not carried, the truth only write Shitoranwa!


Daughter and two people living. Eagle does not accumulate and dear daughter, but I.
Always bad insects wary as grabbed last days. Growth condition of daughter does not always Chetsuku and Akangana. Wash daughter of underwear causes eagle of important housework De'. You have to put up with far Blow, "Otochan to be had When you are ready to enter to me?" I asked "to get you in the virgin eagle and the very first man Ya De" to his daughter was amazed to daughter It has been face. Yaro made to enter palm uniform from next year, cry you but you Wameko but poked the vagina last days. Well Therefore in a cartoon spread to put a finger in the vagina, yet I'm easy to wet Chinese easy to feel daughter, I love juice comes out use. Breast even over bulge still Nanya nipple becomes immediately Korikori in the caress of sensitive Dewashi last days. Was developed to the body also cause sluggish while recently issued a pant voice and lick the Hamanko. Daughter I was De' soon, painful than Ya just the beginning, every mouth drool hanging voice Ya do so as to increase the delighted to be poked across Otochan.

Date on which it was found that feelings of writers

It was dubious and wonder are you really in the parent-child Te read the writing, when I entered the daughter and bath of just the other day a small 5, daughter say that you want to pee
, "please in front of the drainage ditch,"
he says It began squatting. To see the treatment that pee girls Although the child was carefully wash the pussy after you have finished the first time a strangely excited.
I've been clean wash in the bathroom from the usual, but had chestnut and internal also toying with not wash to caress with the male of at the time now. Then my daughter
"- has become cock Daikkiku dad"
cock that was erection was not looked up to heaven Sosoritachi.
"Yumi also try to touch cock of dad"
small hand the mouth of the daughter that you are involuntarily hugged and would blank look in appearance to grab the color black cock was closed with lips. I tried to put a finger into the small hole was ejaculation rubbing yourself while touching because it is not so much accept the cock.
After leaving the bathroom, I thought whether Oh Ako say that.
Real incest would be after a few years.


September 18,
 I am 46 years old, his wife four years ago passed away only daughter 22-year-old and two people living
around ending even breakfast,
"Dad, I say likely if at around 10 today on the phone it yesterday"
"? ... What Chapter things? "
" What is likely to put in the bath hot spring ... together "
" I together?! "
" raise "
," e! "
I was at a loss for words. What's any good Speaking

at no there only one house Onsen, before that there was passing through
, but I, never went, there in the Sai was going out with my daughter
found a there was a hot spring is.
 Already laid futon is a set guide taught a place not of the room
pillows also list two, but the bath is gender rather than other customers, daughter
had a reservation by telephone.
 Daughter and bath is also the first time to enter, see the naked grown daughter in front of the eye
is the first time also to. Proportioned body, the tits with tension,
was also visible over there under a thin hair.
 To wash the touch body in soft skin, gently rubbing wash tits
was also touched and there.
"Dad wash gently,"
I would wake up things of course, is the daughter washed.
Larger "great hard! ... dad gently love'd "

 daughter was on his back on top of the futon, gradually after the overlap kiss
was massaged Sucking the left and right breasts down to.
 And to crawl the tongue to open the legs, raised the daughter is cute voice, joy juice
in the state that came out, I lick per Sucking, also smoked or
after, was overlap daughter.
"Strongly I want clinging to dad from painful"
inserted into the slowly daughter,
"Oh Tsu Ouch! ! ... father ... "
slowly push up the daughter moves back and forth, my back turn the hands on
the daughter wanted strongly cling pain.
 Eventually diverge a semen aiming at the daughter of the uterus,
"AAH ... dad ..... numbness likely ..."
my thing is inserted deep in the daughter, had been in close contact with the daughter and the skin .
In a while overlapping state without disconnecting, had challenged a second time.
Then, to lie away slowly disconnect from the daughter, the boobs
I was massaged Sucking.
"I did it to the body of the father ... woman ....."
daughter hug me strong, had massaged Sucking the left and right breast
had to leave the virgin bleeding in sheets.

And mischief to daughter

I am a middle-aged erotic old man of the current 48.
Currently daughter went out of the house to get married last year become a 23-year-old
will stay spent every day lonely.
Daughter is no longer staying, is now live at home with that of the daughter and the wife to find this site boring every day alone in the house, I wrote I will try to post.
I started mischief to the daughter, I think that my daughter was the fifth grade of elementary school.
Until the fourth grade place I had entered together in the bath, no longer come in and perfect for some reason by the time the fifth grade, will not that cute pussy is touched, but had been spent somehow painful such a lonely kind of every day , in the summer vacation, daughter Yumi every day, are you taking a nap on the couch in the living room in the afternoon.
I am in the weekends and holidays, come out well from the pachinko morning, when I get back once to 2 o'clock, Yumi is spread legs in the cute pants full view on the sofa, are you sleeping.
About 2 years of pussy what I do, I wanted to look to see, secretly, increasing the side of the pants while pounding, to see the cute pussy that grew a little bit of hair, so Yumi is sleeping well not wake up, hey or touch the pussy, that day with it, stop, why is feeling pride, it was exciting feeling.
And also go to pachinko, while remembering, but was pachinko, the morning of the wins I was completely lost.
And also next Sunday, and return to the same time of the afternoon in the hope of sleeping is Yumi, Yumi, but I was sleeping,
My wife to stay at rest, not seen, sorry, absolutely night and want to see it again, with electric light at around 2 in the middle of the night, and enter sneak into the room of Yumi, so hot, Yumi one pants feelings in and we were fast asleep in a small chest is completely exposed to view, I'm licking a little touch the small tail Ppai, down pants, in light of electric lights pussy, with or against finger to crack, or try to lick against only the tongue a little also pride but I had, so do not happening, raised on the basis of the pants, was out of the room. From that day on, it is not every day, not unbearable is to mischief to Yumi, is a secretly with his wife of wait and see, Yumi until junior high school 2 around, so I was put up.
But, in the junior high school 2 around, pussy Yumi is also growing, crack even if the change in the pussy of the adult of atmosphere,
look like that except Birabira also small cute the little is, but is small enough not know chestnuts , and is touching, a little only firmly made felt,
had been changed is not only it, and licking, but just a little, I felt that have come up with joy juice. This four years or more and much To grow, I had got to delight every day, am I at last, had Barre to Yumi.
Barre was of is that I've put a finger in the pussy. Yumi awake to say that hurts, dad What are you doing, I Sukebe, it is said, I went out the room in a hurry, was a reflection.

Consultation of student

Elementary school student, has been talking with the relationship with his father.
Stature is high, say of fleshy, is the girl from everyone in the elementary school has come out one head.
Tina is because "recently, of like a dad is going out with a woman of the people".
Tina's mother, passed away ill last fall.
At that time, instead of Mom because Tina is, it seems to have promised his mother.
However, recently, the father is so I heard from a friend that seems to have begun luck with other women.
While riding in consultation, I own is now likely to cause the Tina and mistake, but I did not go to the end.
My wife and Tina's father, has been a teacher at the same junior high school.
Moreover, it is the position of adviser and sub-adviser of the volleyball club.
I, I asked implicitly to his wife.
Wife "I do not know. If you know something, I teach," said.
However, had to do with the father of Tina, it was my wife.

Tina, seems to have confronted his father.
"Dad's mom became hate. In addition to you I was able woman"
"I say what, Tina"
Tina and father within that struggle with one another, fell down on the sofa.
"I, promised of. Tina is I take the place of Mom"
Nari say, Tina is so kissed his father.
Father, important, similar to the mother, said the development was Tina's body, do you hoop is out.
Tina, seems to have embraced his father.
The father carefully caress the whole body of Tina, Tina told that it was very felt good.
When the tongue came in there was enough that it does not move with the body Nokezo'.
However, although the body is growing, the father of the penis is I did not put it in there of Tina.
"Dad, I'm sorry,"
Tina, seems to have apologized to cry many times.

Listen to the story of the student, had not say anything.
"Tina, secret but because Do not just teachers and two people"
without going to not deny the relationship between the father, it was like this there is only a powerless me.
This father-daughter is, you will go far.
As Tina is growth, or will you change the relationship.

Well, what happened to my wife.
It's not to write here.
I am, what to do, you have a little angry.

I was opposed to the daughter remarried

Daughter, wife at the time of the fifth grade of elementary school had passed away in the illness.
I also, unbearably painful when it comes can not be sex though it is still 33 years old.
Remarry only was not considered.
Processing daughter the opposite
and hear that it why opposition while drinking wine, I have to say I do not want to not be a real mom.
I even angry, Datte dad, I have shouted and I want to still sex.

Daughter surprised "??????" sex you want dad
remarriage was not a good yo even I if us with the promise
of or "Yeah" really good
was sleeping with his night ... wife double I received a virgin embrace the daughter in bed.
First grade junior high school now, is me and me to Ikasa been daughter you are clenching the joy of sex.

2 from meeting

Holiday of Obon
in the family falling apart of the rest, without even where to go
daughter-in-law of Hayaban is, after going to work, every day that sneak to the daughter of the room!
Daughter of Nesugata of one panties in a T-shirt
towel is Hadake, thigh is to reveal. . .
Opening the curtain softly, much further dazzling
the figure of daughter, becomes clear.
To the mobile to the video screen, press the recording switch!
In the face of her daughter, Chi 〇 baggage closer to, rubbing people the soft lips
rubbing lid. . . When the lips is half-open,
from the meantime, come out is Kawayuku tongue. . .
Eyes closed, the urethral opening of my son at the tip of the tongue
comes to morose. . .
When you release a little, Nde has issued a tongue big time
and as add, has been example mouth open a big mouth!
The breast that fits in one hand, and slowly with your hand Momihogusu. .
A bit a larger nipple than soy, come pointed firmly and is kneaded.
Weasel 〇 Po by example mouth is, imperceptibly, are held in tiny hand
while being squeezed, has been licking the glans, the per Ura muscle. . .
And to preferably under the left hand to the panties, of already daughter or 〇 This
ass in love juice. . .
Rake up in the middle finger, daub the chestnut. . .
Ah. . . .
I feel ARABIA open. . .
Its go Nugashi the panty Innovation ~.
The crotch portion of the panties that Nugashi, transparent joy juice
Glowing and shiny. .
While keeping Chi 〇 Poo咥E, I was Mushaburitsui between 〇 this daughter!
Aa. . .
Inserted in a positive-level!
After all, pleasant daughter hole of. . . .

Under lighthouse living

[Back] tanka
in Ochia' daytime home only two people
 daughter is nestled remains of uniforms


[daydream "under lighthouse living"

This is the story of when I was standing about a month a little before, become the new school year.

"Huh ... Atsu"

(to feel hot for spring sunshine, now wonder if because during the day?)

Sweat in the winter of uniforms cumbersome body, feeding the wind into the jacket crowned Hira the patter and hem.
Looking at the parking lot There is, of my car and take a look at is that the other party from now are already back home.

"... properly also Shiro work"

without even say to anyone, try muttered bad things about the car of the owner.
Go up to the floor with a home in the elevator exits from the entrance.
Take the thin and quiet was early afternoon of the floor, try to put a hand to the home of the door without having to ascertain the key.


entrance of the key is open.
For the time being wary of "mother" quietly take off shoes, entering to the back of Sororisorori and home.
Sign of life in the daytime of home living room and the kitchen is not, it sounds like is also seen in something or when going to the back TV to while still tense.
In the direction of the sound, it was attacked by a ... a stretch weakness when looking into a room that is wide open the entrance.

"Slow was na"

person who was heading to the PC in the study has been called out face up.
That when it comes appearance ... I wonder mother say what you see.

And to stand the Nani was watching the AV naked, my waiting opponent.

At all ... not a like a fool to here had been wary of the mother.

"School, half Don It 's (reduced class) even many things there I"

and prop up against the student bag in the doorway of the room, go side by side in a study of the desk and remove the Yara smartphone Yara watch from uniform.


Still and listen to the person you are relaxing sitting in a chair

, "drew lightly"

because he told me

"not 's! I also have that? Better to bathe"

Ah, such as convinced in the face, from the top see me to the bottom.
I usually, I'm naturally attracted because they were at the hotel, so is today home, very much without permission was asked the difference.
Opponent is rising instead of answering, have been hug shaking Burunburun the firm remains array.
I try sniffing the smell around the Sun and neck hugging each other, there is no odor, such as when was in the car.
After all etiquette, but it's important also to etch.

"... N"

after repeated lips, but I thought it was coming Nugashi, arrived the knee is holding the shoulder to the floor, coming projecting things opponent.
And guess the intention, try to touch the things that were firmly in the AV before I come.

(Gollum ...)

use the fingertips of both hands, and Sawasawa as tickle, funny bounce and jumpy.
When subjected to both ears hanging out because their hair is the way, ahead of ourselves is clenched things that you are Jiwari, Hobaru open the mouth wide so as not to hit the teeth ...

Yochitsu diary?

 In Emi elementary school Yoshimusume, finally because I was, I plunged into the long-awaited summer vacation plans until late August from today, in the house (of) in addition to other than Watakushi became a father and son home that absent a family, summer vacation period at home at the time limitation has decided to lower body only be to spend at the turtle pop in, available to you in immediately is to but the practice from the other earlier! ! The imminent even me to stay watching TV because Emi the vertical streak crack issued only 曝 passes in the Living, in honest FB (full erection) state, before about just 5 minutes, stride opening on the couch by pressing from the by of the posture gently to the daughter of a longer break hook the recorder and call you Tatefue of the tip to use in the classroom of music hymen (hymen), towards the young in the vagina, blowing a song whistle doing was vain, even the external genitalia of the Toka clitoris on the labia minora and its small size that is being formed not vagina only sound to match the performance, contrary to the initial expectations, fairly or in different breathing and usually Although I cage emits a sweet voice ....