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Incest with daughter

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Saeko "Keiko-like" is to hospitalization. So we have undergone operations, the contents of which have a notebook PC to the hospital room asked from "Keiko-like", is writing content. "Can not be long post, Saeko like you told me that the work visit to the hospital room and various things. We also warm your letter from everybody of all employees, I would like the office happy early, it will come the father in the afternoon every day. Saeko like the business also inherited on behalf of the father, firmly management also efforts, we are counting on Chichimo Saeko like.  It arrived at work from next week. I love one of the Father also, too. "

Incest discourse

Hot Do not, limited to naughty daughter to come home such a day early. Breath and I'll be milk caress began to bulge even have slept pretend is rough now when you Nugaso pants raise the waist from yourself, come to expand the crotch and Omankokun two I'll make. Again I'm like that of me. I because I say to marry when they grow dad. Do not put the key of the room because I like it of me, It's a okay to put one finger to finger in pussy return lick and put tongue, mon you are pretending sleeping also wipe ejaculate to belly in intercrural sex.


Daughter of high school two years has been referred to as a parent Bale to school if you are dating, just dropped out in discussions with the vice principal teacher and homeroom teacher et al., But has been avoided went back it depends on the confinement disposal of 1 month . Go home after the daughter and discussion "I was like why compensated dating" "The money I wanted," "Yaro is raising if small errand," "..." "good Well, How many times was I Ya" "about 10 times " " do 10 is also the open crotch to the man who does not know times " " ... " if you do not want" to speak, immediately take off the clothes, " " e! Why " " I wash the unclean body to clean. " we cleansed the body with washing body shampoo in the shower took to the bathroom so he reluctantly took off. Schoolgirl Although the daughter, chest and Koshitsuki, I have an erection regardless of the Tsunto was that a conscious look at the nipple. Daughter noticed this incident is "Dad also a man that I Ya ne, Nante be excited to see naked daughter" toward came and ~ I was thrusting a guy who erection from behind. "To the Hyi-Dad" "I'm Punishment,'m cleanse the inside of you with this guy." "No - stop -" seems came felt neglected to have nailed the waist "Oh", "good - "turning against raising speed to the voice was ejaculation push into the daughter's mouth to" go'm going, "I also remove the dangerous becomes penis.My daughter gave me blotted so as to squeeze out grab the penis in a familiar hand movements. "You, Dad!" "Oh, but has become a nasty result ..." "hated, I'm was glad" My daughter came to kiss hug me and say "You!" So. My daughter gave me rubbed with a tongue and lips me be included in the re-mouth once again penis happened. I have fallen in other forbidden world.

Erotic hanging skirt of daughter

 In the O Tsu monkey Mammoth elementary school of the City of Nao attend only daughter, in relation to personal interviews and has been incorporated in the classroom visit and the class teacher to yesterday's public holiday, Tuesday today, because the transfer holiday but it is a weekday, leaving I alone of man parents are somehow brought up the Nao thing called from the green which was a wife that was the beginning slender figure this year lost unsatisfying in brain tumor malignant. The Nao of daughter you can poke your eye out, today is playing in the same 5-year-old friends who and outside before lunch, had Tsutana made at the hands of returning home to man the parent to the small 5 (Tsutana) lunch after you have finished eating, I have committed themselves to fornication with me from dressed in dark blue hanging skirt of the lighter is also a primary school uniforms is a big favorite of Kosuteyumu.


  When the good relationship of the children to each other, will also be good friends inevitably the parents to each other. When Chika of cute daughter (12) is Akemi-chan and close friend of the same class, parents with each other also became good friends. In particular, the air-fuel fit the father of me and Akemi-chan, drank in taverns and each other's house.   One day, there was a mail from the father of Akemi-chan. "Since my wife is not until late in the Who or the concert, No? A drink together at my house," came an email saying. "A mini skirt that you like, whether there are no cute wife who will earnestly show the underwear!" And but little it was sorry decided to receive w, an invitation. When you issue the approval e-mail, "So, you do? Start from around evening at 6:30" as soon as an email saying.   This is the had misunderstood the "6 o'clock", was the first place of beginning. Came a little before 6 o'clock in front of the Akemi-chan house, I tried to ring the doorbell. Then the sound of rhythmic "Bread! Bread!" From the direction of the garden, the "Anne! Anne!" Gasping voice of one of such women adapt to the sound. It is a sound and voice that clearly have sex.   "Hey, that cute wife, sex or I! But to have to Jiyankayo! After all who do not go the concert, envy I wish!" I think that, I decided to peek There is also a touch of chagrin. Approach so as not to make a sound, was really surprised and peek.   On the lush lawn, it was not overlap two of the men and women naked. Of course, the "up" was the father of Akemi-chan, he was riding was not that cute wife. Is much younger the child from his wife .... Wow, it was Akemi-chan itself. Far from Akemi-chan I do not want exactly the pain, we Yoga' to pleasure. "First time" or extent of not likely will not say, "just to experience", it is "feel".  Dad do the waist of movement of Akemi-chan is further accelerated, is alive likely atmosphere. When the father of Akemi-chan muttered something in the ear original Akemi-chan, it is Akemi-chan nodded. Early of the piston will be in full swing, poor milk Akemi-chan will sway Purupuru. Father of Akemi-chan cry as small as "out! Leave!", No longer work as it is. Akemi-chan is like was said.   After a loving kiss it remains united, father of Akemi-chan was raised suffer from Akemi-chan smile princess hug. I went into the house instead of the orientation, but was surprised once again to see the dick dad looked at that time.   Condom has not been installed. Then, from the vicinity of the crotch of Akemi-chan to be raised had, ... are white liquid dripping with Dorori. So, Dad ... in Akemi-chan.   I'm hiding in the shadow of the gate, we regained composure to suppress the excitement. Once the street bought human stomach, will I was a suspicious person w. After a while, I rang the doorbell. It was the "Hai!" A young voice. Although some face was reddish, Akemi-chan had been properly dressed, I was greeted with a smile and opened the door.

Incest discourse

Stepchildren of put a new nationality woman is a good body from coming confronted with mini skirt in the habit of JC to a habit that is inviting After doing toying your body hug on whether the woman is absent love I'll do if I want to do so much Misen no practice swing reluctant because I do not need such a performance, and I because Shiteyan be pleasant wanted or is finally quiet When pressed against the body to the tatami, what's being wildly favorite of? Swing Ya want Shi I asked Te I think I'm creatures that Arekore in order to draw attention of the man, even mere JC is for me a woman not you wanted to still carefully may reaction showed Ya want and I'll caress Hey or even hi dudes to shake neck saying to be stroked anywhere well the whole body sensitivity Shi put out sexy voice if Namere by rolling up the actual nipple erection is in agony out twangy not a way I wanted to do even shook neck much when absorbing but if I'll and said, gonna I understand round, still plaintive acting to Ya want of me woman is ze's thoroughly Mendoku to e creatures 've got to bounce convulsion waist If you touch pussy that oozed slimy from before touching, ze it keeps no hate laugh is that Koshitsuki me who if seen hi dudes because it is the same as to say I put early Ochinpo I Do not hurry was found was found, because Shiteyan plenty good think of Expectations only be tired of waiting this JC'm face trembling lips Wanawana in a'll rubbed against the pussy Ochinpo I had it is amazing how cling because seems to have been the first time of the thickness of my arm without Taman then pleasure because kun stroking without bustling Sawasawa Now it was cuteSlowly the feeling of Ochinpo I was willing to spill Hihi Afun Afun tears and I'll put together taste creatures Te hi dudes I wish if the honest in the first place On'na' really hi dudes also hi dudes from it truly is seemed accumulated as usual libido JC I young, I have hi dudes from Kitan home from school in a short skirt aesthetic wake up guy also very Dawaa pretty example I strive for the new father , but I'm doing it every day opponent hi dudes, do as usual and want began gonna live performance I do not hi dudes to you doing Barre in if the body Come doing Ha guy I totally woman


Daughter of the small 6 "ass dad hurts" "ass of Dokoraen" "just around the Komon" "I'll see if the show" "Iyayo! Mon embarrassing" "Well go to the hospital." " embarrassed I go in I think it's better than painful, " I heard the diagnosis results and daughter from the doctor asked to examination in the anus department of the University hospital. Cut is said that hemorrhoids disinfectant and gauze di topical cream to Latta, was that of a please and disinfected with always disinfectant solution When you have a teacher says stool. "Somehow I troublesome," "as long as disinfection ~ Do not because I have told you heal in about a week," "became want to go when I talk of the stool," "I, such patience to go home." "Yeah, early return wax " went to the toilet in the whirlwind and get home. From the toilet for a while was a scream Rashiki cry of "I hurts - hurts ~". "Okay or ~" "It hurts when you leave, very ass'm not wipe -" "Well Come out from good to not wipe" "How to not wipe" I do I washed off in the "shower in the bathroom wax " " be it called " pants came out from the toilet without raising. Wonder more painful than embarrassing was superior, I ran to the bathroom. Sound issue a shower but I could hear "come your father is - Nchotto ~" "What's wrong?""Impossible - to wash yourself." "Why?" "It hurts, touch the scary" "Do-it spoiled" "I do not see the ass" "Yes, yes" gently per anus around shower behind a daughter washed. The next step was also supposed to I do. We disinfect from behind to in Doggy Style I think you will see, but of course crack, Ya grows hair in the habit of sixth grade want, and disinfection while watching fliers streaks of Moriman. And end the gauze coating the drug taped. "How was the? Father of treatment," "I was super embarrassed ... thank you" "because parents and children that do Is the what is called" "U ~ N! Will you looked even" "What?" "... A Seo co-" " I was well looked " " calibration - embarrassed " " What do I embarrassed " " because I'm seen embarrassing Toko of ... Maiden " " I know difficult words I maiden na " " Chakasa not in I " " bad bad " " But Dad, if I I "is also seen " so? " continues to look at one week treatment is over. I was touched to last only a little crack daughter gave me forgiveness. But I say if you can someday intersect with my daughter. Acts will write again I could.

Yochitsu diary

If you become unemployed employer is bankrupt, I went out and cheating wife. Small 4 daughter filthy Nante Mom! I cried I, lived in the remaining two people. When is later, at a small 6, the nipple has been conspicuous swollen breasts. Since the one-room only, sleeping side by side always together. Morning, daughter when the change into happening earlier, was spying the chest of silhouette bulging. I can not stand! I checked the net, it is etched in elementary school. When I think so, last night, hit the bath. Continues to murmur so, "I love you", the daughter reluctant to bare. In deep kiss, chest of caress, what was the idea, showed me a pussy suffer by hand to raise the foot as you say. Although faint hair is growing, it is beautiful. Spread with a finger say that tickles and lick the chestnut. But if continues, it has been a little wet. And to the easy-to-read system, the hymen is looked! Except for the back of the hymen spread with a finger, but not visible after dark. "○○-chan, I'm good because I love?" And I asked, what was defiant attitude as "you got to be to say I hate", eyes closed. By pouring lotion on pussy, was Nuritaku' also to penis. And pressing together the position, there was a little bit of resistance, entering. Whether painful to see the face of my daughter, I frown. Upon further pressing, I was stuck in a stretch back Once in the Kito. Was kiss to contain the cry that says "Itai" daughter.By no means comfortable with the feeling that you Gorigori narrow, but with excitement that I got a daughter of the virgin, was vigorously piston. View a binding moiety for a while and covered in blood. Fired at that moment. So, I gave in. It is etched cum many times from yesterday. Indeed, it does not stand anymore, and meal two people. Daughter has been as usual. To etch even tonight.


 Daughter as well of the 11-year-old sixth-grade elementary school today is, always Nari to leave school to 3 o'clock street, and pulled out the only contents in the familiar from the back of the satchel hand movements, pleats line is also of bright suspenders skirt is the uniform of the bright dark blue Goron allowed to put each face taken the pose of the crotch crab from finished sniff carefully the base of the cotton areas of the character pants of a pale yellow childlike, in the supine position to me is on Kabetto of living is the father-in-law during the Nari sleep with, me-in-law got already a procedure daughter naked only the lower body, the raw insertion just G spot is rented and the slimy served with one hand to the penis, which was already 8 minutes suddenness Chino state It shook the lower half of the body in the position until the front and rear by floating the hip or the up and down direction, rubbing, was for me again and again to Ascension.  And now it is now, because me and left oblique face-to-face seat position with respect to my Gusoku to a personal computer input while sitting on the cushion in the living room of the desk, settlement that is keyboard input to the left of pleasure ....

And the father of her husband

"Well, Do not ask a father," her husband said that was going to work for you there is another meaning to it, but out as mediocre word has been multiplied by the voice as "Saki" from just father-in-law go out husband and it means "good kana?" laughing "it's not ginger," I went to the bedroom of the father-in-law while pulling the hand of the father-in-law to kiss my father-in-law, as long-awaited and enter the bedroom, entangled the tongue masu father-in-law is pushing the futon to rape wildly then remove my clothes I will enjoy it even while saying "well" to loincloth licking my nipples tongue of the father-in-law has become hard, gradually dropped to below you and you Shaburitsuki to my pussy that is already wet "Oh," I will turn licked Shaburitsuki the cock of the father-in-law while pressed against the mouth of the father-in-law a pussy replaced the upper and lower body does not accumulate "Saki, It is good or I "and " your father-in-law's, poked in "deep father-in-law so as not to think the 60-year-old too is shaking the hips " out of want, want to be in " what is my hot on my word of the father-in-law body I outpouring deep in the


Working for the same company, my father, "the Board of Directors business manager", I "Chairman Assistant Senior Executive Officer", lunch is to make a lunch for two persons I have every morning, but is I'm boardroom of "chairman assistant", before eating lunch, from eating me earlier, imperceptibly becomes a matter of course, "Senior Managing Director representative Director executive officer" and in still incest parent and child in the same company, the daughter of "Senior executive officer, General manager of General Affairs Department" in daughter in "Hanae-san" parent and child, noon but it is lunch time sex in senior managing room, I think blame is each other always glossy face that womb absorb the father of the semen,  if weather permitting, drive "car sex" It was thought to, today it is the house, from the shower after writing, and sex up to the second floor. My father is waiting in the bathroom so ...