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Incest with daughter


The third year of high school I have accepted the father, was the summer of 18-year-old.
At the time the house, my father, my, sister of the father and son home, sister is under four of me.
My father, the loneliness without a partner, and trying to Magirawaso with my daughter,
or touch my body since I was a small ◯ students, had been or to touch their bodies.
And become middle ◯ student, father of the act is to escalate,
but has been further asked to act above, it just is strongly rejected,
had been asked to stand by'll put in the hands and mouth.
When I was a high 3, there was a consultation from my sister.
From his father, being forced to production, it is in trouble with.
Sister, knew of my father and me.
My sister is still in the middle ◯ students, there is no man of experience.
I am a high-3, so there was a multiple of male experience, including already compensated dating,
I have decided to comfort his father.
I am in the Father, and not be allowed out of the hands sister, on condition that attach the rubber,
was told to accept the father.
To those of the father became larger in the hands and mouth as usual,
was covered with a rubber.
Father overlies cover me, the moment that has been entered,
the figure of compensated dating father our father and I double in the head,
did I can not for some reason holding back the tears.
20 years ago, it is the memory of the night of sultry summer.


Now is exactly the mood you want to commit a daughter.
If you have been Taora whether there daughter and sex, thank you various advice.
I understand that my daughter Kinan, but is a junior high school one year of 12-year-old, with his father the child, wife so I do not like in the fussy feeling, I always stuck to me.
I am a civil servant of 34 years old, but my daughter is petite, so that the body is a full-fledged woman, chest also increased, to come even faintly grow hair under, I embarrassing from entering the bath, Kinan is, at all, rather than in that way, the movement in the bath in the soft-shelled turtle Pong, because the show, from time to time, and touch, my cock react, it may be larger.
Found to be trying to hide, Uwa' dad, and is larger, you touch to say.
To always small, you why larger of the over, I would wonder?
And can not be explained, man I'm'm sometimes larger, liked.
But, whether the daughter Kinan has no sex appeal, Toka work, to me a bath Toka naked, in the bathtub, I sat down in the back, hug, when the chest hits the back, you want Doki.
Facing but when you are entering is not know even stood since invisible cock, once been Dakitsuka from behind, hand hits the cock, I ever said that Uwa' Okii.
Well, maybe if want to embrace the Kinan, How can I think they'll be accepted without resistance, reason is in the way, it can not be more than a line.
If you have stayed people have exceeded if, reaction Toka subsequent daughter, or does not please various advice Toka secret to his wife?
Warmest Regards,


Daughter and two people living. Eagle does not accumulate and dear daughter, but I.
Always bad insects wary as grabbed last days. Growth condition of daughter does not always Chetsuku and Akangana. Wash daughter of underwear causes eagle of important housework De'. You have to put up with far Blow, "Otochan to be had When you are ready to enter to me?" I asked "to get you in the virgin eagle and the very first man Ya De" to his daughter was amazed to daughter It has been face. Yaro made to enter palm uniform from next year, cry you but you Wameko but poked the vagina last days. Well Therefore in a cartoon spread to put a finger in the vagina, yet I'm easy to wet Chinese easy to feel daughter, I love juice comes out use. Breast even over bulge still Nanya nipple becomes immediately Korikori in the caress of sensitive Dewashi last days. Was developed to the body also cause sluggish while recently issued a pant voice and lick the Hamanko. Daughter I was De' soon, painful than Ya just the beginning, every mouth drool hanging voice Ya do so as to increase the delighted to be poked across Otochan.


September 18,
 I am 46 years old, his wife four years ago passed away only daughter 22-year-old and two people living
around ending even breakfast,
"Dad, I say likely if at around 10 today on the phone it yesterday"
"? ... What Chapter things? "
" What is likely to put in the bath hot spring ... together "
" I together?! "
" raise "
," e! "
I was at a loss for words. What's any good Speaking

at no there only one house Onsen, before that there was passing through
, but I, never went, there in the Sai was going out with my daughter
found a there was a hot spring is.
 Already laid futon is a set guide taught a place not of the room
pillows also list two, but the bath is gender rather than other customers, daughter
had a reservation by telephone.
 Daughter and bath is also the first time to enter, see the naked grown daughter in front of the eye
is the first time also to. Proportioned body, the tits with tension,
was also visible over there under a thin hair.
 To wash the touch body in soft skin, gently rubbing wash tits
was also touched and there.
"Dad wash gently,"
I would wake up things of course, is the daughter washed.
Larger "great hard! ... dad gently love'd "

 daughter was on his back on top of the futon, gradually after the overlap kiss
was massaged Sucking the left and right breasts down to.
 And to crawl the tongue to open the legs, raised the daughter is cute voice, joy juice
in the state that came out, I lick per Sucking, also smoked or
after, was overlap daughter.
"Strongly I want clinging to dad from painful"
inserted into the slowly daughter,
"Oh Tsu Ouch! ! ... father ... "
slowly push up the daughter moves back and forth, my back turn the hands on
the daughter wanted strongly cling pain.
 Eventually diverge a semen aiming at the daughter of the uterus,
"AAH ... dad ..... numbness likely ..."
my thing is inserted deep in the daughter, had been in close contact with the daughter and the skin .
In a while overlapping state without disconnecting, had challenged a second time.
Then, to lie away slowly disconnect from the daughter, the boobs
I was massaged Sucking.
"I did it to the body of the father ... woman ....."
daughter hug me strong, had massaged Sucking the left and right breast
had to leave the virgin bleeding in sheets.

Abortion of daughter

I confess because it is now, before my daughter the children of men with wives and children
had been pregnant, was a surprise received a secretly consultation from the daughter.
Not spoken to his wife, decided to end abortion, on the day you book
I took to the obstetrics and gynecology put the daughter in the passenger seat, there is also the time that I lived in rental apartments alone, daughter When going to pick in contact wait concern from Zase daughter in the front passenger seat returning home, lift up the daughter entered the room
, "e! It dad all right "
is I was laid on its side the daughter to bed.
"Dad thank you"
"Because in your living room, slowly let rest"
in my daughter is worried about, quietly looking into the bedroom and a small sleeper's breathing is heard
to understand that was sleeping daughter, rice balls to go to the convenience store in the meantime
buy the Toka and salad return, my daughter is the sleeping face in a state that is still sleeping
was watching. Daughter for me in the treasure, was pregnant with their daughter
is a man wanted to know exactly what kind of man, or a man.

"Dad? What's wrong? "
" I happened to paddle, I've bought it I go to the convenience store
by, paddle eat? Ageyo will "undergo
give causing the gently hugging and daughter, give handed a rice ball
, but I was , is crying out to cause daughter
"Dad I'm sorry ....."
"I'm good Iinda ..."
hug gently daughter, had been raised to wipe the tears.

I was passing a duplicate key to the daughter, in a certain night a few days have passed
, "Dad, jailing a bath together."
I words without, and daughter brought such as the night change of clothes
Once ahead in the bathroom, my daughter came in later, for the first time
in the naked See daughter, will be fascinated with the beautiful naked light-skinned
my Sole also started increased in before the naked daughter, see daughter It had.
"Dad! The other ... "
give wash and body of the daughter, thin hair is a clean care
what, a woman of a portion of the underlying had seen well.

"eat father"
across my face, wearing a mouth there opens a beautiful crack
up slowly licking up from the bottom, and even inhaling sometimes
gasping daughter in cute voice, I have both legs of daughter faced, the woman's daughter
was equipped with smoke in there.
69 each other licking each other in, tied tits down in the cowgirl
in young tits that from nice Hari also sideburns shaped, middle
massaged suck tits got up in, sometimes the nipple with tongue
daughter and roll has achieved a cute voice and
I thought also that it is a good tight push-up from behind, become a normal position
is Dakitsuka push-up while also daughter and kiss, violently burning
up in the night
... Oh great dad ... of the good being "dad
medium not remove Niite ... "
it became a daughter and a man and woman relationship.
Unbeknownst to his wife, we want to burn to a secret relationship.
Age I 50s the first half, the daughter is the mid-20s.

Consultation of student

Elementary school student, has been talking with the relationship with his father.
Stature is high, say of fleshy, is the girl from everyone in the elementary school has come out one head.
Tina is because "recently, of like a dad is going out with a woman of the people".
Tina's mother, passed away ill last fall.
At that time, instead of Mom because Tina is, it seems to have promised his mother.
However, recently, the father is so I heard from a friend that seems to have begun luck with other women.
While riding in consultation, I own is now likely to cause the Tina and mistake, but I did not go to the end.
My wife and Tina's father, has been a teacher at the same junior high school.
Moreover, it is the position of adviser and sub-adviser of the volleyball club.
I, I asked implicitly to his wife.
Wife "I do not know. If you know something, I teach," said.
However, had to do with the father of Tina, it was my wife.

Tina, seems to have confronted his father.
"Dad's mom became hate. In addition to you I was able woman"
"I say what, Tina"
Tina and father within that struggle with one another, fell down on the sofa.
"I, promised of. Tina is I take the place of Mom"
Nari say, Tina is so kissed his father.
Father, important, similar to the mother, said the development was Tina's body, do you hoop is out.
Tina, seems to have embraced his father.
The father carefully caress the whole body of Tina, Tina told that it was very felt good.
When the tongue came in there was enough that it does not move with the body Nokezo'.
However, although the body is growing, the father of the penis is I did not put it in there of Tina.
"Dad, I'm sorry,"
Tina, seems to have apologized to cry many times.

Listen to the story of the student, had not say anything.
"Tina, secret but because Do not just teachers and two people"
without going to not deny the relationship between the father, it was like this there is only a powerless me.
This father-daughter is, you will go far.
As Tina is growth, or will you change the relationship.

Well, what happened to my wife.
It's not to write here.
I am, what to do, you have a little angry.

The daughter of yukata

I wonder if you'll dad remarried to the way back I went to see the daughter and fireworks, Chigusa I think that to say ...? ? ?
Dad Why remarried you want to do
a little embarrassed but laugh Do you "What * what"
sex and want to
father, nasty
and annoying but it may be so, I can not be helped
daughter walked the road remained silent It was.

Silence, arrived in the continued house.
Daughter and two people living, I am the daughter of 29-year-old fifth-grade elementary school, his wife died in a traffic accident
has been excitement and looking at yukata daughter.
As such more because it is not a Arekara sex was hungry for a woman's body.

Dad "Yeah" is of you really want to remarried
I'm disgusting, want to live with dad, just the two of us.
Yukata'll become well-Chigusa
dad, so that the "Yes" well suit
was strongly hug Hozuri daughter.
Stop and dad

dick been progressively excited about the scent of a woman is, we have an erection.
Laid on top of the bed in the bedroom, which was sleeping with his wife lift up the daughter took the Chigusa.
My daughter has been said that bad I dad surprised.
Dad please Nugashi the father of clothes because not remarried.
Daughter was undressed wearing while really say.

White tits If you have Nugashi the yukata while a kiss to her daughter, came out as popping and prunes.
It has been the kiss with tears while really say that I'm not remarried.
I massage while touching the pussy with the right hand while licking includes the tits to mouth from Owashi a kiss.

As good as pussy, so wet, Chigusa If you have pushed into the pussy dick to expand the crotch of Chigusa've built your fingernail into the arm out a painful and voice.
When the while embracing the Chigusa put a dick all the way into the pussy hole of it continues to move the hips went embrace the comfortably Chigusa feeling and feels comfortable in the head.

Chigusa has endured to say that I hurt father.
Let patience, a little more, because it is likely out
sperm saying'm like Chigusa is, is flowing and gushing into the pussy.
Semen and is Picho and sound and pull out in the processing of the cleanest it is, red blood flowing down also has been attached to the thigh.

We wash entered the two people to the bath.
Was holding a daughter is three days ago, it has embraced the Chigusa today.
Now Chigusa is sleeping with a cute face.
Have a nice day it in the

I love one father

Father 52 years old, has become the relationship between the father and the body from dying mother.
Please note that you avoid details.
 Once there is also experience in the contraception and abortion pregnant with the child of error father,
ever since my father we have finished the pipe cut.
Recently, I spent a love time and sometimes also used to the hotel.
There is also a car sex, if you or go out to the suburbs, stopped the car
there even there to find the location is, even if not out breast milk in the take off easy dress we give to breast-feeding also to his father.
 And across the top of the high speed at the location where found recently, beyond the middle
dead end in, a leisure sheet becomes the outside out of the car
and lay illuminated by the sun on it, I had bought a father and sweat
" I want also shouting nasty in a loud voice if here,
big time cried anywhere because not heard ... is good or at
tell me in saying, look ... cute voice "
" Oh Dad ... Ann ·· ○○○○ the good
more ○○○○ to ... Hamete ... dad more
○○○○ ····· An ... Dad amazing! · ·
○○○○ ... ○○○○ ·· more Hamete ... "
" pleasant ○○○○ I'm ... uh interference nice
but of ○○○○ ·· "

loudly than ever will in love with, my father and I are
each other Sucking determine the overlap opening in sweat, the skin is also in close contact
will blazed to love one intense, return hotel on the way
I was passing a father and sweat to find a but like burnt to positive is.
 I also hair is Yes and hair loss without, is also pleased from his father

Daughter and hot spring travel

This year, there are only daughter graduating from college.
Four years to go to the University of Tokyo, for the first time works from April to come back to the local,
me saying it to filial piety in the first salary, and we and his wife brought to the hot springs
of But it was promised that say they'll go, my how in the wife of involuntary
it will not go without, now to go in only daughter and me.
Since costly and take a separate room, supposed to stay in the same room
but was, my daughter does not seem to mind at all.
Daughter, really go kindness, I head good, the only man scruffy.
Well That aside, I soak in slowly hot spring, completely Rira'
Kusumodo. And, I'm down that had dinner in the room, payment daughter
, so, I had dinner not asked even beer.
But, beer wanted to drink after a meal, let's go to buy even a convenience store
I thought or, 5 thousand yen passed since referred to as the daughter me went to buy
directly below. My daughter has bought three Chuhai to beer six.
I thought it would be truly large, daughter came next, in a cup
so me in the footsteps, had in quite drink. It was also done then to daughter, but
the daughter is a place where drinking or about beer two seem to have liquor weak
not anymore Roretsu traveling around.
I'm with you a drink to still daughter thought to just anyway sleep.
Daughter that me leaning on me rather than said it was happy.
Daughter is me saying "I have had is also healthy forever", I
had tears.
My daughter began to doze off while leaning on me.
And, although had begun sleeping my knee to the pillow, I really
had to leave that for a while because it was Kokochiyoka'.
And suddenly, looking at the chest of the daughter, chest ... from yukata of the gap
daughter completely sound sleep state.
Lightly it had touched the breast.
But indeed Yari caught a futon can not be any more, the daughter
suffers embrace, it was laid to the futon.
Daughter is like a little awoke the eye, with its hands to me
has been a gesture fawn.
Although I can say definitely so daughter Innovation "Koch tree", I'm sure
what is wrong with someone? Or is Wake drunk
I do not know? I thought, but I decided to fawn on the word
daughter has been clinging to me.
And daughter I've been kissed, but that I was surprised
we have tongue entangled violently.
Daughter himself, will be naked, and my neck and ears and nipples
been crazy licking, grip my son, riding on its own
has been inserted.
There was a great thing to yoga sore daughter.
Of course, since it is not even thinking Nante contraceptives
put out the belly of my daughter, but I was finished, I also quite
had gotten to sleep as it is because it was by.
What was around 3 o'clock in the morning, I was awakened to the daughter
, "Did you mean, was chucking Etchishi and me?" He asked
because ... After saying "I was committed to you,"
her daughter for a while silence I ... "from me?" rang in
because it was asked was answered, "it is obvious".
Daughter of either "I see ... Well favorite dad was convinced
had healed open I So huh good".
I laughed.
"'ll was great" because it was asked to daughter me, "What was wrong?"
Daughter and answer frankly I is heard "felt good was?"
Was raised in saying so has been "It was very good." .
Now that we have heard "again and want?", Obediently
it was Mashi "consisting become" Ttoii.
Then, rush to the nature and the second round
but different momentum of the daughter to the previous, daughter is quite sensitive as
also ascended many times in my finger in
Blow daughter is quite licked from erotic ball licking up ... Anal
seldom as my 50-year-old to come. Ejaculation of 2 times a day
was. Out Nante not the medium, of course. Put out the stomach
and then my daughter, gave me clean or licked the son.
And, it was a kiss as lovers until the morning.
Daughter also was me saying I try and steal the eyes of his wife
or taking a bath together, we are or etched.

Continued Yochitsu diary

 The day-to-day training from the pride ourselves the Virgin of the daughter (Emi) to your birthday at the end of her daughter last month, from Zetton Ms. Hirosuke Ms. Rorimani's like, valuable advice, which was rooted in the life experience of each of the people There was even day-to-day to give me the Toka and advice. In two days later the end of the seasonal change of clothes to summer uniforms thanks to customers, also to confirm housework referee of the family court to Watakushi the Emi custody who is the stepchildren of the ex-wife, although not what ties of blood and Emi, law and sunny in this is why was Tsu phase order to be father daughter and considered (Do not) (Do) from the to the public. Daughter of stay in bright and big eyes is delicate body with features as Kurikuri of double eyelid with a small face, on its feet Ya finishes a change of clothes and getting up early every morning at 2 Kaioku of the room given to myself and down to the downstairs dispense the breakfast, is invited me to the home engaged in self-employed in my available to you in the workplace and study of about 9 tatami room, laid starting from Misekko of genitals of each other on the floor or from the woman 's heart to say that there lugs do not want to contaminate the cunnilingus, and dark blue uniform skirt in the face cowgirl of take off to (carpet kind of) is a father I the only children pants of lying on his back, the hanging skirt forget from the lower body also take off away in the soft-shelled turtle Pont in the last upper body me blouse and already fucking with your hand to the penis of a standard size available to you stiff while wearing a sheer underwear summer of white The you have me to grow into girls who are doing until the cleaning Blow without. Blowjob Emi is, not only to the front and rear lips entwined mere tongue, because it is a so-called Cordova accumulation Blow Job, because for us blotted clean without leaving even the semen of trace who is remaining in the hundred Po, also refreshing feeling It is different. No way anyone, cheerfully every morning skip to our daughter is carrying a school bag in a state in which harboring the semen young vagina that was squeezed out from my friends and the shrill voice of school and out of the entrance to the elementary school as public the are collective school sounded! Such as A, I will not Yomoya Omowa ....

Limit ~

The daughter, all the way from a young age, but we are charged with Motomata
of course, because it is parent and child, more than that, is a taboo
we have it - to 1 in even such a daughter
also etch daughter, known to be an absolute no, split cut to do is I I - looks like enjoying
daughter gradually, I'd - come is a good body
and has seen a comfortably likely to face daughter,
something ~ mistake the committed is yo ~ likely
is their own while worry, softening , I guess I do not advice ~~