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Incest with daughter

Consultation of student

Elementary school student, has been talking with the relationship with his father.
Stature is high, say of fleshy, is the girl from everyone in the elementary school has come out one head.
Tina is because "recently, of like a dad is going out with a woman of the people".
Tina's mother, passed away ill last fall.
At that time, instead of Mom because Tina is, it seems to have promised his mother.
However, recently, the father is so I heard from a friend that seems to have begun luck with other women.
While riding in consultation, I own is now likely to cause the Tina and mistake, but I did not go to the end.
My wife and Tina's father, has been a teacher at the same junior high school.
Moreover, it is the position of adviser and sub-adviser of the volleyball club.
I, I asked implicitly to his wife.
Wife "I do not know. If you know something, I teach," said.
However, had to do with the father of Tina, it was my wife.

Tina, seems to have confronted his father.
"Dad's mom became hate. In addition to you I was able woman"
"I say what, Tina"
Tina and father within that struggle with one another, fell down on the sofa.
"I, promised of. Tina is I take the place of Mom"
Nari say, Tina is so kissed his father.
Father, important, similar to the mother, said the development was Tina's body, do you hoop is out.
Tina, seems to have embraced his father.
The father carefully caress the whole body of Tina, Tina told that it was very felt good.
When the tongue came in there was enough that it does not move with the body Nokezo'.
However, although the body is growing, the father of the penis is I did not put it in there of Tina.
"Dad, I'm sorry,"
Tina, seems to have apologized to cry many times.

Listen to the story of the student, had not say anything.
"Tina, secret but because Do not just teachers and two people"
without going to not deny the relationship between the father, it was like this there is only a powerless me.
This father-daughter is, you will go far.
As Tina is growth, or will you change the relationship.

Well, what happened to my wife.
It's not to write here.
I am, what to do, you have a little angry.

Sex with daughter

Sister and I, now, the end is excited state,
sandwiched between the tissue paper to the secret office naked
to lie sister,
"Hey Shun-chan Is
, and your Misuzu-chan, I guess there is nothing,
what about" is Misuzu, is my daughter,
I have to be silent "E'there's any chance,
you and any person, Ma-chan, Misuzu-chan,
of course Tomoyo Mr. Sasaki is I think I say because it is his wife,
but I, and my daughter,
amazed by large problem was I, "said the daughter, there is a translation,
wife I'm a also know,
my daughter seems to have consulted the first wife,
is the time of the two-year high school student,
and gather in the woman of this to each other,
that girl and the third grade of the handsome of
Toka good so was able to with that person,
I also experienced,
but I was first a little painful,
Toka become increasingly well,
such as do not come I this month yet,
is so talk with the opposite sex comes out well,
my daughter because still there is no such experience,
not placed in the story When I mosquito nets outside of you,
yes I cry in front of his wife,
his wife is "Datte you, I nice,
because'm's a healthy bright and beautiful,
do not have people familiar fond type"
heard such a thing I heard,
seems to have for a while in silence, of which,
"I, the love people like daddy,
It friendly, to-ish man,
hey Racha be entertained Mamapapa useless "
is indeed so I was surprised
" by your father say anything,
would not necessarily be able to "  
" was found down, not something I get married,
when also I may only have near the dad up,
it is Mom would be good, "I am also surprised,
if there whether such a thing many times,
consult carefully with his wife,
on Saturday morning," Misuzu tonight there,
because the mom go out ,
Dad I from going to the room of Misuzu "night
saying was going to work  
and become long also because it is likely to report.

Sugomori from Friday night

[Back] Tanka
happy it was my daughter and naked Lying
 kissed exchange fiddling nipples
"Sugomori from Friday night" [daydreaming]

nothing people spend with his daughter naked on holiday that do not fit, such as the way.
Now, around noon on Saturday.
Last night, so was either already many times from Friday night, spend a series of laid back, the daughter and the bed to accumulate the next libido.
Since the air conditioning is a Tsukeppanashi, although the morning from midnight that's naked was a little cold, the day the wall temperature also rises as the sun rises, but much a little hot right now.
Touching the body of the daughter snuggle up next to, feel by hand're a little sweaty.
"Dad's hand, hot by"
the hassle likely to squirm, but quiet becomes grab the breast.
It loincloth stroked the bulge has grown even from the entrance to the high school, it has become a little stiff when nipple touches the fingertip.
The areola and Sri Sri, reveal a sigh from the lips open thin and I'll be Kurikuri the nipple.
Such glossy Mekashiku, cover overlying piled up lips, also begins depending entwined daughter and inserting the tongue.
Not violently, Yet numb as a netlist and the reply of the tongue, parent-child kiss.
Both of them release the face rough breath a little.
Mix sigh, the line-of-sight to intersect up close.
"Can likely?"
Spear prime daughter of the body's greedy.
Say whether it early, come hold the son.
I thought it was still impossible, but was aware of are stimulated to graceful hand movements of the daughter come by increasing the hardness.
Daughter to widen the slip and feet, or you have a Well then, or do my best ...

Opponent father 51 years old

Father to 22-year-old virgin, which was raised I have graduated from college, I was hurt
is in the clear memory even now, was the hotel of bed.

"Dad, safety Date of of ... If tomorrow"
promise to raise the father, first, but the father had been puzzled, my thought
I was a confession to his father.
 Father of operation to car wicket for hotels in the gate, and his father entered the room
each other embrace with a kiss immediately,
"and Nugashi Dad,"
I close my eyes, and my father Nugasu a one-piece, mini slip
is also taken off, the only in bra and panties, pantyhose has
had to come take off at home.
T160, B85, W58, H87, the father is to bare large array I undress
in a surprise result, my father gently enters body in the bathroom lift up my naked
wash, there's hair is # more than even thinner care in beauty salons
not, hair was not to the extent that remain slightly.

If the whole body finished wash gently, gently wipe the moisture of the body,
it had been laid to be lift up the bed.
 Father each other entwined tongue kiss becomes a top, left shift gradually under
rubbed suck of tits, father went between the legs over there
to crawl the tongue, I've been thinking aloud.

"A'a'a' ... father ... aah"
there to feel I was not raised licking tongue. For the first time know pleasure
will be like the body to numb, such as go through the force from the body,
"mind you, I put in, first put up I would be painful
I put ... I've got to"
father gradually, such as those spread press enter to my back, pain is
run, but I was moving slowly, gradually strongly back
had cried cling to his father in pain pushed up.
"painful! ... father ... Oh,
"... You know ... Yurie Ikuzo ..." put out during the "
feel hot to the uterus, father felt the body numb the insertion until my back
is, I'm fainting I want you gone.
 Notice and still my father in a state in which it is inserted
, "Wow I love you dad"
and had each other Sucking long sought a strong clinging kiss to my father
, I think. My father had to restart the movement in the inserted state.
That day, was in love intensely enough to forget the pain.
 It fell to the days of love from it, physiology without notice and
finished the proven pregnancy abortion, the father is the determination of the pipe cut
I was finished the treatment was.
 Now has to spend every day happy become a father and husband and wife sex life.

But who should be the rebellious daughter

Daughter "- committed pussy daddy committed by ~ MottoMiyu" in sleep talking
've heard. JC2 But the me was masturbation side dish.
It would certainly be effective When you have Ona in the delusion that is committed to his father.
If I so much recently is present in the pants wearing a bath up, Do was stare and pretend not to see, the part of the penis.
Toka forcibly Blow tied his hands, Toka distort the face poked in Doggy Style, I Les rubbed the thin milk is kiss dirty lips with numbness nude
receive the ejaculation in the back of the vagina, or would have Toka.

Father and sex life

It seems over, the desk there is also a time now the office today
is from. It's premium Friday Saturday.

 I have two nights and three days in the hot spring inn that was carried out at the time of his father and the holidays, my father I do this week is accumulated without getting in my Saturday you will love one day of the day, second only from Friday night. Sayoko's parent-child also than will spend a busy night to shake the night of driver .....
 In addition to any ...

Daughter became an adult

Nice to meet you. Oh, I am a punishment 2 single.
Because they're unable to quite credit, I think I should try to write in here.
Now, you have one person daughter to become a 21-year-old.
In fact, it was the first time there was to be in the summer of last year to this daughter. Daughter is a daughter who gave birth the affair partner 22 years ago. From strange occasions it, or relationship ... and its partner
last year with my daughter, seemed to have been to have a good impression from when you first met.
I live in the Kansai region, at the same time in Tokyo and university entrance. While you are drinking a meal or with a few times, it also bonds of father-daughter ... until last year was in the dorm to each other, but to live alone from this year.
Relationship to move or shopping, while overlapping the meals and fleas, talk of boyfriend, talk broke up with my boyfriend, talk etc of the previous leg of the nail from the beginning of the previous
course, also talk of SEX ...
One day, slower is drunk , the conversation when it comes to get stopped in the daughter of the room
"if there are no even a boyfriend, would you boring" I
daughter "that 's enough, man is"
I "21 woman What are you saying,"
daughter "because, Troublesome. Basically, we want to do "
I" Well, and are in the favorite woman before, would want to do if alone with "
even my daughter," Dad? "
I" eh? "
Also I want to do daughter," Dad? "
I" Mana "
is also with my daughter," Mom? You are? Mom've got to say "
I" ... "
daughter" Hey, I do not win in Mom? "
My" mean? "
Daughter" ... You must not fall in love with dad as a man of the man? "
I" I say what ...'ll'm daddy "
daughter" But, without that there was also 20 years, when they first met, I Do not want a nice ... badly people mom remarried DV out ... So also farewell Te.
Useless kana ... "
I" Well, you are to cute, it was like was able to 20 lover, happy'll "

soon as I said that, my daughter I've been a kiss.
It has become long enough. Following is When I am in the mood, I think that in less. Why?

Limit ~

The daughter, all the way from a young age, but we are charged with Motomata
of course, because it is parent and child, more than that, is a taboo
we have it - to 1 in even such a daughter
also etch daughter, known to be an absolute no, split cut to do is I I - looks like enjoying
daughter gradually, I'd - come is a good body
and has seen a comfortably likely to face daughter,
something ~ mistake the committed is yo ~ likely
is their own while worry, softening , I guess I do not advice ~~

College student and housemates and lesbian

To go from a local high school to college on the outskirts of Tokyo, now live with housemates in an apartment that has been introduced in the school.
She was one year senior that is already live.
Next door of the room a honeymoon who have moved recently, had called the two breadwinners. It was a good sportsman type of husband and petite lovely wife physique.
When every night consists of 11 o'clock hear voices and is that in suffering of his wife, after a while, "Right on, has been transmitted voice and intense vibration shouting and Right on.
Among them senior is hugged me to come next for me, breast because to crawl the tongue to the touch while being nape I'll tell you that when you Kobamo so touched the genital area from the top of the pajamas entangled the legs to my feet and the body is hot flashes have become a strange feeling "good Grasp the hand of whispered and "from the sum Tze senior pressed against the senior of the genital area was a little wet, not wearing underwear.
Senior had overflowing joy juice is why the place sensitive while putting the hand is referred to as a "Hasumi be so wet and" in the underwear and has become to them I am also a strange feeling.
Told to take off the ones that are coming to the senior, embraced become naked along with the seniors, because seniors had stuck the groin to each other moves the waist, genital become rubbing unbearable feelings I also j min I Hate to each other and the as win a sensitive place and that Tsu each other rubbed by moving the hips be the best feeling I have seniors and whisper as "another useless" is whispered as "trying to go together" hug kiss It was.

He was tied with his father.

Consecutive holidays before, but it is one person burnt sake woman, night parted he and misunderstanding is large after all of the opinion, I think that it had come a little drunk, but I was not taking a break from being male customers to it, was what my father, I have a good leave complaining to the father,
"another good ... Mari because it was found found was ..., go home will"
shop of the payment is so was my father.
 My father seems to have been able to still drink without a car, but it does not have my memory from the middle.

 When the morning th wake, the father is sleeping next to me, I is not nothing in the nude, his father was also naked, but I was surprised not somehow in love with the father
was found was, had apparently drunk let me take off my father
so had gotten asking, my father also become a man seems to have embraced me. And I had been back to the sober is, violently before breakfast asked the father
I had each other demand. So we have a contraceptive, but you do not have to worry about pregnancy, father and love one, flare up in violent incest sex time forget, when that occurred was not past the 10 am. Become violent sex spree with my father during the holidays, the day-to-day from now on is going to be a father and incest sex life.

Young 腟日 Symbol


 What was or 19 days was the last month 18 days, originally of the inner edge of the play love of my wife, the daughter of the stepchildren of just promoted to the fifth grade of elementary school still on Monday made next month 11-year-old without permission make a man of younger come went out, leaving the house (Rai), is at leisure, the Ishikawa order to trains the girls name to etch color that Emi, this morning also happening to 7 pm before to Saturday "Emi-chan, shower in saying Shiyo'! "on the body beautiful, and light pink nipple licking, still coloring close to the skin color of the kiss · AA size of each other entwined tongue from sniffing to fully a grassy sexual odor of the girl unique in the bathroom and the cunnilingus of foreskin was turned over in the absence of girls seems to Ass-folds lick-and Emi fingertips, morning three times lightly from scratch, Yo it lets her squid ... & # 10071;
 It should be noted that the direction of insertion, because the future of fun, is now in the little finger wearing the mayonnaise, Derike As a not torn the door be in a dilemma hymen, it is being extended over time & # 8252;