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Even though naughty relationship ... father and harrow cormorant daughter ...

yuna himekawaTalk until three and a half years ago, up reverse. The early days made in April, there was a phone call from the office of his father. It fell from the work site, was that has been transported to the hospital. Fortunately, only it needs fracture of the left arm, was not Betsujo to life. However, father and mother are immediately after the so-called "Mature Divorce", father of the husband who rules the roost in the craftsmanship is, as not even put one of the tea rather than housework. Moreover, the fact that a handicapped life of the fracture to, was to return to the home for the first time in several years.
As a matter of fact, at that time, already my husband and I are completely fully cooled, it is drowning in sake I came out as run away from her husband to raise their hands.
Initially, his father but had insisted on stubbornly stubborn and "such as you help Iran.", Faced with still crippled thing, now I have become like will not even complain to that hold out the hand It was. After a few months, complete recovery also hurt. But I was left to the parents' house much. Every morning to make your lunch to his father, prepared dinner waiting for the return. And do a household chores for his father. Not anything, to be spend such a mundane daily gently, I was feeling a modest happiness.
The cause of two of the divorce, the father does not Looking Back home just work, mother Tsukashi the affable, but was that, did I do not know. I mean ... to have me working so much hard. Other also might have been a reason, but still to be live in peace and father feel the old-fashioned man grass is, was filled with gratitude. Inasmuch as, I at this time, could not stomach yet aware of the true feelings for the father .... A half a year as passed was December day, my father suddenly, I began to say, "Do occasionally go out to somewhere. Everywhere can choose favorite Toko.". It did not say clearly is face-to-face, but as I was going thanks to me. It's there is a surprisingly cute place to father. But hesitated where to try to, and take the plunge and try to scrounge travel abroad, frankly OK it is. Thus shifting the winter break, it was to go from mid-January to a week Fiji trip. For the first time go Fiji, was exactly paradise. Deep blue sky on the white sands, dazzling in the crystal clear sea just of the sun. Hotel also, rather than the so-called hotel, a place called pension is dotted followed by a private beach widely. It was attached to the pool to the building of a log house style.
Rest as it is the day you arrive, forget the day-to-day life from the next day, I had had a play great time at the beach. But at that time, I noticed the feeling you did not even expect. Truly tropical, tight is sunshine blazing, the moment I got painted a sunscreen cream to his father on his back, I heart began throbbing violently pounding. The craggy finger is feeling stroking my back, it was certainly also puzzled things slightly. But while say it also was with. Without thinking deeper, I spent again two people at the beach. But, if I recall now, the moment that was conscious of my father when I was at this time the first time. After that the feeding to the city, at night, under the stars shining in the sky, beer father in the deck by the pool, I enjoy a glass of wine, when you relax or to cool down was flushed at night the body in the pool I was spent. But, the next moment, to be faced with feelings for sure Father .... It was not even silly scene. Toshigai without any we, or Kakea' the water of the pool, was with glee and Dari dragged in. When the breath becomes go up on the surface of the water painful, the father of the face right in front of .... While Nazedaka eyes there were two people both body had become stuck solidified. Staring at the father's eyes, it becomes sucked likely .... Certainly in it, beyond the relationship of father-daughter, I had what was full of desire .... In at this time of my father, "man and woman" was the moment when the seedlings. While there was paralyzed, nature and the distance is 10cm, go shrunk and 5cm, eventually touch the lips and the lips .... The verge, father and I are "ha ha! "And return to us, freed from the spell of desire, it has released the body in a hurry. Awkward air that flows between us .... If you put out scratching it, "also, I'll sleep anymore ..." and cut out from the people of my father to return in the voice that does not hide the unrest as "Oh, Oh ...". When the drink up beer Kuitto at once, went off to the bedroom. That night, I even while enters the bed in his bedroom, it was in not falling asleep until the morning. When the "just now I wonder what was .... If not returned to us over there ..." think so, not away from the head as worrying endlessly. Only And, at the same it did not stop much of the large breasts throbbing violently than the pounding of in the daytime of the beach at the same time. Unawares away about to sleep, it was around the time notice and the morning of 10. If you go in the living room, there is another father .... Last night's events revived immediately clients head. How may contact the, it was lightly panic state. In because it see, my father was the same way. While smoking a awkwardness seems to tobacco, drinking on the beach in the morning .... Even while you are eating lightly breakfast, subsequent heavy air feeling. There was a father originally little from the usual of the talkative, clearly different from the usual .... I will not stand in the air, we went to the hotel of Este. However, 3 o'clock still afternoon to come back. When I was thinking it ... and try to do now of time, it has been cut out, "Do not walk the neighborhood" from his father.
We had walked a slightly elevated cliff along the coast line. But, my father does not try Shabero all. I stared straight remain silent.
When is that. Casual moment, father of the hand has been turned to my waist. "eh! ? "And not hide the upset me .... But, father of the hand was still that attracted me. At this time you feel the feelings that are in the father, I was also unleashed their feelings. Would that I knew myself. But I was not trying to Kizuko. It did not admit. Like "Father .... "This moment was accustomed to honest with myself, I was also entrusted the body to his father. We continued to walk while cuddled by two people. Happy temporary not unbearable ....
Notice and to have An'nani sunny, gray clouds hung over low, the waves had Arada'. Wind becomes stronger. After a while, Sir Innovation rain has started to fall. "Do Let's go." Furthermore, the father of a word that murmured while pulled tightly. To me, the meaning of the word was found enriched ....
Eerie sound of low Kuuneru waves, was like Misukashi a dangerous smell that rolls in between us, as if giving a warning ....
When I arrived in pension, my father is going to take until the bedroom pulling my hand. Opened the door, it was quietly closed behind and like the ladies first put me ahead. Slowly I looked back, and "... your father ... was ...", removed from the side of me one by one from the top button of dress wet in the rain, I murmured. Brave father to come close to me ... and has been deprived as it is brute force my lips. While stripping the Fierce One Piece also asked the lips, I also returned in a passionate kiss. Dexterity to remove the bra hook in one hand, a bust that was spilled to grab. Fingertips repelled the nipple, involuntarily spilling sigh. It is, licked, sucked, and is chewing sweet, it has changed in certain gasping. Yet this only caress, I which would wet the panties .... When traced the crack from the top of the thin fabric, it did not stop overflowing with more and more love juice. The inner father of the finger is has entered, coming to touch directly. Sound of splashing sound had become enough to resound. Cling to his father, he had gone feeling out the Hashitanaku pant voice. Than the joy which is tied with loved ones, would still win is more of a sense of the forbidden act of father and daughter. But the immorality feeling, I'll have to further sensitize the body. While become dizzy, this time I put a hand on the button of his father, was then remove clothes. Strong chest peek from Hadake shirt. With a muscular body that I do not think 62-year-old, Asaguroku tanned skin will let even feel the vitality. Subsequently, when the belt is also pants even underwear. Remove, violently pulsing dick in Russia .... Than the things of his master, it was what a powerful than anyone even until now. I Hobari in as was possessed, had continued intently to the leading edge. Father's body, trembling and Pikuppiku', and groan as "A'a", was withdrawn from the mouth.
My panty also Nugashi, appearance of the remains which two people are born, not clothed Isshi. My father to open the crotch and carry me to bed, to caress in the mouth .... While raising the voice of joy, I had been involuntarily I grabbed a short manicured head of the father, pressing and Guigui. While making a disgusting sound dripping with whizzing, tongue to move skillfully ....
Or would have welcomed many times peak until here, my father is in the kneeling between my crotch, we have therefore devoted to crack along wet pot as too rich. This moment, which celebrated finally .... While silence, some of our staring at a line-of-sight, had felt the signal to be tied. Hot, hard towering father of things, you come in with me slipped feel. But I remember the anguish to so much of the size, it became easier after a while. When the father starts to move, the tremendous pleasure, such as disturbed from inside the body .... I clenched the sheets, was agony crazy like. Sometimes I become the top, sometimes penetrated from behind animalistic sex .... But certainly in it, I felt the love .... Wind and rain becomes stronger in the outside of the window, a drop of rain will strike the window. Outside to say yet that it is 4 pm pitch dark. Exactly, Kano like that enraged us that heaven has committed a taboo .... But, we cross the room, completely shut out from the outside, there was in another world, such as has been thrown into the microcosm. "It does not matter in the father and daughter .... We love each other, what each other required .... "Violently powerful, and while loving father to entertain me. The past sixty was the physical strength and energy that I do not think. In fact, it seems fracture was also cured as early as unthinkable from age. But had continues to be single-mindedly attacked in such a father, came the moment that finally reach the orgasm. When pulled out quickly from inside of me, when you Mukaeyo cum in their own hands .... To see it, I will close the mouth over there, was e mouth. To the last I want to say in me .... My father had been surprised, but it was me out a lot of proof that love each other in just your mouth. Your juice that have shaped me, incorporate into their own .... A very rich, delicious .... I did not want to be spilled drop .... Storm further intensified, represents the heaven of anger. But, if time still this, should have made turning back. Once as a mistake .... Since then, the kitchen, and the bathroom, many times to change the location also became one with my father. However, it had gradually begun to feel the thing insufficient.
Outside becomes a full-fledged storm, the storm enough with the thunder. And father under such circumstances I was devoted to sex be the last this day. Pushed up to violently father thick mono, it had raised the pant voice of enough to drown out the storm. Ties in various Positions, when the father climax, I was in the words take the plunge. "... ... not a issued in? ..."
"Tsutsu!" Surprise too, father of a loss for words. "... feelings ... I have hardened ..." "What ... the good?" "... (nods me)," "I'm good Do?" "... (nods me) ..." Finally, fearless father is full of grin and self-confidence smiling a smile, it was radiation in my womb. Dad! , Hisae! Fierce cum ... celebrated in each other is referred to as. And shortly after, and the flash of enough to cover the eyes, rang the roar of deafening, causing the earth tremor. Along with the lightning, Will had touched the heaven of the imperial wrath .... But I, in the course of going off to sleep, it may be fallen to hell if I even father ..., I remember I thought so.
The next day the deep blue sunny .... Did you kindly forgive our sins ...?
The remaining three days, my father and I continued to have sex for the child making earnestly, was received by the father of the semen of about overflowing from the uterus.
After returning to Japan as well, and both the bed, as a "husband", "wife" is sunny, I was able to get the happy life of married life.
We're living the best of every day in our son and three to become a 2-year-old. Then, in the belly, the second person is .... We have the intention to report to the birthday of the week after next husband .... It was a long sentence, to those who who read, raise thank monkey.