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Incest confession of women

My incest

yuna himekawa[34456]
Father 50 years old, my mother was passed away 13 years ago. My father hesitated even to go out to work, leaving me alone, I have chosen to work in a self-employed for that.  At one point, \"Dad, I want to say to work, I would because it is all right\" also show bullish in front of the father, wasteful had been found. \"I because the return home as soon as possible,\" from that time, seems to have thought an independent. Father acquired the qualification was opened a small office in a location close to the home. \"From now on, I is stay together every day.\" I was clinging jumped into the chest of his father. That was the 13-year-old junior high school one year. Father and bath enters together commonplace as, show all in front of the father not hidden naked, I had decided that <shall I give dad> in mind. Had confided such a thought is, of course, was naked at the time was your bath. , \"Sayoko, thank you I do I Kurere Good luck even to study now..., If I get to the age of 20 if there is no change in the mind, paddle? Say still\" No good \"20-year-old? Until then wait us \" It 's\" loving daughter, I can wait of \" I had a strong hug kiss to his father. Toka get sucking tits to his father in the meantime the bath, the hair of dick also becomes like shave and the ask his father, become a commonplace that get shaved every night, was supposed to like get even licking, still not be determined from the father had been raised to 20 years of age as promised.  Yesterday business day, today is a day off. Contraception, of course last night also awakened pleasure received a hot father violently love one uterus, it is refreshing morning. Well then the father and dating date.

What should I do?

For the first time post troubled by the pseudonym Hiroyuki to become a one-year junior high school this year. Since age I was also aware that you are also masturbation. The other day, when I was cleaning the son of the room, we have got to find two books a male nude photo book from under the bed. Or swallow the liquid or adding a man to each other meat bar. It is in my head now pure white. Then with a check of the room every day, it a month position standing was around male nude book had found a DVD of mother-to-child incest products. But was also a little relieved to be interested in women are in can not even talk to is .... My husband is interested in maternal and child product rather than a young girl. Son does not become anxious and I think in the future things ahead.

And a grandson.

Recently, I thought let's post I learned a smartphone to grandchildren. I am 69 years old. Elementary school There are 6-year-old grandson. It is the eldest son of the second daughter. There is a family of three in the countryside of old houses residence. Second daughter, we have divorced. The grandson of your Bachanko I relationship was good from before, but did not even think would be seen as the opposite sex. Been told the feelings in this year's spring break, it was with the body of the relationship was the next day. My daughter, we have a nurse, chose the day of the night shift. It is my judgment. In one night, being held in grandson, he is awakened the woman, was very happy. Me call my thing at Chieko and name. Of course semen was issued in me. Soon is summer vacation. I will be 70 years old on July 30. From the grandchildren, and me birth to my child continues is said from the first time tied night. Will Konosaki I would What happened? It does not aligned eyes face only that the child is approaching is turned red. Is this the Will of love? I was freaking from the day it was said that I love you. 7 months from the end of March, will not intersect I am the grandson every day.

I was withdrawn at the age of 37

It is Misato Nice to meet you, a little hand for the first time in the post, will be screened. It was a company working, but I have become Noirouze Gimi received harassment. Master over the sum to it is I went away from me. The recourse is me supported me was the only son of 20-year-old son has gone to the company from the morning of the part-time job every day. It is the labor of two hours in the morning from 5:00 to 7:00. Self-sufficiency will be 3000 yen because it is 1500 yen. Son is older women, it was a woman and dating of the same year as I like. Early in the morning you a part-time job of the money had been passed to the women of dating. Son says Kazuki. Nei-Kazuki are women and dating of about the same age as mom gonna saw coming out of Kazuki and about the same as my woman and love hotels son was anger, it is said to my back to mom I have to say to me that I not. I would say that even without ... one personnel to return a word. Useless of in my son surprise Eh mom it you serious of I shook his head to the vertical. My son told me. She said to come by passing the three months worth of money because they rely on my money. I was surprised to son of compassion as a woman. Son in addition to yen 69000 of living expenses to come down the money from the bank gave me to me. I told my son and I will go to bed with her mother to son.Son is sleeping with only one pants, but I sleep in the nude, I was wearing remove the Negurijie was wearing long time ago from the closet so disgusting. Son Once in a son and a double bed of futon panty is not sleeping in the appearance of Negurijie not wear've Karamashi the tongue while kissing hug me. Son had accepted the son thinking and what had been such a thing and that his wife. Son of Chinpoko is, that tasted until now that has been entered in the pussy, big Chinpoko much no, I came all the way into the pussy. Involuntarily voice while clinging to my son, I have out. Aaaaa ~ ~ ~ son'm feels good mom while moving the hips I have agony is hugged his son and comfortably I also. Son are you whispering with the mom I feel good in my ear. Among the pussy, we have built a Picho Picho sound make a nasty sound. I had become likely will be attacking the son. My son has been issued a pushed groan voice the Chinpoko all the way I thought to have been hugged suddenly strongly. Sperm in the pussy, I would I also kept alive when you came in. I was drunk to do a drunk while a kiss to lie embraced by two people. And the cooking washing housework, every day waiting for the son of return. I will have to put the Chinpoko without anyway and sleeping in the pussy. Or it is normal position, you will be allowed to various posture or be placed on the waist or embraced from the back.Son, you have the waist while massaging the tits come to put Chinpoko in the pussy embraced from the back when you are tired of moving back and forth. Son are you whispering with the mom feels good to me while to lie. I I also pleasant, but come Push the Chinpoko pulled back and run away to slide on top of the sheets as far as it will go. Son and you have to send me every day.

From seeing the son of masturbation.

Every day from seeing the son of masturbation, I pressed against the Ma while licking the son of underwear sleeping on the bed in the son of the room. The other day I have licked find a tissue paper marked with sperm in the trash, son of smell is spread body became jerky in my head. Always sperm it seems that flowed in the toilet There is a thing that remains occasionally in the trash. At that time I will be very happy. I rubbed the sperm will life the best of a happy satisfied when exposed to chestnut to Ma. I want you to put in a son. I would think such a thing every day, or entered the dressing room at the timing of the bath, or touch the lips when the cause morning, will be touching the penis. I do not know why my son are. There is a thing that I had put on several times men, but the difference is happy feeling, and it is better for Ma, you do not have will also how to.


I got married last year at the age of 25. Husband there was a junior high school children at 35 years of age. Bale to his wife divorced continued affair with about two years, now that pick up even children. First married had a hard time, but I was relieved to me son Drops. Husband was freaking from around became two people and son become a bachelor earlier this year. I noticed in the accident of my underwear when washing. Thank son seems have mischief in my underwear. Because the boy I know to have interested in women's underwear, but the year is also a large nearby embarrassing feelings. Recently it has become bold and or over or came into the dressing room at the timing when I went up to take a shower, the array or even licking mischief to the underwear. Since lonely from this before his son is said to want to sleep together, slept together it is impossible to refuse. Although I was nervous would sleep in peace without any particular nothing, I have touched the chest from behind me sleeping in landscape orientation and the middle of the night I woke up to, had been shifted above the bra. Very breath is not rubbing his dick while touching the rough chest, it was like was acme after a while. Son came back again out of the room without saying anything. Calm seems slept back to the original my bra and pajamas. The next day the washing machine there is a son of pants, was equipped with a Bettori sperm was like issued in the pants. Since the husband and recently not etch you can see that are excited little by little in the sexual mischief from the son. Sleeping from there together every day, while touching the breasts and buttocks we pretend not to notice you to alone. I at least think about if ... also referred to in the mouth, but in the absolute Although the son-in-law I think that should not. Since it can not be said to anyone ... I'm sorry.

It is held to son

I went back to the house and shopping end early part of the work. The front door was also thought that anyone absent because the key was at stake. Son should not stay and open the son of the room to clean it I was a girl and sex in the nude. I was surprised I had closed the door in a hurry. No way my heart regardless also maintain that my son to the sex had been pounding in a feeling likely to rupture. I was watching TV in the living room drinking water in the kitchen in order to soothe. Son seems to girl back to about 2 to 30 minutes to come to the living room , \"I Do not - Why Mother is it so early was seen bad Toko?\" \"New I was surprised even by because work is completed early chan Do sauce thing Nante are \" \" \"is impatient when you do ze's I Datte man cause I ne man by\" Yes \" ,\" Oh, even such today'm went back to not do it because I seen her mother until the end. \" \" it's a bad thing I was, I'm sorry, \" \" responsibility taken by \" \" What responsibility? \" \" I I was was a little more in Iki likely \" \" How Ino that I do? \" I let me put in\" the mother dick \" \" are saying what a fool of \" \" I ze'm serious, \" I can not\" only that, what is the parent-child \" \" I'm in also \"ze does not matter parent-child \" I come off to people of the road \" us by far\" well in the mouth? \" \" .... . \" \" What about a \"\"I'll not be helped,\" son was out before the penis of the face by lowering the pants stood in front of me. It Sosorita' to much likely attached to fine the stomach than those of her husband. Hot very hard When I grabbed by hand. Glans also did enough to become large mouth full. I also see that over there should not hate comes wet di Wa-door. Son and licking in the mouth came touching the breast. I also have felt when or pulled by pinching the nipple. The son began to touch my dick overlies cover laid me on the sofa. You put your finger from the side of the panty. \"Mother pussy Bichobicho Jan, I'm feeling,\" \".....\" \"Raise your ass I. Remove mother pants\" I also had become to think that want to put in in this happens when the son of the penis It was. Son of Bae two scan opened the legs came in. You come out involuntarily voice. Never tasted until now with the feeling that internal organs is pulled is comfortably. I was mad agony to the feeling of Bae two vinegar reach even violently poked been uterus. The husband comes rushing is Acme, which was not able to experience. \"Ii', feels Tsu ~\" movement of the son in this voice becomes harder , \"another Dameiku' ~\" \"I also Tsu pass away\" son of semen has been unleashed in me. \"Anta I great, my first feeling of horizontal\"\"It was a wonderful pussy of my mother,\" was the first kiss here.

And son

I am a 42-year-old punishment 2, 19-year-old and father difference son is chair of the 15-year-old. 3 The husband of a glance, widowed in March this year, has been living in the current three people. About a month ago, I came home pretty drunk, even fleas continue at home, and when I got up in the morning and slept in a double bed of his room naked, in the bedside there are adult goods, sons next to it slept. I realized that had to have the sons and body relationship instantly. Since then, embraced by the sons on a daily basis, they have been sexually processing.

At the New Year's hotel with my son

yuna himekawa[33983]
At the end of the year, I always saw the red and white song battle with my son who came back from Tokyo and celebrated the New Year. Last year, my son invited me to celebrate the 60th birthday of my mother, saying, "Happy New Year at the hotel." I refused such a thing, but because I had reserved an inn, I got my son's car in the car after noon on the 31st and arrived in Nagoya after 4 o'clock. Maybe my son was tired from driving, and when he arrived at the hotel, he started drinking beer. I was a little drunk when I drank as recommended, and I was a little vulnerable to alcohol, so I couldn't eat much for dinner. He is usually a quiet son, but he became cheerful enough to drink, and when he took a bath in the back room, he became naked and invited me, who hates me, to "let's go in together." When I take a bath after my son comes out, before I know it, my son says "Mom, I'll wash", "Courage, stupid, no good", because I don't have an ear to hear and wash my dick carefully as it is done. did. I rubbed my son's fine gem as he was told. At the same time as my son's voice, "Ah, mom comes out," semen leaked from my hand and splattered. I was stunned for a while by the smell of semen and the feel of the male genitalia after a long absence. My son sucked and licked milk, was tampered with the dick, and gradually felt it, and he invited him, saying, "Courage, my mom is no longer good." When he accepted his son's big gem, he said, "Ahhhhh," and hugged his son's body, which was covered over it, with all his might. I responded as requested by my son again and again. When my son touched my dick in the bath again and said, "Mom, you're a good girl," I was embarrassed and my face flushed.After I got out of the bath, when my son turned on the TV, the screen of the relationship between men and women appeared, and I was raised in the country and asked my son, "There is such a TV program in Tokyo." "It's a video, look at your mom," and when the son makes a loud noise, he shouts, "It feels good, mom, come out." When the body is projected, semen comes out of the woman's dick. It overflowed with a draw. Men were still innocent in their teens or early twenties, and women were thought to be in their forties with plenty of meat on their hips. When my son puts it in a box, it says "Actual son madness" and says "It's a secret of a love hotel", and when I ask "Well, I'm a parent and child", my son's mother and child incest is popular. Told. The next morning, I slept hugging each other until after 9:30 when I was awakened by Mr. Nakai who brought me the room meal I had reserved. As soon as Mr. Nakai opened the room, he realized the current situation and was closed in a hurry later. I immediately changed into my pajamas and welcomed Mr. Nakai. Mr. Nakai was apologized and received a waitperson, saying, "Don't notice, please excuse me." The serious son, who was not asked, confessed honestly, "I stayed for the 60th birthday celebration and it was my first time with my mother." Mr. Nakai's words, "I'm glad I was filial," and "I've been staying with my mother and child a lot lately," made me feel calm. When I got home, my son asked me every day until he returned to Tokyo. It's been a month since then. From my son, I started receiving conversations and emails saying "I like my mom" that I hadn't had before my first experience. It is said that I will be back on the holiday of February 11, and I am looking forward to it.

I like my brother, I love him, I love him

I'm 17-year-old Bracon JK. I've loved and loved my 24-year-old brother since I was little, so I brought my brother's pillow, buried his face, and masturbated (just rubbing chestnuts) while sniffing. I was always sticky, and I used to say that I liked it, and I wasn't particularly disliked because I also liked mana, but my stance is just brothers and sisters. When I got a job and left the house, it was about an hour by train from my house, but my family cried so much that I went to see him the next day. By the way, my older brother is a pretty handsome guy, I'm not a favor because he's been told by many friends, so I know she's been two so far, have you met, like this? I thought. Zuu and Virgin had decided to be an older brother (I can't think of H as anything other than an older brother), so I heard that he just broke up with her, so I went to the older brother's room, what do you want for a high school entrance celebration? I was told, "It's a celebration of admission." "Oh, what do you want, don't say home." I had the usual gentle look . " I want to have sex with my brother, I loved him as a man, I love him." I confessed. He seemed to be surprised, and he said, "Don't be silly, say what you want ." When I started crying, "Hey, I'm here" and rubbed my back. While crying, " I'm serious, if you don't understand the feeling of love from the bottom of my heart, I'll die." I scattered and hugged as it was. Hug me back"Okay, thank you, I'm glad, but we're brothers and sisters, don't you really regret it?" "No, never, no way." In a strong tone, kiss me , "I want to hold mana too." (Of course, the first kiss) I was glad that he took off my clothes while standing and saw me naked and said "It's beautiful". I laid me on the bed first, and my brother also became naked. When I saw my brother's clothes for the first time in a long time and thought that they would go inside me, my heart was so shocked that I thought it would explode , and my brother covered me with a D kiss and a kiss on my whole body. When I was licked and made sure that it was wet enough , I thought it was kind to put out the skin and put it on . "I'll put it in." My brother's thing came in slowly, it hurt more than I imagined, but the joy won and I cried. When I saw me crying, "Are you okay?" "Okay, I was so happy that I cried." "Yes." After kissing, I was clinging to my brother's back when he started to move his hips. I don't remember if it was, my brother hugged me for a while after Itta , I was happy, and I cried again. After that, they took a bath and sent me home. After that, she isn't there either (no, I'm her), so every timeI go to my brother's room to clean, cook, and have sex. It's so much fun and happy, but there's one thing I'm dissatisfied with, it's definitely wearing skin , and even if you say "you should go outside" or "it's a safe day today, it's okay" , you say "no" dividing I have is known Datte of course kindness, I want to do with raw if possible, the brother of sperm want to accept in me, because for me sex with your brother is because in order to ascertain the love rather than a pleasure act. So begging Once to us Problem Solving in "order to confirm the love not'm pleasure act, so I feel like in" Once you say a little troubled as such in the face "or so, me think that way I 'm so happy, I really want to live in mana. " " If so, "I put a word in it and said, " Listen and talk properly. I accept the feelings of mana, and now I'm alone. I love you as a woman from the bottom of my heart, so I don't regret this with Mana at all, but we're brothers and sisters, and the world shouldn't do it, we're fine, our intentions Because it's a relationship that started with, but children can't choose their parents, we can't be legal couples, I don't think it's good to be born in that situation,Or do you fall every time you get pregnant? I hate that more, if you're thinking of checking love instead of pleasure , you'll understand what I mean. " Ah, my brother can be respected. I thought, I fell in love again. I'm still wearing skins, but I still have myself who can't give up, and I have a question for someone, where should I get pills , can I buy them even at the age of 17?

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