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Incest confession of women

What should I do?

For the first time post troubled by the pseudonym Hiroyuki to become a one-year junior high school this year. Since age I was also aware that you are also masturbation. The other day, when I was cleaning the son of the room, we have got to find two books a male nude photo book from under the bed. Or swallow the liquid or adding a man to each other meat bar. It is in my head now pure white. Then with a check of the room every day, it a month position standing was around male nude book had found a DVD of mother-to-child incest products. But was also a little relieved to be interested in women are in can not even talk to is .... My husband is interested in maternal and child product rather than a young girl. Son does not become anxious and I think in the future things ahead.

I asked the son

Son to pee Toka Masturbation you something, in front of everyone, because it was asked me show me, I did. It was also or embraced. Since then, every day, only one person wears to embrace coming home. Other child does not come, how because Oban, is one of the child If you think I'm like a I asked everyone. The thing I now, has been embraced by the 2 sons. But it has been hush money to his son. That you are (^ ^ soon, is summer vacation. Will inspire every day. Because I want to be the only two people, the child was borrowed house in the countryside, plenty, will come.

And a grandson.

Recently, I thought let's post I learned a smartphone to grandchildren. I am 69 years old. Elementary school There are 6-year-old grandson. It is the eldest son of the second daughter. There is a family of three in the countryside of old houses residence. Second daughter, we have divorced. The grandson of your Bachanko I relationship was good from before, but did not even think would be seen as the opposite sex. Been told the feelings in this year's spring break, it was with the body of the relationship was the next day. My daughter, we have a nurse, chose the day of the night shift. It is my judgment. In one night, being held in grandson, he is awakened the woman, was very happy. Me call my thing at Chieko and name. Of course semen was issued in me. Soon is summer vacation. I will be 70 years old on July 30. From the grandchildren, and me birth to my child continues is said from the first time tied night. Will Konosaki I would What happened? It does not aligned eyes face only that the child is approaching is turned red. Is this the Will of love? I was freaking from the day it was said that I love you. 7 months from the end of March, will not intersect I am the grandson every day.

We were taught to despise the friends

I was accustomed to son and husband and wife. Yuko two years ago Mom friend has got to know that you are son and sex, of course, her husband was a secret. Son of the eldest son of Keita and classmate (Yoshitaka kun) is a, Yuko is 43-year-old on the 5-year-old-year-old than I am. Nasty people, crazy people, the home would have become a messy, was variously thought despised, and we put the distance. Last year, Keita is the same club in the same high school as kun, but went up to the high school Yoshitaka, it became the club are the same Yuko-san and mom friend even when the junior high school. Keita is and that having sex with Yuko and parent-child from Yoshitaka-kun earlier this year, has confessed to me told its history. The end that troubled me puzzled a sudden thing, protested to Yuko. One day many times visited in this thing, Yuko and Yoshitaka kun were in together, I have been told that it has come to sex from two people, but the real impact has been felt to understand a little It was after this. Keita is that you were also sex Yuko and many times, that the other party was Yuko, who for the first time sex, I went home crying

From the mischief of daughter

I, twenty-nine years old is a housewife My daughter is two years old. I thing of yesterday, asked the father-in-law a Sachiyo because it is going to rain, I went out to your. I was back in about an hour, \"Mom, did show beautiful flowers I to I now Mom Jiijii, hey would be clean\" on the living room table, a whopping My underwear is shorts, are you full spread \"Satchan What I, is brought such the would be useless,\" I is in front of the father's eyes, until a little thing seems to hate my husband has been bought in, is indeed beautiful by, a variety of colors and floral such as, in the room to escape by pulling the hand of Sachiyo packed in there were plastic bags in there in a hurry, because Sachiyo being scolded slept, went to apologize to his father, \"Dad I'm sorry, is embarrassing, seen I have sisters - \" \" I'm good Emi, I to I was also asked by a feast for the eyes, I have to thank the Satchan, by the way what the Na I want to see it whether they wear \"is the first time that you are today always Is'm Sanzuke as \"Mr. Emi\", but I know honorific and \"Emi\" today. I was happy, I felt the familiar really, so \"Emi\" from his father-in-law

Son, was waiting to become 19 years old.

Son, to the husband and divorce at the time of the 16-year-old was a lonely night every day. Son while I would like to be nestled in the son, was looking forward to become an adult. Son of Chinpoko is, I was the one person lonely Onani while looking at going into adulthood of Chinpoko. In a hurry to say that I'll keep in here while taking the laundered underwear and pants in the Chakukae basket that is placed in front of the bath peek into the bath we hide the Chinpoko. Such day-to-day, it has continued. Son, when I became 19 years old Chinpoko son was an adult of Chinpoko. Thick and are you dangling a long Chinpoko. My pussy to see the son of Chinpoko've been wet. Chance, was always thought that if available. Surprisingly chance, I was visited. Night thunder of a hot summer day is, becomes light, was Mashi light throughout the glass. I went to the room of his son wearing a thin Negurijie without tomb panties I think Re此. I hug my son entered into the son of the futon saying scary. My son slept in one piece pants. Son are you hugged me saying as much afraid of was how mom. Chinpoko is, are you standing harder. Thunder outside is, will the room because the shining it through the glass of the window, it become brighter. I am son and has clung to his son to say that scary've put in the Chinpoko of pussy while hugged me have put both knees between the crotch lay me. I ... Aaa ~ ~ ~ while clinging to sonChinpoko of the long-awaited son, chest and considered to fall in the pussy, I have pounding excitement. My son has been moving the hips while saying the mother feels good. Impressed after a long time of sex was in accordance with the movement of comfortably son of the waist. Son ... mom sperm, okay out during'm going out out in because they were the contraceptive'm okay son ... mom out ~ ~ ~ ~ Wuwuu last summer, end winter, come also spring, hot come summer, it is about child stranded. Thunder is also this year, many of wonder August, we are trying to be a year you come. Being held in son has been a Ikasa which would be pleasant sex.

From seeing the son of masturbation.

Every day from seeing the son of masturbation, I pressed against the Ma while licking the son of underwear sleeping on the bed in the son of the room. The other day I have licked find a tissue paper marked with sperm in the trash, son of smell is spread body became jerky in my head. Always sperm it seems that flowed in the toilet There is a thing that remains occasionally in the trash. At that time I will be very happy. I rubbed the sperm will life the best of a happy satisfied when exposed to chestnut to Ma. I want you to put in a son. I would think such a thing every day, or entered the dressing room at the timing of the bath, or touch the lips when the cause morning, will be touching the penis. I do not know why my son are. There is a thing that I had put on several times men, but the difference is happy feeling, and it is better for Ma, you do not have will also how to.

My son is attacking

My husband was assigned to work alone, I had only two sons at home, and my husband told me that I shouldn't cheat on you, but I 'm sorry, I 'm cheating. From the night you're gone, the other person is ... the only son, Ken. I was attacked when I was sleeping at night. It's been half a year now, I've been dealing with him all the time. The day you came back during the Obon holidays, that day was also embraced. Until just before you came home. Of course, even when you were there, my son was rushing to aim for a chance, so I did it. Didn't you notice? You loved me as much as you could for the first time in a long time, but I didn't feel that much because my son is many times better ... I'm sorry, I 'm really sorry working for us It will be inconvenient at the place of assignment. But you can rest assured that I'm not having an affair, so I'm not having an affair with other people ... It's the first night my husband has been assigned. I guess I sneaked into my sleeping place, and it was still cold at night, so I woke up with a cold feeling. When I opened my eyes vaguely, my son stood. What is it for a moment? I thought, but I noticed that my clothes were open. The button in front of my pajamas was unbuttoned . I saw my son. It was dark and I couldn't see my expression, but I felt an excited atmosphere . I think I shouted to go out. Next, I was pressed down and my chest was roughly rubbed and I tried to take off the bottomI told him to stop many times, but the bottom of my pajamas was taken off to my butt and my hands extended to my crotch , my fingers hit my chest, it seemed that my movement stopped for a moment, it was lowered at once to my ankle unloaded my appearance is Hadake the chest, almost naked exposing the crotch, my son has been riding on top is sucked while being tossed in the chest, it does not work well also caught the pajamas to try to move your feet to take off them without permission I fluttered my legs. But I think it was convenient for my son. I was forced to spread my legs and finally my fingers came in. I was screaming to stop during that time. To be honest, I was exhausted because I was out of breath, but I couldn't move either. During that time, my son's body broke in and was about to be inserted. I don't think my son has any experience, I can't put it in well, I think he's tired of the interaction with each other . I felt warm in my crotch and it seemed like I couldn't insert it, I told my son. "Okay, now I'm back," my son's body was shaking. ... I was crying. I'm sorry I'm sorry ... I'm honestly sorry for the repeated words. So I just hugged him and said, "It's okay ..." and my son sucked his chest again. I didn't have the energy to resist anymore , so I tried to put it in, so I spread my legs and guided him. I was ringing, wondering if this would happen anyway , so no contraception is necessary. So even if my son comes in and ejaculates in a few secondsI didn't panic. However, it was a sense of immorality that the whole body seemed to be crushed heavily. Even though I was a man and an aunt who wanted to do it, I was proud that I was still keeping it clean, so this is somewhere. I knew, in the corner of my head, I knew the part of my son's man after I was assigned to work alone. It was suddenly from the first day, so maybe it was. Once I did it, I was asked to break it down, and eventually I started to enjoy myself . It's amazing because you're young, you just have to make an effort not to be known. I'll tell you that you can't tell anyone after doing it like a habit. If my friend inadvertently tells me it's over, and if my husband knows ... I 'm awake in my son's room. I don't like our room somehow, so by any chance, I'm young, so I'm asked every day. To be honest, it's hard to deal with. But it feels good so I can't stop

I'm about to reach my 60th birthday

yuna himekawa[34037]
We are about to reach the 60th birthday in August of this year. I remarried when I was 35 and my husband had a son who was 10 years old. However, after 12 years, my husband had a woman and I was divorced. And the other day, while shopping at a shopping center, I happened to meet my 35-year-old son, and I was so happy to see him grow up. When I talked to him at a coffee shop, he said he wasn't married yet and was working for a big company. We exchanged addresses with each other and broke up. Eventually, he sent me an email saying that he wouldn't go to an izakaya, so I was happy to meet him. At the izakaya, the story was so exciting that I got drunk for the first time in a while. He said he would call a taxi and send him home, and when the taxi arrived, he whispered to the driver in his ear, and when he started running, he stopped near the love hotel. Seeing the beautiful neon light made me feel like I was in a castle, and it was the first time I was born in a love hotel. After being invited by an izakaya, I had the feeling that something would happen. He eyes when they met at the shopping center had seen only my big boobs, also when in elementary school, I because I was or looking through when you are taking a bath or touch my tits  I he Looking at her nakedness, she said, "I don't look like I'm 60 years old.He licked his boobs while messing around with his big nipples, saying, "Your body, your boobs are so big." A violent kiss, I was licked so much that my body was filled with his saliva, and my dick was also messed up. He made a noise and licked me, "I dreamed of doing this to my mom. I like it, mom." And when she was inserted, she screamed like never before. I have. He did his best four times, and I was staring at the beautiful light on the ceiling, cramping my thighs, saying, "Thank you for making me feel the joy of a woman even though it's my 60th birthday." ..

I wanted to escape the life of abuse

I heard from a friend and found out about this post. I heard that you can mutter anything, so I would like to talk to you. I lost my husband at the age of 42 and lived with my eldest son and wife. The days when the bride flirted with me and the son saw me as the bride and hit me continued. When I consulted with my second son about this, he told me to live together. I had a daughter-in-law and a grandchild, but I decided to live together in spite of my words. I thought it was a fun day watching my grandchildren, but at night my son and daughter-in-law were having a fight over sex. Let's do it ... I'm tired, so my grandson got up in the loud voices of the two people, and my grandson came to me. It seems that dad and mom have sex about twice a month even if they say they are having a fight . An incident occurred while such days continued. My son works at home using a computer, but his wife works as a nurse. My son was willing to work, and he left his grandson to his daughter and his wife just because he was sick. I have taken care of my grandchildren since I started living with my son. I put my grandson in a kindergarten pick-up car and went back home to do the cooking and laundry. My son told me to rub my lower back because it hurts. I went to my son's room without thinking of my son's desire. My son is lying down on a futon with a pair of pants. When I straddled my son's knees and rubbed his hips, he suddenly turned around and laid me on a futon.Even if I said to stop, my son forcibly took off my panties. I was floating while looking at my son's face and telling him to stop. The pussy was wet contrary to the words. My son hugged me and put my knees between my groins. The cock that took off the pants came into the pussy. I'm ... aaaaaa ~~~ Sex after a long time My son moves his hips ... and my mother feels good ~~. I feel good too ... Ahhh ... I heard a voice. My son told me to get naked. My son left me and took off the clothes I was wearing. I was stripped naked and my son hugged me and put the cock in the pussy and moved my hips. The cock was hugging her son naked in the futon and hugging her son with excitement while moving in the pussy. My son was moving his hips back and forth, whispering that it felt good, and I was moving up and down while making a voice. I entwined my tongue while hugging me strongly ... Uuuuu ~~~~~ Sperm was put out in the pussy. I haven't had my period since I had sex with my son. I was wondering if I was late, but I was worried and went to the pharmacy to buy inspection paper. When I checked it in the bathroom, I got the result of pregnancy. I ...Son ... Mom I'm pregnant and giving birth to my child ... Don't say stupid things I invite me when I'm angry. Once you have a physical relationship, you will be embraced by your son, not disgusting. I started to get naked in my futon and hug each other and have sex almost every day. I was embraced by my son thinking that I had to take it down. If I stretch it beyond this, I can't take it down, so when I went to the obstetrics and gynecology department, I was told congratulations. I wanted to give it to him, but the teacher looked moody. After the surgery, I got a pill and went home. I didn't have sex with my son for about a month. It's been less than a month, but my son is still young. I said. I said it would seem strange if I didn't talk to Sachiko-san. My son embraced his wife twice. A month later my son invited me. I was contraceptive and was held by my son. My son feels good and whispers that it feels good and sperm is put out in the pussy. I feel comfortable being held by my son and I am taken advantage of by my son. These days are still going on.


& # 65279; housewife sixty five years old. There is a son and intercourse from two decades ago, the son of forty-four-year-old has followed the relationship still. I am living alone now widowed, my son has lived from my house in the daughter-in-law and two children and three people at a distance of thirty minutes by car. You talk about First son and physical relationship was able to opportunity. At that time went to the well drive the husband is also a business trip tend to son. I was willing to lover mood also rejuvenated their Being with his son. Way back when I went to drive outing one day it became late, but the son began to say that \"I want to break in somewhere because it is likely to cause an accident tired\". I now also be going to break become a worry. Son I was put in the car to the so-called motel. I It was not that it has made, such as motels to it, but there I noticed inkling that's where the love of men and women in Mimigakumon, you can son went up to the room with worry. Son decided to take a bath said, \"I Once a sweat mom Bathing go from rest a little.\" It came suddenly son and is taking a bath. I situation is not Nomikome, what was his son? When asked son I was trying to put over there to finger hugged me. Son because I was vigorously resistance did not do more than that. Then it became that immediately go home, but was still of each other silently in the car. Son I was sleeping in the rest the next morning, but I do have to match the son and the face and went out to the embarrassed Okitegami. The letter \"Mother is going to be in anything if for you. But things like yesterday I've written and useless \".Then had to live so that was not what both of them, but I was brought a beautiful daughter to the house to say that there are people who are dating the son too much half a year. That day was the state in which I like to have Some husband said, \"Do not you say Miss\". I did not rejoice obediently to do to be appreciated as a mother. Son is my one person six months ago because I like the'm took Anna behavior, I was thinking selfishly also I liked about me as a woman. Then my son was also surprised because the son of return had the words, such as bake a slow and jealous twit and \"was doing what\" is. That night could not sleep a wink with jealousy if there is a day that my son one day was a sleepover. That night is the son because it was his son and two people went into the bath and pretend you make a mistake when I was taking a bath. Although my son tried to get out of the bath in a hurry, I was raised by flowing back and sit down and say, \"I'll sink back in not a good once in a while\", when before the suited, son my body the was not look like turning lick. I am cock son has become large enough to surprise and wash to turn stroking slowly took the cock of the son. Son I've been breast hugged me to say that mom to grab. I am son and say, \"Here 's ear,\" \"have to wait in your room,\" she said in a voice like fawn and went out obediently bath. I have in mind \"that child is mine\" shouted. Son and go to the son of the room was sitting on the bed naked. I caress until the bag loincloth lick to elaborate the cock of the son and the Mai losing to Mr. Yoshiko I I say \"bad to Yoshiko's good a mom\" has been much hug to say that I'm like mom Did.My son has been suddenly inserted to me saying, \"After all, I have a good mother.\" I have many times in the joy that took his son from the lover I have let go of the mind. Then things I want to write to the next opportunity.