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Incest confession of women

I asked the son

Son to pee Toka Masturbation you something, in front of everyone, because it was asked me show me, I did. It was also or embraced. Since then, every day, only one person wears to embrace coming home. Other child does not come, how because Oban, is one of the child If you think I'm like a I asked everyone. The thing I now, has been embraced by the 2 sons. But it has been hush money to his son. That you are (^ ^ soon, is summer vacation. Will inspire every day. Because I want to be the only two people, the child was borrowed house in the countryside, plenty, will come.

I was withdrawn at the age of 37

It is Misato Nice to meet you, a little hand for the first time in the post, will be screened. It was a company working, but I have become Noirouze Gimi received harassment. Master over the sum to it is I went away from me. The recourse is me supported me was the only son of 20-year-old son has gone to the company from the morning of the part-time job every day. It is the labor of two hours in the morning from 5:00 to 7:00. Self-sufficiency will be 3000 yen because it is 1500 yen. Son is older women, it was a woman and dating of the same year as I like. Early in the morning you a part-time job of the money had been passed to the women of dating. Son says Kazuki. Nei-Kazuki are women and dating of about the same age as mom gonna saw coming out of Kazuki and about the same as my woman and love hotels son was anger, it is said to my back to mom I have to say to me that I not. I would say that even without ... one personnel to return a word. Useless of in my son surprise Eh mom it you serious of I shook his head to the vertical. My son told me. She said to come by passing the three months worth of money because they rely on my money. I was surprised to son of compassion as a woman. Son in addition to yen 69000 of living expenses to come down the money from the bank gave me to me. I told my son and I will go to bed with her mother to son.Son is sleeping with only one pants, but I sleep in the nude, I was wearing remove the Negurijie was wearing long time ago from the closet so disgusting. Son Once in a son and a double bed of futon panty is not sleeping in the appearance of Negurijie not wear've Karamashi the tongue while kissing hug me. Son had accepted the son thinking and what had been such a thing and that his wife. Son of Chinpoko is, that tasted until now that has been entered in the pussy, big Chinpoko much no, I came all the way into the pussy. Involuntarily voice while clinging to my son, I have out. Aaaaa ~ ~ ~ son'm feels good mom while moving the hips I have agony is hugged his son and comfortably I also. Son are you whispering with the mom I feel good in my ear. Among the pussy, we have built a Picho Picho sound make a nasty sound. I had become likely will be attacking the son. My son has been issued a pushed groan voice the Chinpoko all the way I thought to have been hugged suddenly strongly. Sperm in the pussy, I would I also kept alive when you came in. I was drunk to do a drunk while a kiss to lie embraced by two people. And the cooking washing housework, every day waiting for the son of return. I will have to put the Chinpoko without anyway and sleeping in the pussy. Or it is normal position, you will be allowed to various posture or be placed on the waist or embraced from the back.Son, you have the waist while massaging the tits come to put Chinpoko in the pussy embraced from the back when you are tired of moving back and forth. Son are you whispering with the mom feels good to me while to lie. I I also pleasant, but come Push the Chinpoko pulled back and run away to slide on top of the sheets as far as it will go. Son and you have to send me every day.

Son, was waiting to become 19 years old.

Son, to the husband and divorce at the time of the 16-year-old was a lonely night every day. Son while I would like to be nestled in the son, was looking forward to become an adult. Son of Chinpoko is, I was the one person lonely Onani while looking at going into adulthood of Chinpoko. In a hurry to say that I'll keep in here while taking the laundered underwear and pants in the Chakukae basket that is placed in front of the bath peek into the bath we hide the Chinpoko. Such day-to-day, it has continued. Son, when I became 19 years old Chinpoko son was an adult of Chinpoko. Thick and are you dangling a long Chinpoko. My pussy to see the son of Chinpoko've been wet. Chance, was always thought that if available. Surprisingly chance, I was visited. Night thunder of a hot summer day is, becomes light, was Mashi light throughout the glass. I went to the room of his son wearing a thin Negurijie without tomb panties I think Re此. I hug my son entered into the son of the futon saying scary. My son slept in one piece pants. Son are you hugged me saying as much afraid of was how mom. Chinpoko is, are you standing harder. Thunder outside is, will the room because the shining it through the glass of the window, it become brighter. I am son and has clung to his son to say that scary've put in the Chinpoko of pussy while hugged me have put both knees between the crotch lay me. I ... Aaa ~ ~ ~ while clinging to sonChinpoko of the long-awaited son, chest and considered to fall in the pussy, I have pounding excitement. My son has been moving the hips while saying the mother feels good. Impressed after a long time of sex was in accordance with the movement of comfortably son of the waist. Son ... mom sperm, okay out during'm going out out in because they were the contraceptive'm okay son ... mom out ~ ~ ~ ~ Wuwuu last summer, end winter, come also spring, hot come summer, it is about child stranded. Thunder is also this year, many of wonder August, we are trying to be a year you come. Being held in son has been a Ikasa which would be pleasant sex.


I got married last year at the age of 25. Husband there was a junior high school children at 35 years of age. Bale to his wife divorced continued affair with about two years, now that pick up even children. First married had a hard time, but I was relieved to me son Drops. Husband was freaking from around became two people and son become a bachelor earlier this year. I noticed in the accident of my underwear when washing. Thank son seems have mischief in my underwear. Because the boy I know to have interested in women's underwear, but the year is also a large nearby embarrassing feelings. Recently it has become bold and or over or came into the dressing room at the timing when I went up to take a shower, the array or even licking mischief to the underwear. Since lonely from this before his son is said to want to sleep together, slept together it is impossible to refuse. Although I was nervous would sleep in peace without any particular nothing, I have touched the chest from behind me sleeping in landscape orientation and the middle of the night I woke up to, had been shifted above the bra. Very breath is not rubbing his dick while touching the rough chest, it was like was acme after a while. Son came back again out of the room without saying anything. Calm seems slept back to the original my bra and pajamas. The next day the washing machine there is a son of pants, was equipped with a Bettori sperm was like issued in the pants. Since the husband and recently not etch you can see that are excited little by little in the sexual mischief from the son. Sleeping from there together every day, while touching the breasts and buttocks we pretend not to notice you to alone. I at least think about if ... also referred to in the mouth, but in the absolute Although the son-in-law I think that should not. Since it can not be said to anyone ... I'm sorry.

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With my son

3 months ago, is pushed down in the living room to the son came home drunk the next morning, because the son had awakened naked have apologized to prostrate think extent to which "has been bitten by a dog" and much would out dick from the opening shock I tried to forget the pleasures. When I finally thought I was forgotten, I was sick and the test drug was positive . Should I consult with my son? Or is it better to fall alone? My husband works for me, who looks pale, but I'm in trouble because my son's mistake is the cause.

Things with my father-in-law

Father-in-law, 56 years old, mother-in-law, 55 years old, husband, 30 years old, me, 28 years old. After the couple's thing was over, I was hungry for the afterglow with my husband's hand pillow. My husband said, "The day before yesterday's mother was surprised, I think my father also wanted to say that." That was when I was watching a TV drama. I said, "I love my dad and mom, I'm happy." At that time, my mother spread her hands and raised her diagonally upwards, hugging her to jump on her without hesitation. Then my mother kissed me, I think it was only about 5 seconds, but my father who saw it said, "Hey, kissing my mothers." Did my husband imagine something like this? My sloppy penis, which I had n't seen recently , got better, and after a long time, I made a loud voice of joy again. A week later, my work was a day off, my dad came down and it was my first time to say "Mika-san, no, Mika, that's right", even though I was always called Mika-san, today He called me Mika, and I was happy. "The other day, Mika told me that she loves us very much, but I also love Mika very much, but Mika. I don't know about that, it's hard to say, yeah, but I don't know what my dad wants to say, "Please tell me, I want you to know everything, so I can tell him anything. Because"Thank you so much, then you can say that, hey, where Mika is making up, where she's changing clothes ... I want to see that naked, Mika's whole thing, that's a lot of things I don't know. I'm surprised because I didn't even say that I liked me even if I said this, but "I love you no matter what I say, it's embarrassing, but it's good for my dad. My dad's behavior was a little different, he hugged me and asked for my lips, my tongue came in, moved and sucked strongly in search of my tongue, and I was invited to put my tongue in my dad's mouth. I entwined my tongue from the person and it became a fierce kiss. Both hands came in from under the T-shirt and the hook of the bra was unhooked, the T-shirt was also lifted up, the milk was rubbed by my father's hand, the nipple was picked, and the voice of joy leaked while being kissed, I took off my T-shirt from my head, unzipped my skirt, raised my hips a little, and asked me to take off my skirt.

My son threatens me to open my body

I am a 55 year old housewife. When a member of the same neighborhood association came home, I was threatened and I took off my pants and skirt. It was seen by my son (28 years old), and the neighborhood association ran away. My son sees his lower body naked. "Mom, you're always doing lewd things with that guy, right?" He said, "I have to tell my dad that my mom was having sex with a naked person!", So she said, "No, I threatened my mom and took her off! But nothing was done." I said, "It's true that I was naked in front of that person and had my pussy exposed." I took a picture of me with the camera function of my cell phone, saying, "What if I tell my dad that my mom is always having sex with that person?" My son touches my dick, saying, "I'll keep it a secret from my dad, so show me my mom's dick." If I resisted, I threatened to tell my dad, and I opened my legs and lay down. "My mom's pussy is darkened with her villas growing," she says embarrassingly. My son undressed and became naked and made me suck my penis. I am at the mercy of my son. sad. My son put a penis in his mouth, and his legs were wide open and licked so that the dick looked good. "Let me put it in my mom's pussy," and try to put in the hardened one. It's not good because it's a parent and child! If you resist saying that, I'll give it to my dad! ThreateningI was told, "I want you to put Takayoshi's cock in your mother's pussy." In addition, "Mom likes other people's cocks, but I want Takayoshi to put her cock in , " and "Mom felt that Takayoshi licked her pussy. It's getting so slimy. "Put it in," he was forced to do. I said, "I want you to put Takayoshi's cock in your mom's pussy as soon as possible" and "I'll give you a pussy when you like Takayoshi from now on! That's why it's a secret to my dad." Takayoshi is recording. And my son came in. It is incest. My son shook his hips while hugging me, and in his ear, he said, "My mom's pussy feels good. From now on, I 'll have a pussy with my mom when I like . " Don't do it, "he said, " Takayoshi's pussy feels good. " Because Takayoshi crouched in my dick and licked it quite a bit. When I put Ochinchin in my mouth, I used my tongue to suck. I feel like I'm a parent and child ...

Father-in-law has come in without knocking

Only one month to the home of husband during the re-home I was supposed to care but was seen like a gun I was surprised that I have seen open suddenly door When I was secretly in the room Naku' can stand the Onani was doing every day Mom paralyzed? I I exhibitionist that I also did not think trying to hide but I was embarrassed or when I was also a little but I was surprised fantasy? I no matter Yaba me it in the 40s

Massage to dad

Finally, after becoming jk1, I made progress with my dad. On my day off, my dad sat in a chair and said, "I'm tired. I'm tired." When I asked "Would you like to have a massage?", I always refused "OK", but on that day I was rarely asked "I should ask". Thinking of Churns, I knelt in front of my dad sitting in a chair. And the legs are fir. At first, as I rubbed the area around the base of my crotch little by little from my toes, it gradually swelled. Silence to each other. I was shy and sat on my dad's lap like a child. But it's different from those days. There is something hard under the butt ... Dad hugged me from behind and shook my body to ease. My dad's hard stuff rubbed against my ass and over there, which made me feel very strange. My dad is getting sick. And my dad's over there was getting wet. He ejaculated with my body. Dad lowered me from my lap and said, "That's it for today." Is it okay to think that today is a continuation? I masturbate alone thinking of my dad.

Virginity loss experience 2

College student's, Hello. It's showed me open over there to mom and night, just between the two of us. It's showed me to open the leg take off your underwear also lost the appeal of Mr. college students saying to do to see such a thing. It's clitoris is too large college student's mother also impressive. I'm sorry not served with the expectations of Mr. college students. There was a contact and got to the nearest station from the master. Also I would like to write when I got to organize feelings.