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This forum is all fiction writing. Confession board experience is closer to the simulated experience exists for eliminating the real crime. Thank you do not like to match or imitate absolutely. Rape is a criminal offense prostitution molestation and unacceptable. Thank you for your understanding of a healthy adult means.

Incest confession of women

My incest

yuna himekawa[34456]
Father 50 years old, my mother was passed away 13 years ago. My father hesitated even to go out to work, leaving me alone, I have chosen to work in a self-employed for that.  At one point, \"Dad, I want to say to work, I would because it is all right\" also show bullish in front of the father, wasteful had been found. \"I because the return home as soon as possible,\" from that time, seems to have thought an independent. Father acquired the qualification was opened a small office in a location close to the home. \"From now on, I is stay together every day.\" I was clinging jumped into the chest of his father. That was the 13-year-old junior high school one year. Father and bath enters together commonplace as, show all in front of the father not hidden naked, I had decided that <shall I give dad> in mind. Had confided such a thought is, of course, was naked at the time was your bath. , \"Sayoko, thank you I do I Kurere Good luck even to study now..., If I get to the age of 20 if there is no change in the mind, paddle? Say still\" No good \"20-year-old? Until then wait us \" It 's\" loving daughter, I can wait of \" I had a strong hug kiss to his father. Toka get sucking tits to his father in the meantime the bath, the hair of dick also becomes like shave and the ask his father, become a commonplace that get shaved every night, was supposed to like get even licking, still not be determined from the father had been raised to 20 years of age as promised.  Yesterday business day, today is a day off. Contraception, of course last night also awakened pleasure received a hot father violently love one uterus, it is refreshing morning. Well then the father and dating date.

What should I do?

For the first time post troubled by the pseudonym Hiroyuki to become a one-year junior high school this year. Since age I was also aware that you are also masturbation. The other day, when I was cleaning the son of the room, we have got to find two books a male nude photo book from under the bed. Or swallow the liquid or adding a man to each other meat bar. It is in my head now pure white. Then with a check of the room every day, it a month position standing was around male nude book had found a DVD of mother-to-child incest products. But was also a little relieved to be interested in women are in can not even talk to is .... My husband is interested in maternal and child product rather than a young girl. Son does not become anxious and I think in the future things ahead.

Deceased father

I 26-year-old, 50-year-old mother  around is still my father was alive and well, in a time that was to become soon the 20-year-old, father of hobby but it is a camera, it was like the scenery.  At breakfast in a Sunday parent-child three \"Dad, me to shoot my nude? \" In how parents who have lost a surprise words, but still I have a nonchalant meal, my mother started to say at intervals little 're saying that such a\" What an idiot!? \" My father does not say anything \" stupid I not a thing, would be safe if dad ne ..., ... raised to dad ... dad So, ... would be nice ... of want you to shooting mom, good you will ..... I ... first men want to give to ... Dad ... \"of had decided to dad and mind parents there is no word, I had finished the meal destination It was. It was up on the second floor. Door I came in father is a knock. Words less I sit a father to bed, began to talk Potsuri ... Potsuri and father, casually sit next to the father, he had confided the heart. \"Paddle does not regret nice to paddle ... really? ...?\" \"I want to raise to a good dad\" would kiss hug to his father, as it is crowded fell to the bed pushed up even bra open the front of the chest, father I had not smoked in. Then, up to the father in the bed of his room, he clung strongly to the voices raised father in pain, my father was really feeling hot and the release into the uterus.Was a virgin loss, asked to have some time to bed in my father, but I was with a dirt of bleeding in sheets, and get off, supported by his father hug mother gently, to enter the father and living room, has a lingerie when you leave the room , I asked to wash gently through it to enter the father and bathroom, but my mother gave me the sheets are changed in the meantime.  Also it is a holiday from nude photography, but of course in the house, also shot in places not found in people outside, I finished the insertion of the contraceptive ring, and from behind caught in trees after shooting, outdoors Toka rugs love of was also increased. I had come to an end in such a day-to-day. Tears had told endlessly farewell. I think of the father has not yet disappeared. Awaken joy of body and taught from his father, nor does it think of to this former father disappears.  Sad events want to forget, but I think of the father ... ... is ask, sad question is not whether ...


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I'm next door

My neighbor is about to say hello to me when I'm cleaning the front door and taking out the trash in the morning . He has a fair and delicate body, and instead of being a little bigger, his rather fluffy school uniform makes his body look even smaller or weaker. Even though it's summer, the hairstyle looks like an old mushroom cut, and when you look at it , your eyes are hidden by the smooth long hair, which gives you a somewhat quiet impression. He looks like that, but when I talk to him, he's surprisingly cheerful and cheerful , and I only thought that I was a cute girl next door. It was about half a year ago that I noticed the eccentricity. The time was around 11:00 at night when my family was asleep. It was the first time for a couple to work on that day, but I left my husband who fell asleep earlier on the bed because I felt comfortable , and I went to the kitchen to drink water to cool my unsatisfied body. I went. It was when I returned from the kitchen, returned to my room on the second floor, and went to the bathroom before going to bed. The toilet on the second floor of my house has a small window, from which I can see the next house, but suddenly I saw a light on the first floor of the next house. The high walls between the houses and the windows that were visible through the planting of the next house were opened, and a little white steam was rising. I felt something was moving in the light I caught in the corner of my eyes, and I casually looked at it from the window on the second floor.The first thing I saw in the steam-filled window was a small flesh-colored body. I could only see below my chest, but I quickly realized that my thin, fair-skinned body was next to me. I didn't care about the floor plan next door, and the window was normally closed, so I didn't know what room it was, but I was naked, so maybe it's a bath. .. He seems to be sitting on a chair in the bathroom, but he has somehow regular and squishy movements. "What are you doing? I was worried about the strange movement, and when I looked at it casually, when his body moved a little, I could see his lower abdomen. Something pink stick was held in his hand, he was rubbing the stick up and down, and I soon realized it was his cock . "... I'm masturbating next door ...! " While I think the sight is bad that, in its first look at the act of the boys around, was no longer the other eye is tied up. I can't see his face, but as I watched his hands move faster and faster, my heart began to beat. Eventually, for a moment, I thought that a white streak had grown from the tip of the stick, and his movement stopped. And after a while he stood up, and as soon as he took a shower, the lights in the bathroom went out, but in my head the shocking sight reappeared over and over again until morning. Continued to be done."I'm doing it again ... " Then about a month I neighbor is in the mood, with through the window every time you go to the toilet now will look at the window of the bath field. The window was always closed during the day, but it was open at night when the sun went down. When I go to the bathroom before going to bed, it seems like the time when I was taking a bath next door . Sometimes it's time to wash the body, but after that it seems to be his pattern to end up holding the Ochinchin . I've been watching it almost every day since the day I first witnessed it, and every time I see it, I hold it every day. "... Isn't it so tiring every day? 』\ Unlike a husband with a solid physique, although only once every few months, he rubs continuously beyond imagination from the delicate appearance that seems to be weak . Is this youth? Or is he special? He occasionally issued several times a day. When I first saw it, I was surprised. I just thought that a white streak had come out from the tip, but I started rubbing again soon. "e? ···e? ... Well, again? Is it the third time? " He of the day I was out also 3 times during slight that have seen me. Were you really excited? Although the time for each session is short, I continue to rub it without rest even after I put it out . Even though he always looks bright and innocent with a smile, he seems to be unable to escape from his young sexual desire.And again, I couldn't get out of this bad act. One day, when I looked into the neighbor from the window, I saw that I was sitting on a chair in the bathroom and washing my body as usual . As usual, I start rubbing as soon as I finish washing my body, so I was peeking at it while waiting for it, but when I thought that my thin white arms stretched out from around his waist , I grabbed Ochinchin from behind. When I kept an eye on something, my hands slowly rubbed his sole twice or three times , as if I was hugging him from behind. He twists a little behind and stops moving. I can't see it from my position, but it was as if I was kissing. In the meantime, his crotch hand slowly continued to squeeze him, stroking the tip with one hand. Eventually, the owner of the white body wraps around in front of him, and when he sees a white and delicate butt , he sits down as if straddling his body. As the white hips slowly begin to move up and down, the well-shaped boobs bounce up and down as they move . When he reached for it, his soft breasts changed shape and seemed to spill from his fingers. Even at midnight, of course, I can't hear their voices or sounds up to my place. In the silence, the monotonous movement that was just repeated, only my heart rang like a quick bell, and it seemed to be heard.Among them, when I thought that the movement of the two people became faster, they stopped and hugged each other for a while, but after a while they both stood up, and when they took a shower, the electricity in the bathroom was fluffy. Disappeared. "Ritsuko-san ...?" Next door is a family of three. My husband, I, and my wife, Ritsuko. Only Ritsuko can think of a woman who was shaking her hips over me. If so, it means that the actual parent and child were having sexual intercourse. It wasn't long before I returned to my room after forever looking at the darkened bathroom window because I couldn't believe the secret act of the neighbor I had seen .

I wanted to escape the life of abuse

I heard from a friend and found out about this post. I heard that you can mutter anything, so I would like to talk to you. I lost my husband at the age of 42 and lived with my eldest son and wife. The days when the bride flirted with me and the son saw me as the bride and hit me continued. When I consulted with my second son about this, he told me to live together. I had a daughter-in-law and a grandchild, but I decided to live together in spite of my words. I thought it was a fun day watching my grandchildren, but at night my son and daughter-in-law were having a fight over sex. Let's do it ... I'm tired, so my grandson got up in the loud voices of the two people, and my grandson came to me. It seems that dad and mom have sex about twice a month even if they say they are having a fight . An incident occurred while such days continued. My son works at home using a computer, but his wife works as a nurse. My son was willing to work, and he left his grandson to his daughter and his wife just because he was sick. I have taken care of my grandchildren since I started living with my son. I put my grandson in a kindergarten pick-up car and went back home to do the cooking and laundry. My son told me to rub my lower back because it hurts. I went to my son's room without thinking of my son's desire. My son is lying down on a futon with a pair of pants. When I straddled my son's knees and rubbed his hips, he suddenly turned around and laid me on a futon.Even if I said to stop, my son forcibly took off my panties. I was floating while looking at my son's face and telling him to stop. The pussy was wet contrary to the words. My son hugged me and put my knees between my groins. The cock that took off the pants came into the pussy. I'm ... aaaaaa ~~~ Sex after a long time My son moves his hips ... and my mother feels good ~~. I feel good too ... Ahhh ... I heard a voice. My son told me to get naked. My son left me and took off the clothes I was wearing. I was stripped naked and my son hugged me and put the cock in the pussy and moved my hips. The cock was hugging her son naked in the futon and hugging her son with excitement while moving in the pussy. My son was moving his hips back and forth, whispering that it felt good, and I was moving up and down while making a voice. I entwined my tongue while hugging me strongly ... Uuuuu ~~~~~ Sperm was put out in the pussy. I haven't had my period since I had sex with my son. I was wondering if I was late, but I was worried and went to the pharmacy to buy inspection paper. When I checked it in the bathroom, I got the result of pregnancy. I ...Son ... Mom I'm pregnant and giving birth to my child ... Don't say stupid things I invite me when I'm angry. Once you have a physical relationship, you will be embraced by your son, not disgusting. I started to get naked in my futon and hug each other and have sex almost every day. I was embraced by my son thinking that I had to take it down. If I stretch it beyond this, I can't take it down, so when I went to the obstetrics and gynecology department, I was told congratulations. I wanted to give it to him, but the teacher looked moody. After the surgery, I got a pill and went home. I didn't have sex with my son for about a month. It's been less than a month, but my son is still young. I said. I said it would seem strange if I didn't talk to Sachiko-san. My son embraced his wife twice. A month later my son invited me. I was contraceptive and was held by my son. My son feels good and whispers that it feels good and sperm is put out in the pussy. I feel comfortable being held by my son and I am taken advantage of by my son. These days are still going on.

Gifts for Mother's Day

Thing of this month 10 days, my son, 19 years old I am age son, I am 45 years old, my husband is in Japan, but is a bachelor. \"I Mother little early gift, look at it later,\" my son came back with a bag of department store to my room to say that. Some of the paper bag was containing the follicles with a ribbon. When I opened the package back from shopping, came out the underwear of women can be seen as luxury goods at a glance, shorts are two of the bra and the pair, one is cute in a T-back the other one is embroidery of the same pattern bikini of shorts, shorts there was one other, scale sheer I place in the ass all-race, before've stayed with that fabric backing to the crotch in a V-shape. Maybe I think I was embarrassed, and how to do it how independent I became a little Poor. With the ice coffee went into the room of Takaaki \"mon not I have Thank you I Anna great thing, would have been higher, will it was hard to choose\" a person of \"Yeah shop if there is between a little help I was saved from me, the person I last year, is you went got, you went thought Poor me shopping at that time boy in the women's underwear department, I So, decide now boys and I'll help you come to this department Datte sputum, so I was good, Do not want to see me is the mother, where the mother is wear it, Do would be clean, ask \"

I grew up in response to the sex education of his brother.

My brother is one years older. The first time, in a brother 1, when I was small 6. It is me and my brother have been given one of the children's room, slept every night side by side futon. One day, I will find the book of naughty cartoon from the brother of the desk, I was reading secretly it. But it will be found in my brother ... \"Rin-chan, there interested?\" Was asked. I, I have nodded with a light feeling. Then brother said, \"So your brother is'll tell\", me was lying on his back on the futon. Brother will then remove pajamas pajamas. While saying so \"I Do not will still small ...\", was massaging my tits. The first had laughed Kusuguttaku, but gradually become comfortably, nipples has been standing. Then brother not contain the nipple in his mouth, Tadashi, began to suck and Tadashi. Blitz was as ran. And comfortably the brother of warm tongue ... and, looks like a baby brother is spoiled, very cute, seemed regrettable love. Then Furiaikko genitals to each other. Insertion was also. Not enter easily, but it was also very painful when it entered, but brother was happy to us to comfortably likely. At that time it was the Pies, and later had me also contraception. The brother it was the same room until they graduate from high school, As you can imagine, I was a little every night sex.Now is also home to get married to each other, but sex is occasionally met. I would not get out anymore. lifetime…

I like my brother, I love him, I love him

yuna himekawa[33941]
I'm 17-year-old Bracon JK. I've loved and loved my 24-year-old brother since I was little, so I brought my brother's pillow, buried his face, and masturbated (just rubbing chestnuts) while sniffing. I was always sticky, and I used to say that I liked it, and I wasn't particularly disliked because I also liked mana, but my stance is just brothers and sisters. When I got a job and left the house, it was about an hour by train from my house, but my family cried so much that I went to see him the next day. By the way, my older brother is a pretty handsome guy, I'm not a favor because he's been told by many friends, so I know she's been two so far, have you met, like this? I thought. Zuu and Virgin had decided to be an older brother (I can't think of H as anything other than an older brother), so I heard that he just broke up with her, so I went to the older brother's room, what do you want for a high school entrance celebration? I was told, "It's a celebration of admission." "Oh, what do you want, don't say home." I had the usual gentle look . " I want to have sex with my brother, I loved him as a man, I love him." I confessed. He seemed to be surprised, and he said, "Don't be silly, say what you want ." When I started crying, "Hey, I'm here" and rubbed my back. While crying, " I'm serious, if you don't understand the feeling of love from the bottom of my heart, I'll die." I scattered and hugged as it was. Hug me back"Okay, thank you, I'm glad, but we're brothers and sisters, don't you really regret it?" "No, never, no way." In a strong tone, kiss me , "I want to hold mana too." (Of course, the first kiss) I was glad that he took off my clothes while standing and saw me naked and said "It's beautiful". I laid me on the bed first, and my brother also became naked. When I saw my brother's clothes for the first time in a long time and thought that they would go inside me, my heart was so shocked that I thought it would explode , and my brother covered me with a D kiss and a kiss on my whole body. When I was licked and made sure that it was wet enough , I thought it was kind to put out the skin and put it on . "I'll put it in." My brother's thing came in slowly, it hurt more than I imagined, but the joy won and I cried. When I saw me crying, "Are you okay?" "Okay, I was so happy that I cried." "Yes." After kissing, I was clinging to my brother's back when he started to move his hips. I don't remember if it was, my brother hugged me for a while after Itta , I was happy, and I cried again. After that, they took a bath and sent me home. After that, she isn't there either (no, I'm her), so every timeI go to my brother's room to clean, cook, and have sex. It's so much fun and happy, but there's one thing I'm dissatisfied with, it's definitely wearing skin , and even if you say "you should go outside" or "it's a safe day today, it's okay" , you say "no" dividing I have is known Datte of course kindness, I want to do with raw if possible, the brother of sperm want to accept in me, because for me sex with your brother is because in order to ascertain the love rather than a pleasure act. So begging Once to us Problem Solving in "order to confirm the love not'm pleasure act, so I feel like in" Once you say a little troubled as such in the face "or so, me think that way I 'm so happy, I really want to live in mana. " " If so, "I put a word in it and said, " Listen and talk properly. I accept the feelings of mana, and now I'm alone. I love you as a woman from the bottom of my heart, so I don't regret this with Mana at all, but we're brothers and sisters, and the world shouldn't do it, we're fine, our intentions Because it's a relationship that started with, but children can't choose their parents, we can't be legal couples, I don't think it's good to be born in that situation,Or do you fall every time you get pregnant? I hate that more, if you're thinking of checking love instead of pleasure , you'll understand what I mean. " Ah, my brother can be respected. I thought, I fell in love again. I'm still wearing skins, but I still have myself who can't give up, and I have a question for someone, where should I get pills , can I buy them even at the age of 17?

Virginity loss experience 2

College student's, Hello. It's showed me open over there to mom and night, just between the two of us. It's showed me to open the leg take off your underwear also lost the appeal of Mr. college students saying to do to see such a thing. It's clitoris is too large college student's mother also impressive. I'm sorry not served with the expectations of Mr. college students. There was a contact and got to the nearest station from the master. Also I would like to write when I got to organize feelings.

Son and two people living in a fatherless home

I am the son of 38-year-old is the home of life in the 21-year-old. Life, but I was a living rely on painful to man, now I love with the son abandoned by man. Son of salary will give me a better living expenses to me, it has been embraced by the son from such a thing. Son that put the rubber, I have so say that I do not want, and contraception. Because I sleep in the sight of naked as good in the futon of W bet son will have to put the cock Nugashi immediately panties in the pussy. When are blazing in the two sons are coming out of the sperm in the pussy. It will be the pregnancy Once issued the sperm in the pussy to beans. That'd say it was good to have the contraception, there are.