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This forum is all fiction writing. Confession board experience is closer to the simulated experience exists for eliminating the real crime. Thank you do not like to match or imitate absolutely. Rape is a criminal offense prostitution molestation and unacceptable. Thank you for your understanding of a healthy adult means.

Incest with daughter

The body of an adult daughter

yuna himekawa[11549]
I lost my wife in a car accident five years ago. My daughter also entered high school this year and is working hard to study and club activities. There was talk of remarriage, but I couldn't forget my wife and kept refusing. And I have treated the menstruation with the underwear left by my wife. However, recently, her daughter Arisa has become more feminine and more like her wife. Unfortunately, I've put up with masturbation while imagining my wife, but for the past six months or so, I've been imagining my daughter's body and processing it. At this rate, I'm likely to reach out to my daughter, so I went to Tokyo the other day and used a dating site to sort out my feelings. The high school girl of hope appeared on time and immediately entered the hotel. As requested, she was a child with a height, facial features, and hairstyle that resembled her daughter. To tell a little bit, the child was in the second year of high school, and he was compensating for his parents' opposition and desire for money. Immediately, I took a shower and embraced her. The penis erected so painfully for the first time in a long time on a fresh body. The foreplay was moderately contained in her. I felt the vagina while shaking my hips slowly. It was an indescribable feeling. As expected, the limit came faster than I expected in sex for the first time in 5 years. In less than two minutes, she trembled and ejaculated inside her. "My uncle was quick, so if I'm fine, I'll be OK again," he was ridiculed and angry, but he had no choice but to suck on her boobs. This time, I also enjoyed 69, slowly tasted the feeling in the vagina and released the second spirit. With this, I was relieved that I could avoid incest with my daughter, but I went home. Then, for a while, as I expected, when I could not stand masturbation imagining my daughter, I went to Tokyo and had sex with a school girl who looked like my daughter and processed it.However, in the meantime, I felt that I couldn't stand the pattern. At that time, my daughter, who was trying to watch TV in her pajamas after taking a bath, was strangely lustrous and lost her reason as a father. I want to get closer and see my daughter's body. And I want to touch it. I lost this urge and approached my daughter and took a closer look at her face, chest, and buttocks. Excited by the breathing of the young body, I suddenly pulled out my penis from my pants and started rubbing. Eventually, my daughter woke up to my intense breathing. The girl screamed at the sight in front of her and tried to escape. I grabbed my daughter's hand and hugged her. "No. Dad." The scream of my daughter drove me. "I have no choice but to do it," I decided. Then, the daughter who resisted violently and screamed was bruised. I took off my daughter's bajamas, who crouched in pain, and stripped off her underwear. I had beautiful skin. I groped my breasts and sucked. Then I widened my crotch and looked at the moderately thick pubic area. I was so angry that I couldn't afford to foreplay, so I just licked my labia and spit on my penis and went inside my daughter. Recently, I have sex with a high school girl about once a month, but the fellowship with my daughter made me feel special excitement. My alter ego is growing so much. Every time I do Biston exercise, I feel like an adult body that wraps my penis comfortably. It feels good. He was no longer his father, but a beast. I want to get it out quickly. Increased the speed of piston movement. Soon after, an unspeakable pleasure ran and exploded in the brain. After ejaculating, I pulled back, but most of it was released in my daughter's vagina. For a while, the heart of the father and the heart of the beast were mixed with the appearance of the crying daughter. "I'm sorry Arisa. My dad has done a lot of work," he said, but he had another erection on his breathing breasts and big ass."I want to do it again" The beast's heart overcame. The resisting daughter bruises her again and sticks to her breasts. Then he licked his labia and carefully stimulated his clitoris with his tongue. While crying, my body responded to the stimulus many times. This time, I tried to insert it without spit. It was cramped, but it settled without any pain. My penis, which became a beast, went back and forth in my daughter's vagina violently and sometimes slowly in order to taste the feeling of the vagina. Eventually, the brain heaven clung to the numb daughter and ejaculated. After that, although awkwardness remained, I wondered if my daughter had to rely on her financially, and she began to respond to my request about twice a week. I bought a condom for the first time in 5 years and am drowning in my grown-up daughter's body, taking into consideration her daughter's pregnancy. And I hope that this kind of parent-child couple life will continue for a long time.

Momo is a senior male junior high school student

Momo had sex with another person and scolded me a lot. It seems that he was a senior in junior high school and he was a type student, so he went home after school, so he talked under the river bridge on his way home and he said that if he was enthusiastic about it, he couldn't lower his pants under his skirt. Since I haven't forgiven it in my main business, it seems that the peaches are also comfortable as they are, and it seems that they are put out inside, and I scolded what to do if I could. On Fridays, I usually say that I'm going to drive my dad on Saturdays and Sundays, but I go out saying that I'll meet this Saturday and Sunday friend, but something is wrong with my clothes, so I secretly follow him on Sunday and go out by bicycle. When I got to the park at the foot of the mountain and there was a man like a junior high school student who met Momo, I thought that they were sitting on the bench and talking for about 30 minutes, and when the man put his hand on Momo's shoulder Kiss the peach's mouth as it is, hug each other with a long kiss, and when the kiss is over, there are people around, so they stand up with the peach and move to an unpopular place in the back of the park. I went to the innermost bench, where Abek was there, and they returned to their bicycles, and when they both rode, they ran in different directions and Momo went home. I think I wanted to have sex, but I felt like I couldn't do it, so I told Momo that it was too early, and when I asked if I met my boyfriend yesterday Saturday and today, I honestly said yes and asked if I had sex. I said no, but Saturday was late at night, so I thought it was a lie and asked if it was Saturday, but my boyfriend hit the cock on the pussy, but it was the same as before, when I entered the entrance, I took it out and went all the way to the back He says he doesn't think the peach is naughty because it's not in it. I bullied Sunday and yesterday Monday night for punishment.

Incest discourse

Also I have to masturbation daughter can not withstand. The nipple massage the milk put your hand in the uniform while kiss tied the hands of the daughter licking tongue, the pants licking tongue suffer to head to the back of the loincloth around with Tsukkomimanko a finger in the pants vagina reluctant crying spree butt pounding. Creampie while chanted the name of the daughter. Wipe off with pants rubbed on the cheek that is still handed down tears of the daughter of the penis that semen arrived. This Bakka recently.

Real and daughter \"SM play\"

Strictly speaking, it may not be said to be incest, it is the transformation Papa yourself that indulgence in dense \"SM play\" of the daughter of the real. Originally, yourself at work bachelor often, there was many things to live in the apartment for local singles. Well, \"living alone\" So, is like night sleep look at the PC Web site, is a translation that has been left alone. Opportunity takes advantage of the summer vacation of the university, daughter does not Yokosa any prior notice, it was that all had gone to visit my apartment. Until I have to go home, the leave to PC Web site had, I mean you've quite seen in the daughter. \"... I dad, I ... it was a M man's\" at the time of the evening dinner, in words that my daughter is cut out, I now likely stops breath. \"I was a little surprised, I was just playing that want to do. Dad .... I am the queen Well then, you hate?\" If a normal father, would answer and of course [NO]. But I've answered [YES] of transformation dad. On the contrary, \"a play that I want to do the ◎◎ (the name of the daughter). When I get to enjoy feel free to use the father's body, dad also'm happy,\" I had to say to the. It daughter from, has transformed into a gleefully blame me \"S Queen\". Ostensibly, his father cleaning and taking care of the meal room of bachelor. The \"back of the face\" is the Queen blame my M man.Although I enjoyed the \"SM play\" a variety of between just one year or so, currently, daughter of prefer most is the \"testicle blame\". Soriotoshi to smooth my pubic hair, and fixed my naked in the \"open leg M-Tied\", daughter rolled grab at your fingertips to my testicles, I spree rubbing. \"Hehehe ···· ♪. Father of the testicles, I'd really grasp comfort, kickass. ♪ tonight, uh-uh and Kunyukunyu, crunchy and I because you raised to ~ ♪. I show in agony in cute voice - ·· ♪ \" fun is the daughter to perform likely the word blame, in fact, this\" testicle blame \". Considerably you \"painful\". At one, really I think not from being crushed testicles, there is a memory that suffered by the whole body sweating. But, my daughter will not bite always me \"gagged\". \"Painfully, I dad saying Woo Woo, very'm sexy and beautiful ♪\" lost the sweet words of such a daughter, I frankly accept the \"gag\" of \"de M daddy\". Hands on top of the head, strapped to the bed of the column, I, which is fixed to fished both feet on the large \"V-shaped\" today. \"Now, the chance today, I because you raised in Yo Ku rub. Raise the Woo Woo and cute voice, me I entertained\" the fingertips of both hands of a daughter, raised grab my left and right of the testicles, tightening strongly It came. I, involuntarily divert the body, it screams. However, it is, \"© ~! , © © ~ !! \" say does not become only the\" groan voice \". \"Fufufu ··· ♪, is a good number I ~ ♪.Like Dad is the massage of the testicles is the best. ♪ Chaa was something affair with other S queen,'m useless ~! \" Fingertips of both hands of a daughter, ten fingers captures the left and right of the testicles, came tightened strongly. Breath felt severe pain, such as clogging, I will divert to bow the body. \"Oh ~ !!, it hurts! ,Stop, please! . Ball will be crushed! ,painful! ,stop~! ! \" And, we are screaming in earnest, but it is not made only to\" groan voice \". \"Nice voice, nice voice ··· ♪. Dad groan voice, sexy ··· ♪. Horahota, big service!, Raise a better voice!\" Daughter, further put a force on the fingertip, testicle and the go Turn kneaded with muzzles. I, ejecting the \"Aburaase\" from the whole body, could continue issued a \"groan voice\" of entreaty.

After the death of his wife

Marriage honeymoon baby with a man 38-year-old-daughter 16-year-old and 22-year-old! His wife four years ago died, my daughter is cute ... similar to the wife when the wife go to bed from in the hospital began to sleep to come next. Could the relationship between the company's secretary from its hour and minute? My wife is a week once when you are suffering from the disease was burning with her daughter had always wait until late at night by one person. Or looking at the sleeping face of my daughter I'm the devil? Whether they mad? ... until it is morning drinking dead wife! It unscrupulous she came to pray after four days, but no one she was holding so did not have burned abnormal, daughter had also know not disturbed had come home. Her daughter was hiding up to go home, dinner at the usual daughter of attitude is different ... came daughter three days after the bet \"Iyaiya'\" and shouting embrace with a woman came to the smell wife aroma, instinctively excitement came \"Dad, I like yo?\" Fukkuri had forgotten the soft breast another daughter who put a hand on the chest of her daughter \"happy?\" daughter also friendly word \"Itai' Dad\" hair went When you try to put your finger full coloring the collar in the pussy and cock \"painful Yo ^^ Dad?\" jerk and dropping the hip \"Uu' sit still and Tetee?\" fluoride and reading hatched was myself are holding a daughter daughter When I tried to overtake thinking is \"hate ? do not stop? like Dad? \" the other could not be patience, Dokuddokuddoku >> in daughterDaughter came back to calm had hidden the face spread the crotch like a doll. \"Dad was happy my dad\" from that me be in the place of the wife to use care not to pregnancy. A terrible father.

Filial piety daughter who

Transfer instruction in the 46-year-old, is doing such as newspaper delivery quit since leaving the company his wife had walked out at two people daughter got married the other man angry. Daughter When you have a partner without dating to pussy, is to use the wasted money to stop dad want to have sex with dad cry When you cry in front of two daughters want to do down ... pussy aroused it was Tsu solved Dad do not cry because I'll two daughters will let me do it the pussy by turns me to contraception. It has got so out of the sperm in the pussy hugging each other naked in've got the two daughters of virgin

Demo bird ... daughter and granddaughter

Six months before, I had left the company at 51 years old. Phone from that time my daughter, there was you, go home and to home because I was divorced and her husband did not come out even unilateral words. My wife was a 73-year-old older than me, was having an affair since coming refused to be a thing of sex. Its cheating, it has become divorce Bale to his wife. It became so single persons I was a pussy in Tsurekon a woman of high school students, is of course compensated dating. Woman who are dating to the daughter, told me not to come back from there. My daughter came back to the home to take the sixth grade of elementary school granddaughter ignore that say me. Though had a dating with the person of a woman of high school students in translation that never take a person of a woman of high school students to a love hotel does not go I have become able to break up. Now the hit eight to daughter becomes increasingly stress also accumulated frustration. Daughter've heard me on as one of the okay to not go to work with my daughter. Money earned by the retirement + strains, told me not to to worry about because there. Daughter I on how much has 3 when saying'm three fingers so hear as are ten million ... little different Do憶I'm daughter I have to say the three three three憶. Daughter when I sleep in that night double bed of futon that was sleeping with my wife has been entered in the futon become naked. I went to the harbor I think the mother. I dick when I was a kiss while hugging daughter becomes naked, daughter been standing've been riding on top of the hip while holding my dick.I have sunk the waist put a dick in pussy. Aaa ~ ~ big daddy of belongings great Aaa ~ ~ dick, has subsided shot in the back of the pussy. Daughter dropped the waist up and down trousers trousers trousers trousers Awu ~ ~ Aaan Aaan Aaan Aaan Aaan Ooo Ooo Ooo Ooo Ooo daughter 've Karamashi the tongue while kissing been clinging to me. And are swirled in the penis through the pussy wiggle the hips while turning the ass daughter went whisper and I feel good I feel good to daughter comfortably. Daughter Haaaan Haaaan while half-open mouth 's Aaa ~~ likely out feels good. I'll good to put in the father or the good -out in me ... go go Aaaaaa ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ I give out ~ ~ ~ Wuwuwu ~~~~~~~~ my daughter ended up sleeping in my futon. Is there a continuation of the story, but so tired leave the此sides.

I love bathing with my dad

I'm Jc1 who has been taking a bath with my dad since I was in kindergarten! The bath with your dad starts with asking your dad to wash your boobs and pussy and holding your thighs to wash. This has been since I was in kindergarten. When my nipples are slimy with foam from about the second grade, I feel strange and ask for more washing. If you try to crispy or crush the sharp nipple with your nails, your hips will move and you will start to make a loud voice. In that case, my dad will make my fingers crisp quickly, so when I was in the 4th grade, I was able to get nipples and nipples in about 10 minutes. After washing the nipples, it's time to wash the pussy. The vagina is after the nipple, so I call it Tron. I think the soup has been out since I was in kindergarten. The buns are also washed slowly, centering on the blister. Even if I say more, I'm slurping my blister with my fingers, so I'm rubbing my hips against my dad's fingers. I love washing blister, so I get nervous right away, but I have to wash it well, so I ask him to wash it until tears come out. After that, it is eye masked and licked by dad. It feels so good that it trembles when the blister, the vagina hole and the buttocks are squeezed. When I was in the third grade, my finger came in, and when the pain disappeared, I put in my dick. Dick was so painful that I peeed and fell asleep. From that day on, my dick came in every day, and at first I screamed and fell asleep, but by the time I got up in four years, I fell in love with having my dick washed.However, my dad seems to keep the secret of licking and putting it in properly, so if I have an eye mask, I wash it a lot with slimy or wash it with a thick stick and ask for it. I'm looking forward to taking a bath with my dad every day. On my days off, I had a mom, so I went to a hotel, a public bath, or a health land together and had them wash in the bath. I'm a little lonely because the bathhouse is no good after I became a junior high school student.

Abuse and lifetime

yuna himekawa[10943]
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What is love?

When I was 4th grade, my mother remarried and called my new father Dad. Before getting married, from the day I met Dad for the second time, I and Dad took a bath together, and always slept together on the day I stayed. I will come and also have now been to play in the evening to get to me and the bath is from the and mother and dad get married, to take a bath together every day after after bath is also allowed to spend in the naked, mother nor father I was spending my time naked. I had sex with my dad when I was 5th grade, and my mother and dad's wedding anniversary "Why did you get married?" The answer from my dad and mother was "I decided to get married because Naomi is there." " I was able to marry my dad because Naomi was there." That night, I was allowed to see my dad and my mother's SEX and said, "I want Naomi to celebrate her wedding anniversary together." Daddy and my SEX were made to SEX, while my mother's official mother cooked and SEXed with my dad when dinner was ready, after waiting for my mother to watch TV and chat with my dad sitting at my feet Then, when I got a blowjob and got well, my mother and dad had sex this time and I visited, and finally I had sex in the vagina at night, and when I had sex with my husband and ejaculate, I was called to the vagina asked to internal ejaculation is the day that the physical condition of the mother is not good, dad and going to bed with SEX with two people in my room "that is SEX and Naomi told me to marry me on the condition" day to graduate from junior high school I While signing a divorce notice with a dad who lost sexual interest inI was crying that I really loved my mother and dad who taught me

A father who has not yet penetrated his daughter

I'm a fan who enjoys reading every day after seeing your posts. I have been in a state close to that for almost two years. Our couple are SM hobbies, and if my wife asks for it at night and day, I will do SM, but now I have a daughter in fifth grade, but about two years ago my daughter got up in the toilet at night I didn't notice, I tied my wife, beat her with a whip, attacked a slippery pussy with a vibe and put a vibe in an anal, I did not notice my daughter coming into our room with a loud voice of my wife When they let me flute violently, my daughter hits me not to bully my mom. You thought you would bully a girl who didn't know sex at all, right? My wife was also surprised by her daughter, and when she told me to go to bed because my dad and mom were playing, he said hmm, went out of the room, and came to see our sex first, sometimes when I woke up. Even if my wife scolded me, I said that I wanted to see it interesting, and at first I was reluctant to see it, but my wife says that I can see it even if I say it, so don't worry, so SM as usual I was doing it. The change is that my daughter is playing with a vibe when she doesn't have a wife! I can't enter the omeco because it's thick, but I'm told that my dad and mom had this much in it, I wonder if we can do it too! Since you are still a small child, I said that I could do it if I became an adult, and I escaped well, but after a year, I felt quite accustomed to seeing it, and while watching it, I felt comfortable playing with my omeco myself. I'm stroking it by hand. For another year, my daughter seems to have increased her sensitivity considerably when she's ona, and my wife says that you, that child, are already feeling!When I asked my wife to put it in, I was so angry that my child told me that I wasn't stupid, so I haven't put in a dick yet, but I put in a finger and a finger rotor that makes my wife squirt several times. I'm doing. I feel like I'm already feeling it. Also, I'm very interested in the flute, and I see my wife sucking my cock, so it seems strange that she sucks my cock and grows hard and big from fluffy to bing, dad why grows up I'm having trouble answering because I hear that.