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Incest with daughter

I was surprised to open it

yuna himekawa[11592]
It is a person who was supposed to be a wife in front of fifty years old. The other party is in his late twenties and has a child, but he has no marriage history ... I thought something was suspicious, but he told me that he did not want to hold a ceremony or reception because his boss also pushed him with an introduction from the president and his wife. I met several times and had a meal and a date. From the time I first met, I was surprised at the beautiful girl of JS5 with my stepchildren. I wondered if something happened at work on my third date, but my daughter was with me, but I drank until I got drunk. When I was sending her to my apartment by car, my daughter seems to feel sick, so where? I was asked to take a rest, but I couldn't even find a convenience store on a rural city road. It was a lonely love hotel that my daughter navigated and arrived in a few minutes. [Tsutsumotase! ] And waited in the parking lot saying that she and her daughter were left in the room and waiting in the car, but the strong brothers did not come and when I went to see the situation for about an hour, I snuggled up to her She gently stroked her sleeping daughter and smiled at me. She said in a small voice, "I'm sorry. I didn't bring you here with a strange intention ..." and told me about them. He talked about his habits about why he is an unmarried single mother and the relationship between his business partner and his boss. When she was about the same as her daughter, she was sold to a parent who was in trouble in her life and was exposed to countless adult cocks and semen at a membership-based child prostitution club. It was bought as the president's mistress and used for entertaining great business partners and officials in the back office. Unlike the club, it was not managed and I was held every night and I was relaxed and I could not use it after I became pregnant. Get.After giving birth to my daughter, I was forced to do business again, but the president's wife, who I couldn't see, consulted with my officer (who had held her) and was introduced to me. Preface complete

have done

The proposal was from my wife. I met at a company drinking party, and my wife had never talked to a senior employee in the next department, but it was my wife who sat next to me at that party. My wife divorced at that time, and my ex-husband said that she broke up at the mother's complex. I've just met such a story. To be honest, I thought she was a cute woman with a loli face, but I wasn't interested. However, from that day on, I began to receive invitations from my wife. It didn't take long to start with a meal and then invite my wife to have a physical relationship. My wife had two children, but all sex was new. I heard that most sexual intercourse with my ex-husband can be counted with fingers. Moreover, the act took only a few minutes. It was sex to have children. Then, when I went to my wife's house, there were daughters who were still in the nursery school at that time, and they soon followed me. Then, about half a year after dating, I received a proposal from my wife. To be honest, I'm neither the second one nor the type to advance. Of course I didn't have any money. To be honest, my wife was rich and popular because she received a compensation. When I asked my wife about it, it smelled first. I don't have a particularly strong body odor, but I've been told in the past. And my wife said that I didn't come to her, and most of all, she had daughters who had become accustomed to her real father. Certainly my daughters have been with me since I met them. And my wife was drowning in sex. As for sex, I was confident because I was loved by older women and mature women since I was a student, and I got acquainted with many people and learned sexual skills. However, I couldn't have it in the same age group or younger. In other words, my wife was the first woman of her age.

Filial piety daughter who

Transfer instruction in the 46-year-old, is doing such as newspaper delivery quit since leaving the company his wife had walked out at two people daughter got married the other man angry. Daughter When you have a partner without dating to pussy, is to use the wasted money to stop dad want to have sex with dad cry When you cry in front of two daughters want to do down ... pussy aroused it was Tsu solved Dad do not cry because I'll two daughters will let me do it the pussy by turns me to contraception. It has got so out of the sperm in the pussy hugging each other naked in've got the two daughters of virgin

Father who has been associated with his daughter

I'm an ordinary office worker, but I have a son who divorced my wife four years ago and graduated from high school this year and a daughter who is in the second year of high school. It's been from last month, but my daughter says she has a consultation with my dad, so when I ask him, he asks me to lend him 150,000 money, so I didn't answer what to buy, and after a few days, my daughter If I say that I have to say the reason because I will be in trouble if it is too late, I will say that I am pregnant and want to fall, so I doubted my ears, and when I asked who the other party was pregnant, it seems that he was reluctantly stopped. I was angry because I said my brother, and when I heard that I had been doing that, I was forced to do it when I was in my first year of high school, and since then I have been forced to do it, so my son came back and scolded me. I said that you should take responsibility for paying money, but since I just got a job and I can not afford it, I will pay it in about a year, so I will lend it for the time being, but my son has some defects, so absolutely I don't pay for it, so if I give it half, I'll lend the rest, but my daughter cries and asks me. Dad told me to lend him something like cleaning, eating and washing, so I had no choice but to give it out, but at the same time my daughter and son stopped talking about it, they seemed to stop having sex, and my daughter also stopped last month. Immediately after Golden Week, I got pregnant and finally returned to my normal life, but after only the first few days of eating, cleaning, and washing, when I scolded him for not doing so, I got angry because I stayed in the room and did not come out. So I didn't pay for the mobile phone at the end of May. Then I get angry and threaten to make money with my compensated dating!After that, my daughter came to my room where she was sleeping at night, and she seemed to be scared of compensatory dating, and whispered in her ear to put out her dad, but the voice was soft and it felt like my wife was by my side, and my daughter However, I started rubbing my shoulders and putting my hands on my shoulders, but my breasts, which were much larger than before Nobra, touched my body whether it was prun prun and work, and said that you got bigger. He said that he got a little milk and got bigger because he was pregnant, and when he took off a lot of pajamas, he showed Polon and breasts that it was big, and Dad squeezed his dad to still have a little milk. I said that I might come out, I received the breast from below myself, and if I sucked it, I said that it would probably come out, I said that I could suck it, but while thinking of my daughter, I wondered if it really came out, even if I touched it with my hand and rubbed it I tried to suck the nipple as much as I could because it didn't come out, but when I said that it didn't come out and I didn't come out, when my daughter pushed out the breast and tampered with the nipple, a little white milk came out, I inadvertently licked it with my tongue, and then my daughter heard a small voice that I could hear or not, but I did not understand the meaning at first, but I lowered my pajamas and lowered my pants, so for a moment I thought, but it's not forcible to say that a man and a woman are naked, and it's okay to say that a woman who has enough sex with her daughter's pregnancy experience has taken off. I realized instantly, and when I put my daughter to sleep, I felt accustomed to it, and I slept with my legs open and the pussy with splendid hair growing in full view, I could not stand it, and when I brought my mouth to the pussy, it snapped. When I lick a wet pussy, my daughter is also quite sensitive, and I start to make a voice with Aan Aan Uun Uun, and if I think that I want it, it becomes 69 style and I start sucking the cock and do it well Then, after a while, I started to say that my dad put it in early, and when I started the cock and hit my daughter's pussy, it felt like electricity was running on the body different from my wife's sex, and the cock gradually entered. I wonder if my daughter feels good, turning both hands around my back and raising my nipples, saying Dad-Motto Motto, ManI pushed the cock to the cock perfectly and even kissed it, it seems that I remember Iku, and when I said Dad Iku Iku, as soon as I passed away, I suddenly let go of my back and fell down, so I'm not there yet When I put it in and kissed it, I hurriedly pulled it out and pushed it into my daughter's mouth, she drank and licked it cleanly without leaving a drop, and I was surprised that my high school daughter had grown up to be such a woman.I sleep with him that night, and I do it once again in the morning, and then from time to time.


I'm 68 years old. I have lived alone since my wife died three years ago. Sometimes a 40-year-old daughter comes and takes care of me. It's always a day trip, but when I came the other day, we both ate for dinner together. I couldn't drive a car after drinking alcohol, so I decided to stay overnight. The daughter called her husband to that effect and sat down to drink. I got an erection while watching my drunken daughter and committed her. I hugged each other naked and slept, and in the morning I committed my daughter again and my daughter finally reached the climax. Don't be arrogant to your husband.

And daughter grandson of the previous post of 6-year-old

Do you stay but is a previous post one month or more people are who you remember? Father and daughter are you Toko who appeared in the exchange meetings. Recently, the more the play of the Musumemago, daughter grandson also only question in the increasingly like sex daughter is interesting, when the daughter is present but has been teaching her daughter, if you do not stay, I at the demonstration is Blow It is a little like the way or rubbing the cock how each but have become well, and doing toying through the pussy a little by a thick finger from the wiener. Also Oita finger will to enter smoothly, I think that granddaughter has also become pleasant, but it does not say is still pleasant. But it is still not out nipples, but you come to stand a little hard and I'll lick tongue. Called a ticklish. Early is I want to put a cock, but, if so hole over a little more time to enter the smooth and a little more thick toys beyond the finger, is the day-to-day efforts and want the penetration of the penis. Since the daughter has been stabbed useless and nail absolutely the pussy still put, is the extent to which I'll lick in front of the daughter.

In writing of the person to the people to put a stingy

Instead of writing the name again and again, the original events that inflame the person of feelings, crows, termites, cockroaches, Rattus norvegicus, from creatures such as the liar of the bluff father, only description of the horrible also hear content, meaning here not even understand many unknown words. But why now appears management person becomes a person, as a condition for the resumption of exchanges, and came threatened as proffer one person flesh and blood daughter, if Once you have an announcement to the janitor, management people and there is no matter to me because, taken to say, because a person who has made even janitor in a false man, nobody credit can be human, but that does not exist in this site is obvious, and the launch of their own thread, writing is launched feel free because it is free you write. From now on.

Abuse and lifetime

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Pleasing place of use to the Council!

yuna himekawa[10812]
From yesterday, in the sweet thought of with respect to their own, person of the name will launch the win by the thread used without permission, it has over the inconvenience. I'm sorry really troubled the site. The judgment of the basic in this turmoil, in the members gathered on the basis of the Nesuro's, for I had the please discuss in Parliament, what one answer, but it is not even contact previously, why but I want the inquiry to say that is, because it is man that he has become the agenda got over the deliberations, dare inquiry from myself, was away in that refrain! Leave tradition again. His is waiting for the results of the deliberations. I really! By the way to last night and earlier, it was the hope, but with Mr. Noropapa, thank you to restart the writing exchange. As Nowak turn off the warning and advice of the character in the writing of Mr. Noropapa, I thank you. Although I told that of his daughter in a previous writing content, so as to the year press also this time, get along with the name of Mr. Noropapa, When you have to partner Netori daughter alone, even alternating current to flow all the water says also conditions many times of trying to Susumeyo, but his has a doubt from the base of the heart. It will show me his little shin. At the same talk about the name of Mr. Nesuro, the unreasonable conditions of Mr. Noropapa, were you like to back up remarks. If Sashidase the daughter against myself, declared obsess around him, is that of the place can not be the extermination and the lead-out of the crows and small fish, to be able to at any time, that it is free also doing yourself in the site Although I was a, because his does not have any credit even this remark, really, thank you the deliberation with respect to their mistakes. In. Waiting for the results of the deliberations. !

Marriage is not recognized

Suddenly, the daughter began to say and want to get married. I'm the father, was stunned, daughter of about several times married daughter-in-law, but it seems to the consultation, I was determined to reborn to the devil father thought. On the go in the shopping daughter-in-law is a dinner the next day, and Yobiire a daughter to my room, if want you to admit Subari marriage to the daughter, the period until the honeymoon first night after the wedding, and I it is because the conditions that allow the marriage to the sexual life. If you refuse if, I because marriage is also prohibited relationship with stupid man. From tonight in the year push to daughter, bath, is also separately together. Every day I also sex partner, every night, but continue until you daughter is 3 degrees, but will end if suddenly to pregnancy or menstrual irregularities, until you pregnant with my children, because my daughter is something of me, in the future humans in as to ignore that do not know without my permission. It is pussy of daughter with me only, because the ownership of my erection Sumio cock's daughter only.

A father who has not yet penetrated his daughter

I'm a fan who enjoys reading every day after seeing your posts. I have been in a state close to that for almost two years. Our couple are SM hobbies, and if my wife asks for it at night and day, I will do SM, but now I have a daughter in fifth grade, but about two years ago my daughter got up in the toilet at night I didn't notice, I tied my wife, beat her with a whip, attacked a slippery pussy with a vibe and put a vibe in an anal, I did not notice my daughter coming into our room with a loud voice of my wife When they let me flute violently, my daughter hits me not to bully my mom. You thought you would bully a girl who didn't know sex at all, right? My wife was also surprised by her daughter, and when she told me to go to bed because my dad and mom were playing, he said hmm, went out of the room, and came to see our sex first, sometimes when I woke up. Even if my wife scolded me, I said that I wanted to see it interesting, and at first I was reluctant to see it, but my wife says that I can see it even if I say it, so don't worry, so SM as usual I was doing it. The change is that my daughter is playing with a vibe when she doesn't have a wife! I can't enter the omeco because it's thick, but I'm told that my dad and mom had this much in it, I wonder if we can do it too! Since you are still a small child, I said that I could do it if I became an adult, and I escaped well, but after a year, I felt quite accustomed to seeing it, and while watching it, I felt comfortable playing with my omeco myself. I'm stroking it by hand. For another year, my daughter seems to have increased her sensitivity considerably when she's ona, and my wife says that you, that child, are already feeling!When I asked my wife to put it in, I was so angry that my child told me that I wasn't stupid, so I haven't put in a dick yet, but I put in a finger and a finger rotor that makes my wife squirt several times. I'm doing. I feel like I'm already feeling it. Also, I'm very interested in the flute, and I see my wife sucking my cock, so it seems strange that she sucks my cock and grows hard and big from fluffy to bing, dad why grows up I'm having trouble answering because I hear that.