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Incest with daughter

I've finally done it

yuna himekawa[11381]
The proposal was from my wife. I met at a company drinking party, and my wife had never talked to a senior employee in the next department, but it was my wife who sat next to me at that party. My wife divorced at that time, and my ex-husband said that she broke up at the mother's complex. To be honest, I thought she was a cute woman with a loli face, but I wasn't interested. However, from that day on, I began to receive invitations from my wife. I started with a meal and invited from my wife. And it didn't take long to have a physical relationship. My wife had one child, but all sex was new. I heard that most sexual intercourse with my ex-husband can be counted with fingers. Moreover, the act took only a few minutes. And when I went to my wife's house, I had a daughter who was still a nursery school at that time, and soon she followed me. Then, about half a year after dating, I received a proposal from my wife. To be honest, I'm neither the second one nor the type to advance. Of course I didn't have any money. To be honest, my wife was richer with a compensation. When I asked my wife, it smelled first. I don't have a particularly strong body odor, but I've been told in the past. And my wife said that I didn't come to him, and most of all, he had a daughter who had become a real father. Certainly my daughter has been with me since I met her. And my wife was drowning in sex. Certainly, I was confident about sex because I was loved by older women and mature women since I was a student, and I got acquainted with many people and learned sexual skills. However, I couldn't have it in the same age group or younger. In other words, my wife was the first woman of her age.

Incest discourse

Also I have to masturbation daughter can not withstand. The nipple massage the milk put your hand in the uniform while kiss tied the hands of the daughter licking tongue, the pants licking tongue suffer to head to the back of the loincloth around with Tsukkomimanko a finger in the pants vagina reluctant crying spree butt pounding. Creampie while chanted the name of the daughter. Wipe off with pants rubbed on the cheek that is still handed down tears of the daughter of the penis that semen arrived. This Bakka recently.

After the death of his wife

Marriage honeymoon baby with a man 38-year-old-daughter 16-year-old and 22-year-old! His wife four years ago died, my daughter is cute ... similar to the wife when the wife go to bed from in the hospital began to sleep to come next. Could the relationship between the company's secretary from its hour and minute? My wife is a week once when you are suffering from the disease was burning with her daughter had always wait until late at night by one person. Or looking at the sleeping face of my daughter I'm the devil? Whether they mad? ... until it is morning drinking dead wife! It unscrupulous she came to pray after four days, but no one she was holding so did not have burned abnormal, daughter had also know not disturbed had come home. Her daughter was hiding up to go home, dinner at the usual daughter of attitude is different ... came daughter three days after the bet \"Iyaiya'\" and shouting embrace with a woman came to the smell wife aroma, instinctively excitement came \"Dad, I like yo?\" Fukkuri had forgotten the soft breast another daughter who put a hand on the chest of her daughter \"happy?\" daughter also friendly word \"Itai' Dad\" hair went When you try to put your finger full coloring the collar in the pussy and cock \"painful Yo ^^ Dad?\" jerk and dropping the hip \"Uu' sit still and Tetee?\" fluoride and reading hatched was myself are holding a daughter daughter When I tried to overtake thinking is \"hate ? do not stop? like Dad? \" the other could not be patience, Dokuddokuddoku >> in daughterDaughter came back to calm had hidden the face spread the crotch like a doll. \"Dad was happy my dad\" from that me be in the place of the wife to use care not to pregnancy. A terrible father.

Filial piety daughter who

Transfer instruction in the 46-year-old, is doing such as newspaper delivery quit since leaving the company his wife had walked out at two people daughter got married the other man angry. Daughter When you have a partner without dating to pussy, is to use the wasted money to stop dad want to have sex with dad cry When you cry in front of two daughters want to do down ... pussy aroused it was Tsu solved Dad do not cry because I'll two daughters will let me do it the pussy by turns me to contraception. It has got so out of the sperm in the pussy hugging each other naked in've got the two daughters of virgin


I'm 68 years old. I have lived alone since my wife died three years ago. Sometimes a 40-year-old daughter comes and takes care of me. It's always a day trip, but when I came the other day, we both ate for dinner together. I couldn't drive a car after drinking alcohol, so I decided to stay overnight. The daughter called her husband to that effect and sat down to drink. I got an erection while watching my drunken daughter and committed her. I hugged each other naked and slept, and in the morning I committed my daughter again and my daughter finally reached the climax. Don't be arrogant to your husband.

And daughter grandson of the previous post of 6-year-old

Do you stay but is a previous post one month or more people are who you remember? Father and daughter are you Toko who appeared in the exchange meetings. Recently, the more the play of the Musumemago, daughter grandson also only question in the increasingly like sex daughter is interesting, when the daughter is present but has been teaching her daughter, if you do not stay, I at the demonstration is Blow It is a little like the way or rubbing the cock how each but have become well, and doing toying through the pussy a little by a thick finger from the wiener. Also Oita finger will to enter smoothly, I think that granddaughter has also become pleasant, but it does not say is still pleasant. But it is still not out nipples, but you come to stand a little hard and I'll lick tongue. Called a ticklish. Early is I want to put a cock, but, if so hole over a little more time to enter the smooth and a little more thick toys beyond the finger, is the day-to-day efforts and want the penetration of the penis. Since the daughter has been stabbed useless and nail absolutely the pussy still put, is the extent to which I'll lick in front of the daughter.

I was waiting for many years I revenge for this time of father

I, Yumi's father and remarried young 39-year-old, but the family is increased along with the net even junior high school third grade of stepchildren as a mother, from the time I is small, but the good thing was nothing not, finally here It came a chance to look back to his father in. Seconded from his father decided business trip of two years in Shanghai after three days from the company, his father asked firmly answering machine to me. I called the leave is away to his father (from the bottom of my heart, and finally revenge on his father can be), (I was about to guts pose it will come out. It was a dangerous place).

Marriage is not recognized

Suddenly, the daughter began to say and want to get married. I'm the father, was stunned, daughter of about several times married daughter-in-law, but it seems to the consultation, I was determined to reborn to the devil father thought. On the go in the shopping daughter-in-law is a dinner the next day, and Yobiire a daughter to my room, if want you to admit Subari marriage to the daughter, the period until the honeymoon first night after the wedding, and I it is because the conditions that allow the marriage to the sexual life. If you refuse if, I because marriage is also prohibited relationship with stupid man. From tonight in the year push to daughter, bath, is also separately together. Every day I also sex partner, every night, but continue until you daughter is 3 degrees, but will end if suddenly to pregnancy or menstrual irregularities, until you pregnant with my children, because my daughter is something of me, in the future humans in as to ignore that do not know without my permission. It is pussy of daughter with me only, because the ownership of my erection Sumio cock's daughter only.

Drive with dad

To have a father and relationships, things in the way of the mountain there but is last year  I was going in somewhere outside to stop the car. I think that is Umebayashi, my dad took out the leisure seats and other items he had prepared from the trunk and was looking for a place, but the light truck was stopped, but it seems that he is doing something in the shadow of that voice. I heard, parent and child? couple? Brother and sister? , I laid a blue sheet and I could see what I was doing from behind, so I left the place quietly, but my father was also surprised. From there, I found a place where there were no people, and I was one with my father and loved each other, and I was screaming "..." in a loud voice . It was nice outside. ,

I came in and Papa in the mother's remarriage

I am, because the school was able to go home early in the final exam, and the dismissal from school, When I arrived at home, Yes side by side panties 32 sheets neatly on top of my room of the bet, next to the bed Dad was standing in. But was stunned, because dad from the mother's pretty pedophile fetish. Because the words are heard, transformation incident that Dad was entrant is, I'll to finish early. Daddy, I absolutely was looking for unnecessary and wear prohibition of panties. Dad also boyfriend also T-back panties and string panties of Yumi, Daddy boyfriend of Yumi also, because different from the class of panties, Dad both in boyfriend, buy, wear, her boyfriend injunction to all of the selection, etc. There was the press year from. !

Not stop dying

My 35-year-old first marriage. 40-year-old divorced, I was married six months ago and Barikyari beauty witch. It was the grapevine of the introduction, but the wife does not appear only in the youth of much late 20s. It's incredibly beautiful woman Do I got a good daughter-in-law's a cash cow, has also been praised around me. Well a matter of fact, but you're looking'm was the daughter. Love at first sight the Aya was one in, we decided remarried. Like beauty, such as the raw copy of the young of his wife and fineness, early age to bewitching eyes and style goodness. Father seemed died in childhood, I was even willing this time of remarriage. Had been in contact with Uiuishiku not have accumulate. If there is no reason that can be something patience, we are committed every night in uniform every night. Wife Barikyari, way back in slow thanks. Like a honeymoon pretend because I'm an Ordinary way home? Smile because they say I is similar to the famous actor, it's Ichikoro Nante guard. Medium ● raw Nante Choroi Choroi. A little sweat smell of the club the way home as well as it is, one shot at the door. Because was making rice in the mother-daughter household for a long time, one shot from behind Aya is standing kitchen. Apron from the top of the uniform, skirt flipping is my hobby. Lol one shot in the bath together, may refrain soon from time easy to hot flashes. While embracing face-to-face sitting in the bathtub, cum while licking boobs, up breath dangerous. Lol I played terrible, tightening me this queue I'm not quit because this year unique. It laughs in the Tamar, chillin and while in the living room. Block the before watching TV on the sofa, how one shot like crazy pants from the hem of the shorts of the room wearing ~.Intently Kun ● to have spare time is to take off everything. I do not let him and not you after entering the bath. But is disliked when you want to watch TV. Recently Inhan ● the likely favorite. Lol Oh, - it has become rather unbearable when I wrote this why say or wrote to the machine, because it is absent in the wife business trip tonight. I was the first of accommodation absence since the marriage, wife I'm thankful because me totally credit. Innovation overnight Marutto Tanoshimo. It's the day of tomorrow garbage, wash also sheets in one morning. Come home early. Oh, it is basic in all. Still thought that all right because not physiological stability. Honestly, my child birth in hope momentum. Dekirukana his wife Once fraught? Lol