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Naughty experience story of my older sister and younger brother

(Ii) When in, one day, I was supposed to go to my sister and bath

 There is, it was much of the day too hot to say that there is Indian summer at the time of the second year junior high school.
That day, I had a baseball from morning with friends in the founding anniversary of the school.
Sister of Nakasan was also similarly told to go to a friend and tennis.
I came back to close the evening, and have to take off as soon as the clothes about to enter the bath,
also it seems to have come back sister because I heard a "Tadaima".
I went into the bath in the time being returned as "Okaeri".
Then, with my sister came down on the first floor, "below, the N by using a bath?"
Are saying Nante. Have heard say "I e-entered together?" For a while.
"What? Why?"
"Feeling bad over. Jan because I do not have mom said in sweaty,"
"Good Desho? Yo enter?"

'Ve Then my sister really came.
Because it was only the intention of the shower, tub of water was still cold.
Out of the bath is widely not. It states that are in close contact with two people
from entering Futari would place me at last.
Sister is wearing a gas not to find anybody in the saying "I put hot water," but
not so much immediately warm.
Because I thought if I this remains a dangerous, no way
"a good use for the time being shower, I because they entered the bathtub" to say that
went into the water. Of course, facing the wall.
Until for some reason my sister and then with a little sound of the shower came into the bathtub.

But "Wow, Tsu. Coldness" in and said, what are not you far from it.
Out of the bath is not large. It's likely Datte tub.
It has already hit some of the older sister of the body.
"I Iro with shower you were was."
"It's a good one by warm When it 's probably cold? The way."
Saying sister has been clinging to the Gabatsu. From the side barely not'm from behind.
The results will be hugging from almost the front.
, "it is warm it ~ ~"
feel quite warm is in certainly cold water, but the feel of the breast than it
can not be helped in the mood.
Etc. Although in the two and there is a libido longer enough.

"Oh ..."
the feeling is also transmitted to the course sister because translation is hugging each other.
"Thats not be helped. The ..."
"respectable to become ended up with -"
"Jan norm. Probably the last time in the lower grades entered the elementary school together?"
"Hmm. So I became greater? Chest ? "
" ... Well, fine, "
" Hoho, hey ... or trying to Sawarikko? like a long time ago. "
saying her sister was allowed to touch the chest to take my hand.

Magnitude or better a little large as Nakasan, was very softer.
Add a little force and shape changes to the Toh-Lee.
Then there was a feeling that hits something in the crotch.
Needless to say it is the hand of her sister.
The hand movements is far to say squeeze, touch or a little move up and down
It was what was said, but in others, let alone not a little had been holding a positive
act that touched the genitals to the sister, was enough too as those that invite the excitement.
If here also bring to the bottom of the door one hand.
First, while touching toward the surface, so that rub put a finger to the middle a little bit.
"Huh ... huh ..."
"Phew ... Phew ..."
two people sound in addition to a little only rough became sigh and gas sound of did not.
Had continued for a while "Sawarikko", bath of water had changed to the other hot water.
"Huh ... huh ... Phew, it will be Resona hot flashes"
coming out of the tub with two people after the word.

I was not willing to go up from the bath Both of them, but the chair to the bath is one.
Result in a chair I sat my sister was sitting on it.
Had rested for a little while, my sister, "It looks like has grown from me when viewed from here."
When I Nodemi say that, certainly that has grown from the crotch of my sister by one.
"I'm good to be free from mine it?"
And said, suddenly it begins to squeeze it.
It is Sawarikkoto of until now is the act of trying to lead to apparently ejaculation different.
Therefore at once ejaculation feeling stronger.
"Chopper ... Hey Tanma"
stop the forced sister of hand to say. Although my sister was something to say likely was
"the next is a my turn"
touch the breast of her sister for the hand and body soap to say.

Then, breath of my sister is a little rough and are or kneading Li, the earlier that massaged the chest.
As it is, to a little hesitation and Take down the hand.
"Do not do well into in the body soap all right?"
"Phew ... What? Huh ... Well the kana not it all right if allowed to flow?"
Already anymore When I touched a little while a little anxiety there was wet .
I think it would be this if okay, draw water into the basin, and washed only the left hand.
And again reach for the sister of the secret plant.
Although touched the surface just a little bit went into the finger soon.
"§ ..."
voice was heard only a little Innovation. And move your finger a little bit.
"U ... § ..."
reaction sister was good. Move to rub the inside of the wall with your fingers.
"Huh Huh ... Huh ... .."
more and more breath becomes rough. Or it will not anymore climax than immediately of there? I thought.

"Huh ... huh ... sly, I also mon to do"
to say, I grasp what has grown from wearing also his crotch the body soap in their own hands.
And it begins to squeeze in up and down.
"U ..."
quite pleasant. It was likely to ejaculate even immediately be additive to a little while ago of excitement.
"Phew ... Phew ... Kuwu ... huh ..."
"Huh ... Huh ... huh ..."
"Phew ... Phew ... Aa another go likely ... hey ... ... together."
" ... Yeah, "
he said raising the speed of the finger.
"Un'n! Bad ... another go likely!"
"Huh, yeah ... huh ... Oh, come out!"
"Huh ... Huh ... § ... Nn'n'n ......"
when did or, because it was sitting position close to his back, out the sperm in the chest from the stomach of sister
mostly scattered.

"Sealed ... Fu ... Fu ..."
"Ha ... Ha ... Ha ..."
"Phew ... so ... full of ..."
saying, semen that my sister is attached to your body looking at for hand.
It was a sight to why so excited.
Then a few minutes had been stargazing as it is of posture both of them, but somehow because the mind has recovered
've done hand to the addition of sister chest.
"§ ... Mou ..."
the voice of the older sister said that was very gentle also Iroppoka'.
For some time, I was playing in the sister of the breast. Then things, but it should issued one time
was restored to much of a semi-standing state.

"Genki - Well then now I'll do what I feels good. Because it is unstable? Do not sit down,"
because it was said that, sit in tiles pulled out a chair.
When the sister begins to squeeze the thing if it is not not much different a little while ago? That
increased to much.
"I really healthy ~ So I? Do,"
my sister said that was facing toward me to rotate deftly around and 180 degrees.
And, it began to move to rub the genitals and the genitals of each other.
It would be the guy that so-called intercrural sex. There was knowledge only.
It is, I feel that there is another comfortably was to have completely different capital of up to a little while ago.

"How? Feel good?"
"Yeah. Was really feels good,"
"their, So do let us more quickly."
Saying sister has raised the speed.
"Uwa ... was really feels good,"
perhaps, was comfortable place that would have been the ends If you have not already done has been put out once.
"Huh ... huh ..."
gradually breathing sounds a sister also seems to have become rough. So, I tried to float the waist a little bit.
"Gonna live Han ... Huh ... mode what ..."
seems to have hit deeper than it seems.
And, it was to move the hips just a little bit there is also mischievous mind.
"Huh ... Un ... Un ... Un'n ... Huh-huh-huh"
My sister was no longer say anything anymore. No longer say.
Two people were concentrated only in the act.

"Huh ... Huh ... huh ..."
only the sound and the two of breath sounds that Kucha-Kucha-Kucha is sounded.
"Hey I ... ... to another living seems ... together?"
Sister from saying so, raised the speed.
"Huh ... Huh ... Ha"
"Phew ... Phew ... Phew"
limit Both men were close. Finally, and pushed up the waist to the limit.
"Tsuwa, Oh! Ha ah ~ ~"
"out out ..."
Dopyu Dopyu ...
"Ha'a ... Huh ... Huh ... huh ..."
"Phew ... Phew ... Phew ..."
Both of them seemed to pick the big climax than the first time.
"Hey Huh ... Huh ... huh ...? I was? Felt good,"
"Phew ... Yeah, was quite felt good."
"Yes, was good - I was also was really felt good,"

taking a shower with two people after a while It was.
And after shed body, also threw her arms around her sister.
"I want to do that? Also once was reconstituted in?"
"No ... a little tight,"
"did reconstituted Ja?"
"No ... somehow"
Then my sister laughed Kusutto.
"Even ~ ~ I Ju in Amaenbo-chan"
"No ... something I think - Do not I gone sister high school."
"What it, because I'm not separately leave the house ..."
"Mane . So somehow Datte "
then my sister is a kiss on the cheek,
" would come back soon agarose? mom, "
he said. It was thought that good to continue these relationships forever.

It is the end for the time being.
This time was the first time as a full-fledged lewd act.
Then even after all, it inserted because there was knowledge did not so much