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Naughty experience story of older brother and younger sister

Experiences that were enjoying a play that does not go in the bath together with his brother not know that that it is bad

 I have I have a brother away the age of five years, but I that of his brother, had become so would look from time to time there as one of the men.
The first place of opportunity is, When I was in kindergarten senior, was an event that his brother had been around elementary school 4, fifth grade.
At the time, I brother and I had often taking a bath together, always had been or each other repeatedly fingered each other's genitals each time.
Of course I have such knowledge or no, had been thought to much Naa I'm a just a play thing.
If you now, brother is not unlike my opinion, I think that it was naughty feeling full.

When One day, has entered the usual bath two people as of, I remember the somehow the brother had become a different atmosphere than the usual.
Very to breathing was Araka', the difference from the usual brother was found to clear the most is, was the size of the brother of the genital area.
Brother of the genital area is quite different from the things that had seen up to that point, it was so big erection.
I remember well from time to time had been pulsing with or Bikunbikun.
Nante whether Why brother of genital to me at the time that they've become so, I did not know yet.

So, I have one question to my brother to see the brother of the genital area that unusual.
"Ne, tinkle of Oni-chan, Okkii I? Dough was that? Than usual," I think that it was the Toka like that.
Then brother ....
"Oni-chan, I tinkle has become sick. So I'm became so Daikkiku" I think I was saying crap.

I am brother speak in a very serious tone, "Oh, brother really I became ill. I thought the poor's Naa ".
Then brother, said, "But you know, I'm cured if put out Batchii guy from dick", I began to squeeze the penis.
I brother was watching intently To the're desperately squeezing their own things.
Before long, brother of the liquid cloudy color from the tip of the things we have vigorously jump out.

Terribly came out many, many takes in my face, I was totally started crying and surprised.
But my brother and Mei Mei, I remember even the I was me placated to stop crying now.
Since then the act of the bath with the brother continued several times, it was escalated to soon.
I have become commonplace for'll did hand, there was also'll was sometimes mouth.
But his brother was not in any way or to insert it into my genitals.

Not only that, did not do or have been touched.
There is also such a thing, I've awakened to sex earlier than people, had become as to masturbation from the time of about two grade of elementary school.
Of course to think about is that the act of the bath with his brother.
Always after the end of the bath with his brother, still muffled to the toilet by one person because there was no my room at that time, it had been diverging horny that could not be resolved in the bath masturbation.
Relationship with such a brother lasted until about my brother in high school.

I had become much fifth grade elementary school.
Physiological also or began just made around that time, I also its relationship to gradually brother has started to realize that something not so good.
There is also a change of such puberty, that take a bath together with his brother is no longer with the Pattari.
Also became a way see that the brother as the opposite sex, I think it was because I'm sure about that time.
Such Arutoki, his brother was brought for the first time of her home.

I feel like taken his brother, the girlfriend of it did not expect so good.
But that she's is good also style than me, personality is also very well cute, honest I was or thought Nante (I'm Naa at all no I enemy ...).
What I mean, I think it was much of the good she's not undue importance 's brother.
Then she's a few times did or come to play in the house.
She's is me playing well with me, it gave me cherish me like a real sister.

But, I have a feeling, such as have been taken a brother somewhere in my heart, it was a very moyamoya each time.
Such a feeling will not be able to endure, when there is, I think whether Let talk about the "things of the bath of a brother" to his girlfriend's.
... I did not say any time.
Because it was a really good person, could not My God to be the sad feeling to say such a thing.
And, it You will be surely also hated to brother once said.

Such moyamoya the day-to-day is followed, when there, I sneaked into his brother's room and try to surprise the two people, I was hiding under the bed.
A brother from the (At that time we were there is another room) for a while I came back with her and her two people.
I became concerned about what are talking about what kind of thing at the time of the once and for all two people usually, I decided to have a little as it is.
Then two people immediately close the key of the room, they began flirting as a matter of course.
She, who is felt in indecent words blame brother.

Listening to the nasty voice of the woman never heard, I have also immoral feeling that that should not, I was very excited.
At the same it has at the same time, very jealous of her's.
Remains of emotions that do not know of the reason, I was masturbating to the extent there is no Barre.
Then, brother and she's had done the act until the end.
And the voice of the brother is too painful when the climax, the voice is not forgotten even now.

Since then listening to the exchange of two sweet words, I did not stop Nazedaka tears.
After she went out of the room to see off, I was out of the brother of the room.
Since the crying did not like that seen in the family, that day was in as it is to eat the dinner is neglected, early to sleep it without entering in the bath.
However, probably because you've slept in so fast, that day I have woke up suddenly eye in the middle of the night.
On the way to the throat is dry living go for a drink of water, I noticed that someone is taking a bath.

... was a brother.
My brother is in students next year in the second-year high school, I was taking a bath after a study late at good night.
After drinking the water in the living room, I wanted to try taking a bath together with his brother after a long time what I thought of.
I think surely as I wanted to somehow the feeling that this moyamoya.
It is of about 2 years.

Looking back, was no longer act with brother, when I was in the fifth grade of elementary school.
At that time, but also I did not say that adult body to compliment still, and then another two years.
I have become a first-year junior high school, truly is more or less had become an adult body.
It is Some say so myself, but I think it was split with the better of the development is also in the class.
Go to All told a dressing room, quietly undress, without making a sound as much as possible, I opened the door of vigorously bath at innocently! Then brother has turned around here in a surprised look! That should be it, my brother because I have been masturbating.

I also even while somewhat puzzled to unexpected events, we soak in the bathtub to say say "I Ah good to not have to worry about color."
But my brother is embarrassing or ....
I have quit masturbation "I've got to come do with entering the sudden. Tteyuu put one person that would duck. Tsuka not be surprised it!" Say so.

"I wish to have continued. I Tageru look?" I do not masturbation just hide a dick to say so.
I was run out of numbness in such a brother, I said, "You know, because I was my look", put your ass in the bath of the helicopter, opened the legs in front of his brother's eyes.
And we raised in the manner visible to the brother open a dick with one hand.
Then, a moment will become a brother of mono is also healthy in our house, my brother began to come after the death of the penis again.

I like to provoke, "Nante are penis while watching dick sister squeezed, that's your brother disqualified" was watching masturbation brother saying Nante.
Brother is when the climax was raised by received by the face.
And, it did end with the here kid each other wash the body if the old days, I was expecting more than that because truly is little had become an adult.
I After raised in the beautiful example mouth the things of his brother, I heard his brother as "have to Kai?".
But brother ....

Do not try to see properly to me to say so "I do not anymore. I mean really Is because no good like, of Koyu".
I am a little angry in the blunt words of brother, I said, "◯◯-chan I wish to until the end and (her brother)", was fighting back a little to slightly bulging.
Then each other ....
Brother "Well, She's"
I "Thats is also up here with me?"
"Because not even been put" brother
I "is? Is not no good even without taking?"
I feel I mean brother "..." in, I went in drove a brother.

I "try to put a little bit?"
Brother "No, really it is because it is no good" Reluctantly, I also tries to enter my genitals with a cock of his brother, cock of the brother did not increase.
I "I wonder if there is no fine because I got out again?"
Brother "..."
I "Oni-chan?"
Brother "still'm not because my sister"
I "did you if you do not 's ... sister?"
brother, "I do not know ..."
after that there was I, "I see ..." such a such exchange, I was told that "liked much as the opposite sex" to your brother.
Reply brother was having no hindrance of the street, which had been expected, but I somehow just was able to convey that to say that I like the older brother had been clean.
It had surely known.
It is in your brother have her, I'm a sister, to the fact that I love do not.

I just might be that was just drunk on the immorality feeling.
After that, I cried a lot in the bath.
That I should not Barre to parents what I thought somewhere in my heart, I cried killed press the voice.
Brother me crying like a long time ago gently, it gave me Nadenade.
I love even your brother does not change with such a long time ago now.

After that, your brother is married to his girlfriend's, you have a good home now.
I also can also boyfriend now, we have fun every day.
It is love of your brother still.
But it's like as a family.
Now because he is the most important person.

With your brother But, is such a naughty memories, I think I'll keep only the secret brother and me all the way.
It was long sentence rude.