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Young child that had sex with grandpa ...

hiroyoriThe other day, ... I have to Ojisantomo H of the boyfriend
in the Oshii-san says, "Yu ... you've come to like that of (a pseudonym),"
am I also, not that at all altogether bad ... -
But, I started dating ... boyfriend if there really various three years ago. We met at meetings drinking as a friend of a friend.
At first, there was a ish impression narcissist, and a man, not in such a personality enough to know, socializing in one month met
began. Since he was home living, first, but I had met outside, now gradually go to his parents' home.
Since Grandma was also also died mother, grandfather, father, his three living.
The first would have been withhold, I have had also housework is not hate, was immediately familiar like a part of the family. When even one year from the beginning to go to the parents' house, I and the other family has become like a member of, his staying in the room
have to make a breakfast or dinner to Grandpa and dad, everyone in it to eat together , my parents' home but also good
though so I think I wish good also this kind of..., I thought I say "I this state marriage might be good". The incident has occurred, when I was standing around about two years for the first time socializing.
Time in its, even without a boyfriend be adapted to living normally go to the home, and dad and grandpa
had been that many wait for his way home from work in tea. One day, to come to his room where dad I am, "because I have borrowed the video, or not found together with tea?"
And I went to the father of the room but leave floors is ... futon, ...? ... though always not it
"This, dangerous Kana ..." I was holding a little doubt with but ... Well, ... the video can not be refuse to no lower than those ordinary human drama, was intended to be quite impressed ... No, quite ^^;
video also Sashikakari to climax, that sort of weak I am and have been, if Sunsun the nose ...
has been forcibly kiss while saying "sad was?". I wonder if was aiming a little? A feeling I have, while referred to as "What are you doing!? Dad!"
The hand of ... Dad will forgive me for the second time of the kiss will massage the breast ... The following will try to Serve the chest.
And I was the utmost resistance but, quite wearing a knit of chest loosen, further ...
so was in boyfriend of the room, which may congenial, it was a no bra. Immediately chest becomes revealed, also comes with sucking so devours the wild and dad breath.
"Chopper! ... Otosan'! Useless E'!"
My word does not reach at all, pushed down to the futon to Dad, I was kept licked the chest,
also on the blunder I have leaked a voice .
It seems further lit the fire, the hand of the father will extend over there of me. . . Rough breathing and a dad, ... my dirty sound had resounded in the room
at that point, you enter my switch. Turn both hands on the neck of the father, "feelings ... good. Dad ... Motto ..."
will also be unpleasant in ... yourself told me naturally. I originally uncle-like old man, had been dating him previously, everyone than he
is much older. To do this there is a occur to ensure experience. . .
I am at the time of the junior high school student, I have been committed to the uncle.
By the time it becomes ... high school again and again, since the uncle went to far in the transfer, but things like that I was no longer,
the I became puberty, the same generation of boys to satisfy It did not give me the Te. Now Uncle and H in gradually dating from the time of high school three years.
(But it was popular halo, I do not. Free (laughs) Did w) So, suddenly I Tsu easy to feel is more of Uncle opponent
he Even though ... Uncle close are people who like the year unique blame is when Katasa of ...
we are quickly becoming useless. Then we stood one year. Even now, the next day work is not told in the very boyfriend Yukyu, after staying in boyfriend of the room
in the morning, pretending to go to the room of the father to go home, we piled the relationship. And ...
the other day, Grandpa is apparent are you look around in the kitchen, "Grandpa, what's up?"
Grandpa "I want to drink coffee after a long time, I do not know what is where it is."
Well, recently, the kitchen is my It is ... mon are using to love
"I say, I'll., which put"
say, "Well Yai bring me the eagle of the room." 
in "I was found ~.", in Grandpa's room I went to have coffee.
There, Grandpa drank a sip of coffee, put the cup on the table,
"○○ The (father), Do not quite intense." And, suddenly being said ... "Eh!? What of it!?" cheat it and was I, but with the ...
"I was looking at all of the eagle." when you are ... dad,
"Dame' ... (boyfriend) and I Tsu! Would hear Grandpa" Have you ever say ...
even, but had been saying "okay, just because it is build-the room not hear absolutely" ... - I heard from Grandpa story, show ask was ... on top of the
in was certainly build-room, you have a father and boyfriend of the room, but ...
actually, has led in the bran! ... father of such as a room next door!
(Corridor is complex, I ... I thought what you are away) Moreover, dad walls and the bran, because it was camouflaged with blind and furniture
did not notice at all ··· (TT Grandpa: "the eagle, always I was watching you guys of SEX" me: "!? hit" ...
"? If you have not heard say that,'ll say all the (boyfriend)" as it is, - that was H at the mercy ...
even the next night, I had promised to go to the boyfriend and the house, it is canceled indeed,
its also on the following day, there is a telephone, "I want to meet" from the boyfriend. the Saki went, father nor grandfather there ... Moreover, two people also motivated ... (... which seem to)
that day, while referred to as "because early tomorrow ..." to the 22 o'clock boyfriend, moved by car
to go to the main house, Grandpa When is ... (that day until the morning Even in bankruptcy the same reason as the boyfriend
in was canceled to say ...) ..., ... eagle was "sorry brute force things in the midst of uncle-chan H is really of you
will frost come to love blacksmith ... "(we face at this time is was cute without Taman w) I will now probably, married boyfriend, both of them I Naa wonder to live while having a relationship
Mind you ... this thing, of course, do not know my boyfriend has me saying, "Let's get married". . . Now, it is very painful. . .