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Naughty experience story of older brother and younger sister

I want ... I was raped by my brother even ... and healthy a not happy living

incestI have a brother
I have not seen for years.

I have a brother.
There are brother not much see the face from that day.

On that day, parents are in a sleepover and who was only my two people and a brother.
After that had me willing to dinner that I made was, me put a sweet cafe au lait for me
it was.

It was a very friendly person.
It was really love.

The first time I felt such as hog that of the brother in to spend in the tete-a-tete
I went to his brother's room after I bathe and want to talk more.

 "Brother, the bath I was boiled"
brother you are engrossed in a magazine lying on the bed was empty even if I speak.
Just as well I was wanted graces brother I is small, on the back of playfully brother
was jumped.

 "Get down early because of pain eh ... heavy, this fat!"
My brother told me a little angry, such as tone.

 "What Yoo, untidy I Hey habit of man,"
 "Soo guy say that cheeky say gonna be this way"
it has been multiplied by the professional wrestling or something of tricks such as around the time of and brush off my children .
 "Canon - I'm sorry, I'm sorry"

friendly smile unchanged from those days.
The presence of brother believed that does not change much in the future.
But it was different.

 "Do Mayu is ... Mayumi hate that ... me?"
Brother whispered quietly and hug me strong from the back side.
"Uh-uh ... brother ... I love" without any hesitation When was the brother of as usual I
think I have answered so.

Eyes of the brother harboring serious light to too much of that time is a thing directed to the sister
did not.

Then, brother've slid a hand in and touch my thigh skirt.
now Bull Rush that of the brother in the scream and both hands involuntarily to the hand movements to chilling

When you try to stand up in a hurry to get away from the spot, simultaneous and sound like something is broken
was pulled back in a bet with a strong force to.

Moment, turned around the back skirt stopper Noah can not understand what happened
underwear torn from Tari had become exposed.
An instant face was found that become hot out.

Brother that has me to become a horseback riding to try to hide stretched blouse of the hem at the hands of the shorts
was multiplied by the hand to the end.
"Yada ... Yada'"
The voice did not become words and trembling.

The hand was desperately resistance grasp the but without going to come true in the power of man, that there
are shorts that were withdrawn from the ankle while I have thrown away on the floor.

After that, his brother was to reveal the lower half of the body is interrupted the body between them and pushed open my knees
has been allowed.

What that means, it can also be readily apparent to me was still a junior high school student.
Crying in the voice of as long as put out, we have built a claw resistance in the face of his brother.

Still brother tore my blouse, the name of that showed until now and plucked the bra
was said in not scary face.

 "Do not listen to what you say brother"
violence is the word, of course, incredible brother had never mentioned even in a loud voice to me
was a while stunned.

And, brother of things came in while expanding down the inside of me and Merimeri.
Heart to another pain, such as tightening the pain and chest, such as tearing your belly is crushed
was likely to be.
Face of his brother to move in front of the eyes did not look blurred.

After that time, such as the nightmare was gone, I was crying filled the face sheets.
But, harsh reality did not end yet.

"More, Yarra ey by" front of the cruel words of brother becomes dark, "long as the quiet
had to leave, but I is is that if, immediately ending" thought so.

Stare blankly and ceiling me brother covers covers and has been the kiss "pains
and has become of to first kiss ..." sad
 "Mayumi, Tsu by Masero from the tongue"
dividing my lips say so we have put a tongue Te.

And, my tongue was Moteasobi over time and invite to his mouth again and again.
Then, the neck and chest lips and tongue were Mawari crawled like some other creatures.
Downy systemic ran chills the medium body to the spine every time you go soiled with saliva was handstand.

Even a few minutes, which was felt and everlasting was blocked by that severe pain that has struck again.
Now the movement has gouged deep in my body slowly.
"Warm ... very pleasant Yoo in the Mayumi"
When the voice as tired taken up in something and ears in the rough breathing is, his brother have again asked the lips

Among brother of things pulse in the belly every time, which is entwined the tongue, Shi embrace strongly enough creaking bones
ceiling hazy and be eye began to shake violently.
Then, my brother is no longer move shouting something and tear off my back.

While established a breath disturbed "finished did? ... barely be out of here", my brother bet
was waiting for the go out from.

But, brother of raw deal was not finished just this.
In addition to the usually that guy that can no longer be satisfied by force ... in my mouth

is placed in a man of genital mouth.
This Minoke also erupted cold sweat from the whole body to Raising act knees were trembling and rickety.

It's with the taste of blood is large enough not be entered in the wriggle and mouth on the tongue
became hard.

When the nose is wrapped in ugly black bushes we were coming in to the back of the throat.
Pain and disgust which is likely to reverse, as in the stomach.

That man is transmitted vibration every time you move the hip, saliva overflowing from the mouth side along with the tears
were scattering to Ri.

 "Painful, Yamete'"
That man be entreated screaming as not to voice has continued to commit my mouth mercilessly

Then, the waist of the movement stops and even spread in taste and smell of the mouth without so at the same time, anti-
I have struggled away the things that has lost the hardness from the mouth that are no longer cut example.

That man can not believed to be suited over grabbed the hair vigorously genitals on their own
had been toying. Tekima fell lukewarm things and Botoboto in my face involuntarily closed my eyes

As soon as face down spit out the ones in the opening Kidzu to be under my ass is wet
I had to incontinence in shock.
The figure is too miserable, I cried aloud and tempted to no longer be lost in this state

How much of you will do time has passed.
"Do not say to anyone, hidden unless" I thought so I have room with sheets that arrived of blood
came out.

I take a shower while I do not know the cold water of the hot water or from.
A small bruises and nails after I arrived in the body was rubbed with a towel until the bleeding is blood.

We returned vomited several times on the spot.
And, I was trembling until the morning suffer from a knee dive to the futon.

The next day, but his mother came to ask for everything "does not do anything, little it was a fight
only ..." I was stowed Ano events in the back of the chest to say so.
Once talking father also becomes to everyone mom unfortunate, because I think so

Then a few days later, the man went out of the house.
It was like to go from there to the university rented a room.
The last expression is not forgotten even now that showed in me when you go out.

Then I was suffering.
Afraid man of the people, ... not all believe
between much longer, was suffering.

Even now, there are people who are going out to me.
The man gave me accept all of me.

I do not know what had become by now if you do not have met him.
It says so "forget once you", but his Oh the same as was tender every time touching kindness
will recall the figure of the brother of the days of.

Absolutely unforgettable for if my brother I'll forgive all that you have me
now think so.
The better can become easier, because I thought so.

I can think recently.
At that time, my brother went out in silence I think that it would be wanted to really say something.
"Mayumi ... I'm sorry that ..."
I'm sure, I think I wanted to say so.

An'nani because is the brother who has to care about me
because is the brother loved
I think I wanted to say so.

Me There are brother is
what is doing well
whether happy
It takes care just a little bit.

So ... If you meet the day should come

"after a long time ... brother,"
      I think that I want to say so.