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Naughty experience story of older brother and younger sister

Story of the sister gave birth also two children of his brother [incest confession experiences]

 Originally, I think I have a family to introversion. My house is. Now we have only cousins all 30-year-old,
    who is also not married (laughs) So grandson When viewed from the grandparents are supposed to be me "bastard"
    just two children of his sister.
    His father died at the time of the junior high school (in the case of small 6 When you are from the sister) is, I think it would be opportunity.
    I because it was like the father in the unusual spoiled originally sister. When my father died,
    I thought "I'll become a place guy of his father". Well, as much as I "swore to the heart"
    neither mon, it's was impossible Ppoka' because not really different only 2 years old.
    But what had been transmitted just feelings, sister to have heard anything to say of me,
    did not quarrel even able to cry.
    We will know that the sister anything, let us know up in the mind, while you are thinking and the like, before I knew
    I had ended up with the feeling I "one flesh left over cute" Do not (laughs)

of sister since I was a junior high school, sister of belongings underwear and from the clothes, it is not in detail check up something physiological date,
    had seen something may be diary. Because I have seen the family since I was a sister to say of the diary, so bad
    I do not mean had as a child, how I did not still freely watch and nice face?
    But, after all is "one flesh left over cuteness" This is, had gotten shook the hearts of introverted sister
    and seems, one day, it was helluva fight.

Because I'm not even saint gentleman, also I want to touch if you look at the bulge of the sister of the chest. In, my sister is nothing
    to be nice to not say, stretched out with hand, If yours is Momimomi, and,
    sister is angry, the Bull Rush me. Well, the usual it's such if angry that his sister (sweat), but
    when I thought my sister is angry at such I was a little surprise.
    In, if as Shobon next day, my sister came to the room, "brother I'm sorry yesterday.
    I began to say that but why want was to touch something my chest?". In, very much is this misunderstanding of the sister
    I think what, started to say that the pants are eliminated from the laundry basket. I in front of the washing machine
    (← addiction, laughs) I was there it was Moe in hand the sister of pants, never stole.
    But with out talking more and more younger sister, I'm Neyo! I have lost the opportunity to say that.
    But, as a result, this was good (bad?) For it.

In, the answer to the question of "Why in the world would you do that?" Sister, a little while ago of the
    word Tteyuu "one flesh left over cute". Then sister is out joy, instantly really,
    "ask them cherish up there, I happy! I'm happy!" I've been clinging to say.
    And "good me what have been if the other my brother, pants also has nice to go," I said something about,
    something I'm talking about has gone to strange wind, thereafter, my sister like a lover things I
    think It began to was the fact.
    Sonaruto, the better sister Naru bold, roughly the same thing in the story of this thread. If the sister is very
    aggressive, also broke the sister of the virgin, being forced to sister, was

at, then, physical relationship lasted for many years. After all There is only a brother and sister, you are immediately required by the sister
    since become known, I was able to be squid to always a sister in bed.
    But, I think my sister would do in the future was anxiety. On one occasion, the strange sister to skin has expired
    been forthcoming, although I knew inkling Datte danger day, I ended up doing with.
    And then, not a sister is not overtaken in the binding firmly my waist with his feet Once here is trying to overtake.
    "Fool, I speak" I remove the foot of sister by hand in a hurry to say, not in time
    I went to the bathroom holding a sister in a hurry was Chima' doing the Doba' in the (sweat), the guy's sister
    crying out and I say, "your brother, so much to me No hate that to sire children?".
    Idiot, probably bad when you're a child, and to think, my sister is not convinced absolutely. After me to be in the resistance
    but I wash away any time slapped, sister just cry only. Here also discouraged care, finally
    had to leave that.

Eventually sister is pregnant with it, it gave birth safely. Sister Unbeknownst even after two years is pregnant, she gave birth to a second person.
But I've had a child of the above elementary school, likely the name of a particular impact on intelligence and body both of them.
    That dad's sister child Datte I, of course, do not know anyone. I do not know Datte Mom.
    It thinks seen in white eyes from relatives because it is illegitimate, that's grandparent's glad that at best is.
    And say "great-grandson was seen in this year", I was very pleased.

    By the way, physical relationship now is almost gone. This area, so much a real married couple
    wonder if does not change? (Laughs)
    Even if occasionally sex, to get wet let alone before, to great even when the microphone.
    Wet way of sheets something, much was not considered previously. What 34-year-old If you think,
    I wonder a still woman prime.

    This is the story surrounding the birth of my sister and I, and incest.