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Naughty experience story of my older sister and younger brother

Since each other witnessed the appearance that masturbation to each other were each other teasing with a strange nickname experiences (1)

 When 3, Toko that masturbation, was Chima' found in the 2 co-older sister.
Is it up to the good When you say the nickname, Shota Toka Shotan, but I've been called Nante, single item since its, came to be called "Shikotan".
"Shikotan, Nechan'nodo dry"
put in something that "Shikotan, sister shoulder was stiff", so that the instruction is made as such as the threatened mid.
At first I wanted to quit really disgusting, but in front of the parent before the Toka acquaintance, had me call normally.
Somehow it was like a secret shared in reverse, it faded little by little be embarrassed feelings found masturbation.

One day, we visited a sister-like room for some errands.
Since neat knock was not and noisy, I had decided that I always knock three times.
Sister is the answer, approached me is I "may be turned on?", The usual pattern that I enter Allowed if get off permission.
But at that time there was no reply.
Nde key was not in such a type, I glanced how a little open the door.

Sister lying in bed, I for a moment, came the Zoku' I think what is dead.
That much color is white, was a beautiful person with my sister.
Approach and relieved because I heard a little sleeper's breathing, was scaring an attempt to place a voice.
My erotic book to the bedside, sister of one hand was in the pants.
Did slept during masturbation, or slept after masturbation, but Which do not know, was not a mistake was masturbation.

I filed a sister.
Sister awoke the "Honor-chan, I awake, Honor-chan" eyes seemed sash the situation instantly, said, "at least pretty, in the" Onatan ' ".
The return I "properly knock the do's I" was my best.
Erotic story of such a sister younger brother, but try together if there is a demand ....
Sister in a while, come to return the erotic book to my room.

My sister's not to knock the absolute usual, but this time came from the quietly Concon.
"Na or can I come in? Iitomo! (One-man show)" refreshing smile, if not with erotic book in one hand, the ideal of the sister ashamed wherever you out.
Here spec.
Sister-like (on a two-co).
OTA quality enough, but appearance, for high specs in brain both, keep a perfect balance.

First impression tend to be seen as "really jokes, etc. to clean also OK a friendly person".
Recently, but I learned the word "disappointing beauty", seen from me and just Sole.
My spec is that I "Kimoku sorry I do not."
I is in high school, around the time my sister has become Onatan, parents are now rising Ya poised like mansion in the suburbs and dark tone Warped, us siblings is the first experience made train commute from bike to school.
Commuters rush becomes a night has passed few weeks continue to be rubbed in rough seas, my sister came to the room and there is a consultation.

If you now, this night was the turning point of life.
To summarize the consultation of the sister, "likely to be groping chills are no longer ish is already" was that.
I we had ride in almost the same train, but the ride to a different vehicle is at normal, in the train had never combined so much face.
For now, lightly through by me, because from tomorrow see how riding in the same vehicle.
When playing in the out-of-date Resident Evil, "Tsu Do not you worry about your sister!", The sister of watery eyes Dojime choke sleeper.

When I was frustrated to no bra sister pie of the feel of the back over and give up.
Then sister also enjoy the bio-hazard.
Screamed a zombie, look at the sister rocking the bra tits, it is when absorbing molester, and was calmly thought.
To get up early 5 minutes from the next day, it was to be aligned in the column of the same vehicle with my sister.
Surrounded by white-collar worker-style men, I watched a sister to look for me and anxiously look around, got to get up early 10 minutes from the next day.

Body only in mon was bought Deca, was a sister to intimidate the surroundings while guard.
I think were going probably Overlord color of ambition.
My sister is one year before graduation, I had been stuck perfect almost every morning.
Eventually sister is shouldering the wall, I got a place I I is Jindoru before that.
People who might be several times it came closer to the blatant, but I have drove off with a reputation for poor physiognomy.

Depending on degree of congestion was the face of a sister to the distance of a stone's throw number 10 centimeters.
"I become quite dependable, nose hair is Shikotan I have come" because the sister say so, suddenly also Toka bad breath began to be concerned about.
Is the arrival of puberty.
The also around this time begin to consciousness suddenly a sister playing in the same room.
The also around this time no longer miss you to Risesshu after masturbation.

It still What is the arrival of puberty.
Grandmother, mother, or from the spell of the sister and three generations followed by Big bloodline, was Hin'nu favorite is when I was with discretion.
Paternal grandmother, aunt, etc. also mon was a splendid family of multiple-in bleed that big breasts, had Miaki Nante big tits from an early age.
(That I have a ... a such a fool but ... there is no way become a ... sister pie ... care ...) still puberty ....
Such my sister do not even know the feeling is, "Be quiet, son of of you were entrusted, if Hoshikere to safely return, coffee milk perfect from the refrigerator" grab my son saying such.

Movement of some hand rather than close to chewy.
From per've found each other masturbating if you, jokes sister to feel that was becoming increasingly radical is.
Referred to as the physical contact Yuku is also increasing the number of times to play the culprit of the kidnapping story.
One morning, appeared in the room was sister to wake me.
Usual cock Asa勃Chi Max state of grabbed Munzuto with glue.

Only this time, the room air has changed.
To "Wow! Please, Please Please, I'm sorry ..." Rashiku not of sister-like figure, but I also was rolled upset, cheated in was sleeping blur pretend.
And have some time to pretend to be asleep, it was morose as if ascertain the feel.
At the same time she heard me "really is probably going on?".
But I continued to sleep was pretend.

Although there is a Asa勃Chi, tantamount declaration of war Nante come toying erect cock.
Was (Konoyarou, the hell, Mott Lane Ttekudasai !!) and remembrance.
What sense is through, sister of cold hands have crept from the trunks aside.
In awkward Handjob than I had imagined, I did not feel surprisingly nothing.
"Gatangoton ♪ Gatangoton ♪" ... is me until my sister begins to murmur.

I "What it?" But my should have to pretend to be asleep I could not hear.
"It's a molester play" sister seems apparently in representation in the train Gatangoton.
And "Nuke ... ... to grayed f Nuke" is a groovy sister, from morning somewhat plays a molester role that has been deformed exaggerated.
Alarm clock points to 50 minutes 6 o'clock, where the alarm rang sound is the voice of the older sister of "final U-Ryoo ~ ♪", ours began preparing to indifferently go to school.
Then about a week was every day to masturbation while remembering the feel of the breath Anete.

Thought how can reproduce again that situ if at the same time.
I'm at a rate of about two or three times a week, and decided to try to get up late in the alarm ignored.
Although the sister to come to the cause, it is when you come to attack the cock in the glue, was never touched by hand to direct want to see when the first Handjob.
Neither should the younger brother of the cock is a priority among which there is a risk to miss the train if you now, I also have Desugi the feeling that (Onegaishimasu, cock fingered Ttekudasai !!), really embarrassing memories.
All told, the I noticed that it is no good day there is a school, something had to take place feeling and confidence if the holiday.

And what time of the weekend in the morning, it happened.
Sister though there is no need to get up early something "Hey Hey Shikotan happened by and" came to wake me.
"The early bird obtained's bird catches the worm"
has been heard or "Let's go for a walk," or, see how in the strategy of "sleep more because I stay up late."
Did also influence Choi erotic magazine that had been left to the bedside to not clean up the skill, sister have put my hand in my trunks.
Moment when I thought Kita, was suddenly from the cock outlet of trunks, pulled out the cock.

It was of course Max erection state, but the sister did not be surprised to like the last time.
It was Niginigi as if ascertain the feel.
I heart had been Bakubaku more likely to jump out from the mouth.
Cover for gun barrel of the fight in the Niginigi VS Bakubaku was Kira, but I was supposed to be finished by just was repeated silently Niginigi.
The it visually the "brother of the cock that is wrapped in the palm of my sister" was Tsu pot.

"It 's more dangerous! Bad Tsu useless Damedame!" Or say while causing the upper body, is the time to be made to peel off pull the hand of his sister had been longer ejaculation.
Hand sister affixed to the throbbing cock, changed the movement from Niginigi to chewy but it is too late.
Have different too and the ideal of ejaculation, which had been envisioned in my head, it was felt Ugh false.
I'm do before eyes have sprung is like a feeling the end of the world has become dark, cock to get victim trying to Hakidaso until the last drop had appeared to clear.
And it stopped the hands of the sister.

Voice of "...? Better not sorry ... it was good," anxious sister was heard.
I and Mai to worry about the sister, bright and strive to behave ....
"Oh amazing not, this is the sperm! Do it sticky, Uha'" ... Hey sister, I Ja too and Akkerakan? Although contrary to morals, but I thought you're waiting for something a little more emotional things? What this sporty feel.
And Nenwoosu with'm secret for the time being in the absolute, "it is determined in secret, to whom such a thing gonna say" while wiping his hands with a tissue and, my sister answered awfully in the twisters.
Who have gone to things like not say, it excited I anyone has become in the relationship, such as not say than the reflection came earlier.

Knee was jerky.
"Hey, take off pants, leg Tsu! Even here, you know foot Tsu!" Trunks to my sister brought me to the place of Nante made me change of clothes was awfully Terekusaka'.
Changes in the siblings relationship visited, "cheeky habit of virgins! (Laughs)"
dialogue to be feeling something Nante or "Urusee a virgin!" Went more and more.
At the time of school is, while being mobbed in the rough seas of the rush, my sister was there from time to time that I come to touch the cock.
When I to cool while somewhere looking away in the face "Funfun ♪" Nante humming completely erection, I looked up and glanced, was smiling "(won!)" Like a facial expression.

Subtle Doya face of eyes from the top looking up from the bottom, was honest cute.
Train carrying me we began speeding toward and into the unknown world.
The first chapter, "Handjob Edition" [End]