Relationships that are unacceptable in modern times. Naughty confession with real siblings, siblings, parents and children, cousins, cousins, parents and children

Naughty experience story of my older sister and younger brother

Confession of erotic relationship with the daughter-in-law, that sister-in-law of big brother

 I'm a single salaried worker of the 25-year-old working in Tokyo department store.
Home but is Shinshu second son and I (29 years old) is eldest brother works out to Tokyo is not about the business of home. Second son also only I have also married the eldest son is I'm a bachelor.

About three months is that before the.
The wedding of relatives in the countryside there I went out with the intention to stay at home. Since the second son was not this on account of there is a sudden business trip work, only my wife (27 years) took part. When you are making noise everyone is drinking at the wedding, the second son of the wife was whispered to come near me.

Suddenly even though it can no longer come the second son of the hotel room is to say that taking a twin. If you said that you Tomaro if together you are happy. But it is not necessarily refuse such an offer. It is a charming woman for me although the elder brother's wife. Only be sleeping in the same room, I thought that it was lucky. I'm on the parents of the parents' house told a lie to say that the stay at the friend.
We went to the hotel with a delay of about an hour from the elder brother's wife. Elder brother's wife did after taking a shower.
It gave us proceed with the Once in me.

When I think sleep in buckwheat of tonight elder brother's wife in not only away only 50 centimeters bet of twin, I have masturbation in the bathroom in the lower body of the son I got excited.
Up from the bath I was watching TV while drinking beer with two people. It entered on the bet off whether I will already go to bed was too 12:00.

It has been talk for a while to elder brother's wife. The story was surprised.
To me
"you will be slept with Chonan'noyome-san"
I heard. I doubt the ear. But there was remember to wear, but I did not know anyone. Fact is I was Chonan'noyome san was robbed me of virginity at the age of 20.
Eldest son and wife had Pampered knew well from the old days even my classmates in high school.

It's memories of just a few times.
It is I know no one knows the secret to other than me and Chonan'noyome.
Why the wife of the second son .... I is innocent, with a laugh
, "did you hear such a funny story, from who?"
Was reflective listening with. Second son of the daughter-in-law is
"somehow ..."
I said. So, I was doing flatly say that I is not mean there is such a thing.

I had for some time quiet is in the room. Then, I came suddenly, is the second son of the daughter-in-law is sunk into the bedding of my bet.
"I'll be a good thing If you told me the truth,"
I said. Scent of shampoo daughter-in-law of the second son of that time did not say anything. Was I to those dying of nearly a year and broke up with her. I, as magically, we were talking about all.

I hope you talk about 30 minutes? Story ends when the second son of the daughter-in-law is rubbed by placing a hand on my thigh
I came. His hand went closer to that gradually hard.
"I No such big! Still going ..."
What in wonder know my Cock ....
I but is not a proud strapping best be brothers, but it is only do things that can boast.
I was kissed my wife while erection in Gingin not accumulate.

Soft lips was impressive with sweet Scent of a Woman.
Now intense deep kiss me wife also answer and put the tongue.
And get to pussy Nugashi underwear wife, there was another large flood state.
It gradually was caressing in the storm of intense kiss toward the bottom from the rich chest.

"Oh ... oh ... say ..."
my wife will issue a conservative while gasping voice.
I love juice full of muddy When you start cunnilingus came overflowing. I was raised swallowed by a loud sound and the Choo Choo.

"I put in soon."
"Yeah ... Give me ..."
I you led me to pussy my Cock and weigh to the wife.
So as not to hurt, there is a sense of resistance gently put the earlier whiff.
Little by little, little by little, we promoted in and out slowly.

Wife is still good honey pot anything of comfort because it does not birth to children good pussy and a lot of Hidahida of interference is Matsuwaritsui to my penis.
Was hit in the back of the uterus does not completely go still my penis.
Women until now also was true, but it was is impossible to fall still whole.

"... Oh ... say ... is hitting Oh ... wow ..."
my wife is like me like my big cock.
I shallow while enjoying the feel of the vagina of the wife, was shallow ... sometimes deeply and slowly out.
Stimulation was Korikori caught Cali in the uterus was the best.
When you focus on stimulating the back of the uterus
"Ah ~ ... good, the other ... no good ..."
Saying my wife had reached the first of Acme.

"Convulsion ... convulsion ..."
intermittently vagina and convulsions has been raised intense tighten my penis.
It is quite a Meiki.
I was a little jealous of the second son I got this kind of wife.
I also not accumulate
"we go ..."
"- put out good ... put ..."
and my wife was screaming hug strongly me.

"Do, Dobyu ~"
I deep in the uterus was sprinkled with all my semen.
... wife would felt my ejaculation
"Ah ~ Ah ~! ... intends, uhh ... Wow ~ ~ !!"
I have acme raise the cry like beast with.

Sometimes the wife that day to the border, we have piled up tryst at the motel.
Than big brother and taste my Cock says that unsatisfactory.