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Listen, please ... home, you have to have sex in an unusual'm ... whole family ...

incestIt became the first to incest relationship in the home is the brother and mother. My brother has been mother and first experience at the time of high school two years. I have been informed that it from his father. "Once you become Ami is a little larger, dad and I've got to Sex" is said that, I thought that I wonder honestly happy.
 But that everyone when I grow up is, to better favorite opponent, I believe that would not do father if things like I dislike. My first experience is, in the summer vacation of junior high school two years, his father as promised was the opponent.
 Menarche is a small 6. I had learned slowly and sex of the way from that time.
 I slept with my father and on weekends. From taking a bath with my dad, I asked to massage the whole body in a way close to the caress in the bedroom.
 I, I was still a child, and the breast and genital father get toying in the mouth, I was very felt good. Among them, I remember also feeling like lightly go. It becomes addictive, we scrounge a caress to his father from their own and become a junior high school student. On the day of the first experience, I had to show the sex of the mother and older brother first, in bed.
 While brother is Blow to the mother as "tense and seen in the sister", I was a little embarrassed.
 Two people are not using the rubber, brother of the red-black penis was surprised to enter the Surusuru in the mother's vagina. My dick is, because compared and fairly small, now actually sex can be of either anxiety feelings. My mother was along all of the pubic hair, joy juice when it is inserted was also seen flowing out and dripping. Mother, love juice comes out about my times.
 I was quite different from the state of quiet mother know usually. With vigorous breath and Haahaa with disheveled hair, I was drooling from the mouth each time it is caught off the hip to his brother. After my brother that shook violently waist about 5 minutes, it was large amount of ejaculation in the mother.
 I father There was a thing that was seen to ejaculation in the bathroom. Ejaculation brother, I thought as many amount of semen long more time.
 Then, when it is my turn, the body was trembling with tension. Since I was going to have to expect, now somehow scared. And father and brother that saw it come over the gently voice two people Gakari, it gave me touched carefully the whole body.
 Be construed painted the lotion over there, from so finger to enter the two music, is production.
 I, becomes a posture that is supported by the brother from the shoulder, I had to insert the father of the penis in the Doggy Style. My father did not feel at all pain me to move the hips slowly. Among them in the strange feeling, such as hip was missing, to the situation, such as body to convulsions many times. Love was also made to exit steadily, "!! soon Ikuzo that has gone great," from his father and the voice over is .... My father was ejaculation to stretch my belly.
 I, I head had been absent-minded, I was happy and thought, "properly !! made sex".
 I have sex with my brother a little break. Both brother was embraced in the Doggy Style. And "§ I'm put in Ami of pussy", it was the state in which a little impressed.
 Those of brother than father is longer thicker penis. Still, my dick went into smoothly because it was wet messy. I would screaming not think that the "brother of the cock also pleasant !!". While increasing the brother growl, immediately ejaculation shook violently waist. For the second time in the back continued as it is. While exploiting dressed dog brother, it was Blow the father of the penis that has been approached. I head got blur absolutely vibration, can not be successfully Blow Job, participating mother was resting away from the bed. Now it orgy with 4 people from there.
 I, because it was terribly felt good in the first experience, now I love sex. Then, it has to do when there is a father or brother and time, have passed since another 10 years from the first experience. It is not considered that this relationship is lost. By the way, when his brother became a high school student, I and mother was a partner in two people Gakari. The got a virgin brother, my. It also I was happy.
 Incest is that the parents started to say. But, if the children themselves not in the mood, father and mother was not willing to strong-arm.
 I am curious, there was a strong interest in sex. I knew that the brother and mother have sex in the bedroom over the weekend, was going to the brother and several peep of elementary school students. Did not accumulate I wanted to experience as soon as their own. Another, I reason that is going to participate in the incest is because I thought such it is the <whole family is us become more like me>. Because I want you willing to father, it was or remember the hard Blow. To have sex in the family, I do not have a sense of resistance at all. Pleasant need to put up with it is not. I think that it is better to more and more experience. I will, if there is time, is around want to have much sex. Therefore, parents have put a variety of conditions to us children.
<To clean the body> <that you always use the rubber when the only child> <be sex in agreement> <not to outside the home> <be the only weekend>
 say ... only weekend conditions did not protect. Since the parents were two breadwinners is like summer vacation, it had been crazy to do even during together two days with his brother and brother. When remember once sex, children are not stop. When I was a high 3, I got a virgin of his brother. At that time, Makurimashita sex madly.
 Morning, when the father and mother go out to the company, went immediately to the brother of the room, and mischief the array of brother you are half asleep. And Blow and then remove pajamas, I'll spans when you grow up. My brother also came immediately knock, after that what shots as it is fun. You eat lunch and take a shower. Then while watching TV in the living room, also Blow the array of brother sitting on the couch. Also just been to a few hours ago, his brother and erection properly. Also enjoying firmly afternoon, I will take a nap exhausted.
 Then ... brother now is have sunk to my bed. Me that does not move, brother and mischief peeled to the naked. After all, in one day, just sex.
 I, it was the students, had been stress divergence in sex with his brother.
 My brother is in high school, but I was a junior high school student. It was still similar things.