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Other naughty experiences

The mother of his wife to become a 49-year-old, was raised tailoring a woman to become my compliant.

kannoYourself married to his wife, and from so live in three people together with the mother-in-law at the home of his wife how, once, had the am up to no good bran desire to want to commit the mother-in-law.

It is, the other day, in the wake a little thing, becomes the bickering and mother-in-law, that was abusive reviled, I climbed the cut and blood to the head, is pressed against the kitchen sink grabbed Munagura mother-in-law when, suddenly come to the Muramura', now that ... forced on the spot.

Mother-in-law lost her husband a long time ago, because it always wears flashy clothes, does not look very 49-year-old.

Stature is a chubby type of Mature Jokei, it has a huge milk, such as invite the man of the eye.

Beginning of bickering is, recently, I wife on the recommendation of the mother-in-law began to work, or come home late at night because of work, because began to up to arbitrarily sleepover, become a quarrel with his wife, also the day wife, I went away from home Innovation Pui' to say that out in training at a sleepover.

Where I was complaining to a mother-in-law to hit the anger there is no place to go with, in my earnings is because less To Donokono started to say to settlement On the other hand, is at last of Hate, "This role Tatazu!" the it had been told to.

I, there is a lot of circumstances, because they asked to dwell in the home of his wife how, than the world of the husband, but everything also endure endure and all was going to have to persevere and endure the Good, and the other, I'm the I heard the words, blood in the brain off and Buttsun' is I have climbed.

I dare to say "it's what over Tsu! Another piece! Until now quiet and Irya in feel to become Ya want to say. Kusso over Tsu, or meet with any eye When you angered me, I'll not Oboekoma the body Ka' ! "

Feel the danger to me for the first time in much of the sudden change, grabbed the Munagura of mother-in-law was trying to step back to Tossa, we put Guitto force so as to press the sink of the kitchen.

"Tsu to what Tsu! Apart Tsu! Away Nasai'!"

"To sell over Tsu! To instructions from today Toke' remember that it towards me!"

Saying that, suddenly both sleeves of the mother-in-law of the sweater stretching beneath grabbed, tied tightly cuff and forced to backward, he was detained in behind him.

"Hit! Or over Tsu! I'll call the people over Tsu!"

While saying, "This even call if mon to call Miro'!", And at once tore the mother-in-law of the skirt, legs of one foot of the mother-in-law in the cloth table It was strapped to.

"Led! Stop it over Tsu! Itai'!"

Mother-in-law, while the upper body is wearing a sweater. And it stretched the sleeves tied behind him, lower body is a thin panty appearance, have been fixed only one foot in the kitchen table, not a figure to call the In humans shame Kashiku.

I held up in front of the mother-in-law's eyes and take in hand the knife that was in buckwheat, I tried threatened to "what happens if ... can be seen from now ...".

"No ... please ... forgive me ..." Furueru was the life lexical - in the voice.

Referred to as "too late anymore ... Akero the slow ... mouth!", I was pushing the cloth in the mouth.

And toward the knife down and smooth stop, she was trembling and trembling while complaining of something desperate when exposed to the mother-in-law of the abdomen and "U'! C! U'!".

And a knife next to is adhered to under the navel, and we put a cutting edge little by little in the panty stop it until the "U'! C! U'!" And screaming and had voice is somewhere south, rattling and trembling increases directly below.

Suddenly, forcefully to the cutting edge of the Zaku' and kitchen knife, and expose the genital tearing through the stretch panty, Jobo' Jobo' Jobo Joro' and mother-in-law I have leaked the piss.

"Chip!'Ve got to piss anywhere Naa Ne dirty §!"

I've put the whip to the ass of mother-in-law and remove the belt of trousers.
The mother-in-law to be wriggle the body in pain, further we put the whip and "wants would have told you Do not offend me!".

Mother-in-law, they remain tied, now quietly as idea.

Now, as humiliate the mother-in-law became no resistance, slowly increasing shear a sweater, remove the bra, rolled fir heart's content issues a huge breast, per Sucking, we turn licked.

If you roll the nipple at the tip of the tongue, it went on Itaburi chestnut and Chitsuana and anal at the same time with the right hand.

Indeed ripe woman's body is well reaction, immediately, start out love liquid into the vagina hole breathing becomes rough from the nose, the body began to move twist and.

At that time, suddenly, it caught my eye in mayonnaise that is at the eye of the front of the table.

"I came up with a good thing .... So as not to go against me again, Do not .... To expect because I'll sardine Hihi are shamed and plenty from now"

and say so, and to face down the mother-in-law to the table, so as to protrude the buttocks we spread the legs.

I, I slowly, and take in hand the mayonnaise on the table, discard the cap, is pressed against the mother-in-law of the anus, I went narrow down slowly tube.

Mother-in-law was screaming in not shaking violently the head from side to side as "U'! C! U'!" The voice voice.

Since the beginning was to tighten the tightly and anus, but was rather enter Nikukka, Did loosen the anus from the middle, suddenly to be sucked and Poof, without leaking, I have almost entered.

When inserting a finger into the anus, it has entered to easily root slipped and Nyuru'.
When the stir and the Brute man stir the medium in the finger, whether the urge to have a bowel movement coming hit, saying "U'! U'!" A frantic, was writhing.

And would have another idea, "do you want to say something", was Yari taking the gag.

"Please ..., stop by ..., because apologize ..., forgive me ..." I have been entreaty with.

"Chip! Too late ... so as not to go against me it! Never again say whining, Tsu! I'll not Oboekoma to the body"

and so insist, remains were brought to face down on the table, mother-in-law and started crying, "Please ..., I have been begging forgiveness ... ".

Each time you sob is mother-in-law, anus of projecting the buttocks low, wriggling convulsions, and, each time, mayonnaise from there Tsilivi, came out Tsilivi and leakage.

I, finally, I think that at the time put in, and throw off the trousers and pants, was pressed against the penis was erect to Bing to mother-in-law of the anus.

"Well! Impossible! Such over!" But the mother-in-law cried, ignore it, slowly, I went push the penis put the waist to the mother-in-law of the anus.

Some of the anus that is filled with mayonnaise already lubrication is too good, went briefly at once went to the root.

"There! Oh, Oh, Aaaan," the mother-in-law cry went changed to gradually a comfortably likely voice.

If you look from above such that the hole in the ass of mother-in-law that contains the my penis, I think I would also Tsukaimichi for the future, remove the mobile phone from the breast pocket, and where the penis is turned to the root all , I took two photos of where the disconnect the penis half.

If I place before a photo taken with a mobile of the face of the mother-in-law, I is held against both hands on the waist of the mother-in-law, began and out of the penis in slow.

Whether the mother-in-law feels irresistibly. "Oh ~ Aaaan, Oh § § §" I gained some yoga voice as of Towagoto.

Gradually vigorously the piston and from mother-in-law of the anus was a "Nyucha', Nyucha', Nyucha'" and nasty sound.

Since the growing gradually ejaculation feeling, to attract the waist of the mother-in-law, put the pick of the jerk and stop, and ejaculation in the mother-in-law of the anus, mother-in-law feel it is referred to as "Ah ~! Have ~!" I was bending-back as reached the climax while tightening the penis and put a force on the anus while.
Even I at that time, tremendous pleasure was ran through the whole body.

Finally, Shiteyari the hands and feet of the mother-in-law had been tied to the freedom, in front of my Niodachi, mother-in-law HizaMazuka to the, I grabbed the hair, the penis became muddy in semen and mayonnaise as "Namero!" Instruction Did.

Then, mother-in-law remains expressionless like a doll, silently, Hobari the penis, was turned obediently licked.

Then, that day, to the all-you-can want to do, Moteasobi the mother-in-law, Makurimashita committed.

Mother-in-law it was also crazy to go crazy as vigorously.

That day on the border, mother-in-law, as has completely changed people, I be saying is, now obedient woman not I reverse any instruction.

If, if you do not listen to that I say, I in the photos that have been penetrated the anus might be because are saying sprinkle rose in the neighborhood.

Now that the wife to the contrary is at home, it will be annoying to think of the way.

Is such a time, when sending a signal with an eye to the mother-in-law, mother-in-law will go out to say that reminded errands to his wife.

I come out later in the car, go to the hotel to pick up in the supermarket of the meeting.
However, when you get to the hotel, to my instructions exactly, it is the mother-in-law is always a mess.

Shamed the ripe woman on the special, Itaburi, in order to enjoy more of the best of the hobby to enjoy the body,
following Do ... have to put the remote control vibe seen to walk in the city
or the next try committed in the field ... 
next whether ... look so fucked in the back in large dogs 
Toka, a Rogue plan is just more and more swell.