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Naughty experience story of mother and son

Son finished Circumcised is dear ...

yuna himekawa43-year-old, now has full-time housewife.

Husband 46-year-old company employee

17-year-old, one son of high school two years

is a family of three.

Son, and my husband had been living without much conversation

me and is comfortable to me talk about anything, it is a cute child.

Was like was playing in its own way from the middle school, we also know a child who had been dating three people. Like etch also been finished
and broke up with her at the beginning of July, but had said the kana not be her until summer vacation, there is no reason that can be so easily, summer vacation because the byte to had been only part-time job.

Earned in the part-time job I was surprised to use for money.

It is the last Saturday of the event.

My husband is at work, it was two of me and my son.

Son, the name says Ryo.

And Okidashi to 10 o'clock, and take a bath, I watched TV in the living room, my son came out.

Son remains naked, come headed, though it never showed me naked until now ...

There you'll when small

to see the son of the body, the eyes in a certain place is I have opposite.

Penis is in,

I have continued to look to come in front of the eye.

If walking is, swaying to the left and right penis that lowered the limp, I glans is large exposed.

I, though had heard from my husband that it Circumcised ...

and say if you try to "I Get to wear long pants,"

"Mom, I wonder, my dick, what wonder if I think when viewed from the woman,"

I would have been stunned

"What, silence is not, What did you do,"

"I do I say Te nothing is said as what was, I'm a woman Datte mother, embarrassed probably"

would not be like that if I saw "son dick of, though he invested bytes bill "

" What's invested, what "

" I'm was really unpleasant, Uncut is, surgery and is a "

" Why, I unnoticed did you Nante surgery "

" it 's a month ago, Sex ban from yesterday What's I, I I do not have the other party to "

" gonna What are you saying, So what, mom Bikkurishi was tea. "

" So, what do you think, "

" I'll was found, not 's as a mother, as viewed from one woman I impressions, wow I'll look to fine penis, I was so big, penis I I was surprised mom "of Ryo

I'm look" still large, the teacher anyway if the major axis surgery And cod, me proceed, injected it's told me to greater "in the glans to the service

of" was not as painful, okay, to not something abnormal, "

" at all, was not hurt, but the previous stimulus is strong Te, because I have suffered until now, but soon the familiar teacher was saying, "I okay coming

was" where cut, scar of not "

son me to explain the location of cut, much earlier than 3 cm and it is longer, have is becoming want to see what will to the magnitude of how much Once the erection,

"Ryo, kana good to touch what I feel,"

"I say, I say, touching any number of"

I, of penis I mentioned earlier.

Soft, it is coming soon became hard and we understand and grasp.

"Okay, was the feeling, hardened I came."

"It 's not okay, if more touching is, may not be able to endure,"

"Do not I can put up with."

"I might come out, to have accumulated"

"Then, mom out or I'll "

" really, to me if willing, and then ask, "

I'll was found", mom'll be pleasantly "

When I squeezed the penis, quickly, erection to large, far larger than the husband, I Cali is large.

From the previous, it came out juicy, I have licked.

"Ugh, mom feel good,"

I was totally Hoba' potash to the mouth.

As it is, the Blow ...

size was found well.

Then, "Mom, would come out, I would come out"

as it is, swollen Cali Moving the mouth, warm semen came out in large quantities.

In addition to the size of the penis, at most the amount of semen will likely overflow from the mouth, while holding the mouth, we unplug the penis.

Son of semen in full in the mouth, while holding the mouth, was swallowed and Gollum.

"Mom, I the first time I did not drink, person who drank,'m would discharge the issue, her before."

"I do not'm still a virgin, I went out full, I'll was delicious,"

"mother, also I was comfortable, thank you, "

" the other good, how to, mom'm all right. "

" What if you, for us yet. "

"If you're I'll good, Ryo, also Cum here"

I was pointing to the crotch finger

"I here, also are in the pussy of good,"

"I'll good, and mom Cum than say the want to be, the father I secret "

want" Tray, Cum been Taku''m not unbearable and "

" in this state, would put, mom'm okay, because wet another cup, "

" no, it is to Cum but, it than, I want to see pussy mom, licking want'll "

" edge, for me licking, but I'm happy, I do not disappointed, I'll different from because embezzle the young child "

" because there is no such a thing, early I "show

I'll have" found, how to, tits, "

" of course, boobs I "I also

do not" embarrassing, to show the amount is "

I became naked take off your clothes.

"Mom, I good, I have a good body"

to embrace with me, it was pushed down.

Been rubbed the chest, come with sucking nipples, I even after a long time, feeling not is,

"Ryo, I good, I feel good, more massaged by"

had held the hands penis.

When my pant voice becomes high, is spread the legs to the left and right

"It's true, I mother of pussy Eloy, darkened so, I glowing shiny"

amount to fill the face, me began to lick,

"Oh Mmm, good, I feel good, more, more "

while being licked, come in the finger, I also went likely,

"Please, give me, the amount of the penis, is morphism early,"

"good, not wearing, you might get out, in the"

I "all right, even out as much as you like, do not worry, be Cum, please "

" Yeah, found was "

you know that the penis of the previous hits.

Slowly, it has been inserted, although I thought I Do not Care About the size, more of my husband, you know well that contains.

Reached as far as it will go, I feel good differ in how to feel.

"Right on, feeling good, poked more, full poked in."

"It feels good pussy mom, be strangled, I be strangled"

What me waving the waist hard is, you can see well. Iki likely, likely to go after a long time

, "Ryo, would say, would be gone, you'll get gone"

pass away and we know also that were issued during the same time.

"Mom, I was put out, it's all right."

"I okay, I had a feeling from the mother it, I'll pleasant, the amount of the penis, I thank you, refreshing"

"Yeah, was comfortable, interference may do I I "

" Thank you, mom I happy, gonna say, with as much as you want, if you are happy with mom, "

" really, if you break, do not "want to once again

I'll" good, even in a single, any number of times "

I also this day, much I think I think we body is broken, I have to.

In relation to the master, but not since then, the next Sunday because my husband go out, we are promised son.

Fun, it will come wet to think.

When she can, we are worried that might not get to Kama'. .