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Naughty experience story of older brother and younger sister

And absolute etch If we had been cute sister with a beautiful woman

 I is the story of the time in 2. At the time, I to was have a sister that haze of small 6.
It is also strange to say so myself, but my sister has a pretty cute face.
It is cute feeling or rather beautiful. Will return to the main topic, but it is a story that was experienced at the time of the Obon holiday of 2 of the summer vacation in is me. I it was in the soccer, but there was little Nante rest in almost every day club. Holiday only one week of Obon holiday, and the other was working hard in the club.
On the other hand Kasumi is enviable w at rest every day
is apparently had been going to the friends and the pool about once a week, but otherwise there were almost home everyday. But now late to say, my home is my parents gave me raised in herself one because I was divorced when I was a small 2. Since the return is late every day. (Thanks to you ...) and after a long time of rest for so friends, I was trying to play with something, after all but the case of this was ww servants play in soccer I become seriously without 's play ww roughly, It was football all the way without taking even lunch until about to 3 pm 11. After that, everyone was still gone back in school and Nanya has become only one of my friends and I, we will be eventually So disbanded. And go home with sweat, Kasumi is lying down on the couch, I was taking a nap. While I think (sleeping face cute Do not ...) such a thing, I decided to enter because the sweat of the bath. Body also finished washing, and are soaking in the bath, I whopping suddenly sister came in naked. And is (a little happy w) I was surprised,
Kasumi say "braze sleeping up to do I'm ... a little while ago to do what ..." is
Ndaa. You something happened when you came back older brother I was sleeping " brother (or not noticed ...) my staring look Desho w "had it" Anyway, what I've got to come without permission to enter! Delo! "
And say, "good Shazam, do not not contain together from around 1 small, to! I! After a long time" because it was said that
I was OK because the naked haze is seen was a little happy. Kasumi at the time, a petite and 141cm, chest is also not at all development. When the haze is washing the body, just a haze of pussy was in much the position of the eyes. Still it was not even downy hair in shiny. And over there to have become glued blurred vision, blurred vision is "your Nichandoko of you doing a look-Henta hoo."
Now that we have said, "I Ne something separately ... look ... I lived what look you of something I ... "
say," well ~ ~w but I good to be seen if your brother apart from "
I have to say that! I was surprised at the remarks. I I wanted out likely hot flashes, but because I wanted to see more naked Kasumi, was put up. When the haze has finished washing the body, "Ne Ne, went even Ii?"
Now that we have said,
it was obediently OK.
My house of the tub without so widely, because it was rather small, it was creaking leather is in. Kasumi and body petting, gradually, we have been excited. After a while, there is I have been erection. (This is dangerous ...) And then, haze,
"brother of the cock hit with roux ~w"
I have to say. I, to be from the mouth of the haze of the word came out penis, was further excitement. And I say, "Oh, I'm sorry ...", Kasumi is, "brother, penis larger is to roux ~ww dough was of over? W"
I have to say that. Since haze was quite pure, it is Toka naughty thing I think that interest was not. So, I think that I did not know what kind of thing for the erection. I and the other, could not put up with.
"Your brother, penis, do not try to touch?" And I asked,
I said "What? Why?". "Because good!" Said I, Tatase the haze, forcibly
, went with the hand of haze over there of me. Kasumi had puzzled.
"Brother, suddenly that? Was the dough," "because the good, touch and" "Somehow, hard ... w" is then blurred vision, gave me touch 2 to 3 minutes. Guests can rub the testicles, pinching the penis. I,
"in turn, licking not you?"
He said. "What? Lick of? Good that? Such a thing to." "Because good."
Say, Kasumi was me doing it honestly. Initially licking, but could only lick towards the former, and suck. And say, gave me to do. Really it was felt good. After a while, I can now go likely. "Dangerous ... it would come out ..." "What is coming out? Pee?" At that moment, in the haze, I have shines face. "What is this ~, Nankaku Sai." "I'm sorry, now, because the flow"
and was raised by flowing in the shower.
When finished sink, I am,
"this time I was over there only Kasumi." And say, Kasumi obediently is good! They told me I. Out of the bathroom, I decided to get to show in the dressing room.
Sit in a chair in the dressing room, it was to open the crotch. "This?" "Yeah." I was slowly and carefully looked over there of haze. "Can I touch it?"
When asked, he told me I'm good I embarrassed. I, touching the haze of chestnut, when you put a little finger in, "led!" "I'm sorry hurt?" "Okay. ... brother, something, feel good ...." At this time, I will not be able to anymore , I have a cunnilingus. It was very delicious full of in patience juice. And then, parents I have come back. Change of clothes in a hurry servants, went back to the living room. Dinner is over, go to the room, and has been rumbling in bed, it came into my sister. "Brother, also, I try to do." "Yeah!" From it, did it four or five times. Now, I do not at all so busy at the university entrance exam. It was memories of the sister of time of 2 in.