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The Tokyo life and cousin had been to Tokyo from two years ago has become the men and women of the relationship when I enjoyed

incestBut it was moved to Tokyo opportunity of university entrance, two older cousin when the move was me come to help.
Cousin had been moved to Tokyo two years ago, close friends even without me talking to because it was lonely it is glad that I've been to Tokyo.
While together are going to the play or a meal every week, it has become with men and women of the relationship.
And cousin graduated from college, five years before marriage, spent really like a good couple of relationship.
Now it is cousin also I have become a good wife in the mother of TEMPORARY, sometimes the mail comes.

It would be impossible because I also soon get married but want to meet.
Really it was a nice day-to-day.
Because we also celebrate with two people when the marriage was decided, rather than in relation to only separate from the body Both of them, I think there was a feeling of caring each other.
Around here is kana not'm just different from the others.
It does not have is that you have to fight also, even for once, when the sleep hugging each other is, I felt something like a peace different from the ordinary.

Wedding of two days ago.
"I think today is the last. What's on your ass today because tomorrow meet with my husband, I do not very strong," he said, gave us caught for the first time ass.
Parting, and went away, leaving only a word as "goodbye but I love you", I have not seen it.
Sometimes the mail enters only.

I was glad to be glad my marriage.
Morning Monday, "Get up Kazuya" is awake in her voice.
"Your ... Kanako yo is" I will be the Namahenji.
"Go is called the ... big sister."
"Yes, Kanako sister" Kanako sister female corresponding to two older cousin.
I am doing the teacher of a nearby high school.

Although it is busy only difference with my students, me something to take care.
Others there is also a relationship as contort his eyebrows if to ear.
But it was not possible to leave anymore.
"My sister I because another go" in the morning sun is dazzling and is reflected in her white suit.
It was beautiful, lie truly.

She comes asked the cheek and "I'm it."
It peck that always when you go out.
But I was attracted to the downy head by turning her hips.
"Stop, Kazuya" sister was firmly himself.
And "It had the makeup, the suit is not bothered ask ...", sister to divert the line of sight.

Grip her hand while saying so "I do nothing", was a kiss.
I remember the last night of the elbow.
It had begun yet from early evening.
Anything men and women not wearing the crosses in like a lion, a woman has entrusted himself to the high push-up man of desire a shame without ass.
The man on the up love such a woman, but vigorously seek for the was the ... etc., etc., when I thought such a thing from the trunks will be my array reaction, had to "Hello".

Kanako sister has slid down notice and from the downy head to interrupt the kiss as "hated" to it.
Sister walk at the entrance while anger as "stupid".
I will be the excuse to himself as "unavoidable Thats ... to'm still young."
"Tonight, also come from" voice and of Kanako sister was heard from the direction of the front door.
After all, Kanako and sister are each other through.

I thought so.
That night my sister came.
Dinner is in the fact that I make.
Sister is to not good at cooking, I am because my home is Western food shop, because most likely make anything.
I said so "I delicious! Kazuya" was above all happy.

When I have to clean it up, sister is checking the learning Guidelines.
I do not miss the study because root is serious.
Sister that came out from the "morning of continued NOW or ..." shower has been deposited the body a bundle of hair.
While having a three-year close relationship also in this moment I can not wait.
On the contrary, even feel like are increasingly drowning in her body.

In accordance with the words of my sister I say that irresistible caress while kissing, carefully to kiss.
Right hand are the around the thigh wandering in search of already soft place.
The point is to teasing feeling.
Kanako sister is known to take the hand that is drunk with expectation.
Ahead of the breast that is within the left hand had become hard.

Lightly try and Kanako sister rolled picking is he shakes the body determined ....
Kanako while through the sister, I make a word, such as inviting her immorality feeling.
"Kanako sister, not a got a young cock Toka interest of high school students?"
"A ... I do not" Kanako sister of flowers meat was tightened tightly.
"When did but for the first time, I was I still 18, sister I wish had put happily"
"Lies I ..." Kanako sister was turned away.
"Ze was tightened over there really want! Even now. Waist also Is to floating, soon to go wonder likely?"
"Oh, Kazuya" sister say so, was the climax by back and forth violently waist.

... enjoy the remnants of Koin I like to see the sleeping face of my sister.
Sleeping wound sheets to the body on top of the emerald-green sofa downy head.
Sheets became crumpled looked to angel wings dirty.
... I became "I for one is let them fly her" suddenly anxiety.