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Naughty experience story of mother and son

I did not think his wife is raped in the planning of high school sophomore son while opening the house

hiroyoriI am currently bachelor in the 44-year-old office worker.
My wife has me observe the absence in the second year of a son and two high schools in the 42-year-old housewife. Become a transfer in the bachelor will be another more than two years, but they have been arrangements to go home to the head office in about six months.
At first, it was the worry of that transfer, leaving only his wife and son, to there was also the son of high school,
my wife is also a hate a serious personality be bent in the stage possession of the two-stage judo trust to house It was the after. But the son is soon to go on to high school, the son LINE from the wife I learned and seems to be bullied.
Seems to be the odd man out, I was worried I also informed and are depressed. But it was reported that there is relief from some time to his wife and friends at home began to come into play.
There is a report in the LINE every day from his wife, son Toka became brighter, it was at ease with the fact that it seems fun school.
A-kun B-kun is now to come also sent a little jealous likely information Toka's handsome. (Laughs)
I do not go every month had been to go home to wait for the wife and son while taking I also Toka paid. But I think it was from around last fall, the son of a friend who is it is good for us to come to play, but
has become something like worry that has come to my home is a hangout.
But am I did not worry too much and because a good thing there are many friends.
And It is Shingakuko, I was extra vigilant because it was school no one is like a bad student. Suddenly After a while, it was no longer come LINE and e-mail from his wife.
Even if from here was short contents of the "okay", "not that nothing has changed."
I was in the mood worried about, but since has become common Once you have also 10 days, I had forgotten such a thing. Even back to my home I did not have that special has changed.
Son of a friend just when I come home I do not come at all in our house.
Wife than not come by using a mind because a friend of my son says, "because my husband is coming home" when I go home is?
It was said that, usually did not care because it was thought that it would have a lot he would do so. It became another worry is that the life of husband and wife is no longer at all.
It would refused and reach it at night as "the physiological now," "physical condition is bad."
Was not more than six months All told.
One day, I was looking at the net in his room of the apartment, but was looking through the (I do not see rare but) a little erotic site.
20s, 30s, it was I Ona while watching the naked 40-something woman.
It was when I was looking at the amateur of the post plate.
Moment, I eye has stopped.
It Toshikakko It was just like my wife.
My wife knew best to not in such a woman, but decided to pull out naked looks exactly like this woman to wife because it is not so much the past six months.
Of course to eyes had entered, but dick was also taking a mosaic, I was hooked because it was just like my wife as I look.
Moreover, her erotic image had been up in large quantities. It seemed to be posted in the weekly pace since I was last year in November.
Moreover, the other party (which completely takes mosaic) was as young men.
It is also a two-person or three people not likely, there was also the image I think that than there is sometimes more than 10 people.
4P of also using ass hole not only between 〇 calls and mouth, was 5P Toka amazing woman. How can a man past the 40 and arbitrarily assumed the woman's wife had thought it ... but selfish delusion while I think pathetic is the pull out in one room of alone lonely apartment, of the right breast mole, ass hole near the mole, grows the way of the pubic hair of the initial image (had been shaved in the middle) is hairstyle more than anything else was the same.
Apparently it began to have a suspicion from the middle and do not 's wife. So because it was stated in the entice and also poor physical condition when you came back the other day, I tried to put a hand in underwear down the pajama pants wife secretly sleeping in the middle of the night.
I was surprised as the heart stops.
But I had the thought that maybe, I feeling was strong that I want different. But the shame hill wife did not grow at all pubic hair.
It was brilliantly Tsuruttsuru. I fled to the corner of the room I wrapped in a quilt jumped up the wife woke up to realize that you are touching pledged a hand to crotch.
It was I who had been a while silence, wife began to cry in such muffled voice.
And sob and chanted the "I'm sorry", told us the truth of things.
I they were even willing wife would be coming to play is so.
It seems to have been completely off guard now also talk quite informal.
One day, yes you they were attacked take gangbang committed in the naked wife who was relaxing in the living room when it had come to play in about 10 people.
And it's so I was also taken of whether the video was planned.
Because it is of course now a high school student The photo is natural Nante.
How much Once also attacked by several people tough high school students in the wife of the black belt hand is also so I did not stand. Then they committed a wife almost every day in the story of the video and The photo, it did was up by processing the net erotic site of take it also in video and The photo.
I did had to unplug while delusion the wife of nudity that it is his wife without knowing it.
They've got got to commit to ass hole or insert foreign objects to gradually escalate That's right.
And sex with me is prohibited pledge also allowed to write to become a meat urinal pet, yes I was shaved to the testimony. At the same we confronted that of his son that was in another mind.
Son first seems did not know at all what has been approached in such a plan.
First, it seems when the wife has been committed had been confined in his room.
It comes to subsequent story wife I was gone silent.
But because I son was disturbing, it was confronted persistently. My wife told me the story as if the idea.
Again then, yes son was also bullied by or kicked or beaten and not listen to what you say.
Son but soon seems to have become obedient to them.
And became obedient ... it or his wife and sex in their instruction, That's right I'm his wife and son or Ona' in front of everyone.
Head came back to the appointed destination can not be pure white and immediately nothing. Yesterday, when looking through the site that the new wife of the image and their comments were not listed. They are that the older woman strong mind, such as it is compelling glad you meat urinal had written.
Had declared that the body remodeling because it has become loose before and after the hole of another wife.