Relationships that are unacceptable in modern times. Naughty confession with real siblings, siblings, parents and children, cousins, cousins, parents and children

Naughty experience story of my older sister and younger brother

Not you wonder what is happening during pregnancy! Wonderful memories [incest red and white experiences] with brother

 Parents in the wake and funeral of an acquaintance, when it comes to free up about two days home, I went back to the home in order to, such as taking care of the younger brother of the meal.
But I was pregnant, to have been settled without much morning sickness, because he was above all live with parents of my husband, I went back and willing breather can.

1 year high school in eight Unlike Takashi brother.
I often have to take care from time small, was quite spoiled in Bettari me also Takashi.
Moreover very shy and weak mind, But in very gently, I have me nursed in constant attendance, etc. When you put the heat (I only stayed only side (laughs)), like cute is such Takashi was the day, when you are watching television together meals also complete your bath in the living room, the next day because it was the birthday of Takashi
"I? because tomorrow's birthday, my sister is'll make cake."
"really? ... Thank you. "

at that time I, in no bra to knit one-piece loose, have a comfortable dressed like can not usually, the line of sight of the Takashi if you later will feel like looking through a shimmering chest .

"Birthday gift, something Wish there?"
"Wish ...... Well ..."
"I see to say because ANYTHING"
"Anything's fine Really?"
"I must too so much high (laughs)"
"Then ... Yuka ...... I've got a sister to ask ... "I thing I want

while I wonder strangely are to embarrassed Takashi
I say," Please give me? .... ... What? "
" with your sister ......... "
" I? ... sister and ... what? "
"No ...... still good ..."
"Because refuse if what Yoo ~ ... saying Take a me ... bad (laughs)"
"because it is good ...... impossible ... also bought something clothes? '
" He says over a period of stop Nante , I wonder ~ ... "not a man

I wanted to ask the ask of Takashi, Preface to close the face pressed against the shoulders on the sofa
ask ... say to the" big sister! "
strongly approaching and Takashi even as idea
" my sister and ...... "
" Yeah, sister and? "
" I want to ...... etch ... "
" What? ... "
Takashi to divert the gaze blushed to say so.

I also silence a moment and froze up again in unexpected word

I no longer withstand the atmosphere
"Why such a thing ..."
while the Takashi was averted her gaze
"much more ... ...... always sister love sister in ...... sorry ... forget wanted to ......... sister and etch that was Masturbation? ... I want the clothes ... "

mind weak Takashi is Nante say that the drastic so far, while I think Naa was quite hard
"feelings of Takashi'm happy? ..."
"But to buy ...... clothes because it is impossible to talk?"
impossible to cute Takashi are making a smile, been somehow become a Kyun, give and accept the feelings of Takashi it has become want.

I myself, with my husband and less state from the pregnancy, but there is also because it was a little frustration, becoming body becomes hot and listening to the feelings of Takashi, and I thought that if only once ....

"From now Takashi is a dream,"
"to? ... No ... but not sleepy ..."
"I might recall awake ... it ... it because it is a dream?"
Turn the hand on the shoulder of Takashi that you are blank look on the lips
"smack ..."

"my sister? ..."
staring and straddle face-to-face on Takashi that surprised to round the eyes, forehead in the likely touched lips distance with the
"only today ...... dream ...... let's? ... "
" my sister ... Huh ... Huh ......'s fine? "
" I because it only looks ... a dream today? ... "

and embracing Takashi became rough of breathing are gently many times to kiss, to come so hard it just felt in the groin.

I while stimulating rocking the hip
"has become firmly ...... of Takashi ..."
"Because ... Huh ... Huh ..."
"take off?"

And then remove Takashi shirt, and kiss nipples shaking the hips back and forth, I It has been rubbed the crotch grab ass with both hands.
Out the sweat pants and a penis that was erection firmly in Shifts the pants, glans and has become slimy in Gaman juice as soon as the turn stroked with a finger.

"My sister ...... sister ...... Huh ... Huh ..."
and crazy a kiss while moving the hips come Takashi
so as to cause a little restless, and return slowly gently kiss
"my sister ... Haa ... Haa ...... stomach ... okay? ... "
" you okay? ... and easier ... "

Release the lips, and. Remove the trousers and pants while squatting between the legs of the Takashi, more a little large master mono was erection firmly in front of the eyes
"I Okkii Takashi of ... ..."

Hey become a happy facial expression and when added to the mouth to kiss penis of Takashi, the body is looked up to heaven as wince
"// ... Ah Tsu -"
and I'll rub up and down in the lips while licking one size larger swollen glans in the mouth , with both hands while Tsuppara the leg my shoulder in an attempt to wake the
"// ... my sister ... Dame' ... wait,"

and I'll suck violently think'm alive likely, ejaculation in my mouth protrudes a waist it was

"my sister ... Huh ... Huh ... got out ..."
"it was felt good?"
"I do not ... I was comfortable ..."
Takashi you have spicy likely in the penis that became a little softer and ejaculation

" soon be as Since become ... okay ... "
and to crawl the tongue to the penis so as to be visible while staring at the Takashi, it has quickly become the Gingin.

"Will now ... can?"
Take off your shorts stood up, straddling on top of the Takashi
"Turning I?"
While staring at the Takashi drink nodded Gokun and saliva, to be inserted slowly to the back to sink the waist and, come hug tightly so as to press the hip
"feel good?"
"wow ... feels good ..."
"It is in ... slowly so as not out soon?"
"Yeah // ..."

When the up and down is to slowly the body the face of Takashi staring and jitter, Takashi also me come to move the hips staring
"...... you are in the big sister ... Huh ... Huh ... I entered"
"Takashi're entered in the ... I feel? ... "
for a while slowly out, stand up and pull out the penis
" there // ... my sister ... Huh ... Huh ... "
" now ... Takashi is to? "
show to expand the legs sitting on the couch and, has been slowly inserted suffer from a leg every my hips spread.

Slowly Takashi to be out by moving the hips to put up
"in ... feels good your sister?"
"Huh amazing ... I feel good ... ... huh ..."
"penis of Takashi also'll feel good?"
"Really? ... also feels good sister ? "
Takashi Holding asked while kiss the
move" feels good because ... a little earlier? ... stomach is because it is all right ... "
" Yeah ...... Huh ... Huh ... "

and Takashi waist of movement becomes faster, rustling sound heard have been, the movement of Takashi as excited about the sound becomes violently
"my sister ... Sigh ... Sigh ... another ... Serve it //"
"because I put out into the big sister ... as it is ... and violently ... "
crazy a come hug while moving the hips and
" sister ...... A'...... "

When Takashi of movement is inserted to jerk back stops, feel what comes spouting in Te, and I'll kiss and hug tightly, I was ejaculate in me while trembling body.
That day sleeping in bed together, had been raised to pat her head and hugged until sleep is Takashi.

The next morning, come and have a preparation of breakfast Takashi happened in the kitchen
, "Good morning, I? Are made rice"
and the greeting is not the same as usual, Takashi is to take a deep breath slowly large, fully split exhaling as
"good morning"
I was eating breakfast to say so.

I last night of promise to check the
"I see Takashi ...... nice dream ...?"
"Yeah ... do not forget really good dream ...... a lifetime ..."
relationship with Takashi is, alone with its once
secret of only two people of a dream.