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Naughty experience story of older brother and younger sister

House of the sister of the violent masturbation ridiculous ...

kannoI to'm the sister away 11-year-old Yuna (5 grade).
Sunday that there is a last summer.

I am every Sunday, from the usual morning side by side in the pachinko parlor (from 8:30 am)
I hit the pachinko, but that day physical condition had been sleeping much in the bad room.

Sister Sunday not come occur only in about always late at sleep in the morning and have 10 to when the
mother had to say.

That day is now because the parents had to say and go out early in the morning of of which is
Yuna and two people Kkiri.

Yuna will be at 10 seemed happened, I went down to the first floor
(I and Yuna is the second floor of the room next to each other).

Maybe late morning probably ate the rice, the is also stairs about 30 minutes
is Yuna hear the footsteps that go up to your room. Hear the sound to draw a chair in a quiet room next door, probably it was probably Yuna is out to study.
With about five minutes "up ... up ... Ann ..."
pant voice that has been heard.
(Yuna of guy, even I today I think is going to pachinko today
one person H or ...? In .... No way 11-year-old, such that I'm home now by himself)

room with Yuna are connected by a sliding door, I tried to peek at a its - and the gap.
To the left back of the room there is a study desk of Yuna, Yuna in the blue chair with its back to my room
to sit.

Not how are studying surprisingly, to the top of the desk is not anything put,
Yuna remains but is made to Mozomozo the body of the state of the prone head on the desk ....

Yuna is ... and thinks and pajama pants under remains of the upper and lower pink pajamas
do not wear! !
... that there is a Poro' on the floor at the foot of what took off on their own Yuna.
Look closely white panties on the right knee of Yuna is visible.

Rashiku honor student of Yuna, will're wearing was asked to buy the mother as it is straightforward.
This also seems to have down the panties up to about knee on their own.

Although the right of movement of Yuna had slowly started up and down, will become more and more violently
there ... argh N "... Nn ... Nn ..., An' ... A'... "
and I feel make a toe of the right foot.

Yuna hair is long, straight hair black hair.

I feel also black hair of Yuna in the or head to the up and down is fluffy, fluffy little
... swaying up and down.
(Wow ... 5th grade Nante still such a violently I woman to a girls
... Do've got to masturbation, and excitement.)

I do not know what has not been what was satisfaction Yuna from rising chair
(small cute ass looked), the panties down to Hizakurai
starts to move his bet again wear.

Rather than on top of the bed only one towel in the summer, flip through too lazy to go to
Yuna on top of the Accept or towel was lying on his back.

(Tired anyway sleep kana ...?) And I thought, but ....

Yuna (5 grade) is 150 centimeters petite physique in a slim more.
What 's also say from my brother, but face is so so cute more.

The button of pink pajamas Yuna was spread to the left and right removed slowly.
Mekukuru ... under it as far as the neck by yourself in the white T-shirt.

Yuna of no bra began massaging his chest with the palm of the hand.
In spite of the elementary school five years the body is slim, is quite large bulge of the chest ....
The bulge of the breast that do not fit in the palm of a small Yuna.
"Yeah ... there ... I N ..."
beautiful color of the nipple is already standing with Pin', skillfully a circle with your fingertips
or draw, the body occasionally wince and Yuna to Kurikuri up and down with your finger convulsions was tired.

Since there was no seen Nante naked girls of the 5th grade (11 years old) were excited fresh.

His expression had become the face of the woman rather than the elementary school students look at those filled with pleasure never seen until now ....
Hand of Yuna is ... to the lower body.

Yuna tracing the vicinity of the clitoris with the right hand from the top of the white cotton panties.
"... Oh ... Ann ..." is heard again pant voice.

Yuna strikes rolled over to the right, side of the body of the state, toward the ass towards the back to me.
I elementary school Rashiku chest of nowadays is pretty, and the body ass Slim is small.

The had a peek open the right of the sliding door moves to the left of the door, a little to the left of the sliding door
peek opened.

Position which is visible from around the thighs of Yuna from here.
Yuna while tracing the genital area in the right hand, of panty turn the left hand behind him
... the periphery of the ass from the top.
(Well, the guy ... right clitoris of Yuna, the left hand is ... c'mon ... do that ... in the hole ?? small 5 of there I never ass)
a little shock ... as a brother.

Also heard good to say of the parents at home, ... is Yuna had heard a quiet a serious even in elementary school and anal masturbation.

Finger of Yuna will continue to escalate, the left hand of the middle finger said to be from the top of the panties
had already gone into the hole in the ass of Yuna until about the first joint.
(Thats cause with shit in the pants After An'nani put finger ...)

Yuna who feel moving the muzzles without turning his middle finger.
Muzzles the anus of the clitoris with your right hand Sawasawa, with the left hand.

Sight of Yuna that remains of innocence is such a thing, gave a shock to me.
I think I was excited, Yuna to start down a panty on your own.
For the first time look at the raw of his sister dick ....

Surprisingly under-hair is generous, it was already state of and soaked.
Pussy of Yuna that has not been tainted If you are a beautiful color.

Yuna while stroking stroking the clitoris with the right hand, the vicinity of the surface of the anus with his left hand middle finger
had touched.
Anus of Yuna had a clean anus in a little brown felt than skin.

Yuna is ... the love juice pussy into a stretch the middle finger and bring towards the anus on your own is anal.
"... N'! ... Han'! ..."

Yuna is aloud gasp while a wince, Zubuzubu and to the vicinity of the base of the left hand middle finger
went gone into the hole in the ass.

Every morning, Yuna has a habit of going to the toilet after breakfast, and enter immediately after the toilet of Yuna
always shit stinking.
It should have been a sure shit in the downlink and breakfast after the toilet on the first floor today.

... the hole in the ass just the shit Nante will have their fingers to the root.
Anus surface does not wash until the back of the hole in the ass even be washed with bidet
because it should, I think the dirty, but ....

Middle finger that was placed in a hole in the ass of Yuna has been seen brown feelings.

5th grade of Yuna is the thrust of a finger into the hole in the ass, very complicated ... as a brother to see that comforted body.
(Guy of Yuna, where such a thing to remember ... ?? I've been)
inserting the Yuna is the right hand middle finger into the pussy. Near the G spot I wonder are stimulated with yourself.

Kuchu' from more of pussy, Kuchu', out Kucho' ... and nasty sound, from the hole in the ass Pusu', Pusu', the Warped ... Bubu' ... Bububu' ... Bupipipi ... and Yuna of fart It has come up with a sound, such as leaks.
Until the smell of the fart of Yuna's feeling likely to come over here.

It is piston movement and rhythmic in conjunction with the right hand and the left hand of the middle finger both of Yuna.

(Imagine even 3P of the man in the head of Yuna, both of the hole in the pussy hole and ass
imagine anal 3P to the habit of the one ??? elementary school students are thinking that you have committed are inserted at the same time cock ??)

in Eloy movement that does not think that the movement barrel and 11-year-old girls, the speed of the handjob of both hands of Yuna went increased.

If the hole in the ass want further further put a finger to the back to the back! ! It will be inserted in the back in the back every time the finger of Yuna is a piston in the feeling.

"Huh N ... N'..., huh ... Nnfu' ... there, there ... go, go ... Iku' ..."
Yuna is moving large ass was a state of half-length , it was gone by the Bikun' wince wince ....

Yuna is, I wonder I can I go in the ass, and had impressed the while brother.