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Naughty experience story of mother and son

Once you've cum to the mother-in-law of Anal seems was already tired

tsubomiIn this year's Obon holiday,
to a country of the daughter-in-law Hokkaido
I went to homecoming.
When I talk, but ... that

is the day, daughter-in-law of the father and brother, in the workshops of agriculture in Sapporo,
do not come back until tomorrow evening.
When the daughter-in-law is that homecoming, one day will go to play with to stay at the home of a childhood friend of the daughter.

The house does not have only me and Yomehaha. From morning till evening
also I have the help of the dairy, and finished the rice bath
was watching TV in the living room. Daughter-in-law mother also bath from rising next to the room is has become the bed of the daughter-in-law mother, daughter-in-law mother ...

"I got was ... tired today
because early tomorrow, I! Go to bed earlier," so say, I ...
" Good night! "and say, daughter-in-law mother ...
" base lonely not stay daughter-in-law? "
because heard that,
I ..." it's okay! "
If you answer laughing ...

" at the bottom of the drawer, father of the H video is look because there! "and Yomehaha is,
say ....
I, and "I do not see!"
And return laughing, daughter-in-law mother ...
"If it want to see, without permission
Look!" Laughing, next to the room closed the door
and entered. Yomehaha was equivalent tired Tarashiku ... sleep.

The end is favorite TV ...
to boredom, after all
multiplied by H video,
was a young woman of Anal version! We watched for a while,
will be excited,
Also Anal desire from before
because there was ...
"I want to do Anal !!" and ...
had thought.

I, gingerly ... next to,
of sleeping of Yomehaha room
and a little open the door,
Yomehaha is, one foot in stride opening had slept make a knee! I, look at it
excitedly would
in tension and extreme excitement ...

"follower ~! Fu ~! Fuwo ~!"
Snort had become rough. With a cigarette, soothe their own, so as not to make a sound of footsteps,
also went to the room of Yomehaha ...
quietly have closed the door.
Yomehaha is to have ...! Deep sleep
I of Yomehaha while looking at the face, to gingerly thighs,
was ... Guess the hand
does not occur!
now! was place your hand on the chest
does not occur at all!

Was no bra.
I, it does picked a little stronger the nipple to increase the negligee. The beige panties make sure that does not occur at all, Nugashi was! Crotch open to view and ... there was a beautiful pussy and the anus to the place that I do not think 54-year-old ...!
I ... towards the pussy,
touch the face spears pussy, I tried licking anal!
Sleeping with "Sue! Sue!". Now, in anal with a plenty of saliva on the finger, there is no reaction nothing !! you put your finger ...

but, pussy was damp feeling ....
Even lick the nipple, !! it was okay to put a finger on the pussy I'm at ease completely,
Straddling the body of Yomehaha,
the sleeping face of Yomehaha that perforated mouth
was construed anal while watching. Place your cock anal Yomehaha, slowly To anal tried to put the cock of the previous!
Then daughter-in-law mother of anal,
arbitrarily gradually To ... my
will swallow the cock! I was out of breath voice not accumulate! "Kuu ~!"
Soon to the root of the cock
!! was when tightened

!!! daughter-in-law mother woke up in pain
what is Yomehaha that is happening, do not completely understand ...
just my face and stunned,
it was like watching ....
And what is finally when you know ... that's how the place
as "Gyaa ~ !! painful !!", first tone !! later, or not my voice in pain, hoarse in the voice ... "straight ... people kun ... ! What ... to ... Ru of !! prefix ... Menasa ... There! "and
answer the pain appeal to me.

now I, want to embrace the mother was excited to see" mom ... I'm sorry !! video If you were !! "and liked,
Yomehaha is, say," What the Word ... Tteru ... Bruno ... !! Uu! ... such things ... and useless to ... decided ... Rusho ... or !!, "but I,
"since may I happened later ... this place is staring you please have!" and
when I say, Yomehaha is ...
"disgusting § !! huh! ... huh ...! Remove ... do not ... again !!" desperately and
waving his hips from side to side, but to try to overtake ...
I ... hold the body of Yomehaha, to fix the body.

Yomehaha is, "true ... unplug ... Te ... pain ... have !! disgusting ... § ~ !!"
Yomehaha says ....
Daughter-in-law mother wants the pain is, no wonder! Man is only now husband,
I do not know! Moreover, etch do not even know only standard.
I, What happened now because I decided also good ... and to became a fog .... Really
Yomehaha of anal, have tightened to the root of my cock ... I, try to shake the hips little by little ... Yomehaha is ...

referred to as the "pain ... have !! Where to ... put the ... Ru !! ass ... hole ... hurts ... from ... stop it ... !!," but, I do not quit!
to the contrary Yomehaha,
" mom ... Kuu! ... I will become accustomed if to endure a while! ... huh! UU! "and the
daughter-in-law mother when I say is, "
get used ... divided ... Nana ... suicide note Tsu !! ask ... I do ... Te Rayame! They say disgusting § ... ".
Too tight is good,
for the first time in close to me also limited in experience, at once shook his hips!
Then Yomehaha is ...

"Agiyaa ...! ... Ouch !! Agaa ... UU ...... Wuwun !! Fuwu ... N! Oh ... Tsu! disgusting ... § ... !! overflowing ... Wun !! "and
reluctant while consciousness
was a haze ....
I, "Mom ...! Ik !! Uu ... Ikuyo' !! Wuu Wu ~ !! Kuwuu ~ !!"
Yomehaha is ...
"there! There ... !! Wait ... disgusting § ...! ! spoiled ... eye tut ~ !! Affu ... Fuwu there! Mmm! hot ... for that contains ... Te ... coming! Afuu ... there! there! feelings ... Chi evil ... have ... !! ... Agagaga § ... Gaa ... !!!!! "

anal in out, Yomehaha faces the white of the eye, was limp lost consciousness .... Yomehaha of anal, Gappori spread my sperm had been hanging in large quantities ....