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Incest with sisters(2012-04)


yuna himekawa[36]
I confess my relationship with my sister when I was in elementary school. When I was in the 6th grade of elementary school, my sister was in the 1st grade of high school and went to the neighborhood as a "good girl". During the summer vacation of that year, my parents and I went to a relative's wedding in Fukushima and were alone with my sister for three days. I remember masturbating from that time, and I was interested in the woman's body , but until that day I had never felt any sexual interest in my sister. On the night of August 2nd, which I will never forget, I was eating a supper made by my sister at home. I'm sure I was crazy about TV animation, but my sister said to herself, "Let's drink beer ... don't say Takashi," and she started drinking beer from the refrigerator. .. I'm still in elementary school, so I remember making fun of my sister, saying, "Tell me, Rea-re-re-a-san." After a while (around 8 o'clock), my sister exhaled a smoky breath and suddenly whispered , "Hey Takashi, have you seen a woman over there?" I have a form of female genitalia in erotic book of comics I knew somehow, since the image as now did not have is to flood it was not even once seen a Subari female genitalia. "I don't know," he said with his face bright red after the sudden transformation of his sister. "Let's show it to my sister ..." I'm panicked by the fact that my sister, who is usually neat and smart and has an image like Chisato Moritaka, said that became.I think I felt like a nasty woman about my sister and was ashamed of being a relative. "I don't want to see it." "Really?" "I'll keep it a secret without telling anyone ..." Even if I was told that much, I stood in the bathroom as if I was afraid to escape. I did. When I came back from the bathroom, my sister was wearing a T-shirt and shorts. "Nee-chan ..." I went to the side softly with a feeling of compassion for my sister who had gone so far rather than sexual desire. "Let's go to the room over there ..." My sister took my hand and pulled it to the back four-and-a-half-mat room that my parents used in the bedroom. When my sister entered the room, she closed the shutters on the windows and put on the curtains. Since it was August, the inside of the room became like a steam bath in an instant. My sister sat on her mother's three-sided mirror chair with her knees up and her legs open. "Okay, look." I sat upright as I was told and brought my face between my sister's lap. The shorts are white cotton, like a serious high school girl wearing. When I brought my face closer, I smelled it for the first time. Was it like a mixture of sweat and scent of cheese? ... My sister should push herself around her labia majora with her index and middle fingers over her shorts to make her own relief. I did. The thin cotton fabric was plump like lips and it seemed that I could understand the shape of the female genitals. "How?"My sister said from her usual angelic look, with a lewd look like a female cat. "........." At that time, my body was filled with the sexual desire of a man, and I said, "I don't know if this is the case . Show me directly." When my sister got up from the chair, she took off her shorts and lay on her back on the tatami mat and kneeled. It is strangely remembered that the pubic hair was slightly thin. I was sweating all over my body like playing baseball under the scorching sun, and my sister was sweating like olive oil on the inside of her thighs and on her thighs . When I approached that part of my sister, I felt that only the cheese odor was stronger than before. "Hey, I can't see it with my hair." When I said that, my sister held her legs and curled up like a gymnast. Without disturbing anything anymore, a female genital that glows nasty with sweat and a slimy thing that I do not understand for some reason jumped in. "I want to touch Ne-chan." "No, just look!" " Let me lick it." " ... " My sister didn't respond, so I shook her up there. It smells very good, but I didn't think it was dirty and licked the cracked meat like a dog. My sister started panting as she was watching on TV. My sister yelled angry, "Show me Takashi!", Released her knee-holding arm, and stood up to face me.My sister puts on shorts and tries to take off my pants with her shorts. When I was embarrassed and not cooperating, I said, "Stand up!" When I stood, my sister took off my shorts and pants together. When I took it off, the caught penis jumped up and hit my sister's nose. "It was so small ..." my sister said and wrapped my penis with both hands. "Ne-chan !!" I was touched by a woman for the first time and it exploded. My sister wiped her hands, tatami mats and her T-shirt with a tissue and patted my head saying, "This is really a secret." By that time, I had no choice but to thrust my penis into my sister's genitals, which I had just seen, and the penis never withered and became hard again. "Let's do it, Ne-chan." I said, "No, that's absolutely." "But if it's just parentheses, I'll let you do it." Both my sister and I thought that the missionary position of sex was sex, so naturally my sister took that parenthesis. I slipped between my sister's lap and covered her over her. I put my penis on my sister's pubis in shorts and moved up and down as if she had sex in the missionary style. The sense of unity with my sister at this time was something I had never felt before. My sister put her tongue in my lips.My first kiss and the close contact with my sister's body made my head white. After a while, I raised my body a little, grabbed my penis myself, applied it from the top of my shorts to just that part of my sister, and tried to put the cloth of the shorts into my sister's vagina. My sister was panting a little without stopping it. I stabbed like crazy. The cloth of the shorts gradually bite into the crack of my sister, and the tip of the penis was actually about to enter my sister. After seeing my sister gradually shake and lift her hips, I slipped the narrowest part between my sister's shorts to the side and inserted it all at once. "Ahhh" My penis snapped into my sister's vagina to the root, and my sister distorted her face in pain like a shrimp. It seemed so painful that I unintentionally pulled out my penis and apologized to my sister. "I'm sorry," my sister didn't say anything for a while, but she regained her mind and hugged me, saying, "I've finally done it." The two then kissed like crazy, and my sister also took off her shorts and became one again. I went straight away, but the next time I started to get well, I remember my sister's painful face turning into a pleasurable face. That night was three times as sex. The next night, my sister came to my room and had sex. My sister was on top and I put it in from behind.Then the relationship continued until my sister graduated from high school. After my sister remembered that she was crazy, she became more and more bold and asked for it almost every day. I stole my parents' eyes and stood in the bathroom, or went under my sister's desk studying for college and licked it. At that time, all my semen was sucked up by my sister, so I don't remember masturbating. No one knew about such a relationship, and when my sister entered a university in Tokyo and I had a girlfriend, it disappeared naturally, and even if I met her, we wouldn't talk about it. From this experience, no matter what kind of woman I see, I have come to think that "woman is horny". Even if you have a face that doesn't kill insects, you must be an unrivaled lover and have sex with anyone if you have a chance. I still remember my beautiful and disgusting sister

Virgin sister

Parents in the room also my sister was going to work only sister in the house I lived in a room in the pants wearing it hot When I'm studying at home sister enters the summer vacation
high school one year my virginity in the summer of junior high school one year still figure of the sister have rolled up a T-shirt in Jordan half aware of no bra sister to eat together the ice and into the room and I wonder eat ice sister because hot T-shirt wearing a bra to shorts to watch the cartoon My sister I by issuing the sweet voice is like feels sister licked gently nipples nipple Standing slowly massaging gently boobs by pushing on the bed involuntarily showing us boobs C cup even sister hate - do you put out the tits it was not wet and touch the crack that hair grew faintly on the banks undressed pants and shorts sister to come with excitement, but chestnut of the hole to open the crack you are hiding in still observed carefully crack open the legs destination was slowly inserted into the holes that will not wet and rubbed up and down the crack sit up and beg to open the legs lying sister becomes hard largely within an instant sister there was a smell of pee a little loincloth licking around ironing touch the dick of my But I ‥ sister'll hurts But well is because not wet inserted again unplugging leave out is put few minutes position difficult and tightness Kyu by more tough is in the back to put slowly Once in position half into the hole was reluctant bleeding sister pain torn hymen of sister dick is red the while you have put many times you can not out but can put up swing entrance around tightens Kyu hips early gradually comfortably and out to come wet gradually Then the sperm mixed with blood from the hole and an open vent gaping from crack outright out the sperm of large amounts and feel it is the hot was in in the Imotoitami that ejaculated in the sister without flowed out three rounds parents until come back was an etch and sister secretly when the parents are not here then you have ejaculation also

Hush money

One day, I passed a car of her sister in the parking lot to go by car to a love hotel with her.
I was sitting men sister was married but not a husband in the passenger seat.
Eyes would match to my sister, it was surpassed in situ pretended of others, but we have requested a hush sister came to the apartment of my alone on the night of that day. To say \"I want to finish in the money really but. Of no money to be free like that to me of a housewife,\" said her sister began gripper cock my Unload stretch pants pants and I suddenly. It had refused at first, but it was surrendered to give up the body so has been missing the power of the body to the technique of sister honest. It would be excited about the reality of sister of fruit're gripper techniques and not to her, my cock my, I quickly ejaculate in the mouth of her sister in about 3 minutes Mononoke. My sister went back without waiting for the answer of my to be! \"Because I was paid hush money is Well\".

Please have your sister me.

Please take a big brother.

Has been staring at the penis to favorite sister

In elementary school,
if I have entered the toilet at home,
I became dark light bulb has expired.
And cried it,
favorite sister of 3 grade on,
gave me brighter brought a flashlight.
And I think I really helped us at this time,
I was very grateful to my sister.
it has been that the sister can not be expected then.
Toward the cock my flashlight, sister
I've been staring with eyes open abandon.
I can not do anything,
can be seen a penis in her sister, but was still.
Sister so very beautiful woman,
I loved as a girl is that of sister. I will be seen abandon the penis
to its favorite
girl. Face becomes red
terrible embarrassment,
tears are now likely to leave at any moment I am.
While fighting back tears desperately, I was crying \"I etch terrible! Waan, a sister, and! I do not go to your son-in-law\" and
in my mind. While staring at the cock is my brother, my sister was willing to Effeminate a terribly happy. Then touching your ass, and can peek toilet, sister, became habitual sexual harassment. But after all, I had loving sister. Some children have been married to my sister now, but I love you still.

have been regretting

I had an act unworthy are a brother against sister ... "the absolutely sister Hanri Thailand!" "Want to buy in a lifetime side-slaves ...." In the momentum was excited and want to grant such a wish, back there last week When I recruited a group to abduct my sister on the site, I got an incredible number of contacts ... If you are a meeting while hiding several times here information, barely in its select one of the group, and send a photo of sister boldly, immediately reply there is, "I want us to run! I got in touch with you. My younger sister is high 1, and unlike my older brother, I'm about 150 centimeters tall, and while I'm still young, my breasts have begun to swell, and recently I've become more feminine . Or greeting with always smile and meet in the neighborhood, also pictures together under the apartment seems to have or with a shopping bag something when riding in elevators .... I find my behavior and of course the compared Freeter collapse of such a sister each time, "Mai-chan?" "Today is Mai-chan?" Heard in it off and greeting the "Go apprentice you also the Anna cute younger sister!" I did n't get along with my neighbors at all, and I didn't have any amiability at all . I was also compared with my mouth and had a disgusted face, but for some reason I was very happy to have such a younger sister and at the same time I became feminine recently and talked to a man on my mobile phoneI realized that I was so jealous that my sister was stolen by another guy ! And this time I have devised such a black plan! !! !! Since the contents of which parents Friday of the day before yesterday to go to Tokyo temple travel at the wedding of relatives, sister Friday night, was kidnapped sister of cram way home because it is okay to not go home, close to the public anymore clothes in the garden After tossing it so that I couldn't wear it , I threatened to call my house from my sister's cell phone , and I came to the park with my sister's clothes to change clothes, where they threatened my sister and I and I was my sister. After that, I was planning to commit my sister in front of me, make a secret for only two people, and keep threatening my sister all the time , but ... I wasn't happy with the idea, but the group said that they would be happy to keep their promises . If you trust me and tell me the way back from my sister's cram school and my home and my sister's mobile number , I went to my sister's cram school and got on the bicycle from home so that my sister would walk home as planned on Friday . I deflated the air ... And nine o'clock in the evening that the heart was waiting while Bakubaku, always cheerfully return does not have today is sister to come me back in the hopes and fears, and regret of the feelings, the sister of the mobile phone to ten o'clock of promise I called ! !! But the power is off! !! I called the group leader with a quivering finger to see if it was really running! But the ringing tone sounds but it doesn't come out! If you call persistently over and over again, you will not have the gentle voice and attitude you used to have"Ahh! !! It's urgent! !! " Don't worry! Now my sister is desperately rampaging not to be taken off, so I don't notice your call! " But from now on, my friends will thrust into my sister and shake her hips! "I 'll borrow it for a while! I'm not parents until Sunday! !! " If you get tired of it, I'll return it properly! "     Even if you appeal to the police, you are the principal! " I'll make it tattered and return it, so I'll ask you to follow me! "If you don't make sure your sister doesn't sue, you're going to jail! " Then, I'm starting to train your sister now! "      " True! Wait quietly! "And many times threatened intense I could not be be to do just trembling jerky was .... After all, my sister returned before 7 am today! Pressed by hand in jeans and a button dirty in the eyes Nakiharashi has expired torn shirt was homebound in the bathroom in a hurry while E   , but during the court seemed a glance see the very young breast rather than a sweater and bra had was         it after all I was a reality! !! Parents will be back in the evening I           'm worried if my sister talks to her parents! Will the police catch me if I talk?    Is there any way I can avoid going to jail? I have already awakened in this incidentAfter all my sister is my sister! I've been locked up in my room and haven't eaten ... When I found out that I was n't a virgin, I lost interest for some reason. When I committed suicide Also dating another future sister with any man, of I be pregnant mind longer jealousy I think that it is not anyway now my sister's feelings that I want to threaten someone again not to talk to the parent 's Kenan! What should I do now?

Sex with my real sister

Nice to meet you! HN: My name is Koya. My first H was winter in the second year of junior high school. At that time, I didn't have a girlfriend, and my partner was my real sister. My sister is 4 years older than me and was in the third year of high school at that time. I didn't have a fluttering place like a high school girl at that time, but he was a serious person who was enthusiastic about club activities and studying, yet he was cheerful and kind, and he took good care of me as my younger brother. They study and cook dinner on late days when their parents return. Besides, I used to take a bath together until I was in the 5th grade of elementary school. When I was in the 5th year, my sister was in the 3rd year of junior high school, so my sister was quite bloated. My sister touched my little Ochinchin and said, "Kou-chan can also touch her sister's breasts," so I always touched her. That's the usual thing, and sometimes he opened the pussy and showed me, letting me touch and lick it. From the time I was in the 4th grade, he peeled and washed my cock and sucked it. She was a little naughty, but I loved her and always spoiled her. My sister always loved me, and it seems that my cock was especially cute ... Even in the 6th grade, I took a bath with my parents on a late day, but in the winter of the 6th grade, my hair grew on my cock ... After that, when I was asked "Would you like to take a bath together?", I began to refrain from saying "Hmm, that's okay." I guess my sister somehow understood it. I haven't invited him since then ...But one day (when my parents were late), when I was taking a bath, my sister came in naked and said, "I want to go in after a long time." I got rid of my hand hiding over there and looked very happy to see the grown-up Ochinchin. I was hugged by my sister from my back and I was nervous and it was completely atrophied, but as my sister touched my cock, it got bigger and bigger. With a familiar hand, you can move the stick back and forth, stroke the bag, and stroke the glans. And my sister made me sit on the edge of the bathtub and sucked my cock. It's not just a pacifier, it's a so-called blowjob. After whispering a lot, I sucked the glans and moved the stick back and forth violently with about two fingers ... I was so comfortable that I ejaculated in my sister's mouth without saying anything. It was. After swallowing my semen, my sister said, "I'll do it again." After that, I often had her take a bath or in the room. Eventually, not only did I get it done, but I also started licking my sister's pussy. As I heard later, at that time, my sister was lonely because she had just broke up with her boyfriend who had been dating since junior high school. So I was convinced that I was good at blowjob (laughs) Well, my sister was sucking my cock before dating my boyfriend . Then, when I was in the second year of junior high school, my parents went far away because of the misfortune of my relatives. I was just in the test period, and my sister was before the college entrance exam, so we both had to stay at home ...The two of us took a bath (laughs) without worrying about the time, and even though we were flirting, we were flirting. (When my relatives are unhappy ...) After I made my first ejaculation, my sister said, "Let's have sex today. It's okay if you condom properly." Until then, I had only inserted it and moved it a little ... I was so happy that I replied "Yeah". Then I did sixty nine and after my recovery, I went to the bed in my sister's room. To me who didn't know anything, my sister taught me how to take a step and take a step. At first, it is the so-called positive position. I remember thinking, "It looks like a professional wrestling technique ...". After that, I got back ... I thought this one was more comfortable. My sister has thin hips and arms, but her chest is big, her butt and thighs are thick and big, and she feels good to hold her beautiful and soft butt tightly with both hands and hit her body. That's why I went. Sixty nine again for a while after my sister took my Ochinchin condom and licked the semen. My sister's pussy was already wet and it was as if I wanted to go as soon as possible. When I managed to recover, my sister was on top this time. Shaking my body while shaking my tits, my sister was staring at me with a pleasant face and gentle eyes. I rubbed my sister's tits and touched her ass and thighs. Eventually, my sister's body moved violently, and this time my sister went first. It seems that I was late probably because it was the third shot ...Realizing that I wasn't there, my sister swallowed my third shot with a blow job (although I only got a little). I was tired and my sister and I were fluttering, but it was very warm that my sister hugged me naked at the end. My sister passed college and lived in a distant apartment, so she hasn't had sex with her since the beginning. Even now, when I meet face to face, he smiles kindly to me, but I remember that time and was shy, so I couldn't speak well. It seems that my sister still thinks I'm cute. After that, when I was a high school student, I went out with a senior who was one higher than me and had a blowjob and had sex, but after all I felt like I could not match my real sister. However, my seniors were very kind to me, who is an older sister and has a sweetheart. I also licked a lot of pussy. Maybe because I was used to it with my sister, I didn't really care about the smell of girls. My senior also said that it feels good to have Koya lick it. I'm still only about 165 tall, but Ochinchin is about 15 centimeters at the time of erection, it's completely muketin, and it's quite endurance. I'm grateful that everyone is thanks to my sister. The first H I got from my sister is a very deep memory for me.

Woman Not the best!

Woman seen would be nice! Since were charged over time,
vaginal cum shot all-you-can-lion to date safety and let Cum in danger day. Even went to Toka DRIVE together, parents do not say anything to you have earnestly blue fucking at Toka Toka plateau forest road there are no people. Anger Hutt in the manner continue the relationship of the body only woman seen be made ​​Toka boyfriend.

Sister of similar Yuka

Summer high one, when I went to sea in the family, I had to nap with everyone after the room that came out from the sea, but woke up suddenly, someone'm massaging the dick.
It was a sister of one years older who was sleeping next to it. Similar to Yuka, cute, tits are big sister.
Mine was feeling semi-Standing, but is irresistibly over there agog, I hug my sister.
Sister also hugging me, I was kissed by two men intently. If you noticed, it was a deep kiss there also put tongue.
Not be suppressed and itching of the lower body, while rolling rumble and hugging each other, if you have committed rub over there, will not be fully in pleasure gill Hey, I was ejaculated into the trunks.
Perhaps feeling that had been accumulated, and that what comes out more and more forever, it was pleasure, such as lost consciousness.
There is so Gushogusho When finished, go to the bathroom in secret, it was entered in the nude together sister also comes with.
Of that you can wash the trunks, you have or to clean up over there, and a large chest of her sister, while I was Aikko show over there, you can have an erection, it seemed was when you are interested,
or hold or touch frequently, the last sister I've also suck or is.
Is sucked pussy without hair too much chest and also my sister, and that massaging the breast of D cup and fir strongly sister also mine, we kiss each other put the tongue to a brother and sister as it is.
My sister will not let go massaging the dick, I ejaculated many times also I.
Upon exiting from the sea the next day, and invites to bath me, my sister did the same thing so that it does not wait. Sister also apparently was afraid any more, that summer had to sneak such a thing.
Sister became aggressive when it comes to the second semester, H up seems to have said that to make him, was that it is similar to summer using me to vent it and break up, but
I becomes two years, my sister It becomes a college student, it became more and more bold. Within the house, at no bra always, was one dress. I antsy about,
the summer vacation there are no parents, and rub from behind the chest of her sister in E cup already, to say it \". The yan will want to\", laughing smile,
a deep kiss, beyond a line, I ended up with the H at the market finally. The row ball in the water bath together in my house there is no cooler,
look at naked sister, to see me is did I ejaculate, it was put there was not able to endure.
I did go out indeed at that time, but the better of me becomes obsessed with the first experience, rest during during the summer, we have H vigorously several times and sister using the rubber.
From it, in the full monty is in the house, when no parents, sister also I was also committed fit at any time.