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kana My fetish confession masturbationkana My fetish confession masturbation
Kana-chan explains the masturbation she always does at home. Change into her pajamas and then put her favorite soft cushion between her thighs, close her legs and shake her hips. She rubs it just above her clitoris. When she gradually starts to feel good, I put something soft under her knees in a piledriver position and rub her clitoris vigorously with my fingers while feeling the backs of her knees. Kana-chan introduced me to such masturbation, but her masturbation while explaining was a little unsatisfactory, so much so that she continued masturbating even after the shooting was over.

Wakana The electric massage squad next door ~The woman who won't let go of the bowl~Wakana The electric massage squad next door ~The woman who won't let go of the bowl~
Wakana-chan wants to eat her favorite soba noodles. However, no matter what happens, I will continue to eat. Wakana has a faint feeling of what will be done to her. She gingerly picks up the bowl and begins eating the soba. Then suddenly, a masked electric massager comes in and starts hitting Wakana with electric massagers. At first, the electric massager that was hitting her chest gradually moved down to her crotch. Then, the hand holding the bowl starts shaking and I can't swallow the soba in my mouth. Put your feet on the table and put your pussy in full view and send pinpoint stimulation to your clitoris...

Risa electric car squad next doorRisa electric car squad next door
Nyoshin variety project “Quiz! What do you eat first?” Attack! A derivative version of the Denma Corps next door. This time's answer is Harisa-chan. Will the rules be able to eat in the order determined from the beginning? If you make a mistake, you'll fall prey to Ms. Kamen's electric massager! 16 questions in total. How many questions can Risa Hatashi answer correctly? Or fall prey to Ms. Kamen...

Wakana Cunt with two fingersWakana Cunt with two fingers
Wakana is lying in black pantyhose with a hole in her pussy and a white T-shirt. She pinches her clit with two fingers and gently traces her slit. Her pussy is covered in cum-like fluid as her breath begins to leak out. As she jerks her clitoris, the sperm-like liquid spreads all over her pussy.

Chihiro Self portrait masturbationChihiro Self portrait masturbation
Very naughty Chihiro-chan appears for the first time in a while. She is a lewd girl who dies many times after masturbating once. She shows off her lewd appearance in front of the camera in a room alone. Drool on her nipples, which are her erogenous zones, and play with them. Her saliva drips as I keep her mouth open and feel it. She spreads the saliva on her large, erect clitoris, which is larger than a human's. I lifted her hips and her whole body convulsed while breathing heavily...

Nahoko outdoor piston back masturbationNahoko outdoor piston back masturbation
Nahoko, a naughty and frustrated married woman. While she was on the balcony, not knowing who was watching, she stuck the dildo to the window and masturbated with the back piston. I carefully give her a blowjob using the dildo that is attached to her window. Then she lifts up her skirt and slowly sinks the dildo into her pussy. The piston gets harder and harder. Then something incredible happened! The resident next door has returned. The sound of footsteps coming from a distance was heard, and the door suddenly opened... The camera clearly captured the scene. Even though she's scared, Nahoko doesn't stop feeling good.

Miyu A woman who calmly responds to instructions with no expression on her face.Miyu A woman who calmly responds to instructions with no expression on her face.
Miyu-chan silently responds to the instructions given. No matter how embarrassing the instructions, she has to simply respond calmly without making a disgusted face. However, the instructions keep escalating. She wouldn't normally dress like this, and even though she's shy, she can't help but say vulgar poses and naughty slang words she doesn't usually say.

Mitsuka A woman who is watched and gets hornyMitsuka A woman who is watched and gets horny
Mitsuka-chan makes naughty tweets while taking embarrassing poses. At first, she was wearing an ahegao double piece and was twisting her hips back and forth and from side to side. Mitsuka is surrounded by staff and is shy but excited. She moves her tongue with an air blow job while sticking out her tongue. As her excitement level increases, I grab her pussy with both hands. While her eyes flash, she twists her body and whispers, "Look at my pussy."

Wakana foot pin masturbationWakana foot pin masturbation
Wakana-chan is not wearing pants. Between her thighs is a slightly dark shaved pussy. She straightens her legs and relaxes while masturbating with her favorite item. Her toes close tightly due to the strong stimulation from the electric massager. Wakana enjoys the stimulation while adjusting the position of the electric massager, but in the end she stretches from her thighs to her toes and dies while convulsing.

kana Black pantyhose M-shaped JOIkana Black pantyhose M-shaped JOI
Kana-chan looks at you with wide eyes and handles your dick. Such a work. While looking at you from beginning to end, he handles you with his hands, the soles of his feet, and his knees...sometimes gently, sometimes drooling violently as he jerks off. Gradually, Kana-chan says her words while looking at me. He cursed the pervert in a gentle tone.

Quiet Woman pounded with piledriverQuiet Woman pounded with piledriver
Shizuka is completely naked and in a piledriver. A thick dildo is pushed through the bristles and inserted into her pussy. White sticky juice overflows from her pussy as she is being penetrated with the dildo. The inside of her pussy was stirred, and the breath that was leaking out gradually became rougher. Eventually, the cloudy juice that was leaking will be replaced by a clear, smooth liquid.

sea ASMR~man fart~sea ASMR~man fart~
Stand by by expanding your pussy with a vibrator. When air is pumped into the vagina with a syringe, a nasty vaginal sound (man fart) leaks out. Umi-chan is often said to have a flexible and soft pussy. When air is pumped in, the inside of the vagina expands and a considerable amount of air can be filled in. When I pump air into her with the syringe over and over, the area around her vaginal opening vibrates and the sound of her farting echoes.

Mikoto A woman who has no expression but feels itMikoto A woman who has no expression but feels it
I don't know what I'm going to do next. She is taken to the bathroom completely naked and Mikoto sits in the bathtub with her legs spread. She was behaving suspiciously, her eyes wandering around, but her face was expressionless. She gets hot water poured over her body in the shower. Even when the water pressure is applied to her nipples and clitoris with pinpoint precision, her expression does not change. she is nervous Occasionally, she let out a sigh that was drowned out by the small sound of the shower. When I concentrated my shower on her crotch, her dark slits were writhing. Mikoto-chan, who keeps showering on her clitoris which feels good, makes her go quiet.