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Sex life of the forbidden fruit ... mother-in-law that had devoted

incestIn the relationship of the law seems strong opinion that it is not the original incest, but not there is also suffering with the law because of pleasure, I would like to confess.

Currently, we continue the mother and the relationship of the wife divorced.

16 years ago, but was married to his ex-wife, in the circumstances of one mother only child, also, because there was no place to live for the time being, began married life in the home of his wife.

At that time, my wife is 22 years old, mother-in-law he was 43 years old.
However, in less than a year, Yike look like mother-in-law and I entirely opinion does not fit is constantly, now also avoid further adjust the face to each other.

Revenue also without never more, even as the only real adopted child, this is I think unbearable, had promoted plans of separation.
However, his wife has aggravated the cold, was hospitalized, suffering from another infection by nosocomial infections to say now, when you left the hospital after about three weeks, it had become the body can not be expected of pregnancy.

A while, nothing hand Tsukazu, although his wife was in contact as much as possible gently, compromise of the mother-in-law was further followed a steadily worsening.
Finally, then readjust the mind, and the first to start a positive life, a place that had decided to live at home to travel and the nearby apartment since the honeymoon, I started to say that which is not over even think his wife and mother-in-law.

Instead, his wife, not filled with children, still lay the possibility of leaving mother-in-law of my child's pregnancy, I called Grow as a child of us husband and wife. I laughed, but two people were seriously.
We discussed one week every night. They begged, crying at the time, was flyers yelling at the time.

Too much enthusiasm, and run out of patience, absolutely so that it is not known to others because to provide their sperm for artificial insemination, was told to look for a reliable gynecologist.

However, it breaks the ice that two people is ridiculous.
Artificial method is anxiety, so do not know whether or not there is any danger, it says want to try to become pregnant in a natural way. I refused. In addition, every night, discussed with the appeal, quarrel and crying has been repeated.

Ikazu also reason to consult anyone, we can not decent thinking you've fallen himself in the closed environment of only three people.
I myself, all costs want children to non, the other, the process is narrowing I do not think, also, if to intersect with the mother-in-law, I have undertaken sprinkled a little is made may be compromise, a strangely pragmatic judgment .

From the day after the night, it was fellowship and mother-in-law.
That day, but took a little late dinner three people in, it was awkward atmosphere.
I decided to go to 11 at the time of mother-in-law of the bedroom, was once returned to the couple's room.

We couple also hardly talk, I was idly spent the time to be felt long.
In addition, there was also successfully Majiwareru or anxiety and mother-in-law.

Mother-in-law is quite beautiful person, proportions also did better quite good as this age.
However, the unyielding, everything is also a methodical, well-outer surface, the glimpses the attitude of pride that anything has been done by one person, there is originally a place where disgusting, everything modest, was the opposite of my unfussy type.

Can such a mother-in-law and sex, and if it fails, was worried become anything. Will be at 11, I went to the mother-in-law of the bedroom downstairs.

Once in the room, mother-in-law smiling awkward smile, he greeted me. Under the bean light bulb one of light, mother-in-law is open in front of the pale blue of Nagajuban like Nemaki, it was supine in bed.
Underwear is not wearing. Become a naked take off the pajamas, which I also wore, now next to next to the mother-in-law.

Mother-in-law is to hide the face with one hand, we have clasped toward the hem of the other Nemaki hand open.
Among the awkward atmosphere, I was out of it for a while.
Lingering scent of lotion and soap from the side of the mother-in-law you will receive.

I stretched a hand to summon the courage, we explore the mother-in-law of the breast.
Mother-in-law seems to have firmly only a moment, but at the mercy.
Then, when you try to kiss, I asked the lips.

However, mother-in-law turned away, covered in hand, do not try to forgive.
Not might be a concern to the mother-in-law is the daughter of Nari wife, but I as is 
, but I felt that was hurt badly self-esteem, it was rather Fukkire.

Semetate from the neck in the lips and tongue all over the upper half of the body of the bottom, massaging the breast with a sense of weight than his wife, turning dough, it has already sucked make a sound the nipples are erect.
Mother-in-law, from time to time, or "Sue" and "Fu", but leaked a breath, voice will not issue.

Stroked the pubic hair of darker, and extend the hand to the crotch, it has quite wet.
And explore the clitoris, and then try to close the leg.
It will instinctive behavior, but I did not take so at that time.

"Because you insist children want, though're doing to the I do not want to do sex, either. Not that I may not put brackets"
I thought a moment and.

It intends to shake off the feeling that is similar to a kind of humiliation, forced open the leg of the mother-in-law, more than necessary
Open to, the clitoris and the vaginal opening Turn messing around with a finger, was inserted as it is.
And toss the waist, mother-in-law is leaked a voice that killed press called "Uku, Uku," but,
I do not know whether they feel how much.

I Hate in about 5 minutes, but the mother-in-law did not know even whether I did care.
Release the body, I was out of it for a while.
I do not feel that trying to Gi-Oh after such a wife.

Did settled down a little, mother-in-law as if to send my semen to the back of the body, the waist
after lifting as several bridges, has caused the body. Then, tissue
wiped his genitals in the paper, and wiped my stuff while sandwiching the paper in the crotch

The mother-in-law, but Will was the utmost of courtesy and service, before marriage workplace of hot spring
is recalled that of the middle-aged prostitute who bought at the time of travel, disgust is Waitekima at once

In a hurry, out of the mother-in-law of the room, I went back to our room.

Wife, what I had wanted to spend with mother-in-law until the morning, look at me that back early, was surprised.
Of course, Ikazu also mean to speak, such as sex of the contents of the mother-in-law, but was it wearing a futon, falling asleep without, Kumishiki the wife reluctant, was fellowship crying for some reason.

Almost every night from that day, we fellowship with the mother-in-law.
However, to continue having sex for the purpose of pregnancy only, there was still impossible. There are also checks and balances of the wife of feelings and silence.
Even piled up sex with the mother-in-law, heavy air of the bedroom does not change.

Mother-in-law is still refused to kiss, my body to be without the caramel arms, killing also press the voice
was still was. Without letting touch the underwear, when I entered the room, the first time
only expose the body to open the front of the Nemaki in the same himself as of the evening. And, absolutely the sleeve
does not become a naked Remove.

It was almost normal position, handed the easy pregnancy, even in Doggy Style lifted high waist
was fellowship is about once every three or four times.
In that case, After completion of the foreplay of one way, mother-in-law becomes a wobbling To all fours, the waist
and I'll have, rolled up the Nemaki with both hands, you shove the ass.

After all, I was feeling that fallen so low in a real stallion.
 The likelihood of that the compromise between the mother-in-law will be better by Sex was also off the mark.
Only among the first, but had each other and both concern, expected only prior to the pregnancy
, and whether the nerve is proud of, rather quarrel was no longer constantly.

Ironically, to live without quarrel with the mother-in-law, bland without, was only during sex, such as biting the sand.

After all, with three people as countenance changes, would wreck the mental, while unexpected can pregnancy, I jump out of the house in about April, it became a divorce after one year.
Then, of course, but it was long lost, reunited with mother-in-law three years ago by chance the city
and, in the awkward small talk, now that we send in the car.
After the divorce soon I remarried, became the father of 3 pups, the mother-in-law discovered that distant boy
Was that of to have adopted.

The middle, something becomes a strange mood, rode the car to the hotel, it was the most aggressive narrowing the tension in the room. When asked later, after the thing with me, there is a story of the second wife of a merchant, but with also the man and the four or five times of negotiations, now ogle it is a daughter his ex-wife, It was that of a sex since farewell.

After that, we have indulged in sex call about three times a month.
In the old days and unlike, do it also fellatio, with tremendous MILF also be anal intercourse, it will not intersect continue to raise our voices, such as the beast.

However, she still has a thing of the month, as a precaution, do not let him is out in the raw.
Previously, rising Hoshi the children only there, because we our life has changed,
saying "If blessed event, do not you do I plum. Cognition also from want." And
will not, she it is, "do not say anymore that it is." a little loneliness of expression that seems to
answer in, close the head began to gray hair stand out, condom use dexterity mouth
just me wearing.

From a person who is opposed to sex between real kin, the mere Mature taste
may seem, please forgive me as a "pseudo-incest".