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Naughty experience story of mother and son

Young give birth to me, and my mother was divorced and I was signed

kannoDivorce in the 22-year-old birth to me at the age of 19
hard mother who raised me by herself one person
gave me hug and Gyuu' is coming home always late
it is also there was a lot that was Iyora also talk of marriage will try my mother because I was beautiful I was also love such a mother of similar Norika Fujiwara

mine deviation occurs in the normal parent-child of life Although the mother-to-child families remember the masturbation in the day in elementary school six years was from
the first time of tremendous pleasure of ejaculation have experienced have toying casually itchy cock is young What I had was what captivated without trying

a few hours until the mother comes home, twice each and every day, in the morning once even when the mother comes to working, just amazing in semen production of the growth piling 
is my children love me, but I thought that not is known to the mother, over a hand on me until more information mother had me is from the learned after, but in fact that the first time I I was aware from the familiar is so

first, but was masturbation of seeking only the pleasure of ejaculation went turned to masturbation to imagine gradually woman's body
 I love, be touched at any time, friendly woman and beautiful = mother
except by following the memory that was in the bath together until a little before was dark in the pubic hair be seen, I can not remember the mother of genital

such as night frustrating mother recruit was wearing shorts is rough breath Gaité Agra was one looking into the crotch of the mother wrote  
squeezing the cock in ran into and toilet, I had no reason to not be noticed in this, but the person is I believed that serious Gomakase
not met desire is facing in underwear in close contact with the genitals of the mother naturally, by extracting the mother of pants dirt from the laundry basket and return to the laundry basket to take wrap a large amount of semen on a daily basis
 However, it was only desire for genital is enhanced

that of one day, I took off the clothes and go home with a heavy drinking uncommon in hot weather payment of the company's yelling fallen to bed just as the limit is
impressive sprawled, camisole and large also is open in one piece pants
 is fast become the sound of the heart could be heard
contrast of dark brown underwear on top of the more dazzling white of the mother skin under a fluorescent lamp I was upset completely me

many times also is my sure the sleeper's breathing of the mother finger was touching the crotch Gris of pants 
stop the sleeper's breathing of the mother is my excitement repeat such a thing several times to pull the finger has reached the limit!
Good anymore Barre! At last I had shifted the pants in such a thought
there to think Kogare woman of genital had visible
and closer to the No face only in nothing but the opposite sex of genital rather than calm that such was born their own from there of course the same smell and there was that part of the pants in the laundry basket of mother was I

tried to to touch! suddenly! Mother of hand grabbed my hand!
Surprise, my mother's hand and tried to escape by Nokezo' is I had been brought down and pull it on the mother's chest to reverse have grasped firmly enough hurts! Intense number-shot position of anger touched slap It was the mood of preparedness ...
mother to the surprising thing was was saying, as they hugged me strongly and firmly
are interested in "all right boy everyone there, Youku did you see? other's fine? ... "and

if not say that I want to see more are squirmy mother I did a M open leg take off Innovation the pants
"Look, I'm learned in your insurance'm born baby from the small hole of the cone ~ * * of you were also born through here from the belly of the mother,"
and take my finger, tracing and it showed

"I know, that I can baby issues a Yo? sperm in you put a dick here before"
answer when the mother Otonabu' in my best of knowledge laughed gently,
"I know so, well ... so I * * because I'm such your sperm I very important thing, I? "I'm useless Chaa or out to the mom of pants or discarded in the toilet paper   

obediently to know it was Barre,
" I'm sorry ... I I,... "I would put out really become a strange feeling when you get an array from the penis
and say mother and shut up a little at a straight face,
" * * now your penis, Okkii? "
now that we have heard that " N, Well then to answer and funny likely to laugh and I'm sorry, "" Sokkaa, * * you also ne Once you take off take off pants, ... "
in the M-shaped mother is nestled in the mother feet as of a little while ago naturally my genitals touched the hot mother genital When you open

the mother fingertips will and was found to have to lead to hole picking mine
"that? can I Yue! mom! I! put" scared it was
my mother's cross-legged in the back of my ass
my genitals had been swallowed up at once to the hot meat hole of pleasure that are not in word and squeeze the Guitto foot

unreasonable to say I do not put out " I'm? Well Somehow the other myself let out to the mom, you do not? I? "
Such before the mother of the short whisper ends, such as I like a girl "Oh, Oh, - A" and convulsions while raising a small scream and, the crotch of the mother had been pushed up many times many times

mother the next day contraceptive ring has been mounted in a gynecological the
once always twice in 6:30 that once the mother comes home to it from the morning waking up holding a mother
first, a variety of full-fledged in the number weeks Sex was the mercy of mother such Positions to remember and so bear a long period of time ejaculation mother look like "go", was rather became many things to Karaonedari towards the mother

is a favorite once in cunnilingus, finish like crazy butt in the back 2 times of the auger
to the report while using the waist like a dog the mother when she was able to, my mother me and willing "so cormorant! Yes! Oh was good!" in Acme verge disheveled hair pressed his face against the pillow the was was was

hugging the mother at least once a pace a month still Masu
preparedness is to go to hell with two people