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You talk about Toko and I only secret you want to marry a cool guy even when viewed from a man in the sportsman

hiroyoriI now have to attend to the cousin of the Y-century wedding.
Very happy both families, Y Osamu especially happy Among them, I have also considerably immersed in a happy mood in progress sake.
Say made people in the Y-century of husband, unsportsmanlike, look cool even when viewed from my man.
Always must have felt me if inferiority complex.
However, I feel rather a sense of superiority, let alone I feel the inferiority complex of today.

... The reason for this is that, dating back to seven years ago.
There is, still in my high school two years, summer Y Osamu was a junior high school three years, at that time Bon and the New Year is has become eagle if gather to relatives Everyone Honke, the year is no exception, it had gathered in the head family.
When relatives gather, it had become another, children are able to sleeping almost Zakone state in the hall in the distance.
(In this it is, it is a translation that has become possible to leave the best result for me, but ...) that day, in a very hot day for the Kushiro, children five people at the beginning and Y Osamu I (I is boys the oldest, Y Osamu went swimming in the women of the oldest) pool.
So, I was deprived of eyes in swimsuit Y century.

Face is still innocent, but the chest is enough adult, were those also good bite of the crotch.
I was fit of impulse to want to touch to its rich breast right away, but I think the bad and become known to the parents, did not Utsuse to easily action.
While playing for a while, I got a good idea to me.
It is, after becoming the night Zakone state, it was to satisfy my desire to while you are sleeping Y century.
To do so, would not have to be allowed to sufficiently tired to to put to sleep the Y Osamu soundly, I have concentrated attack the Y Osamu in the hit ball with a beach ball.

Not know that kind of thing, Y Kino had been moving around while commotion happily.
After playing for a while, return to the head family, it was soon at night.
I mixed in adults, but had been drinking, went to the place of Y Osamu who are playing in the upstairs was standing some time.
I, a can of beer that was drinking under as the last of the stuffing to bring in for the Y century, approached gently talk to the "Y-chan, paddle not drink beer but it is secret".
Y Kino is to help also curiosity, hesitation also drank without what for.

Y Kino is also helped daytime fatigue, immediately becomes a sleepy likely eye, "Mr. A (that of me), I go to bed earlier because I made me sleepy .T (Y Osamu sister) · F · H (cousin of boys), and headed to say that to sleep you "to the children's bedroom.
I'm order to leave the best results, and performed together in the Y-century us, it was to keep the Y Osamu next to the futon.
This Ready, I joined the adults of the crotch, re drinking.
Y century is about 1 hour from going to the bedroom, it is time that falls asleep soundly soon.

I, went to the bedroom in the fact that he was also tired in the daytime of the pool.
Sure enough, cousins were all asleep.
I went to my futon, was asked how the Y century.
Y Kino is, have built a certain sleeper's breathing, did not have at all reaction to touch the face.
I'm at ease, slowly stripped the Y Osamu of the futon.

Y century is, in pajamas pink negligee style, Rashiku Apparently no bra, nipple was floated and Pochitsu.
I First of all, tried to put a hand gently on top of the chest.
Breast of the 80cm or will is, soft as marshmallows, say downright not feel has been transmitted to the palm of your hand.
I, remain in that state, turned stroked the breasts to be.
The center of the palm, Yuku Muzuka rubbed nipples, yet which is the highest in the pleasant feeling.

Y century, it is not usual reaction.
So I will boldly taste the feel of soft lips superimposed his lips to the Y-century of the lips, further Dari boldly rub the chest, it was repeated mischief Dari pinching the nipple.
Y century of the nipple has been Shiko' increasingly hard as the roll To Kurikuri gently.
Finally I was decided that the Y century to the nude.
To do this, first it must be made to take off pajamas.

I concentrated all the Moteru nerve, one by one carefully remove the button, it was allowed to Hadake pajamas.
Chest of the bra is upsurge To Konmori, pink nipples had been facing up Tsunto.
While impressed in the third year of junior high school that it is a fine chest, I include softly to mouth the nipple without hesitation, tried to roll slowly in the tongue.
And indescribable feeling, such as soft as hard, and the taste of slightly salty sweat.
Y century is, I groaned word as "Well", was struck rolling over.

I think that I have noticed, I was momentarily rigid.
But nothing happened.
On the contrary, God was friendly to me.
By hitting the rolling over, Y Osamu rose curling pajamas skirt, panties became a full look.
When the observation well close the face, was what string bread.

I, "the habit of junior high school students, I'll cocky in! Hope reason Nugashi!" Said, was a fit to downright unreasonable thoughts Come to think of it now.
Again, and on his back the Y century, I pulled the cord little by little and enjoy slowly.
Both next to the cord is easily undone, important at the Y Kino became dressed like the only multiplied by a piece of cloth.
I spread the legs of the Y-century, further bending the knee, was pushed down the knee remain in that state to the outside.
Y century is not at all aware of that has been to a very embarrassed looking, has built a still comfortably unlikely the sleeper's breathing.

I, swallow the saliva as "Gollum", up turning a piece of cloth of the last bastion of the Y-century, he was staring at the embarrassing part.
Embarrassing part of the Y-century is clearly a beautiful as it is clear that that is not also touch on anyone else, was only there is just a pinch of hair.
I, the boldly close the face Hozuri on its part, I tried tracing the slit in the tongue.
Taste of slightly sweat was, but there was no less unpleasant.
"Come on, now!" When called, was taking place very situation.

It is, before the adult who had a banquet under the sleep even their own, was the sound of the stairs toward at the end of the patrol to the children of the room did.
But, I gotta at that time, was a terrifying calm and think now.
First of all, back to the basis of the posture of the Y-century, it was re-hung properly towel and blankets.
This surely from the outside, Y Osamu does not notice absolutely to be nude state.
In addition, other cousins of the futon, which was sleeping in the same room was also re snugly in the same way.

It is also the last of the cousin is finished, ... so that the adults come to the room is almost the same.
The came to the room was a Y century of mother (ie, aunt).
I The aunt, that everyone of Nezo was again multiplied by the worse futon, his even something told aunt that may rest also peace of mind adults since seen the trouble.
Aunt, I am very Tanomoshiku at me, went back to say that "I best regards".
Then after a few minutes, sticks electricity to adults of the bedroom, it disappeared soon.

Now do not those who interfere with my behavior anymore, there is more time than enough and look at the clock.
I was more and more excited.
I stripped carefully the Y century of the futon, it was returned to the state of stride opening again.
And gently pushed open the slit in the left hand, was able to immediately confirm the projections of as small pea.
I, the projections were exposed to stripped the foreskin close the face tried to stimulation with the tongue.

Y century is also groaned as small as "Well", was wearing a pair of scissors to my face with a soft thighs.
I become comfortably the best in, "Yoshi Yoshi, it is a good girl. More comfortable I'll by" and talk to Y century, rolled slowly to the right of the nipple in the tongue, Kujiri picking the left nipple with your left hand, lower body with the right hand rubbing up picking the projections on the soft, it began to attack at once three positions.
Y Kino is On the surface, but did not have much reaction, around the right nipple began to light in my spit, is to my right hand there was a firmly reaction.
So, Y Osamu of the body it was honest.

I close the face to the lower body again, was O'licking carefully the juice sprung.
It was a little sweet and sour taste, but I would feel like to completely mono the Y Osamu by taste it, I felt even conquer sense.
At the same time, I got to ejaculation reluctantly.
Ikazu also mean that spew on the spot, I was received by the cloudiness of yourself Tesshu in a hurry.
I for their actions, became very miserable, but, came up with another prank immediately.

It's become now, it is very prank, but also helped the momentum of liquor at that time, I had completely lost reason.
I, up salvation with the index finger of his clouded that received in Tesshu, was smeared with plenty in the Y-century of the lips and nipples, which has become the finger first in the half-open.
In addition, further it as rubbing the glans of his penis, it would often rubbed.
Penis I was a big explosion again at its pleasure.
It also received on the earlier of the tissue, rubbed well in place of the lubricating oil to the lower body of the projections and the cloudiness that was left over once again plenty of skimming.

It began overflowing also juice from the embarrassing part of the Y-century.
And, also Y Osamu humble projections in repeated stimulation seems to have been quite swollen in.
In addition I, insert the finger that was sprinkled with enough cloudy at the Y Osamu embarrassed, slowly began to piston movement, was poked a protrusion bulging with a different finger.
Projections rolling To slippery, Y Osamu body reacted with Bikun.
I was Dokirito moment but, more than that if they were made to feel like to insert their own things, was very excited.

From the Y-century of the body, when extracting the finger, the finger had become beautiful.
I rubbed the clouded by using the lips as well penis of above the projection.
While you are repeating the piston movement in several times cloudy with a finger, I was attacked by a ferocious sleepiness.
Looking at the clock, it passed about 1 hour from the restart the mischief, had been empty even brighter with the white people.
Looking at the figure of Y century, cute and the mouth of the sleeping face, but liquids such as glue was Dorori pink nipples were attached, I was thinking conveniently as "Is not know if Kawake".

While it than I rubbed the sleepy eyes, the panty in the Y-century for the destruction of evidence Doctor, is something that I must dress the pajamas was a pain.
But, to return to the original state was much easier than. Remove.
Maybe, it might have Tenare.
It is returned to its original state, because I felt like it sleep for a waste anything, have their own posture in if it were a state, such as the hand touches the top of the accident Y century of the breast to beat struck rolling over to go, it continued to massage the breast to the extent that my consciousness is not Bale as long as Y Osamu followed.
Unawares In the meantime, I fell asleep.

The next morning, there was no Y century of appearance and woke up.
Y Osamu finishing the basin and try to go to the bathroom in a hurry there were.
When the Y Kino find my appearance, "Mr. A, Good morning. Last night thing is, I'm a secret," he said to me with.
I was whether the prank was exposed, and feeling shocked, Y Osamu and "become angry When Bale beer to dad that drank," he shrugged.

I'm at ease, and say, "That's the secret of the cousins", Y Osamu seemed relieved.
Apparently, last night's events seemed not is aware of the Y century.
And, boys and girls from the following year was supposed to sleep in separate rooms.
There from 7 years, Y Osamu is the protagonist of the now wedding reception.
I said the speech of relatives representative sincerely hope and I want to become all means happiness in the Y-century.