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Naughty experience story of my older sister and younger brother

When I was a teenager, there are memories that became addicted to younger brother of the Cock.

kannoI am a housewife of 29 years old.
We happily living in husband and two children.
But, I have a past that does not say to the people to me. Here to confess to you I want to ease the feelings. I am 15 years old, it is the story of the time my brother is 13 years old.
What is also no ordinary siblings each other now. At the time, my students had accumulated stress exam study. It was I still a virgin of that time, was to eliminate the stress in several times masturbation week.

It One Saturday. Parents had were away a house on a trip of karaoke circle.
I was pleased that the absent nisin parent. Because, because it was found in front of the bedroom of the parents is there sex toys, because I want to see to try once.

Immediately they sneaked into the bedroom of the parents, taking out a large penis-shaped vibrator from the back of the closet
and began masturbating in the room. Since the put was scared was to stimulate the clitoris in Vibe.
Until then, there was no only be mucking in hand, the first time the voice beside himself to the pleasure
would be like, I had firmly I was seen to masturbation to his brother at that time.

Brother that I came in without knocking and misunderstood what was also something injuries, after that paralyzed on the spot to see my figure of stride opening, I have returned to bang my room .
I that night that was seen in the full head-to-brother
, "What should I do ..."
I became not sleep troubled.

So was thought, was that should I make a secret that can not be said to anyone younger brother in between me and my brother. At that time I do not think, of course attempt to brother and SEX. However, of the one step forward
My brother is also the I convinced without permission would shut up Once you have that.

Dawn, it was still dark outside, I sneaked to the brother of the room. My brother had to sleep soundly.
When looking into the sleeping face of his brother, I tissue near a closer look since the offensive smell like something chestnut flower was had fallen. The tissue had dry become Gabigabi.

I think the thing that chewed the nose
"dirty ..."
was discarded in the trash with.
And, I began to undress the pajamas under the So' and brother.

While his brother was the anxiety and do not occur, I think Let committed a brother assertive in happened when I got up
underneath. To be honest, well even if such that he was seen masturbating, just, I wanted to see the man of the penis. When applying a hand in pants brother of the penis is not erect, I was surprised. It

whispered think whether the brother is happening
"is happening?"
I've heard that, but there is no reaction. Well, I think any good, finally. Remove the pants and vigorously penis out the face, was the moment now in the body hot saw it. Brother penis is there was also 20 centimeters near in my unimaginable size. Why not know what to say, as we saw after the video a while observed, have included in softly mouth.

And, I was up and down the mouth while remembering the scene of the video. In this case, I will be brother is happening knew. Brother remains occasionally was the sleeping pretend
"Ugh, poop!"
Had been issued a pant voice called. I am more boldly that my was relieved to brother have accepted this act, was ironing a brother of the penis while up and down with a finger.

And, finally Pyu' and a large amount of sperm was fired. I smell of entering the brother of sperm in the mouth have been transmitted to the nose from the mouth.
At that time, the tissue was discarded in the trash has learned a thing blew the sperm.
Brother is what decided the resolution, was Okidashi.

"see my masturbation, Anta also do it? Was masturbation"
brother heard that obediently nodded, was begging and I want to show the pussy.
Excitement had I licked again brother of the penis spans the face of his brother, his brother was also licking my pussy.

Then, my stress is now possible to get to lick the pussy to his brother.
We were able to pass examination some of the city's high school you want, thanks.
After that lasted relationship also each other licked several times, but finally the brother had to become impatient.

It was the very thoughts because it was virgin and virgin to each other.
And younger brother of Cock is was a huge penis that has not met even now became 29 years old. Although we were able to insert finally been passed about a month I was hurt, I was hurt very embittered.

Relationship with his brother is I have until the marriage with 24-year-old, lasted nearly 10 years.
At the time, it was a SEX as every night in the photons.
The first of always last is I have not swallowed the semen in your mouth.
But it is possible to ejaculate in the ass remember Anal SEX and also two or three years had become many.

Of those days I still did not know the goodness of a huge penis in children.
But, every day I think ... I want embraced nostalgic or now having two children.