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Is that when I went to the cousin and bath

yuna himekawaI is 2. Last summer, is that when I went to sea along with the cousins. Cousin in K of M beauty and under 1 this on 1 this, the evening of the said day, "because soon rice, De allowed to enter together" than that, we went to the bath three people.
 Because over the bill, small bath you are, was about narrow Upon entering three people. K and M beauty is seemed that contains all the time together, we have seen not hidden in cold blood. Was each other than the after sunburn three people.
 I the first time to see naked girls, M beauty is not puffy also comparatively tits, dick also because the hair is growing thickly, huntingtin is I have become lively. M beauty is to stand by turns me and K and the "wash Tageru ~", I stood K also dick you see is, because the better of me was great about 2 times, and M beauty is surprised "Okkii Hey ~" I touch my penis while washing saying.
 Since K is there is a TV you want to see, went out immediately, and become M beauty and my two people, M beauty was stroking my dick crazy to say that "great Hey". Say "I touched the chest?", Was massaging the breasts of M beauty in because "Yo good!". So was I knew I would ejaculate. For the first time touched by, I was surprised soft. Because the aunt is referred to as a "Get out fast", I was out in a hurry, also wearing trunks, M beauty've touched over there that are pointy. Night, the M beauty when I sleep three people came to my side, I was the middle.
 K is will soon sleeping, was asleep I also tired.
 If you suddenly woke up in the middle of the night, are you touching the M beauty is mine.
 Since I was sleeping only trunks, huntingtin was a tent standing. M beauty is, or press the dick with a finger, was pinching or tracing the Tsutsu. When I moved, M beauty is in a hurry accustomed, I was pretending to sleep, rubbed vigorously chest T-shirt on your own if you see in what mind, there was also tinkering.
 After a while, it has also touched. I is pleasant, when I was pretending to sleep quietly, gradually or grasp, because the Dari mon, I at last can no longer stand, I have put out a Byubbyu' in the trunks.
 Because it was when I was catering masturbation, I came out to have accumulated really a lot. Because I feel bad a Gushogusho, take off the trunks got up, blew the dick in the towel.
 But, there was no way standing Tatte.
 And then, and take off your pants M beauty is saying "Hey, you try", now naked (M beauty also under was sleeping in the pants).
 Each other shirt even if the take off naked, we each other embraced crazy. Kiss was also the first time. It has sleeping uncles in the next room, I did not issued voice because it is in the K Mosoba, if there embrace rumble naked, unawares, had a put over there. But I was the first time, M beauty is not the first time, it is so doing bang-bang with him.
 Because it was live, it took out on top of the stomach to unplug After becoming likely out is said to M beauty. I was surprised out terribly. That night there put many times, took out a number of times. Since blowing in the towel, the next morning towel had become to Kapikapi. I was back from the nap swim next day, taking a bath together with two people when the nap, violently also was H in. At that time M beauty is sitting on the edge of the bath, he showed me carefully dick to expand the legs. I could not see dark night, it was a strange feeling something.
 M beauty is to say that "in from behind!", Because has been projecting the buttocks, it was moved violently push the dick that is standing from behind. I had aloud and "Oh !!! feel.". Say "Serve it !!!", is said to be "pulled in !!!!", I abandon skip to the back. This summer vacation, also when I went to play in the house of M Beauty, M Beauty is not going out with the boyfriend of a high school student, was laughing as "are you H?" And ask if "- I have earnestly!".
 I will not be able to endure, and show out the dick, while referred to as the "~ Yoo's useless because boyfriend", has been touching to say that "It's more respectable boyfriend!". When massaging the chest it gave me Mase also put a "anymore! Well chest'm just -" chest to say that. And say "I large", because the laugh "I'm E cup! Thanks to the boyfriend -" Once you rub or smoked crazy, excited also M beauty, I have the H in the course of events. Was also three times put so took the rubber. And M beauty also Tarashiku accumulated not meet in boyfriend is training camp, three more times to say that "it because it is secret!", We did a total of 6 times violently