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Naughty experience story of my older sister and younger brother

High school freshman at the time sister How can nature was beautiful and neat enough to pass in the young lady is the transformation woman to that etch and my brother

 I confessed the relationship between the older sister of elementary school.
I am in the neighborhood in the sister time of 6 grade high school one year was through with "referred to as the daughter".
Summer vacation of the year, now equipped with parents to Futari Kkiri and 3 days older sister went to the wedding of relatives in the Fukushima.
And remember masturbation from that time as I, but I was interested in the body of the woman against completely sister until that day comes, I never felt even pieces of sexual interest.
The night of August 2, I do not forget, was eating dinner made of sister at home.

Although I was obsessed with becoming certainly television animation, My sister began to drink out the beer from Yaora refrigerator and say "Please do not say beer drinking'll try kana ... Takashi" as himself .
I am also still store because it is elementary school were making fun of her sister as "Oh Yaro said to Rerea - Once your car's".
It has been a while (or was around 8:00) and while sister Being in the living room is spitting the smell breath alcohol "Hey Takashi, have you seen over there a woman?" And suddenly whispered.
I have the form of female genital knew somehow in the erotic book of comics, I was not even once seen now for you burrs female genital image did not have is flooded and so on.
"We, Ne do not know," he said in the bright red face in transfiguration the first time of the sudden sister.

"One-chan show Ageyo will do ..." does usually a neat and clean, in itself that the sister of the images, such as MORITAKA When the head is also well say now of talent Chisato have said such a thing and I panic became.
I feel the nasty woman that of her sister, I think it was a feeling of ashamed that it is a family member.
"I do not want to see."
"Who'll ... I'll also to Futari Kkiri of secret without saying" even the children are said to there I stood in the toilet to escape with hesitation.
When coming back from the toilet, my sister had become shorts to T-shirts.
Than "Ne-chan ..." I sexual desire, went to the buckwheat gently with a feeling of caring sister and which has been up there.

"Across the room Let's go to ..." My sister went to pull to the back of the Yojohan room that parents take my hand is using in the bedroom.
My sister entered the room, close the shutters of the window, was the curtain.
In the room is now a steam bath in an instant because it is August.
My sister opened the foot vertical knees sitting in the chair of the mother of the three-sided mirror.
"I say, look see," I went with my face in between the left and the sitting straight sister of the knee that is said.

Shorts in the white of cotton, is a thing such as serious high school girls are wearing.
When you close the face, it was the smell that smell the first time.
Cheese ... sister or was like mixed with the smell of sweat and pee to smell the press around the labia majora with the index finger and the middle finger from the top of the shorts yourself, me to make the relief of your stuff directly below.
Of thin cotton cloth was as can be seen somehow the shape of the Plump as lips female genitalia.
"How?" My sister from the usual eyes like an angel, said in obscene eyes, such as the female cat.

"........" When will that time I also have fill truly a man of sexual desire is the body, "I do not know 's like this you.
I have said that directly show I have."
My sister is now off your shorts and stand up from the chair was made a knee to lie on his back on top of the tatami.
Pubic hair will remain as strangely memory that there was faintly thinner.
I am a systemic sweaty, such as when did baseball under the scorching sun, sister also is on the inside or belly of the thigh had Teka' with sweat as painted olive oil.

Than a little while ago and the near mutual agreement to that part of the sister, I felt strongly only the smell of cheese out of the smell.
I say "Ne-chan, hair in the invisible" so my sister had both feet on their own, gave us rounded as gymnastics sitting.
Without disturbing anything anymore, I somehow know not of the slimy disgusting glowing female genitalia and sweat in the eyes have jumped.
"I want to touch Ne-chan"
"only see'm bad!"
"Well, so tanned,"
because "......." there is no reaction of my sister, I was Mushaburitsuki to the bottom of the sister.
It really smells, dirty and had licked licking the meat that was broken Omowazu like a dog.

My sister began to pant, as was watching on TV.
My sister shouting to as angry as "Takashi also show me!", Release the arm that had the knee, was confronts me causing the body.
My sister wear the shorts, it tries to Nugaso my pants with shorts.
If I have not cooperate embarrassed, he told as instruction and "Stand up!".
When I stand, my sister was Nugashi together my shorts and pants.

Nugasu when caught penis jumps up was hit the sister of the nose.
Sister "..... although it was An'nani small" was wrapped with both hands on my penis to say so.
"Ne-chan !!" is the first time touched the woman, it has exploded.
My sister wipe the hands and tatami and your T-shirt "This is a secret I Really" in the tissue was patted me on the head with.
I, reluctantly I wanted to thrust his penis into the sister of genital seen just a little while ago and become another that time, the penis is also now also firmly without wither even once.

When I say "I Let doing Ne-chan", "No, it's just an absolute"
slept "But I'll not do it Once was only brackets" make a knee so speaking also on his back.
I also sister also normal position of sex took the nature and sister also the brackets because I thought that it is sex.
I was overlays covering on top of the sister Slide the body between the sister of the knee.
On top of the sister of the pubic bone that wearing shorts has moved up and down as you as if sex in the missionary position style put his penis.
Sense of unity with the sister of this time was that there is no felt until now.

My sister has put a tongue in my lips.
I was white in the head at close contact feeling of the kiss and the sister of the body for the first time.
I caused a little body for a while, Ategai and from the top of the shorts clutching the penis yourself to just a portion thereof, of the sister, tried to put in the shorts of cloth Morotomo sister of the vagina.
My sister was not suffering reduced without stopping it.
I was piercing like crazy.

Shorts of the fabric will bite into the sister of crack little by little, penis of previously had over enters the real sister.
Sister or shook his cooperation to the waist by a little, me sure to allow came to or floated was totally at once inserted shifting the most narrow portion between the sister of shorts of the foot to the side.
"A Tsu" my penis fits of Zubo' and sister of the vagina to the root, sister has distorted the face in pain bending-back as shrimp.
I apologize to my sister to involuntarily remove the penis because it was too painful.
"Tsu I'm sorry," my sister was not me while saying nothing, but I hugged me retaken care to say that "I ended up doing at last."

They kissed like crazy from it, sister also took off his shorts, became one again.
I would say immediately, but the next time began to Genki I remember the face of the pain of the older sister has been turned into a face that feels pleasure.
That night was three times as sex.
Its also the following evening was sex come to my room from the direction of her sister.
Sister or become above, was or put from behind.

Then sister has continued the relationship until you graduate from high school.
Sister've asked every day become more and more bold from remember it go.
Stealing the eyes of parents, or while standing in the toilet, entered under the desk of the sister that is a study of the university entrance exam, I was licking over there.
There is no memory of masturbation since that time has been absorbed in all my semen sister.
Enrolled in such a relationship as well to anyone known not sister university in Tokyo, I to disappear with nature at the time that she can be had, it is that even if there will not be in each other topic.

I am from this experience, even if it sees any woman, "the woman Nasty" now would be seen as.
It is in the face, such as not also kill insects not help but think to sex with anyone if they have a chance in the unrivaled favorite person.
The beautifully was Iyarashika' sister still remember the body.