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Naughty experience story of mother and son

Experiences of extensive body like the father who made a woman of the same age as the son comfort a mother who was shocked

hiroyoriFather on the day it was found that there are years of a woman close to me, finally mother and I were tied.
Mother was dazed and upset and go home.
I was always comforted a mother with a good child of the street.
I spent from kindergarten to university and entered the private, give birth to me to partner with your arranged marriage to recommend the parent, enthusiastic and fastidious of education.
"Cheating" is the most filthy act for really good family of the young lady grew up mother.

I was comforted suffer the head of the mother.
I'm proud of the son of the mother.
Results of school is always within the best 5, ball, land and sports is also a universal, even Shiboko received the excellent grades of recommendation are said to ensure success.
My mother is willing to doting me.
So even I love my mother.

Mother saw here in the watery eyes and looked up from my arms.
Mother "Shun-kun, which do not permit an absolute Nante I. Unfaithful to mom divorced"
I "should I give I decided to such simple?"
Mother "of the good. Because there are shrimp toast Mr. Mom"
me "mom ... "When I look towards the mother, the mother came with embrace me crying.
Feel of the plump breast of the mother was felt in the lower abdomen Atari.

I kissed the forehead of the mother at the bottom of the chin.
My mother smiled and looked up at my face from the bottom.
Mother "Shun-kun I think I do not betray the mother is"
I "Yeah. My most important because it is human"
mother "Thank you, very happy mom" mother had entrusted me to the body and completely at ease.
I hugged strongly the mother's body, went to kiss the face in order from the forehead.

The mother is not disliked, but are we not close the eyes to the left.
Just mother when the face of the mother came in front has opened the eyes.
We were each other staring.
I "Mom, want to kiss?"
Mother "anymore, not playfully Shun-kun"
I "'m not kidding, I, I'm serious," My mother was a little puzzled facial expressions.
It seemed to see how intently staring at about me.

I returned staring at the mother without diverted a pupil.
I "might be good, mom"
mother "kind of, spoiled by ..." Mother's voice last had jammed.
I was piled up quickly lips.
The mother of the lips has the taste of lipstick a little damp.
But did not or put the tongue because it is the first time of the kiss, it had piled up long lips.

When I think has moved the mother of the lips, it came in the mother tongue by dividing my lips.
Moving around the mother tongue in my mouth, I was entangled in my tongue.
I was still but is the mother to not know what to do then.
And mother of the tongue and saliva many times I came into my mouth.
My mother as does not leave lips dexterity to move the face, and told me in the manner likely to suck each other's tongue.

When finally leaving the lips, my mother gave me hug by turning a hand on the back of my more force.
Mother "Shun-kun, I child dont. Mom thing to the" he also had smiled while saying so.
My mother comes hug tightly, my penis had started to become hard.
Hand turn to the back of the mother down to the bottom, went to hip around from the waist.

I tried to pat lightly it is determined that it is safe to touch on the situation if the hip of this place.
The mother's body had reacted was found.
If there is vibration and scared, it was like entering a little force.
I "Mom, I'm me become my lover," I've heard stroking the mother of hip.
My penis had hit full erection to the bottom of the mother's breast.

Of course, the feeling was not transmitted to the mother.
I move the body to the penis touches the mother's breast, I was pressed against the there and feel the elasticity.
Mother "I useless, to say such a thing. Mom because I'm a mom of Shun-kun"
I "hate paddle about me? Though I love that mom" mother looked sadly that of me.
It seemed in trouble.

I "I I want to embrace the mother. Probably obvious you were lovers?"
Mother "I love that the mother also of Shun-kun. But ..."
I "Well, not that good. If I love each sex to It might be good? "My mother had been conflict.
Me, it was found that there is a feeling that my mother want to accept me.

However, it seemed to be working reason from the relationship of parent and child.
Mother "After all, the back, ... Sex I do not,"
I myself from "Why? Dad also to will be no, we to whom I do not know if two people if silently," I'm on top of the pants take the hand of mother I was pressed against the penis.
I had Ikirita' enough of another explosion likely.
I "mom'm this. I, I can not stand anymore want a mom"
mother "Shun-kun ..." My mother seemed to have decided the resolution.

Me moving the hand that had pressed against the penis.
I put a hand in the Lower the zipper, and began ironing live in well pull the erect penis.
Juice of getting ahead of ourselves is not wet the glans, mother was ironing in the up and down slowly and to wrap the whole while stimulating there at your fingertips.
In the tranquility of the more suffocating, mother of breath was becoming more and more rough.
Mother in my under the eyes had been squeezed hard Preface enough to put a face to the penis.

I "Mom, feels good I ..." My mother was staring at my face up.
Hitomi was a very beloved facial expression not Junn.
I When the "mom, standing," I stand opposite the mother, asked embraced by turning the one hand to the buttocks, the other hand placed in and rolled up the long one-piece skirt, it was drawn down pantyhose and panties at the same time It was.
And I touched the springing standing alive Hanashin and muddy as hell of pot.
Quickly is my finger wrapped in meat folds tinged with slime, we have immersed in the hot female juice.

And feel of irregularities that comes with Sucking like a sucker, female juice coming overflowing without stopping treatment from the back is at stake in the finger, voice that sounds obscene was spurred to my excitement state.
By dividing the mother of lips put the tongue, was Sucking wildly.
Mother also began leaked the pant voice had been suppressed, and also contains the force on the hand gripping the penis, began to squeeze violently than a little while ago.
I "I want to see mom's body. Become naked."
Mother "kind of embarrassing I"
"I want to see the mother of here," I I was moved little by little in the finger that was placed in a mother of crack.

Mother "... Hau. Shun-kun ..." forces from the body of the mother went missing.
I "sit here" I was sat a mother and pull the chair of the table.
And so it laid the butt to open a large knee rolled up piece of the hem to waist, or because that has been loosened under the thin, moldy pubic hair in my finger, to see the labia lips slightly open feeling, in pink flowers meat had a peek.
Pubic hair was also shining wet sticky in lewd juice also blown around the crack.

I "... I mom. I really nasty amazing. I thrill"
mother "hated, Shun-kun not look,"
I "It's no good. It 's already full view. You see, be seen to in such" I am the index finger It was pierced in the pink of flesh.

Soft flesh folds was write example mouth all my finger.
I "Mom, want to put here. I hurts become my cock ticking" I became a naked lower body only.
Clean picking the glans is light in the juice of getting ahead of ourselves, penis and hyperemia in purple capillaries was stands out is asking for the first time of the woman shade, with erection as a just bursting likely, have warped and erection more likely to hit the belly directly below.