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Naughty experience story of mother and son

My mother I'm a very friendly mother [incest confession experiences]

 I time in junior high school, experienced a first time mother and set ○ nest.
 Since then, mother and child incest has continued.
 My mother was at the time 38 years old.
 My mother, stretched a long black hair, as the eyes by a thin face clip, is a refreshing feeling of the people.
 Everyone I met the mother of a friend, and your sister? Much say, seen young.
 My father, I no longer come back since I was in elementary school, is also mother and two people living now.
 How did you come to the mother and set ○ do is accidentally Toko Toro that I have been masturbating, because I've seen my mother.
 It just went into the summer vacation, it was hot and humid night. Around 10:00 pm, already mother, was found in the bedroom.
 I up from the bath, left naked in my room, turn out the light, I was trying to masturbate while watching the erotic video that was borrowed from a friend.
 At the same time as the sudden "knocking" sound and knock on the door of the room, the knob around the Kacha, my mother came into the room.
"Jin-chan, I'll enter. Melon by ......"
 but I was panicked, I did not have any other ministry.
 I was totally out a pitiful voice.
 Moment mother, look at my appearance, but was puzzled appearance was, has been slowly smiled immediately approached me.
 I turned bright red, has turned its back on the mother with the feeling that is not folded stay.
 Mother's hand gently touching my shoulder,
"or I'll be a mother ...?"
 It was a small voice, in his words, I was shocked enough to stop the heart.
"What? Oh, cormorants, yeah ......"
 My heart is Dokin, Dokin, Dokin! The sound had become much can be heard.
"Really, ...... of us to the Mother?"
"The Mother, but it when it is good ......."
"Oh, cormorants, yeah ......"
 My mother closed the door, and closer to me, to the bed of the edge sat down, it was transferred to a line-of-sight smiled gently into my Bae ○ nest.
 Mother my Bae ○ vinegar, and hold gently with both hands, Urasuji or, or rub the glans with a finger, it was or tracing the bottom of potash with a finger.
 My Bae ○ vinegar grow quickly, we have taut to Bing.
 I, causing the body with the elbow, looked at the mother.
 The lights of the room was only the dim light of the blue screen of the video, but the supple hands, such as the mother of white porcelain is wrapped Bae ○ vinegar was taut in my Bing, was clearly visible.
 My mother and I'll scrape the ears black hair that was hanging on the forehead and cheek, close the lips to the glans, was placed in a slowly mouth my Bae ○ nest.
 At that moment, I was tasting for the first time of luscious feel born.
 And sucked the mother to Bae ○ vinegar, surrounded by the warmth of the mouth, and are wrapped in soft tongue, became very comfortably.
"Ha ....... Jin-chan What?"
"Ha, Ha, mother of mouth ....... You, I really soft ......"
 Bae ○ vinegar in the mother's mouth, becoming increasingly further stiffness , from time to time, he was bounced to shackle the Bikun.
"There .... Jin-chan of Ochin ○ down, I awesome."
 I Bae ○ nest had become already simmering.
"Oh .... Mother, N'a'!", "Ua Tsu Oh! What! Mother!"
 What is deplorable voice without trying to have come out.
"I A', Oh .... Mother, ...'ll get out"
 when the I finally became ejaculation likely,
"be patient, Jin-chan!"
 My mother, and raise the face from my crotch, T-shirts and take off the bra, take off the skirt and panties, now appearance of the remains was born.
 Beautiful body of the mother in the dim light was not white stunning floats. Mother even if the breath in the shoulder, was excited.
 My mother has invited me to open leg to the M-shaped with the hands behind my back to bed.
 I was turned licked as to fill the face to crotch while crawl the tongue bent down the body from the thighs of the mother ascertain the woman's genitals.
 Been love juice overflowing from there, I drank so as to sip it.
 Gasping voice of the mother has become louder and louder. I was going to have to, as seen in the video, but was not well.
"We, then, Susumu-chan. Te, give me to rub here at hand ...."
"U, yeah,"
 I tried stroking up and down slowly held against the softly hand to the mother of wet Sobol genitals.
 Big breast of the mother was shaking up and down with the rough breath.
 I, and the urge to want to put your finger on the mother's genitals, I tried to put the index finger and middle finger.
"Oh, Oh ...."
"Mother's fine?"
 Mother floating in the dark, was called aloud gasping in as obsessed with something face.
"We, then, Susumu-chan. Also, a little more ...... try to put in the back."
Had "this?" Uwazu' also my voice.
 I, I tried to put as much as possible finger to the back.
"Yes .... Ann .... Its, so I ...."
 Furthermore, I, I tried to pat the ceiling of the mother of genital softly in the middle of the belly.
"N'a', Anne, A'...."
"This is good that?"
 While checking the reaction of my mother, grasp the white of the mother breast with one hand, now has Sucking nipples.
 Mother's hand been growing naturally, grab gently my Bae ○ vinegar, were led me to the entrance of the mother of the genitals.
 I, fear, was inserted into the fear ...... Bae ○ nest.
 My Bae ○ vinegar went advanced deep while slowly pushed open the vagina hole of the mother.
"There Oh ......"
 in the vagina of the mother gave me welcome my Bae ○ nest have enough wet.
 I, still yelling filled the Bae ○ scan to the roots, was equipped with a rough breath. The other, I had become to seem to get ejaculate with 1, 2 strokes.
"Jin-chan, moving. Slowly ...... went down raise the waist."
 I floated the waist and stick your hands in the sheets, An attempt was made to the piston, it was already about to ejaculate likely.
"Oh ....... Mom, I ... would come out,"
 the mother by turning the hand on my neck, has been kiss attracted my lips.
 Mother tongue has been sucked strongly came gently. At that time, I, reached anymore, mother and big time pick up, I have to ejaculate in the vagina of the mother.
 A copious amount of semen was cause poured into the vagina of the mother.
 Even if exhausted out semen, I, again and again went against the mother.
 Feeling was like feeling that was Tsukiotosa to the senses and the bottom of the darkness like you're above the clouds were melted together
 mother and the body to bow, had accumulated tears.
"A', Oh ....... Mother ... and people who loved the ...... same way."
 I becomes To limp on the bed while the moon rough breath, had unawares spilled tears.
 It was the beginning of me and mother of mother-to-child incest.
 Thereafter it, and invariably, you will ask me from more of the mother.
 I, when the set ○ vinegar with the mother, gasping voice of the mother, been sounded like a bad spell of contraindications of mother-to-child incest, be Karareru the urge to Nakijakuri fill the face to the mother's breast Yes you.
 -Out such, I, something scary things, so shake off, feverishly in, over and over again will continue against the mother.
 Become exhausted, after you ejaculate, and notice, mother, remains penetrated to me, there was also that he had fainted.
 Ahead, what will happened to me and my mother, I do not know.