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Naughty experience story of my older sister and younger brother

Sex do in the warehouse! Sexual desire of the sister-in-law is too terrible ...

hiroyoriI think Ranpo Edogawa're also know of people an elephant called "Phantom Castle" that many have been paid of books collected.
There are elephants history books and old books of the kind father died in my parents' home was collected has been paid, a converted warehouse in the wake of the marriage of my brother,
I had been nestled in a room that I spend.
Meals other than bathing is waking up in the warehouse, it had occasionally also become a hangout of bad friend us.
Since the air-conditioning was also fully equipped, it was comfortable.
The next day is the day of Official Holidays, or try to Kyoji to masturbation to see the lewd DVD, chat with married woman in the personal computer
was also masturbation while.

Such graduating from high school is also close of late February, Sanae's elder brother's wife came to my warehouse.
Mr. Sanae a big history buff, because I came to read in my spare time the father left behind books, even in this day such a glue
I think I was put in a warehouse.
I go back to his room to choose a favorite book from the first floor of the collection is housed bookshelf if usually, this day is unusual second floor
was trying to Koyo up to.
Since I had a masturbation until a few minutes before, the room for tissue that wiped DVD and sperm were scattered
clean up the hurry room, I was put Sanae.
"O ~, I wonder'm feeling young child of the room." Said Sanae's to say while looking around the room.
"You young Datte sister-in-law's." Say when "another useless. It also shortness of breath coming up here of the stairs." And as usual
with no terms of sex appeal, was a presence, such as "really my sister."

Honest, Sanae it without that holding a nasty delusion to, did not think even try to even the story of masturbation.
While enters the kotatsu, is when you find a DVD of the package that Mr. Sanae had been hidden.
"Oh! What's what this is A'!" Has been held out the package on my front of the eyes Ya yell in a loud voice and.
I tried to Torikaeso it with so much silence of embarrassment, but Mr. Sanae has retracted the earlier package moment
for, my hand was off the sky.
"Virginity loss, ~ N experience with married woman? Oh Oh, such the one lonely chewy huh? In" "No, Mr. yo quit sister-in-law. Seriously at me embarrassed." "Prefer to Senzuri in such a do downy embarrassing?" " Heck, I she does not difficult If we had been. "" Moi not no woman? huh ~ lukewarm. "" ginger not is the, Mote not by mon. "
" I was in it, I base different is choice. married woman huh? usually I'll base it schoolgirl ish high school students go. "also because there" mon high school girls, by chance is. "" which, Misetemi'! "
reluctantly, I was shown a DVD of the collection to Sanae.

"It's a number of embarrassing collection Unlike proportion to Do married woman often. Dad.", It has been Sanae while so good send a line-of-sight, such as me to Kobaka.
"Is the will already quit, sister-in-law's." "Waha, found it!" "What?" "Kazuya is Do I got horny in this beautiful sister-in-law's?" "Huh!?" "The virgin while I think Toka to the sister-in-law came to the daughter-in-law, ... in a delusion. "
Sister-in-law's one-man show for a while continued, is the "Kazuya §" "What?" "Do mouth hard?" Look like I was amazed "Kuchii?" "Next month, because I'm going to the University of Tokyo bon voyage I give one? "" Ikuraa? "" idiot! or gold? in this situation? "" I do is? "" It is I'll make it the man if absolutely secret protect. "" Huh!? "" Do sister-in-law's' s bad? "" pass-through, I bad base. Once you know the big brother and Mom, "" so Now I heard that you can absolutely secret. "
honestly, I did not grasp the spirit's sister-in-law," to Ekiran man and are hesitant Looks. Anta Huh! "and sat down next to me, to gently" brother today late in the ear, mom is the house of relatives, roux can be a secret? "
I whispered in his ear, the line-of-sight from the skirt the thighs of extended black tights now glued.

"Sister-in-law's!", It was already useless. I was clinging to's sister-in-law.
Sister-in-law's say so "absolute secret is! Good?" Is Nugashi all my clothes, gave me naked.
But when you try to Nugaso the pants has a little resistance from the embarrassment of pseudoaneurysm phimosis, will be touched gently flank at your fingertips, it has been pulled down to the moment you release the hand with.
"Cute, of not picking per cent," "embarrassed, Mr. sister-in-law." "Hey, what?", Sister-in-law's say so is the tip of the tongue
gave me licking the tip of the skin and firmly.
Morose the body to the stimulation of the tongue was in response to more than imagination.
"Oh N!" And raising involuntarily a voice like a girl "Kazuya, cute ..." and Tamabukuro and Sao also told me licking carefully.
The blowjob was just becoming likely to ejaculation in, but I for Mr. sister-in-law was stopped on the way I felt like half-dead.

"Sister-in-law's, Do not stop!" "Aseran. Kazuya." "Where Kazuya is Senzuri imagine it's sister-in-law, show me." "Because the other Iki likely!"
In fact, such as it's sister-in-law I had never even was in Onapetto but, because it is going to be impossible not to be and continued to expect a lie, it was decided to desperately masturbation.
However, because it is already dangerous state in a little while ago blowjob, squeezing speed was considerably slower.
"What are you always imagine Ta's sister-in-law?" "Sister-in-law's and sex to that place." "Other Huh?" "I imagine the Toka's sister-in-law of underwear." "Was looking at Toka laundry Roh? "" Yeah, and Te was here from baking to the eye. "" Kazuya of lewd tut ... "
in fact sister-in-law's underwear I saw several times, without even Toka nasty T-back, because it was usually colorful panties, for me the familiar the AV was a thing much less stimulus.
However, sister-in-law, who heard it came facial expression as if it had entered the switch has become erotic.

Sister-in-law's a "see also say Yoo" has opened the leg.
In black appears in tights over sky blue panty I would abnormally excited, we abuse the penis in daily masturbation more speed.
Moment I said, "A'!! sister-in-law's per cent!", Hot semen was outpouring in large quantities in black tights with's sister-in-law.
"Oh, juice of Kazuya, hot'm ...", vigorously protruding white semen, such that flow out to crawl the black tights was unusual aspect.
Today, despite the second time of ejaculation, but it was his mid to surprise the semen pops out to this extent, was more surprised at the sister-in-law's transformation first time than that.
"High school young boy masturbation, first time Mitaa" and pushing the sister-in-law's a vacant look, I was filled with face to crotch woven of black and sky blue ....
Sanae fill the face to the crotch of the black tights with her sister, suction loudly the panty of sky blue tights over with tights, I thought while turning licking.
"Sanae sister-in-law's what men and sex were you would?" He said.

Sanae sister-in-law's is the wife of the elder brother, but 3-year-old older sister wife.
Out of the local high school, go to school in Tokyo, where also seems to have been a U-turn there is a reason to employment.
From becoming a U-turn carried out the affairs of the used car sales in the local, where he was the big brother acquainted with marriage.
I heard from big brother, the sister-in-law's that was the company colleagues and love relationships in Tokyo, that has been broken heart returned home and
was talking about.
At least, you should have surely sex is the big brother and the old boyfriend.
However, since absolutely sister-in-law who is the sex appeal put, could not even be delusion such an image.

And this such a sister-in-law's and now, in my room in the warehouse, the current that is being waged an act full of never can not reveal the secret was like a dream.
Mr. sister-in-law is, during which I have trampled the crotch, stroking my head, or try to tickle the ear with your fingertips, while or try to sandwich in the thigh, "Yes, the hot breath in there over. "or" thigh of inside licking ", while me to lecture to the" do not forget the base of the leg. ", from time to time, gave me up a shy good seems bad voice.
"The other, because of Kazuya tights also Gusshori Da of the pants" does not stop me also excited about the sister-in-law's where the Floating lewd smile.
My penis, which in just a few minutes ago was the second time of ejaculation today and the other, we have begun Standing vigorously.

Raise the cheers of "young Wow !! another standing has Taha.", Sister-in-law's will have to move in with pace up and down and chewy grip my penis.
I began to suck my nipples as "sister-in-law's! Feels good!" "Here huh?".
"Aha N ~! Sister-in-law Now ~ N!" "Iindaa? Nipples §."
The first time licking was nipple. Nipples did not think feel good about this.
"Chutchu'", "there! There!", "Splashing sound", "sister-in-law's! Sister-in-law's!", Along with the sound and Koe shy good of me to lick the nipple second hand of the ticking sound of clocks in the room in the Chichichichi and warehouse the room has been quietly sounded in.
Snow which has been unawares it started in the outside had been quietly dancing.
"Fufufu', tits of Kazuya, Yoo has become bitter.", I whispered gently in my ear that's sister-in-law is becoming a distant consciousness with excitement.
"Cock also a Gingin §." And again the head by lowering the body was brought close to my crotch.
Sister-in-law, who play with my penis in a while fingers, and I think said, "Yoo that earlier whiff is not towards completely", was bare pseudorabies Circumcised suddenly.
"Tsu Tsu !!", some of the pain and the glans was stopped also momentum of the penis to the cold feel exposed to the outside air.

"Kazuya §, here Zoo! That is disliked by the girls and do not wash with chitin", "Now is washed properly, every day I."
"It is Nikki remains a plaque, this child Huh!", "Nde issued squeezes a little while ago, Now may I was dirty." "Hey Is the child, this child Huh!" Out a handkerchief from the wear has been down jacket pocket , it sister-in-law's from moistened with saliva began to clean my penis.
"Ita Tsu !! sister-in-law's!" "Well a little bit of patience, cock, but I do not want to put in the mouth is dirty.", Sensitive glans react even in the stimulation of saliva with a handkerchief to touch slightly to stimulation, erection the penis was found to come began to deflate to see to see.
"It is stomach really is allowed to shower, Is the do not even time." Said sister-in-law's is extending the skin of the previous from pay the glans became beautiful once skin by pinching with two fingers of the finger index finger and middle finger, the skin lightly touch the tip of the tongue wet earlier, I began to lick and Chirochiro.
Warmth of the sister-in-law's saliva to flow from the subtle feel and occasional opening of the soft tip of the tongue to feel from "there !! sister-in-law's Tsu! Feels good !!" skin of earlier, deflated, it was Ikiritata was smaller penis again It was.
Ikiritatsu and use the mouth and tongue to wet the Sao and the ball at the same time, also, told me stimulated or soften or harden the lips and the tip of the tongue.

The tip of the tongue of the sister-in-law to crawl the entire Rerorero and penis I began to remember the ejaculation feeling for the third time.
And suddenly you see the sister-in-law's, in the mouth had been masturbating also slid in the right hand of my tights and panties while bullying my penis.
From the mouth it can be heard even voice rising good in the sister-in-law's masturbation with sound sipping licking my penis.

"Kazuya §, sister-in-law's no good ..." and say, Mr. sister-in-law is falling down on my bed, "I want to love of Kazuya." And take off the sweater and skirt, sky blue bra and panties, and black tights while Yes ... that has me toward the invitation of the gaze.