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Naughty experience story of older brother and younger sister

Reason 2 married sister-in-law to divorce and now wife

 To look like want bullying I went out bullish.

"Not that good. Saki-chan'm only is the"
"Really? Not attacked absolute?"
"Absolutely, promised by the"
in front of the libido But those light no man of promise, Saki do not know such a thing.
I bubbled the body soap, taught takes a hand to interpolate up and down was held in both hands.
Saki-chan does not say only "Yes".
After a while, he muttered in a low voice.
"I's libido processing ..."
hand does not stop.
"Not a must and why do not I ..."

here, became MAX chattering.
And sister-in-law that the poor little, to figure lament the misfortune is my S-centered are met.
Cloudy liquid is scattered in front of Saki eyes.
As not applied to scream Saki-chan in a low voice, towards the side.
And stunned, they are.
"Somehow, amazing ..."
I was directly went out the bathroom.
When speaking in the room that night, also I was told rash.

The next day get Nui in the same way.
Also the movement of the awkward hand, and I think I have been in high school girl virgin, feels good in reverse.
Among them, Saki-chan has been accustomed.
It is a good day of mood, me holding happily say the standing rod that it is the control stick of an airplane.
To date bad mood, so as to throw a stick in the immediately preceding pass away, I went out of the bathroom.

Although such day-to-day lasted about a month, guard of Saki-chan's body is stiff.
In particular, did not you a thing is as massage the breast.
Night becomes cold season, Saki-chan to show a spicy expression that seems.
When multiplied by the voice sitting side by side entered the room, he answered troublesome likely.

"Now, I know during menstruation,"
"all right?"
"Painful stomach .... Body weight stone, dull, cold"
and stroking the stomach flush against the body in silence, it seems to have become easier.
"Warm .... Thank you. Pretty I was getting better"
after a few days, a little attitude and during menstruation ends softened.
To come stick from his own, it has become friendly to me.
Something hope came to me to ask.
But did not it took off, me wearing when saying to come to bath in a T-shirt or blouse no bra.
As it is put soap to clothes, it has become to wash my back in a big tits.

But, if I would to to touch, chest and under absolutely no good.
I is good for from their own, I was no good for something.
Try, if you try to Blow grabbed the head, to all his strength resistance.
It becomes watery eyes and see the face of the Saki-chan, quit become poor.
When that will wash the body in the chest, because they said already "Nuke", the pleasant is do not confuse.
It is denied when you try to kiss, but progress had been stopped there, it did not separate from impatience.

After a while, it was to go with two people in the hot spring inn.
Son travel of deposits to the parent.
Even if there is to go shopping with two people, full-scale dating (?) Was the first.
It was fun in a place where we stopped on the way, talkative come decreased as the evening.
Tense are.
When it becomes dim entering the inn, why are hesitant.
Slow action from out of the car.
If you Tsunago the hand, it has been will Harao.
Once in the room, red face.
When to drink sit not in tea, it has finally settled down.

"Today, tired?"
"I've been pounding"
"I wonder I stay ~, I think with. After that, everything is erotic"

because the tea is gone, the preparation of the bath dressed in yukata I started.
If you Chirami a change of clothes, sports bra underwear that contains the handle to boxer shorts.
Listen, my friend seems this is often.
In a short skirt think of whether this, it's cute design I would think.

However, Saki-chan to have a change of clothes, there was a thing that I pass.
Flashy color of the bra and string bread bought at the net.
While referred to as the "I like this not wear" is also, toward the separate bath with two people forcibly passed.

Also up, we had to wait quite at the entrance.
Saki-chan, embarrassing or you are hot flashes, came out with this and red face.
But cold, walk outside nobody.
While holding hands, it has been arm in arm to cling to the arm from the side of Saki-chan.
But, like good enough grasp how do not know, the hand that has entered from the hem reaches up to my shoulder.
Among them, it has been Bettari to me completely.
Sitting because there was a bench, and the other eye is Uruuru Looking towards the Saki-chan.
When you kiss frankly, touch lips.
When you release as lightly smack, she was hugged tightly and opened his eyes.
"The other ..."
I do not know what was going to say, remain in the ear even now.
Face to shy for the first time of the kiss cute.

Since the time of the meal also close, back to the inn.
And so as to turn the hand to the waist and back to underwear check, it seemed to be wearing underwear that was my prepared properly.
Dressed in a T-shirt, what firmly hidden chest, was already given up.
I Saki-chan was pleased that the meal is delicious, froze up look at the futon that is laid back to the room.
Kiss and hug the Saki-chan you are solidified.
When hugged, cute to react with wince.
And put the tongue, also opened the eyes so I was surprised.
Not isolated but to try to escape.
Not a violent kiss, I was going was also given free time to slowly breath, release the lips because it has become painfully.

"... ashamed"
"turn off electricity?"
Sit down with two people on top of the futon electricity off to.
"Yeah ..., I, ... you do?"
Resume a kiss in silence.
Put tongue from the beginning, I feel that trampled through the other mouth.
Second time whether the margin came out with, even if to kiss all the way, was not painfully.
When you release the lips, after licking the lips of Saki-chan, release the face surprised.
"The last of the erotic"

has been staring at me turned to face, such as angry.
Not at all afraid even angry children.
Now I hugged normally, and start licking while whisper or "love" in the ear, completely power comes out.
Breathing has changed in the blink of an eye.
At the moment of breath has stopped following, and mixed the pant voice of undertone, clog the mouth.
The other, I is dying too cute.
While licking from the ear to the neck, put a hand on the T-shirt Nugashi the upper body of the yukata.
When Nugasu a T-shirt, was a little resistance.
It falls to kiss.
I want to see slowly the high 2 busty, try to hide the breast as soon as shy and kiss is interrupted.

Among them, the bra was also rub the raw milk is removed.
What kind of never that massaged, feeling much that.
It is not too soft, not even hard. And heavy.
Only lick the ears and neck, it has become not completely suppress the resistance.
Blatantly because it is likely to rampage and touching the nipple, massage slowly.
The nipple in the palm, had aloud and touch as turn.
Here, Saki-chan is coming back to us, we slipped into a futon.
It has furnished the Gosogoso and yukata in the middle.
On the other hand I take off the yukata in the futon, it began to invade the futon of Saki-chan.

"Kya, what with naked of !!"
hand that touched me is hit in around the stomach, Saki-chan has been protesting to moan.
"Caught was"
I hug ignored.
"I hate, I hate. Pervert, get away!"
Nugasu the yukata of violent Saki-chan.
Incidentally it had also solved the knot of string bread.
But, not is Nugashi.

Do not ashamed because in the futon, was no longer resistance to be Nugasu.
Unawares, each other hugged naked.
To so as not to Barre slowly, and reach for the lower and the other slimy.
"There !!"
underwear because was wearing only form, remove it at once.
Desperately but to try to escape to close the leg, he continued to touch the chestnut hugged and firmly.
"Bad, bad ... Tsu, huh,"
the voice within that endure, change only to intense breathing.
Since becoming Labored likely, I quit.
For a while, it soothes.

"... I hate, and the other"
"It was felt good?"
"... Yeah. But was painful,"
still do not familiar, it seems not to know what do you say if a breath.
How we grew up with this child, was not the way with joy and I wish I watch everything, I think.
After this, from around the midnight, to the open-air of family bath.

While luck Icha in the hallway, remove the bra in the middle.
At the moment you remove the hook, I feel yukata is lowered with a jerk under the weight.
Since the open-air bath is a little bright, but I was hesitant to take off, immersed in the bathtub together hiding in the well towel.
I was accustomed cause squid by hand at me, this time tried to Blow.
But still not good.
Form only were asked to Tit.
Much this is completely filled.
I Saki-chan has been used to the naked, I see and chest hide whip.

I was trying to get in Handjob back to the room.
Again, negotiations trying to get to Blow.
Of whether I win I is the fact that Once you win, heaven was an ally in the rock-paper-scissors.
"To Really?"
"Uh. I do not want"
the words to say many times, had lost about 10 minutes.

Finally, to say that "Never to see!", Have been over and put the futon in my upper body.
Cover to the face, stifling.
You sow the yukata, lukewarm feeling, including my stick in the mouth.
Only invisible, feeling is concentrated.
I Handjob had become well, Blow is still.
It feels just like that example mouth.
Because it was absolutely seen not promise, it had been brought to as you like.
Among them, it was gone as usual made only to Handjob.
Because it was a little shin, I was sleeping stroked his head like a Iikoiiko.

After this trip, there was considerable progress.
Finger is also a single, so as to enter the two, so go with cunnilingus.
Except when the physiology, was let squid more than once in the evening.
However, sex was not until the marriage.
It was the intercrural sex instead.

We get married two years later, but first inserted into the first night.
Well, I did not have any feeling that the virgin.
It goes without saying was the thought of each other many thoughts.