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Because I love dad ... penis also accepts

kannoI am a nurse of 23 years old. I graduated from college I work in Tokyo University Hospital.
The family lived in three of the mother who was a nurse and his father that the gardener.
Pampered since I was probably because of the one-child small I grew up.
Such is my, but I have had a big secret.

The first time my father as with the relationship was one year ago.
That day, my mother was my father and my two people alone at night in the house in the night shift work of nurses.
Although the bath rising, I think that I also was a fault was the appearance of only a small panties on T-shirts.

When the laundry rises after folding in the living room, it was pushed down on the sofa in my father drunk suddenly. The compromise of the Father worse did not even heard too much mouth on a regular basis.
"Hated! Stop by ~!"
Was also rampage cried many times, but the father of force did not have an enemy.
Held down in weight per unit area, which was glistening, too much head of the fear has become a pure white me .... Is taking off wildly T-shirt, it has stripped very quickly to the panty.

"Useless E'! Want Tsu! Away,"
said he desperately, but when brought into the open leg to brute force, I had licked the dick. But was violently resistance because it is too embarrassing appearance, while massively pressed me, father I have been relentlessly lick while deliberately making noise and whizzing.

It was full of disgust, of that time I Contrary to the feelings, I had gotten to come felt gradually.
When that has been attacked hunted by a thick fingers gnarled father
"Ha'tsu! Aan'!"
Had been leaked to Hashitanai voice and.

When the notice, my father had become naked.
And in the groin, the size of the penis can not be seen until now Takeri mad or momentum ....
While thinking circuit is paralyzed, I was the last of the resistance.
But easily hand is dispelled, hot stiff father of the things we have been pushed into the I vigorously been Ategawa to crack.

It had been nudged the back of which was not the uterus be reach in boyfriend.
Pleasure of the more body Yusabureru the uterus father of Cali is hot become head becomes white has been hit me. Violently raped, what was incorrectly I also felt agony without knowing somehow.

According to the movement of the father,
"Hau'! Hann! Haa'!"
And, would come out involuntarily voice ....
"What if? The good?"
And, father of voice to enjoy my reaction to mean is, I remember hearing the hollow ear.

While committed to the father, he had surrendered to the pleasure I ....
Unawares itself to the father of the tongue, which is screwed into my mouth entangled my tongue, had accepted a thick kiss.
When the movement is more, increase the intensity, father pull the penis out quickly, was jetted the hot gushing semen on him in my face.

While soaking up the cloudy liquid father in the face, covered with a lips to penis to be inserted in the mouth Chupa Chupa and absorbed in licking Nikki me .... Place to lustful woman is ... that amazed myself.

The day after, my father I was so sure when the mother is not home come to commit me. Although much is and had taken a contrary reaction from the head, sex with my father was not only in trouble. ... By the time of the beginning.

Unawares I myself, it had become a way of finding the last father of the body not to notice.
Every day ... to be worrying endlessly think of sex with his father.
Completely body and mind had fallen so low to the father of things. And when there is, I have said to his father to take the plunge.
... and "more Cite ...".

Since that day, my father is coming off the middle of the night also to stay mother, now us embrace with plenty in my room. It was a sex killing of course press the voice but was still happy with me. My father felt Mushoni the loneliness when leaving the room

"And ... come tomorrow"

enough to the ask and.

I you've completely immersed in this relationship, parting with my boyfriend was dating at the time, went on intently to have sex with my father.
But it should initially had only disgust, when all of its father was misleading me.

The body that is the work burnt to the day during the day, muscular a strong body ... which does not seem far from the 49-year-old. And that scared much of the size of the dick .... Low echoing voice ....
Went to him more and more attracted to the masculinity of was not the boyfriend adults.

And of course sex technique also .... With the feeling that skill has been technique, makes me always felt enough to eliminate the consciousness.
And power is also conspicuously strong, as would have seemed to place not a sex such as sex than the other father.

However, about six months ago of that it has happened.
As usual way, my father and I had each other hot tangled violently in the middle of the night. But, at the moment when the father opened the door and let out of the room, my mother was screaming that I came hanging flying toward us.

I have known all my mother.
Late at night in spite of the 2 o'clock, will be collapsed in over-breath waiting mother to one to continue yelled like a scream. Soon breathing was calm, but was a collapse in it since the house.
Become a state of the home do not live at home, the mother will be in rough violent such as kicking beat me, and finally no longer come out even one step from the room. In the end it became a depression becomes a neurosis.

For it had so much to our mistakes, it was every day, which I think is not sorry for the mother.
But the day will be the body is out tingling in search of the father of the body as the passes.
Will not be too bear, I went there the middle of the night, in a separate room to sleep a father.

And we we had asked all night. Sex ... of the father to enjoy after a long time. I was immersed in heartily pleasure throwing all. At first it had been Kamikoroshi the voice because the mother is present, I went to become a day-to-day bold. Time it is penetrated to his father thick mono,

"Oh Aaaaa'!"

Had Arage the voice said. My father
, "because you do need a refrain, more voice put out!"
Says the. But not because it is said so.
It not bear the voice obediently comfortably. Day with each passing, a sound that make even voice also issue went intensifying. Scary thing, I forgot, such as gradually that of the mother.

And, you father and my two people alone with the home now. My mother was hospitalized. In recurrence of uterine cancer, it has received radiation therapy. I went to this before sympathy, Abaredashi crazy like
"go home"
because it was said, it does not conduct since then.

But, I can get a life of only without father and two people feel free, I am now happy best.
Hot with my father on a daily basis, violently, will not intersect in indecent ....
From his father, caused it to become odds with the mother taught me that it is due to the affair of the mother. Honestly, I think it's own fault.

Further, when revealing the inside of the heart, there are yourself you are secretly hope the progression of the disease ....
And decided it was ....
Sex with my father until now, contraception was腟外ejaculation without. Most ... in my mouth.

"I want ... to put out in"

and, I'm going try to convey the feelings. My father and I am already married couple. It should also be allowed to make a child. ... you have in prepared to father devote all of me.
However, when and in what timing, I do not know how can I tell my father such a thing toward any face. That's mad, I have myself not Utsuse to scared action Given think might be, and.

My life is all I want to dedicate to my father.
Every day that is not embraced by the father going to be what to say to the world is not considered.