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It had saved me who lost a beloved wife was the daughter

tsubomiI've lost a beloved wife seven years ago. I had a marriage to Mayuko of only daughter, but now broken off becomes impossible pregnancy develop the disease of the uterus. Mayuko was 23 years old. At that time rapidly condition loses his wife live hope in hospitalization is worse, I have died in the 46-year-old. I am living in Mayuko and two people since.
 Then, after the wife of one anniversary memorial service, I and Mayuko is now in the relationship of man and woman, while the father daughter. Until a few months before his wife's death, I have five or six times to his wife and the week had been happy to life of the couple. While you might expect an in a good year, my wife is been away a child has a parent becomes nearly 40-year-old, increases the sex life of the night was the week two or three times until it, such as a holiday, daughter and extracurricular activities in if absent, there was also Itasu from daytime. Since my wife is a woman who together with pulled love me, at important Koinyobo for me even in their 40s, and asked as many times as dear. Wife to such my request also had been me according pleased every time. Since our house does not have never widely, but was the sex life of to mind the daughter of age, the time when my daughter graduated from high school, so my wife was talking to her daughter about the sex life of a couple, enrolled in junior college and immediately "Dad, I know think it's nice the parents love each other, I have raised holding a mom. do not worry because I do not think nasty" was told. Then, I started to say to want to see our life, and you feel that holding a wife under the current several times daughter. I think that it is abnormal family while too late. The first time Daite from 6 years Mayuko, we father-daughter went on fellowship. Mayuko now also 30s, but we have kept the beautiful body does not have a birth experience. I also to say that it is 55 years of age, we are holding a Mayuko on a daily basis. It does not have any immoral sense now. We feel the pleasure that shoots his semen in the most adorable woman in the vagina now all over the world. Mayuko is also a state in which I feel a joy to the senses to be filled the uterus in my semen every time and embraced me.
 If I someday disappears, Mayuko becomes a person without a single relative, I will leave the one person quietly this world.
 Kiss that entangled the tongue dodge the real father daughter, father is engaged in the ultimate parent and child sexual intercourse pouring love into the uterus of the real daughter we are, we individuals should be weeded out not leave the gene into the world as an organism.

 It did was ... that of six years ago
 I, after the wife of one anniversary memorial service, pushed down to hug to Mayuko daughter drunk even carelessly, is so fell asleep while called the name of his wife. At a later date, from Mayuko,
"Dad, I spicy likely gone mom. I do let your partner? Instead,"
I have said to. I,
"No way, such that the real daughter Dekin'yo."
Although I said, Mayuko,
but can not "marriage, sex is due. Born genetically adverse effect on the child not a forbidden you only just have been repelling from. I do not longer pregnant, I want to feel free embraced by the people who like you were. "
and he said. Although the more muscle had through, if you asked caught favorite people,
"I, (it was broken off) his thing, I did fall in love because resembled the father."
Daughter of the man beloved of My name is lover. Let Why keep reason is it is said these things to the beloved daughter.
"I father also love is that of Mayuko. A very important woman. Half of it because they can be in the dear mother." On this day, went into the Mayuko and bath for the first time in fifteen years. To blunder Once washed the penis to the daughter of 24-year-old I have an erection.
"I'm happy. Dad told me to react at me. I was me seen as one of the women."
I up from the bath earlier, was hands together to the altar.
"Unexpected # more than my mother. Now I embrace the Mayuko."
I was face down a picture of his wife. I decided to entertain in the room of Mayuko. Entertain my daughter in our couple of the bedroom, there was resistance. The genital area of Mayuko I saw for the first time. Labia is colored slightly brown, was not suggesting a sexual intercourse history of the original fiance. Kiss the vaginal opening, I was raised licking gently tongue. Then to have to crawl the tongue to Kageme.
Mayuko was defunct. Wife also This was liked. It is similar in the mother and daughter.
 Now is Mayuko kiss on my penis, and I e mouth. It will had been raised based on fiance. It was the middle 's your good.
"Dad, he is larger than the ... Dad, soon ..."
"Kai is good in the paddle? Dad really?"
"I, I want you to dad ..."
I was inserted live in Mayuko. Perhaps because it is not parous women, I felt very tight.
"Ha, Ha, dad, I still good."
I have to control the movement diligently while confirming the reaction of Mayuko. When I was young I was embraced vigorously women, after marriage, to think about how feel at how Etsun to love dear wife, first made the effort to squid his wife. Now carries the opponent is the daughter but things are the same. Vagina of Mayuko will tighten my penis. I while taste as much as possible Mayuko is Mayuko while choose a location that pleased body, gave the friction even in the shade buds at the base of the penis Mayuko.
"Aa', Dad!"
Mayuko went while clinging to me. I also draw though was trigger the bear, it was seeded molecular species into the Mayuko. Fellowship of the first father daughter did those with immorality sense to pour the closest DNA into the body of the closest relatives.
"Mom ... I'm sorry ..."
Mayuko is so muttered, we flood the tears. We can not leave the crystal of love even in love, is the individual to be weeded out. So, four years ago, confirming the love of each other, we recorded our sexual intercourse several times a year. Normally love scene at home, such as a love scene in a travel destination inn, edited DVD is now the current eight. From time to time to play, it is that angle at that time that was said, such as in Mayuko was comfortable, you applied to practice. Then, poured the last Mayuko of the vagina and see my semen flows out scene, Mayuko is the Gimme a fuck to me holding the crotch.
 We will choose a Japanese-style inn prefer when you travel. Since the guest book I wrote in the real name, but there are interested have been seen to what kind of relationship. When I say To some reason, the next morning, leaving traces of obvious sexual intercourse in bedding and wastebasket. It will be better to look at it to reasoning how our relationship. I, tobacco also to I stopped drinking is also not neglect the physical training ahead except the weekend, we are striving to maintain the energy. Last night also once again embrace the Mayuko, we're going entertain the future tonight. We, sexual intercourse with a meal or a bath is built into the nature in our lives. Our intercourse, there is a foreplay of 20 minutes to the insertion. About 10 minutes from the insert has embraced repeatedly the lips do not move too much. Because of them pleasure will wrap the whole body, naturally Mayuko will lead me to my a pleasant place. After only a certain effort to squid Mayuko. While watching the Mayuko of when I went, I will pour my Aisei in the vagina of Mayuko.
 I do not know whether the riot How long Mayuko, but we thought that let love forever Mayuko.