Relationships that are unacceptable in modern times. Naughty confession with real siblings, siblings, parents and children, cousins, cousins, parents and children

Naughty experience story of my older sister and younger brother

Story became etched deployment within exerted the work to sister of high school students like professional wrestling

hiroyoriIt's before a story about 20 years from now, but you write while tracing the memory.
Elementary school is a 6-year event of the summer.
I at that time, was skinny in Chibi not less than the height 150cm.
Now is there a 172-3, but ....
That day went to the travel of the elderly club grandparents, parents go to work as usual because it was double-income, you will spend only ours brother and sister until the evening.

Since the high 2 of Choshi had passed through the neighborhood of the dojo, or hung a head lock of professional wrestling attacks, it had been played to think with only fragments of the judo technique.
Since the sister was more than 160cm, the difference of adults and physique, such as children When compared to me ....
Next sister in 2 is referred to as the home during the day, the family went to the place of my friends became Choshi and 2 people.
So says my sister and "Ryo, I'll teach tricks of Judo", and say "That's good to not teach them grammar", it has been chasing me as "tell me I'll".
Fled running around the room, have been multiplied by the unsatisfying Rolled ground game, because I took mon rages by flapping their feet, covered so that the chest will come on top of the direction of the changing my head of the body overlying have tightened Te was, but stuffy become ... Once you bite the breast.

"Ouch! What live No I" because my sister had to leave, were doing to say "Zamaa - Miro".
My sister, I in the place chewed because mon bitten the breasts were not care to touch from the top of the T-shirt ....
"By the way Ryo, dick on whether the hair has grown?"
, "Right? Unrelated to hear what in such a thing."
"I do I you say to be heard. Grew?"
"Sister is?"
"I sister was growing When six years, will Ryo had a bath together well until the elementary school 2 around. At that time did not see?"
I "was entered together remember, tits large I do not remember that now it was somethin hair grew in. I's are not growing yet, "
" sister, and I'll "look
- I good to gotta get to see," "
because," I'll also show my sister, to the room Let's go. "
" I have not seen "at that time I, at all was not interested in yet a woman's body.

Since the hate to the "The skills you want to be over?" Painful thought, entering the room went reluctantly with the after sister.
When he got to the sister of the room, sister say "take off pants and pants".
"Because I said I also show my sister. I took off from my sister."
"Okay, Well Once sister is take off pants, Ryo also take off pants, a good idea?" Saying so took off the pants so I also take off your pants.
My sister took off even pants without any hesitation.

And do an eye on the crotch standing take off, black hair grew in the inverted triangle.
Fidget are you doing when ....
, "Are not you ashamed sister?"
Since put a hand on my pants, "what in the embarrassing at the brother and sister?" She said yes, took off his pants reluctantly.
"I thought, is there? That was etched I .1 people not growing yet,"
"no, sister is?"
"I'm doing once every two or three days. Let's go from teaching'll to bed" to the sister of the bed and become two horizontal, sister began to touch my dick.

And has been up and down grab with your fingers, it can be seen that the going is getting larger.
And continues the movement of the finger while saying so, "man of the people is the health of the teacher was saying of the junior high school I'll be like this" sister, suddenly put a force on the finger, with much towards the root go and seemed skins toward, it has been heard that "was not hurt?", because they wash high when entering the bath, has been accelerating the movement of the finger If you answer "was not hurt."
Then, look something like coming welled up from the direction of the back of the penis, it had put out something.
"Probably it was comfortable?"
"Got out something become a strange feeling,"
"is any semen by"
"a woman of the people is how do of?"
From the bed because "I have seen from the future Nechan'yaru" say so got up, more than half of the hair that has grown a little open the legs and looking at the crotch, ... show to open the bottom around in both the finger.
"Crack of'll have a little round thing at the beginning,"
lifting "invisible" the finger towards the top, because things round from the bottom of skin looked, and say looked, in it's clitoris, the woman release the hand while saying as a place to feel the most in the body, do not know hidden in the hair is said to be "try to touch".

But try stroked with a finger do not know a little while ago of around.
Then ... sister grabs my hand.
They told me to induction in there while saying so, "I a single middle finger".
When the place was crunchy from the top of the skin is stroked in the belly of the finger in a circular motion, how the sister has been changed.
Cook, Cook, was rigid legs trembling little by little even sigh with.

Then in turn set up a knee, and pierce the middle finger to open the crotch in the hair, finger enters the Surutto is no longer visible.
"Ryo because the pull out my sister also try to put" had seen the pull out gingerly with my sister, and make a finger to remove the place Nuerburgring, entered the place lukewarm to Nuerburgring.
Put "finger in the two," said the street middle finger and the two index finger.
As you out the "out to not very fast" two fingers, the place was Nyurunyuru has been wet enough Kuchakucha sound it is.
Sister of breathing becomes rough, sometimes while Haha, it is rigid the Ut and body.

I got up suddenly so told me to lie down in, as has been touched also dick After sleeping next to my sister.
I have been touched and also larger ringing ....
Saying the older sister as "I have become quite hard", Nyurunyuru to and across my stomach around the knee, grab my penis became hard, been slowly lower waist, seems to have been entered is my finger a little while ago put the penis in the place.
Sister has become also a strange feeling when you lower the waist.
Sometimes convulsion movement as creature in the hole, it has put out when tightened Kyu.

I have experienced this thing is, become a prisoner of SEX Despite the kid, first, but was to have started to say from the direction of her sister, then a month two or three times until Iyori high 3 to sister from the side of me I was doing.
My sister still, but available to you I also married and children, is the secret of events no one knows me and my sister.