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Naughty experience story of my older sister and younger brother

Love than she is better of sex with elder sister

 I'm such around December of four years ago, and I is the second at the time of about 19-year-old elder sister (on three),
for some reason, become a story of the elder sister and a dick, how much of the thickness by Okoshita dick consisting of the
now or measure it.
When I was talking What is "do such, I do not easily Okoshita", ", if that is not their own hands, immediately caused
Jan Tsurashii" saying, stretched out his hand from behind, has been stroked from the top of the jeans It was.
Will react to it indeed, it became stiff. Reluctantly, he issued the now hard dick
and became ashamed and come out patience juice when I measured the length and thickness.
Elder sister saw the patience juice on your hands of the elder sister, sister said, "Chotto ~", if a little
me wipe gently with a tissue to blush borrowed as "Ma, I can in the young." .
At that time with it, I went back to my room to say go to bed.

Then, elder sister Once you have about 30 minutes "by Sammy, a little to warm came into the room
ey" came into the bed to say. I at that time, was quite annoying awakened.
Somehow, because had the smell of alcohol, and when saying "I'm stinking sake," "Sammy"
came with embrace from behind to say.
It's was good up there.
Elder sister is touching the penis from the top of the pants to say that "still, Na will Ne Ja you doing to Okoshita"
has been.
I paid the arm saying "fool! Stand will !!", but to grasp the whole you Is the riding in tone
has been.
The honest Kore, will be extremists react, rather, has become larger.
"Hey, Hanaseyo" did not you release your hand from dick laughing Kerakera to say that.
Elder sister is mean likely while holding the penis "It's big sister and Which ally with me?"
Asked me to.

He said, "probably the same Which even", tried to Harainokeyo the hand, still a around here of the root
keep grabbing.
Breast of no bra under the T-shirt is hitting my back and arms, per flank.
Honesty, and the other, it was at this time is quite FULL full.
"I Na Ja same, Dotchida" quite persistent in Warunori sense
I say so "Dotchikattsu, small chai'm my sister," said, "Yo Tsu Sshi, cute
to say that Me has a guy", it is larger and the pole had moved up and down.
At that moment, past the limit, it had put out in the pants.
Since the elder sister had a firm rod, I know the sense of convulsions and of the moment of ejaculation gushing
had felt borrow.
"Barker Yarrow ..." and at that time there is also embarrassment, as was a crying voice
feel that.

Elder sister, saying the "Gomen" while blush, brought in a hurry tissue.
"But, Ne I would come out even I, Hehehe" to say that, as you fucoxanthin overflowing semen
has been gently touching the penis.
"Fool, and things like that, also, I would come out" was dispelled the hand to say.
However, elder sister is, grip a dick to match with both hands, and "Anta, I large" saying
Also look at my face I was blush.
At that time, I Mushoni elder sister looked cute.
While wiping the penis full of semen, to say that "properly Fukeyo Na", in turn, also
was driven by the desire of wanting cormorant with a little touch.
Elder sister, saying the "Ne Sorry, big dick", the accumulated semen in the pubic hair tee
has wiped hard in the Mesh.

It is close to the distance between the face and my face of the elder sister that wiped facing down. . . For some reason, I care about such a thing
had been.
It has a rod, by touching the wiped is the gesture and the pole itself, had quite felt.
Pole hit the Pikunpikun and pulse. Let Shizumeyo the lower body of the excitement I think "Yabee" in my head
was, but will become extra large. It is, whether found was the elder sister to look at my face, teeth
laughed and "Previous" to chew on.
Also to continue to wipe elder sister after laughed "elder sister is crap not there? Wetted have touched that the man"
was a question with. "When was the feel, I got a not a" look at my face with.
"Even man is not 's mind that, Rerya to do that, But I'm would come out" when saying
"put the lie, Thats you doing now firmly strapping" to say, also, the hand holding the rod up and down
move It was.
At that time, I thought dangerous.
"Fool, I Do not move, Well, elder sister is what I'm" bread to the side of the dick of elder sister to say that
had touched from the top of the tea. I had to crawl your finger along the slip and crack.

Minus the waist, laughing a little to say that the "backer", but I can not be stopped, moving the finger
had lent. He said, "Cho Otto", the hip of elder sister to pull the waist, to embrace with the right hand
and, moved the dick of elder sister still as massage from the top of the panties.
Elder sister was completely wet. It might have got wet.
I "Thats you doing wet, after all," referred to as, did not directly stop the movement of the finger.
While looking down said in a low voice as "Chotto ~", a little blushed cheeks.
Elder sister of the hand, still, have gripped lightly my rod, is in the hands of the one lifting the tissue
remained was Tsu.
Slide the finger from panties to say, "Do I'll wipe? Here", direct contact over there
had been.
In the head, I thought "Oh, too ride to the tune". However, elder sister was looking down
not to destroy the previous attitude of the remains.

I said, "elder sister,'ll Ne quit and keep your hands from dick", move from a little while ago the finger
was. At that time, had touched the elder sister of the clitoris of a side in the vicinity of the entrance of the dick,
I had to insert a finger in the back.
Elder sister aloud as "N'n'" is, but at last face up, eyes have a TRON,
mouth was a little open. Elder sister of the hand is still not released.
I said, "Hey, elder sister, probably dangerous", I stopped the hand.
But, elder sister is, staring at my eyes, just a little, was slightly shook his head.
I, move your finger while staring at the eyes of the elder sister so entangled over there, Di
was the Pukisu. The eyes of the elder sister was still that was Tron.
Once entangled the tongue, it has been entangled with vigorous tongue.
The hand that had been turned to the waist, placed in a T-shirt of the elder sister, we massaged soften the breast from the bottom.
And, it rolled up T-shirts, sucked the nipple. Elder sister is Yojiri himself, wiggle the hips
was. In the head, and around the "dangerous, Chimau hugging the elder sister. What I do?".

However, it will not stop the body.
"Aaa, if you try, if you try, if you try" to say, are twisting themselves.
I finally came to looking to see intently and dick to open the leg of the elder sister.
I thought it would be playing, dick of the elder sister was a beautiful pink color.
The tongue to crawl over there, sucked up the clitoris. Evenly loincloth licking the entrance of dick
Elder sister is "No, no, N'n'n'" said grab my head in, but the attempt is made to Hanaso from there
was not. Though, it has been as I want you more, grabbed his head.
And, in turn, has moved up and down grab my rod.
I, say "elder sister, also by Chau in", close the face in my crotch, to I slowly mouth
has been included. Elder sister is hard, licking my things.
In the head "following, Chimau placed in the elder sister. What should I do, if you try" was impatient in earnest with.
Somehow, the insertion and not stop. It should avoid entertain the elder sister. Myself think so there were.
However, it is the cunnilingus "Oh, Oh, I say, good by" to pant voice of the elder sister is saying and,
even more, my thing was Ikirita'.

Said, "elder sister", I also was a deep kiss. It was entwined tongue.
Finger was also entwined slowly over there of the elder sister. Another, wet To drenched, hot
has become. Pant voice and wiggle the hips out.
Elder sister is, touch gently my rod, up and down slowly.
I can not continue.
While entangled the tongue in the elder sister and the deep, open leg of the elder sister.
Elder sister is still in my things, is touching.
I have a pole, it was pressed against the glans over there of the elder sister.
I said, "if you try", elder sister ran to rub slowly my things.
I, you see a face that is exaltation of the elder sister, irresistibly made of elder sister from my mono
remove the hand, it was pressed.
Saying, "elder sister, I'm good hugging", I began to insert the glans into the elder sister.
Elder sister is, "For example, For example, how to, I would enter" was dismayed to say.
I thought I would Idako a sister to the mercy of instinct.

After insertion started, elder sister is "For example, enter, to really? For example, eh?" Was a little minus the waist.
Holding the hip of elder sister to run away with one hand, I had to insert my things to the root.
Elder sister is saying, "Oh Aa ,,, wow ,,", has been turning the hand on my neck.
Among the elder sister it was hot. Move slowly the waist, I had tasted the feeling in the elder sister.
Elder sister is, began to move the hips as if did not endure, is enjoying my thing
was like Kano.
Normal position, tasted sitting higher, the body of back and elder sister.
At the time of the sitting, elder sister was my kiss. Cute is flushed face of the elder sister at that time,
no longer endure. It remains of a sitting position, while grabbed firmly on the waist of the elder sister to move the hips
in the elder sister, had been released.

Currently, than sex with her, people of sex with elder sister is your favorite sexual fantasy many times.
Or from there is elder sister is there guilt, it has become less to see my face from the front.
But, I went to the elder sister of the room becomes unbearably and want a elder sister, softly from behind
fumble around the chest.
Elder sister is routinely referred to as "the other, useless.'D better not so much."
I, dick a finger was laid on to say that "small sister is I love", to get wet
coming wax.
And, whisper as fawn as "hugging want?" In my ear, and taste to your heart's content the elder sister.
Elder sister, I'm sorry.