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Naughty experience story of mother and son

Son has become addictive to the big ass mom

 When I was a junior high school, and listening to late-night broadcast of radio, "Ann, An, yeah, Ii', Ann," and quite intense pant voice to.
Parents we had sex.

The first is not unbearable disgusting, switch to the headphones, but was not allowed to hear raise the VOLUME, a little horny and get heard, and masturbation in accordance with the pant voice to trial, chest beating, accelerated to a strange, since it is the best of masturbation until now, it had crossed the line.

I think the mother do not know about young people, feeling like stone 〇 collar, but was not aware until now, will feel great attractive from if there is a single item that, when entering the bath previous uses of the mother, brought the panties to the bath, ironing on both sides of the cock, hanging a little water to the portion of the pussy, or smoked Choo Choo, I am wearing, by erection, it is to look forward to the masturbation and I had.

Abnormal and can not ever halt to also say action, later, without the ejaculation in tissue, in the back of the mother chest of, stealing the panties that are no longer worn too much, and ejaculation in the panties.

First Aoka' was panties, as much as a total of stain is yellow, had hit a nasty smell.
The pant voice recorded on tape, was also masturbation while listening to it.
I am, in the northeast of the born, his father had done during the winter, the migrant in the Kanto region at that time.
Mother and alone with two people, and slept in one day kotatsu, opened the futon, mother of the foot is in the front of the eye, I was horny, and squeezes the cock.

When I exposed to the only mother of the foot a little bit of the glans, because the remains were still sleeping, it is to feel a little good, foot, and rubbed the calf,
"Well, Anta, what are you doing? Is etched in a place like this of. "
" .... "
"I Anta, I know recently. It will have masturbation in my pants. Because with Bettori and sperm. It can not be helped because the young, it is useless to steal outside. "
And Chima' heard are doing" Yeah. I'm sorry. Night, and ended up with strange, if doing Kimochiyoku' in. "
" I No we also cause. sorry. Take a quick look. "
Impish, mother floated a smile.

"Allah, I large, I thing that people who also considerable, Nante size of the glans, just like it. I have towards. Did peeled by yourself?"
"Because become such talk with my friends. Ei' Te. "
The mother is a warm hand and began squeezing the cock.
Strongly is much pleasure and to yourself, "Oh, Iku'." Sperm soiled bedding of kotatsu are flying in the air.

"Koch Welcome"
went to the mother of the bedroom, and sleep on the bed mother began to take off. My mother is still the most attractive because it is 30 too, there is also a firmness to the skin.
It is above all glamor.
Since the chest nipples also areola large rocket type of big breasts, it is erotic double, ass in Big, pubic hair is darker, though overgrown To Konmori, chest beating is further accelerated in the equilateral triangle of the form.

I am, for the first time. Dizziness and nausea to.
"All right? It complexion bad. "
" Yeah. Mom clean, pounding and .... To "
mother and the Lying next to, and pat gently on my upper body, mood has been calm.

Try to touch the "chest. "
When I massaged remains to be said, softer than expected, move around to big tits escape from the hands.
"I gently. Or tinkering with nipples, gonna be licking."
Lead is a precise, gentle.
When you as is said, mother of breath nipples becomes clear rigid have become rough.
Once in the mouth, babyish whether sweet, such as say, the taste indescribably.

Unlike the taste of the stain of the fabric of direct panties, likely it melts in the sweet gentle taste.
After a while turn licking the body of the mother, that show us the pussy.
Large open the legs, pussy, such as the wound is stuck in the eye.
Doki! Uu' beautifully harsh, crimson Rogue petals, are waving the folds in many layers or.

While receiving an explanation, and to the touch, not seem to have I Nume, smelled the odor.
Receive a stimulus to the crown of head. When I lick, fairly dust and sweet like, taste like pee, liquid has been sagging.
It tasted as scoop in the tongue.
"A', Anne, good, yes, Anne,"
to insert a finger, and to confirm the medium, rough structure has been found.
It's supposed to be crazy comfortably.

My mother continued to raise the same pant voice as when you are doing with my father.
Also good to hear the parents, but it's also exceptional myself is given.
My mother was in addition comfortably in the big mouth the cock.
"What. this? Ticklish. "
Roughness of the tip of the tongue is, because stroking the penis became irritable, trembling ass.
Mother is hanging a lot of saliva, by the sound, becomes a vacuum state is pleasure excel, and ejaculation not accumulate.

My mother, drank.
Delicious "darker. It seems to be able yet. "
Immediately erection.
Lower abdomen hurts cock is bouncing so hear the snap and squeezing by hand.
Mother removed condom from the drawer chest and over the cock.
What a rubber smell, I smell it seems to smell and hate. I feel like I saw the nasty part of the adults were.

Mother, a huge ass towards me, grab the cock, it was held against the entrance to the pussy.
"Ikuyo. No okay with me?"
Inserted the moment, in hot, cramped, yet something, not wriggling in, takes gravity Every move, push back, pull-in, in the pleasure that can not stand, I usually never not to say, "Mom, it's beautiful, nice, love, love's over over."
shout and sperm, was up firing up the urethra.

The following is, move the hips as soon as possible.
Nucha Nyucha, and the rustle of Pampanga meat, sound striking sounds in the room to the real.
On the side of the bed, is put a mirror of the full-length mirror, looking, big ass, the top of my thighs have bounced well Pampanga rhythm, my cock is stuck with slime.
Kke was so large.
Such as happiness, it felt like not to go.
Is a mother, and now has become a female, in a sweat, come hit a keenly body.
This day is after all, the sperm was crazy to do until no.

Then, my mother and my relationship, if not every day, was followed.
Or mother is standing in my room in a sexy pajamas, in the bathroom, soap Play, went also to the love hotel.

To six months pretend, when the father came home, but it was 2 o'clock position of the middle of the night, I heard a voice pant immediately.
It was Susamajika'. It lasted until the morning, as the beast.
Since rises to the ceiling, I peeped.
Among the small lights, and the smell of the body that dirt of his father, nasty smell rises to the ceiling.

Intently was masturbation.
Sex is intense of a word.
Mother of Big shook as Misetsukeru me.