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Naughty experience story of mother and son

Story tried by his wife and sex because it was look into the sex with his wife in stepchildren became around

incestSon (stepchildren of the wife) now come in almost every night looking through the SEX of me and my wife.
I, the other day, I went to the son of the room, leaving a wife was sound asleep tired after the SEX in the bedroom that I think about time good.
My son seemed surprised I came into the room.
It will thought to be scolded that had a peek surely.
The son is head down to harden the body, I was called out.

"What are interested in SEX? Do That's right. But you to Do is still too early in junior high school. If, with H and girl friends, going to be hard when you're also a baby. I'm seen." son, which is multiplied by the gentle words unexpectedly was the state that was also relieved with surprise.
The son say so, "I'm sorry... Do not anymore look into", while playing the father that understanding, I was finally invited the son to that plan.

That said, "is so, will there interested? If you much around" H you want "I feeling you naturally it to Do It Do not ... Yeah ... likely ... there, mother is talking about from here gonna's secret is in. can promise? "
" What? What? What do you mean? "
because" good, I what about you can promise? "son but was puzzled suddenly changed the atmosphere of the story, my momentum I replied pushed in.
"U, Yeah, All right. Promise."
"Okay. Well, one'll listen to you. What I thought was by looking through the mother that father and H?"
"How I ...?"
"All right. Mother since not say absolutely, dare to be honest. Did you excited? "son does not know my real intention, but still I was somewhat timid, I began to talk prompted me.

"Yeah..., Was excited. Usual and sooo Ya and seems unlike my mother, something erotic video like a ..."
"You, Is there ever seen Nante erotic video?" Listen and son, friends house in is also so I had seen a few times AV.
I told my son to take the plunge.
"You Well then I see ..., you can put up with my mother?"
"Eh!?" Son seemed unable to understand what was said anything for a moment.
"I heard that you can put up with my mother not 's other girls. To say that, gonna SEX's bad indeed. Since the H now and blindfolded to my mother, Come softly into the room. In the more near since'll show the pussy and H a figure of the mother. How about? "Although my son to my proposal was genuinely surprised, not go against the curiosity of the SEX and pussy, I immediately answer is determined.

"Really ... really good?"
It's secret is in mother absolutely "Oh. But'll useless is also out voice. I Do not ... going from good to doing not touch if about little pussy, you, When was I've seen erotic video, you know me "facial"? "
" Yeah. probably the guy to be applied to the face. seen "in the video
Once" went well, I'll not do it array "
," What? But, such a thing ... "the mother
" Then'm good unless seems mother. you also will know to look? Mother is visible Oh, quite SEX loves H woman Datte it. So, only at that time , I'm good if you Datte or something erotic video of the actress' son seemed to be thinking while remembering the figure of his wife in the SEX.

"That's ... good. It'll have to be yourself not say" This is the pussy favorite female pig "in his own while mother also H" the words did what I had to say to his wife.
"That's right. Not think it's my mother, just a"'d be if you're female pig "of love pussy?"
"Yeah, but it's right. All right by. In, when to let me do it?"
"Wonder want to do quickly? so tomorrow night. so good either? "son had become another motivated.

I next day, I came home to buy an eye mask to use for the blind at 100 yen shop.
It's ready to go.
After (Yumiko, Do not. I Iro looking forward because I'll topped the finally son of semen to Your face tonight) eat a little late dinner, while watching from behind his wife standing in the kitchen, in that I felt until now without excitement had put up a desperate so as not issued to the table.
Perhaps it is, would it was the same also the son of studying in my room.

I was Semetate vigorously wife to more than usual that night.
My many times in the meat bar was also squid wife Ikirita' with excitement to what happens after this, do not even be tied up the limp was the body in a red rope resistance, it was still my eggplant.
"Hey, Yumiko. Today also I enjoy a little strange taste," so say I was blindfolded his wife in the eye mask that has been bought.
It seems to have been his wife also truly surprised to suddenly things.

"Hey, what are you doing. Do not be scared,"
while I "'m fine. Painful that Toka, nasty thing because not" say so, to secure the blindfolded with a towel from the top of the eye mask just in case, completely robbed the field of view of the wife.
Then I Yari and gently stroked the Deca have ass wife.
"When the university? This, where the minute you do not know what the difference is from, will? Feel" I am saying so, I continued to caress around the wife's body subtly.

Then, my wife also seems to have been excited, I began to wet the pussy with vigorous writhing.
"The other Yumiko pussy is either not a large flood. Blindfold and Naa's Yumiko is lewd woman to do will? I really feel that is done by .... Look, look and begging you to the usual greetings"
"Oh ... also I dont have to say that embarrassing words ...? "As always, my wife shows the tentatively resistance.
To "I'm good if bad. Well then this in or trying to's it? Today," my nasty question, eventually my wife decided to mouth obscene greeting.

"Oh ... Yumiko is, Dick, is the favorite ... transformation female pig ..."
"paper, you could say better. Wrote me" pervert female pig "in the Deca Io ass to reward today I was Yari written largely in the aqueous magic "transformation female pig Yumiko" to the wife of big Ageyo will I, "to say so and.
This is my son did what was considered to be that of his wife to be easy to think that female pig, of course, his wife does not know such a thing.
Then, they tied the wrist and ankle of his wife left and right separately, where rolled on his back on the bed in a state in which both legs in awkward open to the M-shaped, I was invited softly son had finally peek from earlier in the bedroom .
I to continue to caress the nipple and pussy, while or warped or bent the fingers of both feet tied, while looking up close the silliness of his wife spree agony without hail, my son was not clutching the crotch that Ikirita' of their own .

When it is confirmed that became crazy feeling is wife to the state of the leave alive, I whispered to my son, being careful not to hear his wife.
"Mother of the pussy, touch'll want" to say even that could not wait a son, began stirs with his fingers in the pussy of his wife.
"Oh! You, I feel roux! ... Kimochiii'" without knowing also to have been churned the pussy to his son, his wife was not crazy agony become frantic.
Look at that figure, I fit of impulse that I want to bully more and more his wife, was further whispered to his son.
" 'Em put even more what fingers.'Ll say when I'll be put in a hole in the ass" Then son, it was what began moving plunged in the pussy of his wife the right hand of the finger with five.

After it is likely to become a fisting momentum a little bit.
Furthermore, even the holes in the full view of the ass of my wife has moved with his two left fingers.
In female pig state that devour the literally "Aguu ... Ahi'! Amazing, Tsu - that will break! Ii'! Feels good ~!" His wife pleasure, son of cock was also simmering.
I When the "How are you? I thought my mother would? Braze was the transformation of the female pig" to the son heard that, we came back the answer than expected from the son that already blown away the reason.
"Yeah. Such Dirty Little woman, I not a mother. I'm just a pig. Cock's deviation of female pig!" Heard this word, I went into the final stage of the plan.

"Well, Well the mother, no I'm finally gonna put fullest Warped thy semen to pig face of the female pig to as say 'em! And Dad like crazy to squid this transformation female pig" son, It began Semetate in the momentum of the more I think that I think we really break the pussy and ass hole of his wife.
"Guu ... up! Ihyi Tsu ~! ... skills, Gimochi, Iii ~ ..." no longer wife is Arisama like mad on the verge while drooling from the edge of the mouth.
While I enjoyed the whole story on video, went forced one after another obscene words to his wife.
Wife crazy feeling much unaccountable has continued to recite without resistance.
"Ahyi ... Yu, Yumiko is obscene, grinded female pig"
"Yumiko is ... pussy, nor holes in the ass, feel grinded ... transformation woman"
"Ji, cock, Tsu love! the Yumiko of ... semen toilet bowl, in this ... public toilet woman, saw that became Kudasaii ... Tsu! "also limit soon son and wife and, I would be signaled by the eye to son at the same time, was the last instruction to his wife.

"Come on, Yumiko!" Sow face I say semen topped Te! "To the Yumiko!'Ll'm big time disgusting. Repeatedly Do not also many times. Come on, say!" Bound both hands both feet Ohhiroge, supine in to have been ungraceful dressed like a toad, I cried repeatedly as wife crazy.
"Oh ... female pig ... sow Yumiko, in the face of sow Yumiko, semen, topped want Tsu ~! Went full subjected to sow Yumiko! ..." son of the wife he calls out to indecent in the previous face, and squeezed vigorously ax that Ikirita' of his own, was finally fired the semen of mush in the face full of his wife.
The amount also momentum is also not odd, the face of the wife also went also an instant name to the son of semen-soaked hair.

While watching the ungraceful face of the wife hanging entered the semen into the hole in the nose like a runny nose, I was screaming in my mind.
(How are you? Yumiko. Now, is gonna 's semen of you son of you were bathed in. Why do not the mood was Isa face to son? Happy? A future is in you son and two people, more and more awkward to you this pleasure is likely to become addicted to it!) because I'll shamed to.
Now I believe seriously and I'll not fucked his wife to his son.

Sentence excited sorry becomes long.