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Naughty experience story of mother and son

Although it this year my Mom is 40, tits is 90 centimeters in a closed-!

incestMy Mom is, this year 40, it is beautiful.
The back is about 155, bust is 90? Long, pretty Okkii.
I do not know because the body weight does not tell, waist 66, before this birthday
since gift skirt, you know.
Ass is big. But, not dripping.
The color is white.
Eye even double, if you see a picture of the youth, it was similar to Miwa Nakatani.
Nakatani I think that will want to see Mom After Damn year.

Mom and the first time was sex, this year's summer vacation.
Father went to Hawaii in the company of travel, when you did not have a week.

Because I'm also a examination next year, I was in the little house, of being at home with Mom, just the two of us is
softening, was Ikigurushika'.
From overnight eyes, using the quite care about the eat a meal alone with, I La silently softening
not have to, that of the school Toka, Toka thing byte destination, spoke.
When the father is in the house, though did not have that talk with so much Mom, No Reason
gone riding, Mom also riding happily talking, drinking for the first time beer in parent and child

In beer three with two people, Mom became red.
I'm not out to at all face similar to a father.
But, at the high, only the Toko to become a backer cheerful, and want to see similar Mom, two people
with completely raised in.
What to do, jailing a bath together after a long time, it turned to the story.

Both of them, in Chirakase undress from the living room, saying noisily, want to see competition
I ran to the bathroom.
While Abikko the shower, tangled playfully, pink of the original Mom
can see naked Tsu, while it is touching to playfully ass, my penis has
been completely stiff Gachigachi, "wash while "or said, playfully is Mom
because mon come to kiss, I also hugged Mom from behind ....

With a knee to the Mom is a bathroom mat so entangled, I is Mom from behind
so as to suffer the ass, Mom has become the attitude, such as clinging to the edge of the bathtub,
I had screwed the penis.

But I did not it was only once in the soap, raw, of course the first time.
There's Mom is hot to the slimy, my penis strangle Gyuggyu

"Baaka, bought her, Dame ..."
is Buchikoma to the root, shaking the neck Mom, but while increasing the bright voice
ass to try to escape, I grabbed Athletic, begin to move the hips .

"Oh, Dame was like ... no good ... Damee, A'a',"
Mom is my ... continues shook his head want to see is a reluctant we continue to move the crazy a waist
was Ke.

"... bought her, bought her, mom, another useless, A'a', ah ..."
tightened I Gyugyuu, hearing the voice, I also over there in Mom
butt put to the back, ended up big time ejaculation.

But wow, my penis is not reduced.

"... I bought her, I this, incest Yo ... there, An ..."
in the bed of Mom who, while being done to me in the normal position, Mom is Zuutto talking continued
"Tinsel Ii In correlation, Dame a do it Karaa ... A'a' ..."
from time to time, wrinkled brow, close the eyes, and dude Iroppoku, more and more pounding
move the hips.

The third time in 18 lifetime, and Mom and long-lasting fine because the second time, Mom
was tasted the proportion calm the body of.
While fuck tits with both hands, keep moving the hips.

"Oh, bought her, feels good, Kimooochiii, say, Iiiii!"
"Wonder was reconstituted in, I do not know, feels good, feels good Iiiii"
trembling is Mom's body, my waist at stake was both feet is taut, the Bikunbikun tremble.
There also moving jumpy, tighten my penis Te Gyuuu'.

"Bought-chan, bought-chan, feels good! Feels Yoo the crust Oh"
my thrusting up like Mom's body warp under.
I also comfortably, while hugging the body of Mom, and plenty of ejaculation.

It overnight eyes ...

"... I bought chan, geez I ... Yameyo ..., I ...,"

as they are asleep also with two people at Mom our bed.
Previously I woke up I, yes a blanket, was carefully watching the body of Mom.
And white and color, naked Mom was smooth, was beautiful.

When I look at the not so much dense thicket of Mom, it has been with the horny.
It Morning Wood was also to Bing.
As it is, open grab the ankle of both Mom, erect over there in the face of Mom
crowded, licked.
It was also the smell of their own semen, and even there the smell of Mom, while excitement
was for the first time of cunnilingus born.

"... Awww, Dad, ... eh! ..."
is Mom, wake up, even while aloud as half asleep, cunnilingus their own over there
are you, not a father, that it's his son I felt like I was surprised to noticed
Or as trying to stop, pressing my head with both hands.
I will continue to Naburi over there Mom in the tongue.

"Why, ... why, bought chan ... ..."
and gradually knew that there comes wetting of Mom, my mother had been holding my head
has also missing the power of the hand of her.
Clitoris was seen for the first time. Small pea-like a pink color.
As I turn kneaded in the tongue, the body of Mom is in its aesthetic, trembling and wince.

Breath of Mom is becoming rough, begin to raise the pant voice.
I can no longer put up with, so as to suffer the feet of and shifting the body Mom,
I broke into the body of Mom.

"Oh, I ..., Why ... why ..."
under my body, remains closed tightly painfully eye Unlike last night, I hear many times
To Mom, I while moving the hips, repeated as excuse that of last night,
was let.

"Bought-chan, ... incest of No I ... Au ... useless No I ... are you"
(not stopped Iikotoha of these feelings ... that I love you ... I love Mom
I'm crazy, crazy in, hard, it continued to move the hips.
"Ha ha ..., Hau, ... bought her, ... Yameyoo, network, I ..."
Mom in the habit began to feel, while the rough breath, was repeated.
I, I love, I love, while repeating like a spell me, Mom
massaging the tits of, per Sucking, continued to move the hips.

"Doing, I bought her, mother, and the other, no good, no good, there, there, Oh Oh Oh"
while receiving my ejaculation, my mother was also screaming.

The first day twice, something the second day, and ended up doing in the morning, until the part of Mom
rested, in one day, but rice was eaten once truly hungry, the night 7 pm much up to
5 times had also been.

First, as Innovation Bo in shock, I was like release is done to me, 2
from the time, want to see when I was drunk, came up a great voice, disturbance in my under

Normal position three times, twice in the back, especially the end of the fifth something, was attacked in me in the back
while, disturbed crying, ass shake, the body is to Tsuppara, the last bed
to fall her face in, pillow so as to suffer from, was chucking said.

I asked later, you made a was the first time I felt An'nani sex.
Because I wonder do not remember things when I was drunk Well.

The second day of the night, after taking a decent shower is now, the future of that of two people in the living room
was talking about.
Expression of Uwamezukai of Mom Yu I "... of really nice in me" is, Iroppoku
to, such Iion'na GET to good was Naa, and while I think, love Mom
was pushed through in the ... things just because.

Decided the thing is three, 1 because the scary pregnancy, while use the condo-chan,
me from Mom is so get the medicine of contraception, to the Pies.
2, only when sex is not 's Mom, I want is called Nami.
3, so that the father not Valle Absolutely, things I from next week, trying to do outside (Hotel Scam).

But the day went to bed indeed to two people separately, from the third day until the father comes back, Hahacha
except that you can go to the part, me and Mom want to see monkeys masturbation addiction, 3 from 4 per day
times It was crazy to have sex.

In particular, something the day that my father is coming home, carried out at high speed until Narita operation of Mom, fast out
until just before going to the meeting in the Hotel Scam of the opening, was also 3 times in 2 hours.

And waiting in Part destination near Mom, go to love hotel in the car of Mom.
2 times a week, from 6 o'clock to 8 o'clock, I love the time of me and Mom.
From last month, it became OK Pies in the Mom.

And is very well compatible with the I (obvious, parent-child Nandakara), Mom is, increasingly
Apparently it began to feel be.
Blow was also done it the first time in my life.
At home, something Saturday father went to golf, in one day, spree spear in my room.

"Bought-chan, ... to get bride"
Mom is, sometimes, I say shyly, I'm a make me do it is Mom
, et al., In 10 years, and I want to do in 20 years.