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Naughty experience story of older brother and younger sister

My Yuki and uncle of junior high school sophomore cousin

incestWhen the second-year junior high school, is the story of when I went to sea and relatives of the family.
One in swimming and Yuki-chan under the cousin, will turn off the right hand in mid-evening cracked my water glasses, I have received the allowance.
By the time the allowance the end did not have anyone on the other beaches.

And return to the inn, have also finished another all the bath, I had spent Dari lying down the time until the meal.
Going to leave the bathroom of the bathing suit, and has entered into the bath is quickly take off, we have immediately Yuki-chan also included.

And have thought, "What? What?", While saying Te "doing just another bath two people.", I began to Kakariyu.
While referred to as "U, yeah.", The eyes are glued to the body of Yuki-chan.
Although not yet hair is growing, there are a small chest, perfectly even constriction of the waist to the body, which was slender.

Check the properly crotch is also the moment to enter the bathtub. But, I did not know well.
"As, Do not because shaking burnt. But, because the girls Hen burnt back, Eena."
"Hondemo, shoulder'm hurts."
"I something, all over part on the Kokkara painful."
Say so Te, we showed the back while out of the bathtub.
Before it is always coming out with deception because stood anymore Bing.

Sitting in a chair, I tried to Arao a head full of sand.
Since the right hand was bandaged, I was trying to Arao the head only with the left hand, but it does not work.
While referred to as "the other, hurt something to.", Yuki-chan out of the hot water, he told me to wash my head.

For Closing the foot Yuki-chan is difficult to wash the front, I open the legs, it came in the Yuki-chan in the meantime.
There are the eyes of man crack of Yuki-chan before, and gazing, because it was said Te "facing the bottom!", It was directed to the bottom in a hurry.
Takes hot water on the head, several times hot water and has turned a blind eye will take to the head.

Body also hot water is applied, and are staring a while, voice say "I Moe." You will hear from the hot water.
And of, as it is entering "Yeah." Such things, and are hesitant because would be seen erect penis, "replacement and." Because also came up so saying Yuki-chan, went into a quick hot water.
Yuki-chan, began to wash the body in front of my eyes.
It has been dizzy just to another look at it.

Do you still a child, Yuki-chan was washing the standing body.
And fascinated by that, I have been told, "Do not look so much.".
Yuki-chan sat in a chair, and began to wash the head. Foot has big time open.
The structure of the crack was found well. This is the first look at a woman shadow.
Because Yuki-chan is facing downward, it was observed close the face.
"Brother." "For example, eh?" "Head flowed." Because there was no shower in the inn, was multiplied by the hot water in the left hand.

At that time there was my cock already in front of the eyes of Yuki-chan.
"Well, it Tageru wash the body." Saying, Yuki-chan will not wash the face.
"Because shake the hand injury, Akan'yan. Yourself," "Eeyo." Yuki-chan looked up, I will stop while looking at my cock.
"... I awesome. Yan likely per navel. Wow. First saw." Voice has changed.
Speaking of second-year junior high school, it is the time of the most Bing.

Is I seen the other is fully felt, it had come out even the first-order cock juice.
Yuki-chan then readjust the mind began to wash my body, but will be aware of the man, how is strange.
I also, in another defiant attitude, is the mercy while raising the right hand.
From around the navel, the hand of Yuki-chan is slowly, but to proceed with the hand be careful, penis will be a hit in the back of the hand.

"For example, What? What?"
That's right. Consciously moving the penis, it was against the hand of Yuki-chan.
Since cried I "The move I penis?!", It was showed to move in before the Yuki-chan is watching.
Saying "Fu N.", It is interested deeply.
Indeed, is washed with myself at the penis, had you or wash from the foot.
Although I had over the hot water in the body, when a girl is to flow, I think you sink while rubbing with your left hand. Also Yuki-chan told me to do so.

But, because it is facing the top penis, it does not fall out there only soap.
"That?" Yuki-chan told me to flow while touching never the penis the meaning.
Several times after repeated it has been kept from the top in the left hand by saying "It is not suitable under.".
When I put the force, "it! Wow, wow. This does I move." I began to touch the cock in the whole hand.

I also said that "touch to be.", Grew hand in the crack of the Yuki-chan. Crack as seen earlier had wet Bechobecho.
How in the Makurimashita touch the remains Yuki-chan of the body do not know.
Body at the moment that contains my finger of Yuki-chan, I have to ejaculate remains held the penis.

"Wow, wow, wow."
Penis Yuki-chan every time the fly many times the semen while twitching is
you have to raise the voice. Face of Yuki-chan is bright red.
Then Have Arainaoshi your dick with soap, I was observing the inside of the crack is to stand the Yuki-chan in the bathtub.

"It's early rise. In shake waiting for all rice." Return to us in the voice of, came out from the bath To hurriedly.
I have wipe the body to Yuki-chan in the dressing room, but clothes I had dress, was still standing is Zuttoochinchin also between them.
From the last to tighten the button of shorts, "in the pants, it's this happens." Saying, also has been rubbed the penis from the top of the pants.
The left hand will came in the pants.

Yuki-chan is still naked.
The other, can not endure, it has put out masturbation in front of the eyes of Yuki-chan and Yokochin.

There was no longer time, I came out from the bathroom, leaving the Yuki-chan naked.