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Naughty experience story of mother and son

If you want to ... at last confessed and that ... the mother had been hoping all the way, my mother ... [incest confession experiences]

kannoThe hoarding I think many years was confided to the mother.
I'm 24, my mother is 46.

"I want to mom and SEX"
My mother was surprised, what are you talking. I was hit in the head?
The first, but did not done a partner with probably a joke, if you ask again Kuisaga', my mother also told me become finally serious.

Tonight ... continued is because the mother might be heard to someone now, was promised a Let's talk.
Until then, my mother gave me accepted as worrying endlessly, was not at all sleepy can have in bed and what to do.

My mother did not come easily, around the time I thought it was not there talk that day, it has been knocking on the door.
At a fairly slow time, mother and I think that I was worried I'm sure.
I and mother so that it is not aware of the sister who are asleep, I went to softly of the night to go out walk.
My father many things that are going from a few years ago to the overseas long-term business trip, was also at a few weeks at home this day.

Ryuji, you serious I want to mom and sex?
The mother was cut out something like this Upon exiting the front door.
Without also decided destination, we walked the road that was somehow illuminated by streetlights. .

Ryuji am I was SEX?
No, I was dating at the time of the college with her.
I see, had thought that if the first still of.
What, were you worry?
When was I say not that she had become so hey ... this age, be worried.

When a college student, I was dating about two people. Mother is the first experience when?
Not a listen to such parents.
Well, boyfriend before to marry Dad had?
One only, how had.

Beginning to cross the bridge over the big river, being careful to bicycle to pass each other even in a time like this, me and my mother began talking about the trickle down and during the day of the confession.

Is the I mom and SEX, but it can be seen that mean?
Though there is that you have with the other girls, why me something with?
For the mother of the question, but mind was heavy and I think do not you must meet after all, but
was told to know the secrets my mother was hiding all the time.

It is not the real parents of the mother.
Was aware of it, is that of in adulthood.
Of course, it was a shock when I knew the first time, I is also did not have at the age can not understand such a situation to, I feel the obligation to be me rather brought up the children of others like a real parent and child.

But when you know the mother is in an affair with a young man, I rather than to have been betrayed to the mother, I thought my mother why was such a thing.
Although the situation was also thought that it is a very happy family rather than never ugly atmosphere now, it may have been different from the mother.
I told want to know the feelings of the mother.
And it was I think it reach hands to the mother was much liked for a long time that of the mother.

My mother does not even surprise, had heard only my words without even defense.
What a little walk? And my mother told me.
In silence for a while, I began to walk toward toward the next station.

I had thought that my mother is not in things like invite the young man from his own.
My mother Squeeze my hand, told us while walking the streets at night.
When I went to karaoke at the second meeting of the workplace of social gathering, he said he has been sexual harassment in the man.
Man of almost the same age as I had been the director of the part in the work of full-time mother.

At first though it was light touch, I put a hand into the underwear by the time the meeting drinking is over, and was put a finger on the important place.
As it is mother to one that is Iyora to the man, he said he had had a relationship.
Never, not not mean there is dissatisfaction with the family, herself and I myself wrong again and again.

Now that the mother was known, not anymore together, I was walking while sobbing and going out in the near future.
When the next station came into view, there was a place which is still shining neon in that dawn and night and also another 2 hours.
I by the hand of the mother, has entered into its neon sparkling love hotel.

Pushing the mother in bed, and grab the hands soft chest was filled the face.
The face of the mother, which was seen in the bright place is in Gushogusho with tears and runny nose, could be I say.
God the mother of the nose, was piled up lips and I'll wipe the tears.

It did not at all resistance.
When asked whether not get angry why the mother, cares anymore, I said he should do to like.
I was afraid my mother this happens, but it does not go back.
When the mother naked, was to crawl his lips to the whole body.
Nipple, and a kiss on the neck just a little bit from the mother, pant voice was heard.

The mother of the body is a beautiful unbelievably the mid-40s, large breasts was also attractive. The young man will feel that can be seen from being derailed in the chest.
If you look closely the neck of the mother, since a number of Kisses ... mother Dekiru prefer a summer knit turtleneck, but did not notice, ... also to be the chest and stomach to the other
and also he always attached to hear, mother do not you meet.

Since that day part was doing housework all day at home with rest, I think that also was attached to about the day before yesterday yesterday.
When Guitto the mother to the M-shaped, I put the lips there covered with long hair.
Mother is reluctant to truly, but I said let me take a shower, I had to crawl the tongue to the mother of dirty genitals without regard.

From the mother's mouth, it was leaked voice that feels clear and A'a' ♡.
I politely, and began scraping the honey put a finger in the sweet bite or or vagina a chestnut coming out of overflow from the back of the mother, was or put a finger smearing also in the hole below it.

Even if the mother is Nokezo' hold the sheets, I did not cease to blame.
While rubbing erect cock to the banks of the mother, the mother in the only caress I was loved very hard and do not melt the hardened heart.

Not a put?
My mother has been asked to me.
I to say that there is a good mother, to endure. I said I want you to know that I love the mother.

Then, my mother laughed,
such the nozzle Iwayo. Not a lose absolute mom
and told me finally with a smile.

Adjacent to the mother, mother told me to handle the cock in the soft hand.
I while showing an image O'to steal from the mother of the mobile phone to the mother, the mother and the young man was asked what has been the kind of SEX.
A man of instruction, my mother started to drink a pill, seemed always been vagina out.

Even when for the first time committed, will be issued in the mother, overlap quite that physiology was delayed, too worried that I was pregnant, I said that there was no decent Jairare.

Image that was in the mother's cell phone told me something that was given feed taken with a digital camera on the day of the first time man and SEX.
My mother has had to hide the face, semen was hanging up sheets from the vaginal opening, which opened To biting into a place that seems to be a man of the room.
There is also an image that has been allowed to Blow to the other, but was the profile was the image can be seen at a glance the mother.

I promised the family to absolute secret, I asked and I want you to take an image SEX and I instead of erase this image.
Although my mother did not tell him the good,

it's ... too late Is the have embraced a man and a woman is naked
blood, not connected Damon.
It's would forgive Datte God

my mother grip tightly the cross that is going down to the neck.

Soft and hot and in the mother and the vagina is slimy, I felt that there has been blood more likely to burn the place you are stuck.
When you plug all the way into the mother, and greatly expanded the foot
and that no lewd face showed and there ♡ a ♡, was smiling.

If you Osameyo camera face such a mother, but was hidden in the arm the face, mouth that can not be hidden was laughing Innovation disgusting Niya.
The man was taken mother, had also hidden if the face is not loath even look.

I say I want also photograph that is reflected in the face of the mother, but was shyly told me Doke hands.
I while committing a mother, enjoyed in many pieces of felt that face the camera, even after the last finish, went on to take in the video how flowing from the hole in a thick mother.

Mother to let me quit a part, was also changed phone number.
Of course, the young man of the company was e-mail or did you do to my mother.
E-mail to the company so angry I'm sure if known to the mother is secret, but it must be avoided is still that the man is a stalker.

Fortunately, the original work is away two stops, because the mother is away from home and living in my apartment, do not worry.
Because busy at work, under the pretext of wanting to take care for a while, we lived together in the promise only that short period of time.

It is pity to the sisters, but to is another college student seemed to overdue and no longer has a parent monitoring.
Of course, I also have SEX without also refrain to anyone and overdue and mother.
This still has much thought that or not live in Futari to pay back in installments.