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Naughty experience story of mother and son

Sex circumstances of muddy with Busakawa mother

hiroyoriMy mother face eyes narrow small nose is subtly facing up.
Lips is small small chin and a little protruding.
I'm so-called ugly it is also when the Well look cute.

In delicate body, my head is Kariage like a junior high school students.
Hair had to say and so thick "gonna this is good in the most comfortable.".
Father came home from the bachelor from last spring.

When the father is not used to go out every week to say "meet your friends.".
Late at night, and there was also the day to be in the middle of the night than say.
I man had apparently. My mother had put out a strange atmosphere from the whole body.
You can not say well, but was a vivid erotic.

Imagine a figure panting of the mother began to masturbation.
Although I had the faded also such atmosphere of the mother from coming back is my father.
That day went to golf early father in the morning.
I also cause eating the tilt, it was still 7 o'clock before even finished eating the rice.
I thought it was back to sleep, but because of also troublesome return to the room
had been dozing on the couch with a TV.

Was watching TV sitting next to come back is mother imperceptibly was dry the laundry.
Kyo lot skirt T-shirt. Well shorts like a skirt.
White leg gets into your eyes.

"Boring." "Change the channel?" I was here and there changed the channel of the TV.
"I'll not a TV." I laughed Innovation box is say so.
It seems was funny to me has reacted to himself.
"I do not go out drinking with friends recently?" When I hear "the habit that you know." And was also laughing.

"Will not be helped." "Farewell did?"
"Not that? The father," "will'm no good. I do not even want to."
"Well, I embarrassed ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,, seen as a me? "
" Somehow, I ,, a Yappa likely I thought looking at the strange eyes. "also laughed Innovation box.
While of silence ,,.

"I came to put up much trouble." Said mother saw my face. Its face is nasty likely, but it was nasty face.
Massaging the chest, turn the left hand asked embrace the mother to the moment. The right hand was raised rubbing against over there.
Well, ,,, How the future.
It is stupid, but had heard that "How yan?".

My mother said, "take off." While laughing.
And mother also became naked.
Omowazu I Hide crotch by hand. "Sleeping!"
Mother dispelled my hand, hold the penis. "Sugoi. Hard good!"
And while wiggle eyes rubbed the chest to the glans and I think that those who suck suck, gradually over there under.

Alignment rubbing the clitoris ". Hoho," saying also suck in Condo - fitted with a beam.
"Now, to no drinking pill, dangerous day of. Today."
Sat down and across slowly and Ategau the penis.
"Uwaou!" The mother moaned, and began to turn the waist.
The first was a tightly immediately out Chimai likely, but not the feeling of oppression begin to slimy felt likely to have If this.

Little by little mother move the hips. "Ah, it feels good! What?" "I also I feel good!"
I was also pushed up the hip, "" Really! I'm happy! "Riding in tone.
The mother was in agony in the "Anne ,," really cute voice, was quite Moe.
Dung! "Anne!" Dung, "Anne!" A lot of fun.

"Tofu Yeah ,," mother sometimes kiss me.
"Oh, Yabee, Serve it!" "Anne, already?" I was on replacing the mother and posture and fight back somehow.
Place the leg of the mother in both shoulders, poked abandon.
"Anne, Oh, tongue put out!" Entangle the tongue in the mother's request.

Whole body was released in the feeling of melting.
And adjust the breath or tangled in the shower two people.
It is already pleased rolled around with there mother. When I tried to Kaseyo Lee grab the tips to Yorokoba it was angry seriously.

"Said Chau and the while useless. That 's why you going is the last!"
Finally say was mother was a little scared in the whole body jerks Peel the white of the eye.
Then or toying over there to see the gap at night on weekdays, and or to drink sperm.
Father go to the driving range even when not out on the course Saturday. Through the immediate mother does not go home Well a couple of hours.

When you middle-out for the first time to the mother began to drink the pills, I was remember the excitement of about no unspeakable.
There is also a time to be father weekend has been rumbling in the house. At that time went out to say that the mother will go for shopping and home, combined with the mother went out in the car to say that I also go to play.
To mischief in many places.

Or push-up to tell a hand to the car the mother in the mountains in the lower body naked.
Father is also skein Lee many times from the morning with a rotor, which bought secretly at night you do not have a business trip, mother legs hung over and over again.
"The other, Karaa. Do you think me and what it's terrible you?"
"Machine, so, my mother is'm my own sex machine."

Not still tired I become close to another year since then.
"I want to She also wants etch, maybe not me nasty woman than my mother."
"I Hi. 5, 6 years after the year But I ask." Says the mother.
Somehow quickly she find and is nowadays think unless graduated from the mother.