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Naughty experience story of mother and son

I will confess a physical relationship with began mother from a year ago

 I, mother and physical relationship began from a year ago.
I lost my father in childhood, but it was a much lived in mother and two people, until it did not have, such as once be seen as a mother and woman.

Mother of age in the 49-year-old, has been a door-to-door sales of much cosmetics.
When I was a student, I come to play well home friends, but had said that Do good in thy mother clean, than certainly the same year of the people, looks much younger.
Was that of a certain night.

Mother to say that has been drinking and sales of a woman friend, came back drunk badly.
My mother once, and change into the clothes into the room, went into the bathroom while staggering.
Heard the sound of take a shower, I thought the kana okay to have drunk so much, suddenly, I heard a loud sound, such as dropped the shower handle.

I was multiplied by the voice from the outside of the door as "all right?" Came to the rescue in a hurry.
From the bathroom to the reply unaccountable as "of good from do it yourself ...", it found that the mother is considerably drunk.
Become a worry, I see a middle-opened the door, there was a mother taking a shower from the head while wearing panties.

Big tits. Dark nipples. Panties of lavender.
Panties Sukitori wet, pubic hair that was black people had looked clearly.
"If you do not Mother properly"
"Yeah. Comfortable ..."
as the mother of eye Tron, it was not in focus.
"It is dangerous is mother drunk so much."
My mother began to put in mind also shower ignoring me.

Tamarikane was I, "Here 'mother's I'll do, beyond peeled and"
because my clothes were also quite wet, now naked take off in the back of the mother.
Being naked in a mother and two people, I felt for the first time sexual desire to mother. It was mixed feelings. Because I felt the intense sexual desire to his mother of 48-year-old.
Previous Ppokara already clear liquid of my cock standing behind mother had come out bleeding.

"Mother because wet even Once you take off your underwear?"
"It's'm soaked,"
"hate yo"
"I want may not be shy, mon's each other naked,"
My mother I have silently It was.

"I'll Nugashi"
I undress panties kneeling in the back of the mother.
Cock had firmly facing upward in a state of simmering.
There is pubic hair that was black people to the thigh root, even from behind the mother I saw.
"Ja, Wash'll"
I, with a soap in a towel, will have a hand in the breast, I was washing while slowly massaging to enjoy the feel of a mother's breast.

"Mother tits I large"
"Ja, here?"
I, one hand pressed against over there in the crevices of the mother, tried to put the middle finger one.
"I ... no good ..."
My mother drew the waist.
"Afresh not that good,"
"bad ..."
"I wet in the mother,"
I and into and out of the finger, was the Kucha' Kuchu' and sound.

My mother bowed.
I piled the lips to the missing mother of a force, entangled the tongue, went licking the scruff of the neck, ears, nipples, and.
Further come later while licking up to the lower abdomen, put one foot of the mother on the edge of the bathtub, was the mother of the genitals to reveal.
Mother of genital was shining and sparkling with love liquid.
Tongue along a crack, was licking the folds of soft meat.
My mother got my head with both hands, took out a gasp voice like sobbing.

"Mother, feels good?"
"say I have,"
"No ..."
My mother shook his head.
I put up is no longer hear, and to draw the waist of the mother, the cock was pierced in the crevices of the mother.
My mother was raised a voice like that Haan.
I feel like is tightened to the meat folds in and Komu put my cock deep reblogged.

"Mother, you know, I have connected with me,"
When I start the piston movement, my mother took out a gasping voice to match its movement.
I did not keep only a few minutes.
"I put out, Mother."
I was ejaculation on him deep in the mother.

My cock was discharged a thick white liquid wavy and Dokundokun many times.
When the results in one time, without any of the guilt from the next I was sinking in sex with mother.
Mother also seems to have further rejuvenated, becoming may be tension of the skin of gloss and breast, looks shining.

I and the thing is so good sex with the mother did not notice until it.
Now, I think even as I should have done much earlier.