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Naughty experience story of mother and son

I you are 50 close to the mother and sex ...

yuna himekawaI is a 20-year-old student. I also have a mother and a set ○ nest.
 Mother is 46 years old, is the beauty of the chubby type. The family and the father of 48-year-old, and the mother, is my 3 people.
 Opportunity is, mother and in with me, got up to when I went to stay in the country of grandma house (father of the family home).
 Grandma, lost a grandpa, is living alone.
 So, willing and we go to play, do not stop Once you begin to talk.
 Also that day, after dinner, until late, but Grandma was not long talk with the mother, finally, whether the grandmother was also tired story, saying, "I guess you already go to bed", I went to my room.
 Naga talk Mother which was going out to be, saying "I'll go to bed because another slow ahead", no longer have.
 I, while drinking Chuhai left in the living room, but was watching TV, because there is no more to say also program turned around two o'clock, I decided to go to bed.
 When you stay at grandma's house it is supposed to be always sleep in the guest room.
 Upon entering the drawing-room, futon two sets, Yes laid side by side, in the dim light of a miniature bulb, my mother was sleeping.
 Mother is, around the belly, over a towel, a little, or tired of, faintly make a sleeper's breathing, was the state in which to sleep soundly.
 When I was about to enter in your bed, hot of whether, mother is struck rolled over, now on his back and kicking the towel.
 And curled up the mother of yukata, white thighs until the base was exposed. And very erotic Ppoku, only in my Bae ○ nest to look at it we have been inflated.
 Illuminated by the light of beans light bulb, mother of shorts, in beige color, if there is vertical to the vaguely grooves, cracks in the lower part of the was easy to imagine.
 I, while watching the Nesugata that disturbance of the mother, before, I heard faintly from the father of the bedroom, I had remembered the shy good obscene of the mother voice.
 Mother is, on all fours like a dog naked, violently to the father from behind, pushed up, or not to have raised the climax of voice disheveled hair na? When the previously, there was that I thought.
 In addition, such, the figure of the mother, and has been imagined for no apparent reason, came harder increasingly Bae ○ nest.
 I, because it was slightly drunk, was accustomed to bold.
 Unroll the yukata band of So' and mother, I tried to spread slowly in front of the yukata. Wrapped in beige bra, there was a large and white boobs.
 I, and make sure that the mother is still deep sleep, close the face in shorts, along the crack from the top of the shorts, I tried stroking with a finger.
 Then, mother of the sleeper's breathing will stop and somewhere south, wrinkled between the eyebrows, to say that "down ~" faintly in the nasal voice, was spread the legs.
 This time, I tried to touch the per chestnut with a finger.
 Then Mother is opened a little lips leaked the breath and "Oh", was a gesture, such as massage their breasts.
 In addition, we tried to actually touch the crack put a finger from the side of the mother of shorts.
 Then, there is, as though leaked pee, was wet.
 Fearfully, and is exploring the vagina hole with a finger, mother, hold your eyes closed, while referred to as the "Oh Oh ... Do not ... was ... ~", was twisting the lower body. Apparently, my mother did like watching a dream you are father and Yatte.
 I and the other, can no longer be put up, position I thought to try to do all at once or bees.
 I'm in a hurry, and take off your pants, put my legs between the legs of the mother opened a little, so as not to put weight, become fair game of push-ups, pull of the mother, the front of the shorts in the transverse , and begins to strip the crack that is a slimy, a rigid was Bae ○ vinegar, at once, deep in the vagina, was inserted Innovation Zuburi.
 Moment, mother is issued a small voice as "there", as if my Bae ○ nest of body deep accept, we floated the waist.
 I, while inserting the pair ○ vinegar, shifting the mother of the bra above, per Cry tits, I suck the nipple.
 At that time, stiff mother's body and wince, said in "Oh! Is! ... Dare'! Yu'! Yuya?!" And frightened, such as voice.
"Hit! ... hated!", "Yuya! Stop ...!, Please! ..." said mother tried to escape by twisting the body in a hurry.
 I, by turning the hand from the armpits of my mother, To firmly holding down, Karame the leg, through the firm To Chitsuana in Bae ○ vinegar, did not miss.
 I, "I grandma occurs," the word, and say, suddenly the mother resistance became weaker.
 Mother is "Stop it ... Yuya ..., Come on ..." in feeble voice had said it many times.
 While I was ignored, the Chitsuana deeply embedded Bae ○ vinegar mother, slowly, was piston.
"Hit! ... there hate!"
 Out the mother was hoarse voice, I tried to Oshinokeyo me.
 I still entwined leg, gradually increase the piston speed of, was absorbed in poked the back of the mother of the vagina.
 I become immediately pleasant, do not have five minutes, unleashed a large amount of cloudy liquid in the vagina of the mother.
 After I was ejaculation also remain connected to the mother, did not escape.
 Mother did nothing not say eyes closed.
 Now, the happening had reality, how good to accept, without knowing, was as if at a loss for words.
 I, that to say it, I slowly, we suck the mother of nipple under control.
 Then, mother of the body reacts, Chitsuana came to tighten my Bae ○ scan To Jiwa'.
 Soon also my Bae ○ vinegar has become hard. This time, also started slowly and I piston movement, was no longer, resistance.
 Mother, close tightly eyes, but had signed the lips, and I begin to grind, gradually, Remarks wrinkles between the eyebrows, breath came becoming rough.
 I'm about 10 minutes will sweat, and are earnestly against the mother, mother, while disheveled hair to the left and right, was aloud shy goodness of "Ah ~" in finally cute voice.
 I heard the voice, I, has been at once ejaculation feeling welled up.
 I grabbed the waist of the mother, and pushed up with all your Guitto force, mother is, and "Ah ~" "I ... ku!", Come with me Nishigami, Bae ○ vinegar awesome force It has been tightened.
 I also, deep in the mother's vagina, I have a second time of ejaculation.
 Mother and I, thus, we will tie the relationship secret.
 Mother is afraid to extreme to be known this secret to people. Of course, If you know the father, it is the end.
 More than that, Mom, when are known to relatives and neighbors, says here anymore, not even able to live.
"So, absolutely I do not tell the people to! And I promise not to say!" I crave me.
 Since that day, my mother is, is to say that "If absolutely ... will protect the secret ...", now so as to overlap a new secret.
 Now, I "still, to anyone I do not say ..." just say, to understand the indecent meaning which is in the back saying "I was found ..." Listen to me in any embarrassing request you.
 Also the secret of the relationship between the mother from now on, is still continuation likely.