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Naughty experience story of older brother and younger sister

Was finally first experience with the sister of the good was three under the relationship from the old days

kannoThree younger sister, I think I want to write it with faint.
My sister is my Bettari to since I was small, for example, to had entered the course as in the bath and I until it is prohibited to the mother at the end of the small 3, is with a something reason later Iribita' in my room and it was. (Night, there was also frequent to come sunk to bed.)
It does not change even in the elementary school upper grades, I have a junior high school student was a strong very irritating every day.

Although I was not particularly incest desire of the time (there was knowledge), the most familiar girl is a (woman's body rather than) sister is come with Damn to the defenseless, moreover be at best excl. because it was cute proud of my sister, my sister had the best of Zurineta for me.

When I was 3 in, there was that mother immediately went to summer vacation has been hospitalized about 10 days for surgery.
Although the meantime I had me to take care staying aunt, there was a day when returning home will become a late-night on account of work only one day.

On this day, my sister I think it was the feeling from the beginning.
Because it was a great high tension from the time of the dinner.
Night, soon sister and take a bath is,
"Tageru wash body!"
Came in and opened the door with.

Looking back I was surprised to, naked sister stood there.
But was quickly deflecting the eye, it had burnt the Racing sister in my eyes.
Chest swelled to more than imagination.
It grows uniform pubic hair.
For me at the time, sister of the body was a woman of the body of a full-fledged.

Immediately penis was erect in painfully, but did not bring a towel I do not only hide your backs to the sister.
Do not aware of such my feelings, my sister began to wash my back while talking happily.
You do not have ears to hear to say that get out.

Eventually sister finished flowing back, in my ear,
"brother, and Okkiku penis, was excited about my naked?"
Whispered a.
Sister I had noticed long ago in my erection.
Head blood was up to in the embarrassment I,
"kid'm saying what! I get out early!"
Cried that such.

Then sister,
"also ‥ was treated like a child,"
and muttered as angry with, we have asked sliding and perfect the body.
Soft bust of sister have been pressing on my back.
We do not go out a word for the first time taste sensation.
"The other me, I ‥ because I'm not a child"
hot breath of the sister will hit the ear.

"Because I can even baby ‥"
even I do not know what can I say.
Penis has trembling with Pikunpikun.
As it is for a while silence.
"brother is ever etched?"
I have heard that.
Finally to the question,
"I still do not."
I was able to answer only with.

Also if there is between a while,
"‥ that Thats her there is? Brother with her"
question with.
Certainly (although I thought also why what my sister know), but she had that to me are dating is, would be denied is when you try to Susumo ahead from once kiss, it was still inexperienced state.

Such a thing is I did not want to say to my sister, but I was totally honest story remains to be asked to sister wanted to escape quickly from this situation.
Then sister,
"brother, poor ‥"
"I would at any time by ‥ say"
"If I tell him I want, when I want to, even ‥"
and, whispered a critical word.

Thread of patience was like a broken and Putsun.
"Do not know ‥"
I was hugged tightly naked sister looked back.
After that frustrating also wipe the body, they were each other dedicated virgin and virgin Go to my room.
Pushed down on the bed hugging sister, ‥ to kiss, it was lost from there.
Prepared to deal because I was also the first time also sister.

Recall AV, ‥ with Sucking rub the chest.
Because my sister told me to cooperate it is like managed to get completed.
But when more and more of insertion, I had put in as it can no longer be put up where the penis does not contain only up to half.

It seems my sister had not noticed, not say embarrassed Nante gone by No way can no longer be put up in the middle of insertion.

Since there was no state in which the erection subsides I was inserted all the way to continue as it is, after all also we have put in immediately.
Margin this time, I feel Toka pleasant is absolutely no, it was just felt that excited to me "do I! Are etched."
In this way first experience with siblings sister and I came to an end.

We Makurimashita grin like a monkey from the next day.
Just entered the summer vacation than anything.
All-you-can do during the day since the return to work in a few days even if the hospital mother.
Soon become sister also remember the pleasure, had each other asked if they have spare time.

She and are you then also is followed by the autumn we received also a virgin, but a little pushy at that time
will cry with, I have parted eventually turned sour since then.
We have passed since six years since then, but the relationship between the sister has been going on now.
I have been going out with some of the women, after all last or reverts to the sister

My sister is like my devoted, but I do not fazed at all what always last is also going out with other women are thought to come back to his place. (Such a time of etch will have a very sought violently.)
I myself, and such awareness is recently.

Is a brother to the woman of the part of proud of my sister I was fascinated, it may be that no longer get out of this forbidden relationship.