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Futaba This is my ○○Futaba This is my ○○
Introducing the parts of Futaba's body that are simply too thin rather than super slender. I pouted my mouth as if I was kissing her and covered it with a tissue. Sprinkle water on it with a sprayer. Futaba's plump lips made her eyes flutter. Turn her upside down and mist her neck and collarbone in the same way, covering them with tissue. Futaba-chan's collarbone that can be seen through is quite erotic. I take off her clothes, moisten Futaba's parts one by one through a tissue, and get to her core.

kana Naked crab crotch ahegao face masturbationkana Naked crab crotch ahegao face masturbation
Kana-chan stands completely naked in front of the camera with her eyes shining. She has an ahegao face and a peace face. Her other hand went to her pussy. I slowly trace her slit with my middle finger. She feels good in no time and her fingers are slippery and slapping. Her fingers gradually become faster as she shakes her body with her tongue sticking out with an ahegao look on her face. Dripping drool covers the lens of the camera placed directly below her. Her hand becomes faster and faster and dies over and over again with her heavy breathing.

Shinpina girl wear pantyhoseShinpina girl wear pantyhose
A shy girl who wears pantyhose. She gradually takes off her panties, rolls up her skirt and puts on beige stockings while lifting her legs high and mantling her pussy. She pulls it higher than usual and makes him devour her pussy. As if she had just tried it on, she immediately took it off and started wearing black pantyhose. She is standing and her pussy can be glimpsed from under her skirt.

Miyu Sexual harassment photo sessionMiyu Sexual harassment photo session
Miyu-chan, a hard worker, takes on the challenge of a small play called "Possession." In this story, a man becomes possessed during a photo shoot. However, her body remains a woman with a will. Her body follows her instructions, contrary to her will. She emits the voice of a man's heart while responding to erotic orders with her body. Miyu-chan's improvisational play is a must-see!

Mitsuka Nyan foot jobMitsuka Nyan foot job
Mitsuka-chan has a slightly anime voice with a sweet tone. She is completely naked, wearing cat paw socks and giving a footjob with a dildo. From beginning to end, the tone was gentle, but rather harsh words of blame and humiliation. She will help you masturbate.

Risa A woman masturbates using someone else's fingersRisa A woman masturbates using someone else's fingers
He grabs someone's arm and masturbates by rubbing his fingertips on a comfortable spot on his body. Naturally, it's Norisa's first time masturbating using someone else's fingers. Naturally, the rubbing is awkward, but it feels frustrating and good. Crunch the tip of the nipple. Eventually, those fingers reached his crotch. I pull his slit upwards, exposing his clitoris, and place my fingers there. I press it hard, rub it quickly...it feels so good and I can't stop. She crawled on all fours, and the other person's arms were reaching around Risa's buttocks. When you bring your butt close to that, the other person's fingers slowly enter your vagina...

Firewood pillow talkFirewood pillow talk
Maki-chan lies down on the futon, facing me, and speaks to me kindly. Under the futon, she is wearing no panties and spreading her legs. She murmurs as she imagines you staring at her pussy. She seems a little embarrassed, saying, "I looked too closely at it..." "Do you want me to spread you...?" I asked, turning my hand from the stomach side and spreading it with two fingers. The inside of her black villa is a beautiful pink color. I started touching her clitoris with her fingers and it started to feel good...

Satsuki Toilet self portrait masturbationSatsuki Toilet self portrait masturbation
Big tits Satsuki-chan. She takes her smartphone and goes into the bathroom to pee. She is Satsuki who loves herself. She looked at her face on her smartphone and said, ``I'm going to masturbate.'' She touched her pussy with one hand and secretly masturbated for a while while watching her face feel better. As she touches her pussy, her slit becomes slippery. When I pointed the camera at her pussy, she found that her pussy was slippery. The inside of her villa is filled with a beautiful pink color.

Shinpina girl close up insertionShinpina girl close up insertion
A shy girl who just finished masturbating for a while. Immediately after that, it started with her vagina still filled with erotic juices. Insert a vibrator for anal use into the pussy. Then, cloudy mucus and dirt stuck to the vibrator come out. When I take the vibrator in and out, it sticks to the vibrator and the vaginal wall protrudes. Just slowly and long strokes. The cloudy mucus and vaginal wall were entangled with the anal vibrator and wriggled around like a living thing.

Nahoko The movement of the pussy during playNahoko The movement of the pussy during play
Nahoko is playing with her pussy. A stick rotor in his hand. Place the tip of the stick on the most sensitive area. My hips move little by little and it feels good. What kind of movements does the pussy unconsciously make at that time? The anal sphincter muscles twitch. You can see that the vagina is contracting in conjunction with this. Depending on the way you sit and the angle of your vagina, the love juice may not drip out, but the inside of your vagina is filled with love juice.

Miyu A woman who calmly responds to instructions with no expression on her face.Miyu A woman who calmly responds to instructions with no expression on her face.
This time I tried something a little different from my usual shoots. Miyu gets off the elevator without knowing anything. When she opens the front door, a camera is waiting for her. Miyu-chan is shocked. I wonder what will happen next... Then the director explains the rules for this shoot. She does as she is told, sticks out her tongue, reveals her breasts... and takes off her clothes one by one. Miyu suddenly starts filming in her bare state and looks confused, but when she is told to rub her clitoris, her feelings gradually get excited and she is forced to masturbate in a pleasant way.

Futaba A woman who provokes meFutaba A woman who provokes me
Futaba-chan came for an interview. Futaba-chan was given instructions in advance to provoke her sufficiently. Futaba-chan shows off her body from start to finish and provokes me. She is slender and has a body type that people like. Futaba-chan is proud of her slender legs. She sexyly takes off her stockings and exposes her lower body. As if provoking, she slides her panties and shows off her pussy. She gets excited just by looking at her. Gradually, clear juice overflows from Futaba's pussy, and when I insert my finger into her pussy, an obscene sound echoes in the room.

Shinpina girls wear pantyhoseShinpina girls wear pantyhose
A woman wearing stockings. She doesn't seem to want to show it to herself as a woman, but from a man's perspective, it's very sexy and erotic. Footage of only the lower body of a stylish woman

sea Rub it on a transparent objectsea Rub it on a transparent object
Rub your slimy pussy against a transparent object and observe its movements. She simply rubs her pussy against a transparent object with no expression on her face. First, rap. A close-up view of her pussy being stuck to the wrap and being pulled. And a transparent chair. When a woman sits on a chair, you can clearly see her pussy moving like this inside her panties.

Mitsuka Electric massage squad next door ~ If you can't play one song, it's a punishment game ~Mitsuka Electric massage squad next door ~ If you can't play one song, it's a punishment game ~
Mitsuka-chan has a unique background as a former piano teacher. This time, she was asked to play a simple song on the pianica, and if she made a mistake, she was challenged to play a punishment game. She is a former piano teacher, so there's no way she can get a simple song like a nursery rhyme wrong! However, if a rotor is applied to her pussy... if an electric massager is applied to her pussy... I wonder what will happen in the pianica where breathing is important! Former piano teacher Mitsuka-chan's challenge begins!

Wakana Woman being trained remotelyWakana Woman being trained remotely
This time, since the director was absent, Wakana-chan was asked to follow the director's message that had been recorded in advance. She didn't understand the meaning of the instructions from the director, so she did her best to have him train her while being confused. Wakana-chan responds to instructions nervously, not knowing what kind of punishment will be played because she is a sadistic director if she cuts corners because there is no director. Wakana doesn't know how to beg even if she is told to beg. She receives no help from anyone, and just responds to her instructions while thinking.