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Mysterious Girl Masturbation from a woman's perspectiveMysterious Girl Masturbation from a woman's perspective
Even women who don't masturbate often put their hands on their crotch while watching TV... while looking at their smartphone... in daily life. I tried to look at the state of "hands on the crotch" from a woman's perspective. Raise your middle finger and trace it up along the crack. This time, I'll try to express it using a common pleasure toy.

Aya Girl showing pussyAya Girl showing pussy
Aya is an elegant young lady. In this work, she bares her entire body in front of the camera. When you lift up her long skirt, you can see that the panties she's wearing today are lacy thongs. They bite tightly into the crack of her ass. She thrusts out her shapely peach butt in front of the camera. She shyly removes her bra, and her nipples are already erect, probably from nervousness. When she takes off her panties, you can see her neatly trimmed hairless area. And her elegant vertically split pussy.

Natsuki My clitorisNatsuki My clitoris
Natsuki-chan is a new member of Nyosin. What kind of naughty girl is Natsuki-chan? This work includes audio from an interview. First, she sits on a chair and spreads her legs wide to open her labia. The skin of her clitoris stretches and a sensitive bean peeks out from inside. If you take a closer look, you can see a white mass attached to the side of her labia. It's quite a lot. However, even though she is just sitting on the chair with her pussy spread...Natsuki-chan has no expression on her face, but creamy white mucus starts to dribble out of her pussy.

kana Carefully examine the soles of your feetkana Carefully examine the soles of your feet
She spreads her legs and puts one foot on the chair, touching her pussy with her fingers to soothe her heated body. With her panties tucked into her upper body, she spreads her labia and rubs her clit against the panties. Then she presses her fingers against them. Kana-chan's tension keeps rising. The tips of her toes on the chair start to move in unison with her fisting. When Kana-chan masturbates, are her toes in a fist or an open one?

Mysterious Girl ASMR ~Vaginal sounds~Mysterious Girl ASMR ~Vaginal sounds~
*We recommend wearing headphones when watching this work! Many women have their labia closed, but their vaginal opening remains open. It's not that they're loose. Such women are always dripping something, and if you listen carefully, you can hear a squelching sound every time they move. We put a high-performance microphone close to the crotch of such a woman and have her play with her vaginal opening so that it makes even more noise. Soon, juice starts dripping from her vagina, and when you rub it with your finger, it starts making a sound.

Hina I was dozing off and got toyed withHina I was dozing off and got toyed with
Lying down and playing with her smartphone, she dozes off. While relaxing on the sofa, she falls off without realizing it. A man's thick hand creeps up from under her feet. Under her one-piece dress, she is wearing tight-fitting dark pink panties. She is unable to move her panties to the side. This is because Hina's thick hair and the seams of her panties are tangled and sticking together. When she manages to move her panties to the side, all she can see is "hair". When she pushes the hair aside, she sees a beautifully colored slit. She takes off her panties and observes. Hina doesn't wake up even when her slit is spread open or her clit is rubbed...

Satsuki Woman who feels tied upSatsuki Woman who feels tied up
She is tied up with her hands behind her back, blindfolded, and in her mouth... A vibrating toy is inserted into her pussy. Satsuki feels the vibrations inside her vagina as her hips tremble. Satsuki can't help but feel aroused just by having her hands and feet tied down with straps. She is forced to stand, spread her legs, and even lie down on a Japanese-style toilet. Blindfolded, Satsuki has no idea what is happening.

Futaba Cosplay transparent glass rod masturbationFutaba Cosplay transparent glass rod masturbation
Futaba-chan is a very slim girl in a Chinese dress with her legs spread in an M-shape. A transparent glass rod is slowly inserted into her pussy. Futaba-chan's vaginal opening is already narrow, but the glass rod is thrust in slowly to widen it. Once it's in as far as it will go, the glass rod is slowly rotated to widen the opening. Then, transparent juice begins to drip from the gap between the glass rod and the opening of her vagina. Her hand movements gradually get faster, and at the same time, she begins to feel pleasure and let out a sigh. Wanting to feel even more pleasure, she uses her other hand to rub some of the dripping juice on her finger and start rubbing her clit.