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Naughty experience story of mother and son

Mother somewhere lonely since the death of his father, one day, also had been asked for my body, it might have piled up father

kannoI am a student in the now 21.

It will be another 5 years since there is no father.
Now I have to spend every day of the mother and two people living, but although I have surprised going to be unexpected that of last month.

That day has a strong wind and rain from the morning, shutters also was watching TV in unusual mother and two people completely closed. Outside it is cold, but the room does not feel cold even in light clothes Both of them because were heating.
Since finished an early dinner and bath, was only just past 8:00.

Mother say trying to drink in coffee, sat down side by side to my right side and bring on the couch in front of the table.

I was watching the drama of the foreign, but the left hand of mother to them is placed around my thighs.

As it is, and has been softly in the gas which is not known, the hand is coming in between the subtle crotch moves To Mozomozo.

If you peep the face of the mother surprised, mother while asked the body towards me, it has been so wound to the neck of the left arm from the shoulder.
And now you have put your right hand on my precious Do not place.

I have seen decent for a moment once again the mother of the face. Such as languishing something, it does not appear to always of the mother complex? It was a so facial expressions. (It can not be well explained)

I did not come out a word.
48-year-old mother usually is there also exchanges with such friends, I often go out fine. I do not know whether you are the kind of activity outside.

You think that it is still beautiful even when viewed from my relatives, because the type is also decent, clothes appearance will surely think that might exist stand out in looking on by an outsider.
Such mother was proud.

I, become as stiff you could only watch move is no longer in the curiously you to the mother as it is.
Among the head confused, now the situation was not good swallow.

My mother and loosen the quick pants of the belt with the right hand, we lowered the zipper dexterity.
It does not at all issue a word between them. It is really a blink of the event.

At that time, my penis had over becomes hard indeed.
Because I wear boxer shorts, you have no difficulty entering the mother's hand from towards the hem.

The penis was half falling to much hard erection you will see.
My mother and put his right hand into the pants, you have Masagu' the per drooping scrotum in the crotch with a soft palm.

When the hold gently the two ball ball, so that you rub gently alternately.
While to wrap in the palm of your hand, whether playing, so that the massage of Nde enjoying the feel like a dolphin, irresistible.

'S a strange feeling of enough to involuntarily lift the hips. Mother are you while asked to face in my shoulder.
When gently to prying eyes the face, looks hollow so as not to River and just, I feel hot breath a little look open your mouth, spit.

Gradually entwined finger at the base of the penis, holding to try something, repeat the gesture, such as release.

Suddenly pants were pulled down. Firmly warped penis came out dancing. When it is so instinctively hugging the mother, the mother of chest
snow hand, in looking to hold the breasts ....

My mother and my hand to it, and attracted much hands turned to the neck. I mother of tits hits around of just mouth.
Soft tits of the previous firm became nipples you can see through the thin underwear. Bra you know Moroni because you do not wear.

... instinctively looking to suck with a nipple in his mouth.
Since the mother of the hand moves up and down holding the erect penis, because the good feelings, will open the attached mouth.
Whether the mother is also overwrought feelings, it takes a hot breath around my ear.

The hand that had been wound to the neck is removed, when the mother bend the upper body on top of my knee, I containing suddenly the penis into the mouth.

Mother of the head will move violently up and down.
Tongue tangled in the glans is I turn relentlessly lick the whole. Sometimes pursed mouth will have a stroke. Each time, but I think that it is saliva in the mouth, it sounds like a steam engine and nasty sound echoes.

I'm as good as almost every night to say, and go up from the bath, it was masturbation on the bed.
Much nor so than as at that time,'s the feeling good.
It is also because we are asked to was a mouth to her mother, I thought that one event in another dream.

Although I knew read the story of the mother and child incest in the net until now, It had been thought that it is a lie, it was not also be considered.
It is, of course, is not a still incest, was to not have Until just Nante get to lick my Timbo to the mother.

Mother out is to put the penis to the back of the throat, it is still incredible thoughts are doing the hard.
Will that was how integrated. Without being able to completely understand, voice involuntarily to the comfort will come out.

Oh ..., mother ...
mother tongue is a hit on the back muscle ....
Intense stimulus will come to attack from more of the back of the body.
Soon gone and will likely feeling is ....

Along the way to release the mouth mother from the penis, I glanced at better of me. It looks like the eyes of the mother is in somehow Woolen.
From went out in the previous round gripping fingers glans, it is a clear liquid and the saliva of slimy ....

As it is, it moves to narrow the hold penis up and down.
It was anymore. Stimulation ... such as numb
semen at a tremendous momentum will pop out. It takes on the face of the mother. Around it seems to have scattered in the sofa.

Oh, great I ne ...
the voice of the mother, I heard was issued for the first time.

I do not know what was away from the mouth Why suddenly. What I wanted to see the son of the semen is coming out.

Using my son will not be considered either old who wanted to see to ejaculation.

This is because, when the ejaculate in me, seemed to have returned to suddenly figure of the previous mother.
Bring a wet towel from panic to have the kitchen, still and around the half-Standing penis, will wipe the splattered around stomach and semen shyly.
I'm sorry ... it 's got to mom assimilation.
Probably I was surprised ...
Thank you very much.

I apologize with.

I is not know what to say to say, only nodded silently.
And I was allowed to stand in its place, and us to raise the pants, I had to go as it went into your room.

For a while it was still dreamy.
Is certainly the feeling was good.
After that, it was not falling asleep easily, it seems to imperceptibly asleep.

Although little was overslept the next morning, my mother cooked a breakfast going on as usual.
Eat because there were things last night between are, but did not particularly talking in the order of greeting to each other go embarrassment, now we are living not the same as before.

Still a series of actions taken by the mother, can not understand.
Because I do not think I'm sure mother also revealed, I think I want to keep this state.